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pyopencl(freshmeat) Python::OpenCL Python::OpenCL is an easy-to-use Python wrapper... Télécharger
netrik(freshmeat) netrik Netrik is an advanced text mode WWW browser. It... Télécharger
phpsane(freshmeat) phpSANE phpSANE is a Web-based frontend for SANE writte... Télécharger
dbfconverter(freshmeat) dbfconverter dbfconverter converts DBF database files into S... Télécharger
db-api-client(freshmeat) db api client db api client allows you to interact with any d... Télécharger
opendesire(freshmeat) OPEN DESIRE Open DESIRE is a modeling/simulation language f... Télécharger
tokyocabinet(freshmeat) Tokyo Cabinet Tokyo Cabinet is a library of routines for mana... Télécharger
fusionforge(freshmeat) FusionForge FusionForge is a collaborative development envi... Télécharger
kpgen(freshmeat) KpGen KpGen is a password generator. It has some inte... Télécharger
gxemul(freshmeat) GXemul GXemul is an instruction-level machine emulator... Télécharger
yaprm(freshmeat) Y.A.P.R.M. Y.A.P.R.M. (Yet Another POV-Ray Modeller) is a ... Télécharger
transposh(freshmeat) Transposh Transposh is a translation filter for WordPress... Télécharger
abby(freshmeat) abby abby is a front-end for cclive and clive that c... Télécharger
pymp(freshmeat) Pymp Pymp is a lean, flexible Gtk+ frontend to MPlay... Télécharger
giis(freshmeat) gET iT i sAY giis (gET iT i sAY) is a file recovery tool for... Télécharger
mpck(freshmeat) Checkmate mpck Checkmate mpck reads MP3 files and tries to det... Télécharger
navit(freshmeat) Navit Navit is a modular, touch screen friendly car n... Télécharger
squidrewrite(freshmeat) squidRewrite squidRewrite provides url_rewrite for squid, wh... Télécharger
aqemu(freshmeat) AQEMU AQEMU is GUI for QEMU and KVM emulators. It has... Télécharger
ccollect(freshmeat) ccollect ccollect does (pseudo) incremental full backups... Télécharger
databene-benclipse(freshmeat) Databene Benclipse Databene Benclipse is an Eclipse plugin that in... Télécharger
fabric3(freshmeat) fabric3 Fabric3 is an SCA (Service Component Architectu... Télécharger
zowiefractals(freshmeat) Zowie.fractals Zowie.Fractals is a plugin for the popular Ecli... Télécharger
message-router(freshmeat) Message Router The Message Router (MRTR) application will move... Télécharger
ipfire(freshmeat) IPFire IPFire is a Linux firewall distribution that is... Télécharger
incron(freshmeat) incron incron is an "inotify cron" system. I... Télécharger
automate-hdd-formatter(freshmeat) Automate HDD formatter Automate HDD formatter is a bash script using s... Télécharger
soundedrec(freshmeat) Sound-Rec-Ed Sound-Rec-Ed provides simple GUIs to record and... Télécharger
pnphpbb2(freshmeat) PNphpBB2 PNphpBB2 is a forum module for PostNuke. It int... Télécharger
subversion(freshmeat) Subversion Subversion is a version control system. Origina... Télécharger
chronicle(freshmeat) The Chronicle Blog Compiler Chronicle is a simple tool that will convert a ... Télécharger
jmemcached(freshmeat) jmemcached jmemcached is a fast network available cache da... Télécharger
plotmeister(freshmeat) Plotmeister Plotmeister is a frontend for plotting utilitie... Télécharger
das-schwarze-auge-online-morge(freshmeat) Das Schwarze Auge online - Morgendämmerung The online platform "Das Schwarze Auge onl... Télécharger
mp3plot(freshmeat) mp3plot mp3plot creates a plot (textual or graphical) o... Télécharger
unnethack(freshmeat) UnNetHack UnNetHack is a variant of the hugely popular ro... Télécharger
cplusplus-resourcepool(freshmeat) C++ ResourcePool C++ ResourcePool is a library which can be used... Télécharger
jfxtras(freshmeat) JFXtras JFXtras is a package of add-ons and utilities f... Télécharger
hashcatalog(freshmeat) HashCatalog HashCatalog is a program that can find duplicat... Télécharger
jcmdlineprogess(freshmeat) JCmdLineProgess JCmdLineProgress is a Java library to assist wi... Télécharger
divx-converter(freshmeat) DivX Converter DivX converter is a simple Mencoder GUI to prod... Télécharger
kjen(freshmeat) j.eng kernel patchset The j.eng kernel patchset contains a number of ... Télécharger
modulipse(freshmeat) Modulipse Modulipse is a Modula-2 IDE based on the Eclips... Télécharger
linux-isp-8051(freshmeat) LINUX-ISP-89SXX LINUX-ISP-89SXX is a tool for programming 8051-... Télécharger
diakonos(freshmeat) Diakonos Diakonos is a customizable, usable console-base... Télécharger
tt-rss(freshmeat) Tiny Tiny RSS Tiny Tiny RSS is a Web-based news (RSS, RDF, or... Télécharger
buttermarks(freshmeat) Buttermarks Buttermarks is a social bookmarking Web applica... Télécharger
mfgames-utility(freshmeat) MfGames CIL MfGames.Utility is a C# library that contains v... Télécharger
davfs(freshmeat) DAVfs Linux file system driver The DAVfs Linux file system driver (a.k.a davfs... Télécharger
assimilate(freshmeat) Assimilate Assimilate is a Maven2 plugin that allows devel... Télécharger
