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guitar-tabs-explorer(freshmeat) Guitar Tabs Explorer Guitar Tabs Explorer is simple software that al... Télécharger
k3b(freshmeat) K3b K3b is a CD and DVD burning application for Lin... Télécharger
cpm(freshmeat) Console Password Manager cpm (Console Password Manager) is a small conso... Télécharger
apiviz(freshmeat) APIviz APIviz is a JavaDoc doclet which extends the Ja... Télécharger
seccure(freshmeat) seccure The seccure toolset implements a selection of a... Télécharger
camstream(freshmeat) CamStream CamStream is a tool for webcams and TV grabber ... Télécharger
kool-the-church-tool(freshmeat) kOOL kOOL is a feature rich, Web-based church admini... Télécharger
tcb(freshmeat) Openwall tcb suite The tcb suite implements the alternative passwo... Télécharger
glsof(freshmeat) GLSOF-Queries GLSOF-Queries is a GUI for LSOF. Télécharger
phpeclipse(freshmeat) PHPEclipse PHP Eclipse adds support for PHP, HTML, SQL, CS... Télécharger
mrlg4php(freshmeat) Multi-router looking glass for PHP Multi-router looking glass for PHP is a full re... Télécharger
mammoth-postgresql-replicator(freshmeat) Mammoth PostgreSQL Replicator Mammoth PostgreSQL Replicator uses a transactio... Télécharger
vhcs(freshmeat) VHCS VHCS (Virtual Hosting Control System) provides ... Télécharger
webmin-afick(freshmeat) Afick Webmin module This Webmin module allows for Afick remote admi... Télécharger
modified-ecommerce-shopsoftwar(freshmeat) modified eCommerce Shopsoftware modified eCommerce Shopsoftware is an online sh... Télécharger
ss5(freshmeat) Socks Server 5 Socks Server 5 is a SOCKS server for the Linux,... Télécharger
ogone(freshmeat) Ogone Ogone is a class that provides a wrapper for mo... Télécharger
rpmreaper(freshmeat) rpmreaper rpmreaper is a simple ncurses application that ... Télécharger
lilac(freshmeat) lilac Lilac is a configuration tool for Nagios 3. Its... Télécharger
pydb(freshmeat) Extended Python Debugger Extended Python Debugger is a more complete deb... Télécharger
gmime(freshmeat) GMime GMime is a C/C++ library for parsing and creati... Télécharger
superwaba(freshmeat) SuperWaba SuperWaba is a VM for PDAs. Because of the way ... Télécharger
zivios(freshmeat) Zivios Zivios is a Web-based control panel for identit... Télécharger
pegtl(freshmeat) PEGTL The Parsing Expression Grammar Template Library... Télécharger
tnote(freshmeat) tnote tnote is a small note taking program for the te... Télécharger
libnui(freshmeat) libNUI libNUI is a hardware accelerated GUI framework ... Télécharger
darktable(freshmeat) darktable darktable is a virtual light table and darkroom... Télécharger
neuroph(freshmeat) Neuroph Framework Neuroph is lightweight Java Neural Network Fram... Télécharger
jjax(freshmeat) jjax jjax is a collection of tools and libraries whi... Télécharger
vloopback(freshmeat) Video4linux loopback The video4linux loopback device is a device dri... Télécharger
yasm(freshmeat) Yasm Yasm is a complete rewrite of the NASM assemble... Télécharger
mibble(freshmeat) Mibble Mibble is an SNMP (Simple Network Managment Pro... Télécharger
stroy(freshmeat) stroy stroy is a smart diff tool. It specializes in d... Télécharger
jredis(freshmeat) jredis jredis is a multi-threaded Java library which a... Télécharger
falcon(freshmeat) Falcon Falcon is a simple, fast, and powerful programm... Télécharger
diffxml(freshmeat) diffxml diffxml is a collection of XML diff and patch u... Télécharger
duma(freshmeat) DUMA DUMA (Detect Unintended Memory Access) stops yo... Télécharger
jewelcli(freshmeat) JewelCLI JewelCLI provides an API to parse command line ... Télécharger
dkopp(freshmeat) dkopp Dkopp is a program for copying or backing up di... Télécharger
mod-tunnel(freshmeat) mod_tunnel mod_tunnel is a simple Apache 2.2.x module that... Télécharger
libmagdev(freshmeat) libmagdev libmagdev is a C library and command line utili... Télécharger
algorithm-study(freshmeat) Algorithm Study Algorithm Study provides tools and resources to... Télécharger
greensql(freshmeat) GreenSQL GreenSQL is a database firewall used to protect... Télécharger
smtpclass(freshmeat) SMTP client class SMTP client class is a PHP class that connects ... Télécharger
cksfv(freshmeat) cksfv cksfv (Check SFV) creates simple file verificat... Télécharger
quad-ren(freshmeat) Quad-Ren Quad-Ren is a resolution independent 2D graphic... Télécharger
budgest(freshmeat) Budgest Budgest is a Web application designed to manage... Télécharger
tortoisehg(freshmeat) TortoiseHg TortoiseHg is a cross-platform frontend for the... Télécharger
openuhs(freshmeat) OpenUHS OpenUHS is a reader for Universal Hint System f... Télécharger
libtiger(freshmeat) libtiger libtiger is a rendering library for Kate stream... Télécharger
simpledbm(freshmeat) SimpleDBM SimpleDBM is a multi-threaded transactional dat... Télécharger
