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pngwriter(freshmeat) PNGwriter The PNGwriter library, which requires libpng, a... Télécharger
kundo(freshmeat) Kundo Kundo provides a structured, convention based a... Télécharger
aubit4gl(freshmeat) Aubit 4GL compiler Aubit 4GL compiler is a programming language ba... Télécharger
freelords(freshmeat) FreeLords Freelords is a rewrite of the well-known Warlor... Télécharger
g95(freshmeat) G95 G95 is a stable, production Fortran 95 compiler... Télécharger
dirac(freshmeat) dirac Dirac is a general-purpose video codec aimed at... Télécharger
diskus(freshmeat) Diskus Diskus is a high-level hard drive diagnostic an... Télécharger
md5chk(freshmeat) md5chk md5chk is a tool for creating MD5 sums. It was ... Télécharger
web100(freshmeat) Web10G The Web10G project (a follow-on from Web100) wa... Télécharger
alc-rest(freshmeat) Alc REST Alc REST permits you to easily create REST styl... Télécharger
loadlin(freshmeat) loadlin Loadlin is a bootloader that starts Linux from ... Télécharger
rush(freshmeat) GNU Rush GNU Rush is a Restricted User Shell designed fo... Télécharger
anyevent(freshmeat) AnyEvent AnyEvent provides an identical interface to mul... Télécharger
nopaste(freshmeat) nopaste App::Nopaste allows easy access to any pastebin... Télécharger
kinterbasdb(freshmeat) KInterbasDB KInterbasDB is a Python extension package that ... Télécharger
vraptor(freshmeat) VRaptor VRaptor 2 is a Web-based MVC and IOC framework ... Télécharger
tosca(freshmeat) Tosca Tosca is a customer friendly, professional, and... Télécharger
streamline(freshmeat) Streamline Streamline is a pipelined I/O subsystem for bot... Télécharger
csvdiff(freshmeat) csvdiff csvdiff is a simple script for comparing two fi... Télécharger
zerod(freshmeat) Zero RRD Framework Zero RRD Framework provides a central HTTP-base... Télécharger
plc(freshmeat) plc plc is a GUI application that discovers 85 Mbit... Télécharger
mondorescue(freshmeat) Mondo Rescue Mondo Rescue archives Linux and Linux/Windows s... Télécharger
ipodfs(freshmeat) iPodFS iPodFS allows you to mount the iTunes DB from y... Télécharger
vt6530(freshmeat) VT6530 Terminal Emulator VT6530 is a C++ implementation of the proprieta... Télécharger
phpinheritance(freshmeat) PHP Template Inheritance PHP Template Inheritance consists of a handful ... Télécharger
libglade(freshmeat) libglade Libglade is a small library that allows a progr... Télécharger
lander(freshmeat) Lunar Lander Lunar Lander is a simple arcade game for Linux ... Télécharger
libsamplerate(freshmeat) Secret Rabbit Code Secret Rabbit Code is a sample rate converter f... Télécharger
ccscript(freshmeat) GNU ccScript GNU ccScript offers a class extensible threaded... Télécharger
gregarius(freshmeat) Gregarius Gregarius is a Web-based RSS/RDF/ATOM news aggr... Télécharger
sliderule(freshmeat) SlideRule SlideRule is a GTK-based slide rule. It can be ... Télécharger
yafpc(freshmeat) Yet Another Freeware PDF-Composer YAFPC (Yet Another Free PDF-composer) can compo... Télécharger
asug50oled(freshmeat) ASUS G50 OLED ASUS G50 OLED is a modular daemon that controls... Télécharger
mcmbackup(freshmeat) MCM Backup MCM Backup is PHP/MySQL Web site backup softwar... Télécharger
xblockout(freshmeat) XBlockOut XBlockOut is an excellent 3D game of Tetris/Blo... Télécharger
samizdat(freshmeat) Samizdat Samizdat is a generic RDF-based engine for buil... Télécharger
voreen(freshmeat) Voreen Voreen is a rapid application development frame... Télécharger
midgard(freshmeat) Midgard Midgard is a persistent storage framework. It p... Télécharger
qsvn-qtbasedsubversiongui(freshmeat) QSvn QSvn is a cross platform GUI Subversion client ... Télécharger
javaftp(freshmeat) edtFTPj edtFTPj is an FTP client library that allows an... Télécharger
cgiapplication(freshmeat) CGI::Application CGI::Application is a Perl framework intended t... Télécharger
python-ptrace(freshmeat) python-ptrace python-ptrace is a debugger using ptrace writte... Télécharger
gvpe(freshmeat) GNU Virtual Private Ethernet GNU VPE creates a virtual ethernet by creating ... Télécharger
lightblue-bluetooth(freshmeat) LightBlue LightBlue is a cross-platform Python Bluetooth ... Télécharger
phpeasyinstaller(freshmeat) PHP Easy Installer PHP Easy Installer is a script for creating a u... Télécharger
magicrescue(freshmeat) Magic Rescue Magic Rescue scans a block device for file type... Télécharger
jpilot(freshmeat) J-Pilot J-Pilot is a full-featured desktop organizer ap... Télécharger
pysql(freshmeat) PySQL PySQL aims to be a full replacement for sqlplus... Télécharger
chk4mail(freshmeat) chk4mail chk4mail lists the number of read and unread me... Télécharger
mtwrite(freshmeat) MT-write MT-write is a binary patch for multi-threaded w... Télécharger