r6-home-inventory(freshmeat) R6 Home Inventory R6 Home inventory is an easy-to-use database th... Télécharger
butifree(freshmeat) ButiFree The aim of the project ButiFree is to play the ... Télécharger
coherence(freshmeat) Coherence Coherence is a set of DLNA/UPnP devices, like M... Télécharger
upnp-inspector(freshmeat) UPnP-Inspector The Inspector is a UPnP device and service anal... Télécharger
tintin(freshmeat) TinTin++ TinTin++ is a console MUD client for any type o... Télécharger
subtitleeditor(freshmeat) Subtitle Editor Subtitle Editor is a GTK+2 tool to edit subtitl... Télécharger
applicant-tracking-system-runn(freshmeat) Applicant Tracking System running on SugarCRM5 Applicant Tracking System is a recruitment appl... Télécharger
lib_mta(freshmeat) lib_MTA lib_MTA is a BASH function library for dealing ... Télécharger
ooc-language(freshmeat) ooc ooc is an object-oriented programming language ... Télécharger
scouttracker(freshmeat) Scout Tracker Scout Tracker tracks Boy Scout advancements tow... Télécharger
sr-modelsphere-jdk(freshmeat) Open ModelSphere Open ModelSphere is a powerful data, process, a... Télécharger
gtping(freshmeat) GTPing GTPing is like ping, but uses GTP ping requests... Télécharger
xnortherncaptain(freshmeat) X Northern Captain X Northern Captain is a file manager for X Wind... Télécharger
yagtd(freshmeat) yaGTD yaGTD is a very simple utility designed to make... Télécharger
np-admin(freshmeat) NP-Admin NP-Admin is a generic control panel that manage... Télécharger
kismet(freshmeat) Kismet Kismet is an 802.11 layer 2 wireless network de... Télécharger
mysql_auth(freshmeat) mysql_auth mysql_auth is a basic authenticator for Squid P... Télécharger
fsprotect(freshmeat) fsprotect fsprotect is a set of scripts that combine tmpf... Télécharger
dbtool(freshmeat) dbtool dbtool can be used to store and retrieve data i... Télécharger
libappconf(freshmeat) The Appconf Library The Appconf Library is a library responsible fo... Télécharger
dspam(freshmeat) DSPAM DSPAM is a server-side statistical anti-spam ag... Télécharger
caelinux(freshmeat) CAELinux CAELinux is a live DVD Linux distribution dedi... Télécharger
iodine(freshmeat) iodine iodine lets you tunnel IPv4 data through a DNS ... Télécharger
libcvd(freshmeat) libCVD libCVD is a very portable and high performance ... Télécharger
gitsharp(freshmeat) Git# Git# is a C# implementation of the Git version ... Télécharger
yana(freshmeat) Yana 4 PHP Framework The Yana Framework is a platform for developing... Télécharger
maarch-letterbox(freshmeat) Maarch LetterBox Built upon Maarch Framework, Maarch LetterBox i... Télécharger
kuklomenos(freshmeat) Kuklomenos Kuklomenos is an unusual abstract shoot-em-up g... Télécharger
phpwebhacks(freshmeat) phpWebHacks phpWebHacks is an advanced HTTP client written ... Télécharger
atlassian-eclipse-connector(freshmeat) Atlassian Connector for Eclipse The Atlassian Eclipse Connector lets you intera... Télécharger
dbus-cxx(freshmeat) dbus-cxx dbus-cxx is a C++ wrapper for dbus that support... Télécharger
neooffice(freshmeat) NeoOffice NeoOffice is a project that is developing a nat... Télécharger
the-procrastinators-timeclock(freshmeat) The Procrastinator's Timeclock The Procrastinator's Timeclock is a simple util... Télécharger
core2usb(sfnet) core2usb WIndows program to install Tiny Core Linux on U... Télécharger
matrixgl(freshmeat) Matrix GL Screensaver Matrixgl is a 3D screensaver for Linux (partial... Télécharger
insert(freshmeat) INSERT INSERT (the Inside Security Rescue Toolkit) aim... Télécharger
binclockjava(freshmeat) Java BinClock BinClock is a binary clock. The time is display... Télécharger
rsync(freshmeat) rsync rsync is a replacement for rcp (and scp) that h... Télécharger
methanol(freshmeat) Methanol Methanol is a modular, customizable Web crawlin... Télécharger
qb(freshmeat) qb qb is a blog system for people who don't want t... Télécharger
xwelltris(freshmeat) XWelltris XWelltris is a 2.5D Tetris-like game. Imagine t... Télécharger
matrixssl(freshmeat) MatrixSSL MatrixSSL is an embedded SSL and TLS implementa... Télécharger
htmanager(freshmeat) htManager htManager is a small tool to manage .htaccess a... Télécharger
convirt(freshmeat) ConVirt ConVirt (formerly XenMan) is an intuitive GUI b... Télécharger
ampache(freshmeat) Ampache Ampache is a Web-based audio file manager. It a... Télécharger
config-model-cursesui(freshmeat) Config::Model::CursesUI Config::Model::CursesUI provides a curses user ... Télécharger
idms-linux(freshmeat) IDMS Linux IDMS-Linux is a specialized Linux distribution ... Télécharger
rvm(freshmeat) Rsync Vault Manager RVM is an archive manager that uses rsync to ma... Télécharger
appscript(freshmeat) appscript Python appscript (py-appscript) is a high-level... Télécharger
opendbx(freshmeat) OpenDBX The OpenDBX libraries provide a unified and con... Télécharger

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