libircclient-qt(freshmeat) LibIrcClient-Qt LibIrcClient-Qt is a cross-platform IRC client ... Télécharger
nventory(freshmeat) nVentory nVentory is a Ruby on Rails application to mana... Télécharger
poker-engine(freshmeat) poker-engine poker-engine is a Python library that implement... Télécharger
bitnamicoppermine(freshmeat) BitNami Coppermine Stack BitNami Coppermine Stack is an easy-to-use inst... Télécharger
nautilus-search-tool(freshmeat) nautilus-search-tool nautilus-search-tool is a Nautilus extension to... Télécharger
inq(freshmeat) Inquisitor Inquisitor is a hardware testing and certificat... Télécharger
cparser(freshmeat) CParser CParser is a recursive descent parser for the ... Télécharger
dm1(freshmeat) DM1 DM1 is a relational database manager. The DM1 ... Télécharger
dtrace-for-linux(freshmeat) dtrace for linux dtrace for Linux is a native port of dtrace to ... Télécharger
javabase64(freshmeat) Java Base64 The Java Base64 library enables your Java appli... Télécharger
yase(freshmeat) YASE YASE is a text indexing and retrieval system. I... Télécharger
swampex(freshmeat) swampex swampex (or Swamp Explorer) is a cross-platform... Télécharger
corba-mico(freshmeat) CORBA::MICO CORBA::MICO is a Perl interface to the MICO ORB... Télécharger
dm1threads(freshmeat) DM1 Threads Library DM1 Threads Library is a C++ library that impl... Télécharger
shush(freshmeat) shush shush runs a command and optionally reports its... Télécharger
holmes(freshmeat) Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes is a modular system for gatheri... Télécharger
pgsql(freshmeat) PostgreSQL PostgreSQL is a robust relational database syst... Télécharger
oorexx-2(freshmeat) ooRexx Open Object Rexx is an object-oriented scriptin... Télécharger
ssd(freshmeat) Simple Settings dialog Simple Settings Dialog (ssd) enables a script a... Télécharger
mpgedit(freshmeat) MPGEDIT mpgedit is an MPEG 1 layer 1/2/3 (MP3), MPEG 2,... Télécharger
ogss-open-gmail-sms-shell(freshmeat) OGSS With OGSS (Open Gmail SMS Shell), you can contr... Télécharger
ringlink(freshmeat) Ringlink Ringlink is a CGI Perl program that provides th... Télécharger
jredis-2(freshmeat) JRedis JRedis is a high-performance Java client and co... Télécharger
ircicle(freshmeat) IRCicle Ircicle is an IRC client applet for Java 1.5 an... Télécharger
spacejunk(freshmeat) Spacejunk Spacejunk is a computer game about traveling in... Télécharger
iconvircproxy(freshmeat) iconvircproxy iconvircproxy is a proxy for IRC users who want... Télécharger
watermarker(freshmeat) Watermarker Watermarker's primary purpose is to process pho... Télécharger
phpturtle(freshmeat) PHPTurtle PHPTurtle is a PHP library for doing turtle gra... Télécharger
citadel(freshmeat) Citadel Citadel is an advanced messaging and collaborat... Télécharger
dimp(freshmeat) DIMP DIMP (Dynamic Internet Messaging Program, or Dy... Télécharger
noxbot(freshmeat) NoxBot NoxBot is a modular IRC bot that uses the platf... Télécharger
katso(freshmeat) katso katso is a library to score binary-categorized ... Télécharger
bitnami-enano-cms-stack(freshmeat) BitNami Enano CMS Stack BitNami Enano CMS Stack is an easy-to-use insta... Télécharger
simple-fuzzer(freshmeat) Simple Fuzzer Simple Fuzzer is a very simple fuzzer. It is re... Télécharger
router(freshmeat) router Router is an easy routing configuration tool. I... Télécharger
mmsdecoder(freshmeat) MMS Decoder MMS Decoder can receive MMS messages, decode th... Télécharger
downloadermac(freshmeat) Downloadermac Downloadermac is a Cocoa application for downlo... Télécharger
visspace(freshmeat) Vis/Space Vis/Space is a client-server system for visuall... Télécharger
bluelang(freshmeat) The Blue Programming Language Blue is a unique multi-purpose dynamic programm... Télécharger
exificient(freshmeat) EXIficient EXIficient is an implementation of the W3C Effi... Télécharger
sciret(freshmeat) Sciret Sciret is an advanced knowledge base system des... Télécharger
jpoker(freshmeat) jpoker jpoker is a client for playing online poker whi... Télécharger
keywatch(freshmeat) Keywatch Keywatch is a free, OSGi-based monitoring syste... Télécharger
sstrings(freshmeat) Safe Strings Safe Strings is a small C library that handles ... Télécharger
siteforge(freshmeat) SiteForge SiteForge is a software project management tool... Télécharger
gootrude(freshmeat) Gootrude Gootrude takes a set of search terms for Yahoo!... Télécharger
ipt_account(freshmeat) ipt_ACCOUNT ipt_ACCOUNT is a local network accounting syste... Télécharger
miniupnp(freshmeat) MiniUPnP Client and Daemon The MiniUPnP project is a library and a daemon.... Télécharger
xmlsh(freshmeat) xmlsh xmlsh is a command line shell for XML based on ... Télécharger

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