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libsbuf(freshmeat) libsbuf Libsbuf allows one to easily and safely manipul... Télécharger
dmcryptfs(freshmeat) DM CryptFS DM CryptFS provides helper tools for setting up... Télécharger
lurt(freshmeat) LURT LURT is a GUI regex tester. It features work sa... Télécharger
tinyserial(freshmeat) Tiny serial terminal Tiny serial terminal is a simple and dumb tool ... Télécharger
tar(freshmeat) GNU tar GNU tar' saves many files together into a singl... Télécharger
ruby(freshmeat) Ruby Ruby is a language for quick and easy programmi... Télécharger
opentpv(freshmeat) OpenTPV OpenTPV is a point of sales application designe... Télécharger
livrona-trax(freshmeat) Livrona Trax Livrona Trax is a simple and lightweight JDBC t... Télécharger
tornado(freshmeat) Tornado Tornado is the clone of a C64 game. The goal of... Télécharger
wpeyplayer(freshmeat) Y Sound Systems YPlayer YPlayer is a simple GUI player that plays Y sou... Télécharger
klone(freshmeat) KLone KLone is a fully-featured, multi-platform frame... Télécharger
claws-mail(freshmeat) Claws Mail Claws Mail is a GTK+ based, lightweight, and fa... Télécharger
libmt(freshmeat) libmt To harness the power of modern multi-core compu... Télécharger
gtkglext(freshmeat) GtkGLExt GtkGLExt is an OpenGL extension to GTK+ 2.0 or ... Télécharger
jpos(freshmeat) jPOS jPOS is a Java based, production grade ISO-8583... Télécharger
repoman(freshmeat) Repoman Repoman is a command tool to add, update, or re... Télécharger
gloox(freshmeat) gloox gloox is a portable high-level Jabber/XMPP libr... Télécharger
perl-critic(freshmeat) Perl-Critic Perl::Critic is an extensible framework for cre... Télécharger
libxspf(freshmeat) libxspf libxspf (formerly called libSpiff) is a C++ lib... Télécharger
ezphpconfig(freshmeat) ezphpconfig Ezphpconfig generates a set of PHP configuratio... Télécharger
pieproject(freshmeat) PIE - Property Investment Evaluation The PIE project aims to provide real estate inv... Télécharger
cvlview(freshmeat) CVLView CVLView is an interactive viewer for arbitrary ... Télécharger
cvtool(freshmeat) cvtool CVL is a library for image and data processing ... Télécharger
dnssec-tools(freshmeat) DNSSEC-Tools The DNSSEC-Tools package is a collection of too... Télécharger
paraframe(freshmeat) Para::Frame Para::Frame is a system to use for dynamic Web ... Télécharger
grammatica(freshmeat) Grammatica Grammatica is a parser generator (compiler comp... Télécharger
sswf(freshmeat) ScriptSWF ScriptSWF is a C and C++ library plus a compile... Télécharger
pxemngr(freshmeat) PXE manager The PXE manager is a system to control PXE conf... Télécharger
vform(freshmeat) VForm VForm is a script to check forms. It can valida... Télécharger
alleyoop(freshmeat) Alleyoop Alleyoop is a GNOME frontend to the Valgrind me... Télécharger
cgi-contactform(freshmeat) CGI::ContactForm CGI::ContactForm is a Perl module that generate... Télécharger
prime8-ldap(freshmeat) Prime8 Prime8 is a global LDAP address book management... Télécharger
cvltonemap(freshmeat) CVLTonemap CVLTonemap is an interactive viewer and tone ma... Télécharger
templayer(freshmeat) Templayer Templayer is an HTML templating library for Pyt... Télécharger
jessies-terminator(freshmeat) Terminator terminal emulator Terminator is a cross-platform terminal emulato... Télécharger
jessies-evergreen(freshmeat) Evergreen development environment Evergreen is a cross-platform development envir... Télécharger
blog-baboon(freshmeat) BlogBaboon BlogBaboon is a desktop client for editing and ... Télécharger
termanim(freshmeat) Term::Animation Term::Animation provides a framework to produce... Télécharger
xom(freshmeat) XOM XOM is an XML object model. It is a tree-based ... Télécharger
portato(freshmeat) Portato Portato is a graphical user interface (GUI) for... Télécharger
httpx(freshmeat) httpx Httpx takes over the front-line position of bin... Télécharger
wmlenovo(freshmeat) wmlenovo wmlenovo is a small dock application (designed ... Télécharger
dterm(freshmeat) dterm dterm is a simple terminal emulator which doesn... Télécharger
asdoclet(freshmeat) AsDoclet AsDoclet can be used to generate Actionscript a... Télécharger
misfitmodel3d(freshmeat) Misfit Model 3D Misfit Model 3D is an OpenGL-based 3D model edi... Télécharger
lemonpos(freshmeat) Lemon POS Lemon POS point of sale system for KDE 4 target... Télécharger
stellarium(freshmeat) Stellarium Stellarium renders 3D photo-realistic skies in ... Télécharger
vyatta(freshmeat) Vyatta Vyatta is a Linux-based routing and security di... Télécharger
csscompressor(freshmeat) Css Compressor CSS Compressor is a Java library and utility fo... Télécharger
chouwa(freshmeat) chouwa Chouwa is a library that aims to ease the integ... Télécharger
jimma(freshmeat) Java Image Manager Jim (Java Image Manager) is a program for manag... Télécharger
