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sptk2(freshmeat) SPTK SPTK (Simply Powerful Toolkit) is a cross-platf... Télécharger
dupemgr(freshmeat) Dupe Manager Dupe Manager is an aid for collectors to identi... Télécharger
jschedule(freshmeat) jschedule jschedule allows schools to create schedules fo... Télécharger
xltoolbox(sfnet) XL Toolbox XL Toolbox is a free Excel statistics addin tha... Télécharger
mcmwebsitemonitor(freshmeat) MCM Website Monitor MCM Website Monitor is a Web site monitoring sc... Télécharger
cteddy(freshmeat) cteddy Based on the same concept as the original Xtedd... Télécharger
math_calc_units(freshmeat) Math::Calc::Units Math::Calc::Units is a Perl module and associat... Télécharger
gdl2(freshmeat) GNUstep Database Library 2 The GNUstep Database Library 2 (GDL2) is a set ... Télécharger
perl-rpcxml(freshmeat) RPC::XML RPC::XML is a set of classes in Perl for implem... Télécharger
astroaladin(freshmeat) Astro::Aladin Astro::Aladin is a an object-oriented interface... Télécharger
cryptrijndael(freshmeat) Crypt::Rijndael Crypt::Rijndael is an XS-based implementation o... Télécharger
php-session(freshmeat) PHP::Session PHP::Session is a Perl module which provides a ... Télécharger
charentry(freshmeat) CharEntry CharEntry is a tool for inserting non-ASCII cha... Télécharger
python-gpsbabel(freshmeat) Python-GPSBabel Python-GPSBabel is a Python wrapper around GPSB... Télécharger
exporama(freshmeat) Exporama Event Manager App Event Manager App is a Web based registration s... Télécharger
mod_gfx(freshmeat) mod_gfx mod_gfx is a configurable Apache module that us... Télécharger
jpilot-backup(freshmeat) jpilot-backup jpilot-backup is an enhanced backup plugin for ... Télécharger
pymultimethods(freshmeat) PyMultimethods PyMultimethods is a library that enables users ... Télécharger
digest-perl-md5(freshmeat) Digest::Perl::MD5 Digest::Perl::MD5 is a pure Perl implementation... Télécharger
fob(freshmeat) Flock of Birds Library Flock of Birds Library (libfob) is a C++ interf... Télécharger
buzzz-et(freshmeat) buzzZ-Et buzzZ-Et is a plugin to display Yahoo! Buzz but... Télécharger
dzonez-et(freshmeat) dzoneZ-Et dzoneZ-Et is a WordPress plugin for displaying ... Télécharger
reddz-et(freshmeat) reddZ-Et reddZ-Et is a WordPress plugin for displaying r... Télécharger
net-telnet-netscreen(freshmeat) Net::Telnet::Netscreen Net::Telnet::Netscreen is made to get info out ... Télécharger
hobbitmon(freshmeat) Hobbit Monitor Hobbit Monitor is a system for monitoring hosts... Télécharger
del2pub(freshmeat) Delicious to Atompub del2pub is a Python-based tool that allows you ... Télécharger
orlite(freshmeat) ORLite ORLite is an object-relation system specificall... Télécharger
heilan(freshmeat) Heilan Heilan is a standalone OpenGL X3D browser desig... Télécharger
texdrive(freshmeat) texdrive TeXDrive is an Emacs minor mode that makes addi... Télécharger
mod_auth_openid(freshmeat) mod_auth_openid mod_auth_openid is an authentication module for... Télécharger
gnarwl(freshmeat) Gnarwl Gnarwl is an email autoreply tool like vacation... Télécharger
scraper(freshmeat) Scraper Scraper is designed to scrape the Web for infor... Télécharger
fey(freshmeat) Fey The Fey distribution contains a set of modules ... Télécharger
grafx2(freshmeat) Grafx2 Grafx2 is a bitmap paint program that allows yo... Télécharger
tunerlimit(freshmeat) tunerlimit tunerlimit is a preload library that allows som... Télécharger
tennix(freshmeat) Tennix Tennix is a 2D bird's-eye-view tennis game with... Télécharger
dbi(freshmeat) DBI The DBI module enables your Perl applications t... Télécharger
open64(freshmeat) Open64 Compiler Tools Open64 is a suite of optimizing compiler develo... Télécharger
beer-watch(freshmeat) Beer Watch Beer Watch allows you to place a temperature pr... Télécharger
fig2pstricks(freshmeat) fig2pstricks fig2pstricks is a command-line driven applicati... Télécharger
video-entropyd(freshmeat) video-entropyd video-entropyd is a program to add entropy data... Télécharger
dvdrip(freshmeat) dvd::rip dvd::rip is a full featured DVD copy program wr... Télécharger
gorm(freshmeat) Gorm Gorm (Graphic Object Relationship Modeller) is ... Télécharger
price(freshmeat) PRICE PRICE can open several image file formats and a... Télécharger
dbd-sybase(freshmeat) DBD::Sybase DBD::Sybase is a Perl module that works with th... Télécharger
bkchem(freshmeat) BKChem BKChem is a chemical drawing program. Télécharger
ul_drv(freshmeat) uLan Driver uLan Driver provides 9-bit character message- ... Télécharger
speeqe(freshmeat) Speeqe Speeqe is a Web-based, group chat client that w... Télécharger
ssysm(freshmeat) Shell SYStem Monitor Shell SYStem Monitor is a basic console ncurses... Télécharger
melkjug(freshmeat) melkjug melkjug is the software running melkjug.org, a ... Télécharger
