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apacheasp(freshmeat) Apache::ASP Apache::ASP provides an Active Server Pages por... Télécharger
perl_net_server(freshmeat) Net::Server Net::Server is an extensible class-oriented Int... Télécharger
currency_conv(freshmeat) Finance::Currency::Convert Finance::Currency::Convert is a Perl module to ... Télécharger
dbdinterbase(freshmeat) DBD-InterBase DBD-InterBase is a Perl-DBI driver for the Fire... Télécharger
libapache-admin-config(freshmeat) Apache::Admin::Config Apache::Admin::Config provides a Perl object-or... Télécharger
extproc_perl(freshmeat) extproc_perl extproc_perl allows Oracle stored procedures to... Télécharger
perldav(freshmeat) PerlDAV PerlDAV is a Perl library for modifying content... Télécharger
rmerge(freshmeat) HTML::Merge HTML::Merge is an embedded HTML/Perl/SQL tool u... Télécharger
log-dispatch-config(freshmeat) Log::Dispatch::Config Log::Dispatch::Config is a Perl module to confi... Télécharger
htmlgentoc(freshmeat) HTML::GenToc HTML::GenToc allows you to specify significant ... Télécharger
htmlpopuptreeselect(freshmeat) HTML::PopupTreeSelect HTML::PopupTreeSelect is a Perl module which cr... Télécharger
devil(freshmeat) Developer's Image Library Developer's Image Library (DevIL) is a cross-pl... Télécharger
pocoirc-service(freshmeat) POE::Component::IRC::Service POE::Component::IRC::Service is a POE (Perl Obj... Télécharger
perl-class-methodmaker(freshmeat) Class::MethodMaker Class::MethodMaker is a Perl module to generate... Télécharger
xmlvs(freshmeat) XML::Validator::Schema XML::Validator::Schema is a Perl module which v... Télécharger
iwl(freshmeat) IWL The IWL includes several widgets with which con... Télécharger
json-xs(freshmeat) JSON::XS JSON::XS implements JSON for Perl. Unlike other... Télécharger
perl-compress-unlzma(freshmeat) Compress::unLZMA Compress::unLZMA is a wrapper for the LZMA SDK ... Télécharger
rpmspecfile(freshmeat) RPM::Specfile RPM::Specfile is a simple Perl module for the c... Télécharger
silktree(freshmeat) Silktree Silktree updates the /etc/passwd and /etc/group... Télécharger
valgrind(freshmeat) Valgrind Valgrind is a tool that helps you find memory m... Télécharger
config-model-xorg(freshmeat) Config::Model::Xorg Config::Model::Xorg provides a configuration mo... Télécharger
io-aio(freshmeat) IO::AIO IO::AIO implements fully asynchronous I/O (not ... Télécharger
coro(freshmeat) Coro Coro is a package providing both low-level coro... Télécharger
spserver(freshmeat) spserver SPServer is a high concurrency C++ server frame... Télécharger
testparser(freshmeat) Test-Parser Test::Parser is a collection of parsers for dif... Télécharger
file-dir-dumper(freshmeat) File-Dir-Dumper File-Dir-Dumper is a CPAN module that serialize... Télécharger
python-urwid(freshmeat) Urwid Urwid is a Python library for making text conso... Télécharger
openguides(freshmeat) OpenGuides OpenGuides is a wiki-like package for maintaini... Télécharger
znmud(freshmeat) Zombie Nation MUD Zombie Nation MUD (ZNMud) is a Multi-User Dunge... Télécharger
froggix(freshmeat) Froggix Froggix is a clone of the classic '80s arcade g... Télécharger
config-model-backend-augeas(freshmeat) Config::Model::Backend::Augeas Config::Model::Backend::Augeas provides a bridg... Télécharger
mailpage(freshmeat) CGI::Application::MailPage CGI::Application::MailPage is a CGI::Applicatio... Télécharger
partoolkit(freshmeat) Perl Archive Toolkit PAR is a cross-platform packaging and deploymen... Télécharger
cpan(freshmeat) CPAN shell The CPAN shell (and module) automates or at lea... Télécharger
phpbtlrck-sosdg(freshmeat) PHP-BottleRocket/SOSDG PHP-BottleRocket/SOSDG is a simple PHP script t... Télécharger
sptrace(freshmeat) sptrace sptrace is a LKM designed to give administrator... Télécharger
jworksheet(freshmeat) jWorkSheet jWorkSheet is a desktop personal time tracker ... Télécharger
vpntool(freshmeat) vpntool vpntool is a cross-platform GUI applet for mana... Télécharger
pscpug(freshmeat) pscpug pscpug will graph the CPU percent usage of a gi... Télécharger
imagmc(freshmeat) Imaginary Microcomputers The idea of Imaginary Microcomputers is to desi... Télécharger
feed2omb(freshmeat) feed2omb feed2omb is a simple tool that takes input from... Télécharger
elgg(freshmeat) Elgg Elgg is a professional social networking platfo... Télécharger
ps-watcher(freshmeat) ps-watcher ps-watcher periodically a gets a list of proces... Télécharger
sixpack-library(freshmeat) SixPack library The SixPack rapid development library is a coll... Télécharger
freedomeditor(freshmeat) freedomeditor freedomeditor is a Web-based GUI focused on cre... Télécharger
mod_openpgp(freshmeat) mod_openpgp Mod_OpenPGP is an Apache module that serves as ... Télécharger
pitrtools(freshmeat) PITRTools PITRTools is a flexible but advanced toolset fo... Télécharger
simpycity(freshmeat) Simpycity Simpycity is a simple mapping system for Postgr... Télécharger