pywatermark(freshmeat) PyWatermark PyWatermark is a tool that generates images wit... Télécharger
ftdi_eeprom(freshmeat) ftdi_eeprom ftdi_eeprom is a tool for creating, uploading, ... Télécharger
jenes(freshmeat) Jenes Jenes is an optimized Java library for genetic ... Télécharger
pngphoon(freshmeat) pngphoon pngphoon is intended as a successor to xphoon, ... Télécharger
jame(freshmeat) JAME JAME is an application for creating fractals an... Télécharger
konqil_icio_us(freshmeat) konqil.icio.us konqil.icio.us is a KDE service menu for del.ic... Télécharger
jgraphpad(freshmeat) JGraphpad JGraphpad Pro is a complete application framewo... Télécharger
grecipe-manager(freshmeat) Gourmet Recipe Manager Gourmet Recipe Manager is a simple but powerful... Télécharger
aoemask(freshmeat) aoemask The aoemask tool manipulates the MAC address ma... Télécharger
shake(freshmeat) Shake Shake is a defragmenter that runs in user-space... Télécharger
ccf(freshmeat) CollabNet Connector Framework CollabNet Connector Framework is an Openadaptor... Télécharger
couch-unit(freshmeat) CouchUnit CouchUnit is a JUnit extension that helps admi... Télécharger
mpls(freshmeat) MPLS-Linux MPLS for Linux is a project to implement an MPL... Télécharger
netfriends(freshmeat) Net::Friends Net::Friends allows for the reporting to and qu... Télécharger
sticker(freshmeat) Sticker Sticker is a tickertape instant messaging and v... Télécharger
flashdist(freshmeat) flashdist Flashdist is an embedded OpenBSD installer for ... Télécharger
edtftpnet(freshmeat) edtFTPnet/Free edtFTPnet/Free is a .NET FTP library written in... Télécharger
tftp-hpa(freshmeat) tftp-hpa tftp-hpa is an enhanced version of the BSD TFTP... Télécharger
gutenmark(freshmeat) Project Gutenberg Markup Tool The Project Gutenberg Markup Tool is a command-... Télécharger
nano(freshmeat) GNU nano GNU nano (Nano's ANOther editor, or Not ANOther... Télécharger
javacavemaps(freshmeat) Java Cave Maps Java Cave Maps is a project for helping spelunk... Télécharger
ddd(freshmeat) Data Display Debugger GNU DDD, the Data Display Debugger, is a GUI to... Télécharger
clac(freshmeat) clac clac (Command Line Advanced Calculator) evaluat... Télécharger
tartarus(freshmeat) Tartarus Tartarus is a backup script designed to make ba... Télécharger
exiftool(freshmeat) ExifTool ExifTool is a platform-independent Perl library... Télécharger
www-phpbb(freshmeat) WWW::phpBB WWW::phpBBp is a Perl module to copy a phpBB fo... Télécharger
jep(freshmeat) Jep Jep is a Java library for parsing and evaluatin... Télécharger
gpgdir(freshmeat) gpgdir gpgdir is a script that encrypts and decrypts d... Télécharger
taskspooler(freshmeat) task spooler task spooler is a Unix batch system where the t... Télécharger
wxperl(freshmeat) wxPerl wxPerl is a Perl module that allows a Perl prog... Télécharger
linkextend(freshmeat) LinkExtend LinkExtend is a Firefox add-on that gets link i... Télécharger
txtfl(freshmeat) tXtFL tXtFL is a strategy-based football simulator. T... Télécharger
anemondhcpserver(freshmeat) Anemon Dhcp Server The Anemon Dhcp Server is a part of the Anemon ... Télécharger
sysrqd(freshmeat) sysrqd sysrqd is a small daemon for managing Linux's S... Télécharger
maypole(freshmeat) Maypole Maypole is a Perl framework for MVC-oriented We... Télécharger
sputnik(freshmeat) Sputnik Sputnik is a content management system (CMS) de... Télécharger
coq(freshmeat) Coq The Coq tool is a proof assistant which is able... Télécharger
webwidgets(freshmeat) Redback Webwidgets Webwidgets is a framework for writing Web appli... Télécharger
bean(freshmeat) Bean Bean is a rich text editor with many niceties a... Télécharger
sagator(freshmeat) SAGATOR SAGATOR is an email antivirus/antispam gateway.... Télécharger
pfm(freshmeat) Personal File Manager pfm is a terminal-based file manager written in... Télécharger
aribaweb(freshmeat) AribaWeb AribaWeb is an open source component-based Web ... Télécharger
freemed-yirc(freshmeat) Freemed-YiRC Freemed-YiRC is a PHP package based on Freemed ... Télécharger
infonode(freshmeat) InfoNode Docking Windows InfoNode Docking Windows is a powerful and easy... Télécharger
jsizer(freshmeat) JSizer JSizer is a tool that shows the size of Java cl... Télécharger
xstress(freshmeat) xstress xstress is a small yet powerful tool to stress ... Télécharger
spamblockerrbl(freshmeat) Spam blocker using Project Honey Pot The Spam blocker class can be used to check spa... Télécharger
xfemail(freshmeat) Xataface Email Module Xataface Email Module allows you to email to th... Télécharger
mrsync(freshmeat) multi-rsync mrsync transfers whole files from one master ma... Télécharger
minnowlanguage(freshmeat) Minnow Programming Language Minnow is a concurrent programming language wit... Télécharger

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