rainpress(freshmeat) Rainpress Rainpress is a CSS compressor. It can be used e... Télécharger
jmxsh(freshmeat) jmxsh jmxsh is a fully scriptable command-line JMX cl... Télécharger
myccmhi(freshmeat) MyCCM High Integrity MyCCM-HI is a component framework developed by ... Télécharger
picurl(freshmeat) picurl Picurl is a client for uploading, downloading, ... Télécharger
imagesize(freshmeat) Image::Size The Image::Size module for Perl provides a clea... Télécharger
phpvideopro(freshmeat) phpVideoPro phpVideoPro is a program to manage your collect... Télécharger
femto(freshmeat) Femto Femto is a very small bulletin board software s... Télécharger
mercator(freshmeat) WorldForge::Mercator Mercator is a terrain generation and management... Télécharger
mediawiki-bot(freshmeat) MediaWiki::Bot MediaWiki::Bot (previously Perlwikipedia) is a ... Télécharger
porte(freshmeat) Porte Porte is a framework designed to save time and ... Télécharger
ung(freshmeat) UNG UNG (UNG’s Not Gallery) is an image gallery scr... Télécharger
osmius(freshmeat) Osmius Osmius is a monitoring tool for everything conn... Télécharger
module-build(freshmeat) Module::Build Module::Build is a system for building, testing... Télécharger
sarasvati(freshmeat) Sarasvati Sarasvati is a capable, embeddable workflow/BPM... Télécharger
jsgalbuilder(freshmeat) JSGalBuilder JSGalBuilder is an application for creating and... Télécharger
mailetapi(freshmeat) Apache Mailet API The Apache Mailet API is a Java API which allow... Télécharger
mailetdocs(freshmeat) Apache MailetDocs Maven Plugin Apache MailetDocs Maven Plugin is a Maven plugi... Télécharger
eris(freshmeat) WorldForge::Eris WorldForge::Eris is designed to simplify client... Télécharger
libgee(freshmeat) libgee libgee is a collection library providing GObjec... Télécharger
ispcp-omega(freshmeat) ispCP Omega ispCP Omega is a powerful Web hosting control p... Télécharger
fina(freshmeat) Fina Fina is a simple, robust bash script that loads... Télécharger
mod_timedout(freshmeat) mod_timedout mod_timedout is an Apache module for checking t... Télécharger
climm(freshmeat) climm climm (CLI-based Multi-Messenger) is a portable... Télécharger
check_1-wirehumid(freshmeat) check_1-wirehumid check_1-wirehumid is a Nagios plugin that uses ... Télécharger
fog(freshmeat) FOG FOG is a computer imaging suite that is designe... Télécharger
sourcehighlightide(freshmeat) SourceHighlightIDE SourceHighlightIDE is an IDE for GNU Source-hig... Télécharger
lockrun(freshmeat) LockRun Lockrun opens or creates a file, places a lock ... Télécharger
dirsyncpro(freshmeat) DirSync Pro DirSync Pro is a powerful, easy-to-configure to... Télécharger
dino-file-manger(freshmeat) Dino File Manager Dino is an easy to use and powerful file manage... Télécharger
highbase(freshmeat) MySQL High Availability clustering MySQL High Availability clustering is a set of ... Télécharger
caltrainpy(freshmeat) CaltrainPy CaltrainPy is a GUI and Python library for Calt... Télécharger
texttrix(freshmeat) Text Trix Text Trix is general purpose editor that makes ... Télécharger
netdeep_cop(freshmeat) Netdeep Cop Firewall Netdeep Cop is a secure network gateway. It fea... Télécharger
glooxd(freshmeat) glooxd glooxd is an embeddable XMPP server library wri... Télécharger
xfce(freshmeat) xfce Xfce is an easy-to-use and easy-to-configure en... Télécharger
acolor(freshmeat) acolor acolor (Ada/ANSI color) is a simple Ada program... Télécharger
chesstraining(freshmeat) Chess Training Tools Chess Training Tools is a collection of chess t... Télécharger
pacparser(freshmeat) pacparser pacparser is a library to parse proxy auto-conf... Télécharger
phpsdl-ng(freshmeat) phpsdl-ng phpsdl-ng is a PHP binding for SDL. It is compa... Télécharger
ltp(freshmeat) Linux Test Project Linux Test Project is a joint project started b... Télécharger
tomos(freshmeat) TomOS TomOS is a simple 16-bit operating system for x... Télécharger
tvbrowser(freshmeat) TVBrowser TV-Browser is a TV guide (EPG) that is easily e... Télécharger
norqualizer(freshmeat) NorQualizer NorQualizer is a smart audio equalizer and norm... Télécharger
excepgen(freshmeat) ExcepGen ExcepGen defines a domain specific language for... Télécharger
lincan(freshmeat) LinCAN LinCAN is a Linux kernel module which implement... Télécharger
mypmps(freshmeat) myPmps myPmps is an information system linking the PMI... Télécharger
glob2(freshmeat) Globulation 2 Globulation is an innovative high quality real-... Télécharger
mysql-persistent-user-variable(freshmeat) MySQL Global User Variables UDF MySQL Global User Variables UDF is a shared lib... Télécharger
metamorphose(freshmeat) Métamorphose Métamorphose batch renames files and folders wi... Télécharger
inq1linux(freshmeat) inq1linux inq1linux aims to provide Linux software for co... Télécharger

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