popcorn(freshmeat) popcorn popcorn is a tool to map the popularity of pack... Télécharger
fmpp(freshmeat) FMPP FMPP is a text file preprocessor that uses Free... Télécharger
gnubash(freshmeat) GNU Bash GNU Bash is an sh-compatible command language i... Télécharger
google2itn(freshmeat) Google To ITN Google2Itn converts a Google Maps URL to a TomT... Télécharger
whatsonair(freshmeat) What's On Air What's On Air is a suite of programs aimed at h... Télécharger
vuzitphp(freshmeat) VuzitPHP VuzitPHP is a library that allows developers to... Télécharger
pythondirector(freshmeat) Python Director Director is a Python library that allows develo... Télécharger
bilboblogger(freshmeat) Bilbo Blogger Bilbo Blogger is a blogging application focused... Télécharger
jasymca(freshmeat) Jasymca Jasymca is an interactive system for solving ma... Télécharger
handbrake(freshmeat) HandBrake HandBrake is a multi-threaded DVD to MPEG-4 rip... Télécharger
qemu(freshmeat) QEMU QEMU is a fast processor emulator. Using dynami... Télécharger
opensc(freshmeat) OpenSC OpenSC provides a set of libraries and utilitie... Télécharger
aoetools(freshmeat) ATA over Ethernet Tools The ATA over Ethernet Tools are intended for us... Télécharger
nio_framework(freshmeat) NIO Framework The NIO Framework sits on top of the Java NIO l... Télécharger
xoops(freshmeat) XOOPS XOOPS is a popular CMS (content management syst... Télécharger
services_weather(freshmeat) PEAR::Services_Weather PEAR::Services_Weather searches for given locat... Télécharger
merkaator(freshmeat) Merkaartor Merkaartor is a mapping program that can edit O... Télécharger
biologymedusa(freshmeat) BiologyMedusa BiologyMedusa is a tool for viewing data genera... Télécharger
database-modeller(freshmeat) Database Modeller Database Modeller is a simple tool for drawing ... Télécharger
amarok-youtube-service(freshmeat) Amarok Youtube Service Amarok Youtube Service allows you to search for... Télécharger
usbview(freshmeat) USBView USBView is a GTK application to display informa... Télécharger
gimp(freshmeat) GIMP GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It ... Télécharger
datepng(freshmeat) DatePNG DatePNG is a PHP class can be used to generate ... Télécharger
togg(freshmeat) togg togg is the simple Ogg Vorbis tag editor you've... Télécharger
luxpm(freshmeat) LuxPM LuxPM is a Web-based project management tool. I... Télécharger
webbasedcmms(freshmeat) Web Work Remote Web Work Remote allows operations and maintenan... Télécharger
portaliks(freshmeat) portaliks portaliks is a blog platform. It can use either... Télécharger
tftpgui(freshmeat) TFTP server with gui interface This program is a TFTP server. It is intended t... Télécharger
fdmf(freshmeat) Find Duplicate Music Files Find Duplicate Music Files detects music files ... Télécharger
gdata-python-scripts(freshmeat) gdata-python-scripts gdata-python-scripts collects some simple scrip... Télécharger
mod_perl(freshmeat) mod_perl The Apache/Perl integration project brings toge... Télécharger
agatareport(freshmeat) Agata Report Agata Report is a cross-platform database repor... Télécharger
wiremaps(freshmeat) Wiremaps Wiremaps is an application that gathers layer 2... Télécharger
zonetocisco(freshmeat) zonetocisco zonetocisco is a simple script that takes the l... Télécharger
wammu(freshmeat) Wammu Wammu is a mobile phone manager that uses Gammu... Télécharger
rlib(freshmeat) RLIB RLIB is a reporting engine that makes it possib... Télécharger
nostaples(freshmeat) NoStaples NoStaples aims to be an HIG-compliant desktop s... Télécharger
qlc(freshmeat) Q Light Controller QLC, the Q Light Controller, is used to control... Télécharger
calstats(freshmeat) CaLStats CaLStats is a small set of scripts for monitori... Télécharger
wewimo(freshmeat) WeWiMo WeWiMo (Web WiFi Monitor) is a script for monit... Télécharger
multiadm(freshmeat) MultiAdmin Security Module The MultiAdmin security framework kernel module... Télécharger
cometeeserver(sfnet) Comet EE Server This is an Enterprise Edition server with late... Télécharger
campagnol(freshmeat) Campagnol VPN Campagnol is a distributed IP-based VPN program... Télécharger
bootsplash(freshmeat) Linux graphical bootsplash Linux graphical bootsplash allows you to use cu... Télécharger
ttmkfdir(freshmeat) ttmkfdir ttmkfdir is a tool to create valid and complete... Télécharger
pstimportplugin(freshmeat) Thunderbird PST Import plugin Thunderbird PST Import Plugin is a plugin to al... Télécharger
hsqldb(freshmeat) hsqldb Database Engine HSQLDB (HyperSQL DataBase) is an SQL relational... Télécharger
tint(freshmeat) Tintii Tintii is a photo filter for selective color, s... Télécharger
mibew(sfnet) Mibew Messenger 2.0 Mibew Messenger is an open-source live support ... Télécharger
imap-utils(freshmeat) IMAP utils IMAP utils is a set of simple utilities for man... Télécharger
selectionmargin_opentool(freshmeat) SelectionMargin OpenTool The SelectionMargin OpenTool is an add-on for t... Télécharger

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