myparse(freshmeat) DBIx::MyParse DBIx::MyParse is a Perl module that allows Perl... Télécharger
orocos(freshmeat) Open RObot COntrol Software The Open Robot Control Software (OROCOS) framew... Télécharger
tappy(freshmeat) TAPPy TAPPy separates a time-series of water levels i... Télécharger
ptbrn2w(freshmeat) Lingua::PT::Nums2Words Lingua::PT::Nums2Words is a module for Perl tha... Télécharger
cobras(freshmeat) Cobras Cobras is a programming environment for Qt, and... Télécharger
ytrip(freshmeat) youtuberip youtuberip is a very simple shell script to rip... Télécharger
maarch(freshmeat) Maarch Maarch is a DMS infrastructure dedicated to the... Télécharger
dissy(freshmeat) Dissy Dissy is a disassembler for multiple architectu... Télécharger
tightvnc(freshmeat) TightVNC TightVNC is a VNC distribution with many new fe... Télécharger
ploticus(freshmeat) ploticus PLOTICUS is a command line utility for creating... Télécharger
opencflite(freshmeat) OpenCFLite OpenCFLite is a portable version of Apple's ope... Télécharger
one-click-start-portofino(freshmeat) one-click-start-portofino One-click-start-portofino is a convenient packa... Télécharger
webserviceisbndb(freshmeat) WebService::ISBNDB The WebService::ISBNDB Perl module provides an ... Télécharger
mail-toaster(freshmeat) Mail::Toaster Mail::Toaster is an installer for a collection ... Télécharger
tankcalc(freshmeat) TankCalc TankCalc is a sophisticated storage tank analyz... Télécharger
dnssecmonitor(freshmeat) .SE DNSSEC Monitor Tools .SE DNSSEC Monitor Tools is a handful of tools ... Télécharger
magiclantern(freshmeat) Magic Lantern Magic Lantern is a multimedia "slide show&... Télécharger
openchange(freshmeat) OpenChange OpenChange intends to provide a portable implem... Télécharger
gnuinteractivetools(freshmeat) GNU Interactive Tools GNU Interactive Tools (GNUIT) is a set of inter... Télécharger
smx(freshmeat) Server Macro Expansion SMX is a cross-platform dynamic HTML generation... Télécharger
wmjump(freshmeat) wmjump wmjump provides keyboard navigation for the Lin... Télécharger
modsecurity(freshmeat) ModSecurity ModSecurity is an intrusion detection and preve... Télécharger
vmktree(freshmeat) vmktree vmktree collects data and presents graphs in a ... Télécharger
autodia(freshmeat) Autodia Autodia is a command line Perl application that... Télécharger
jibx(freshmeat) JiBX JiBX is a framework for binding XML data to Jav... Télécharger
wwwpkgfind(freshmeat) WWW::PkgFind WWW::PkgFind watches Web sites, FTP sites, GIT ... Télécharger
satyapp(freshmeat) Satya Portal Pack Satya Portal Pack is a PHP framework that suppo... Télécharger
xmlroff(freshmeat) xmlroff xmlroff is a fast, multilingual, multi-platform... Télécharger
mtools(freshmeat) mtools Mtools is a collection of utilities for accessi... Télécharger
plaindoc(freshmeat) PlainDoc PlainDoc is a document production system based ... Télécharger
apache2asp(freshmeat) Apache2::ASP Apache2::ASP provides a stable, cross-platform ... Télécharger
pagekit(freshmeat) Apache::PageKit PageKit is a modular application framework that... Télécharger
simpmd(freshmeat) SimPMD SimPMD is a full emulator of the PMD 85 line of... Télécharger
mvcnphp(freshmeat) MVCnPHP MVCnPHP stands for Model-View-Controller in PHP... Télécharger
asteriskipcop(freshmeat) Asterisk on IPCop The Asterisk on IpCop project maintains an Aste... Télécharger
spicebird(freshmeat) Spicebird Spicebird is an email and messaging software. I... Télécharger
astrofitsheader(freshmeat) Astro::FITS::Header Module The Astro::FITS::Header Perl module and its ass... Télécharger
tie-encryptedhash(freshmeat) Tie::EncryptedHash Tie::EncryptedHash augments Perl hash semantics... Télécharger
config-natural(freshmeat) Config::Natural Config::Natural is a Perl module that can read ... Télécharger
libxml-perl(freshmeat) libxml-perl libxml-perl is a collection of smaller Perl mod... Télécharger
develmodlist(freshmeat) Devel::Modlist The Devel::Modlist package is a tool for derivi... Télécharger
dbixanydbd(freshmeat) DBIx::AnyDBD DBIx::AnyDBD is a Perl module for developers wr... Télécharger
apacheasp(freshmeat) Apache::ASP Apache::ASP provides an Active Server Pages por... Télécharger
perl_net_server(freshmeat) Net::Server Net::Server is an extensible class-oriented Int... Télécharger
currency_conv(freshmeat) Finance::Currency::Convert Finance::Currency::Convert is a Perl module to ... Télécharger
dbdinterbase(freshmeat) DBD-InterBase DBD-InterBase is a Perl-DBI driver for the Fire... Télécharger
libapache-admin-config(freshmeat) Apache::Admin::Config Apache::Admin::Config provides a Perl object-or... Télécharger
extproc_perl(freshmeat) extproc_perl extproc_perl allows Oracle stored procedures to... Télécharger
perldav(freshmeat) PerlDAV PerlDAV is a Perl library for modifying content... Télécharger

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