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gchart(freshmeat) Client-side GChart Client-side GChart is a pure-GWT client-side ch... Télécharger
kometka(freshmeat) kometka Kometka is a JavaScript and PHP library for mak... Télécharger
agendaxml(freshmeat) Agenda XML Agenda XML is a simple project time tracker for... Télécharger
webmin-openvpnadmin(freshmeat) Webmin OpenVpn Admin Module Webmin OpenVpn Admin Module allows you to creat... Télécharger
danselfduty(freshmeat) Danselfduty Danselfduty allows users to authorize Web brows... Télécharger
manent(freshmeat) Manent Manent is an algorithmically strong backup and ... Télécharger
audiotools(freshmeat) Python Audio Tools Python Audio Tools is a collection of audio han... Télécharger
einarc(freshmeat) Einarc Einarc is a unified storage RAID command line i... Télécharger
jsxp(freshmeat) JSXP JSXP is a web application framework for Java. I... Télécharger
gnms(freshmeat) GNMS GNMS is a network management system, a graphica... Télécharger
docmake(freshmeat) Docmake Docmake is a tool to convert DocBook/XML to fin... Télécharger
matrex(freshmeat) Matrex Matrex is a lightweight vectorial spreadsheet. ... Télécharger
dkpro-wsd(freshmeat) DKPro WSD DKPro WSD provides UIMA components which encaps... Télécharger
muzikq(freshmeat) muzikQ muzikQ is a curses audio player. It currently s... Télécharger
gosa(freshmeat) GOsa GOsa² provides a powerful framework for managin... Télécharger
system-config-printer(freshmeat) system-config-printer system-config-printer configures a CUPS server.... Télécharger
sifolux(freshmeat) sifolux sifolux allows you to download streams and sche... Télécharger
tinycorelinux(freshmeat) Tiny Core Linux Tiny Core Linux is a very small (10 MB) minimal... Télécharger
squirrel_lang(freshmeat) The Squirrel programming language Squirrel is a light-weight programming language... Télécharger
ultimate-live-music-audio-conv(freshmeat) Ultimate Live Music Audio Converter The Ultimate Live Music Audio Converter is an a... Télécharger
realripper(freshmeat) Realripper Realripper can record Real streams to disk in a... Télécharger
soundconverter(freshmeat) Sound Converter Sound Converter is a simple sound converter app... Télécharger
bot-lane(freshmeat) Bioloide Bioloide is a graphical Web-based interface wit... Télécharger
dmdirc(freshmeat) DMDirc DMDirc is an IRC client. It can connect to mult... Télécharger
daikon(freshmeat) Daikon Daikon is an implementation of dynamic detectio... Télécharger
w2do(freshmeat) w2do w2do is a simple-to-use, yet efficient commandl... Télécharger
symbolism(freshmeat) Symbolism Symbolism is a library that allows you to use s... Télécharger
oc_translation(freshmeat) Openbakery Translation Openbakery Translation is an internationalizati... Télécharger
panel-gzw(freshmeat) Panel-GZW Panel-GZW is a solution for Web hosting platfor... Télécharger
libpuppy(freshmeat) libpuppy Libpuppy is a library version of the puppy tool... Télécharger
lrs(freshmeat) Linbox Rescue Server The Linbox Rescue Server (LRS) is a tool to cen... Télécharger
onlinebookmarks(freshmeat) Online-Bookmarks Online-Bookmarks provides a multiuser bookmark ... Télécharger
finvoicelib(freshmeat) FinvoiceLib FinvoiceLib is a Python library for reading Fin... Télécharger
omnia-xp(freshmeat) Omnia XP Omnia XP is a remastering of Debian GNU/Linux 5... Télécharger
httptunnel(freshmeat) HTTPTunnel HTTPTunnel is a simple client/server applicatio... Télécharger
envstore(freshmeat) envstore envstore allows you to save environment variabl... Télécharger
vcs-2(freshmeat) VCS VCS is a visual d20 3.5 combat program for dung... Télécharger
gammu(freshmeat) Gammu Gammu (formerly known as MyGnokii2) is a cellul... Télécharger
peerscape(freshmeat) Peerscape Peerscape is an experimental peer-to-peer socia... Télécharger
testmaker(freshmeat) TestMaker PushToTest TestMaker is a distributed test auto... Télécharger
diluculum(freshmeat) Diluculum Diluculum is a library that intends to make the... Télécharger
htmlpurifier(freshmeat) HTML Purifier HTML Purifier is PHP software for HTML filterin... Télécharger
rabbit(freshmeat) RabbIT RabbIt is a mutating, caching Web proxy used to... Télécharger
functy(freshmeat) Functy Functy is a 3D graph drawing package. The empha... Télécharger
libfid(freshmeat) libfid The Full-text Index Data structure library, lib... Télécharger
kusaba-x(freshmeat) Kusaba X Kusaba X is a continuation of the Kusaba image ... Télécharger
libopenstm32(freshmeat) libopenstm32 libopenstm32 is a firmware library for STM32 mi... Télécharger
dnsdusty(freshmeat) DNSDusty DNSDusty is an uncomplicated Web-based DNS mana... Télécharger
bit(freshmeat) bit bit is a library that makes it easier to dynami... Télécharger
osggtk(freshmeat) osgGtk osgGtk provides widgets that can be used to int... Télécharger
sqljet(freshmeat) SQLJet SQLJet is a pure Java embedded database managem... Télécharger
nxpprog(freshmeat) nxpprog nxpprog allows programming NXP ARM processors i... Télécharger
podcaster(freshmeat) PodCaster Pod Caster is an application that can capture I... Télécharger
hcm(freshmeat) HL7 Comm Multi HCM is a server version of the widely used HL7 ... Télécharger
crossbow(freshmeat) Crossbow Crossbow is an image browser and viewer for Mac... Télécharger
desmume(freshmeat) DeSmuME DeSmuME is a Nintendo DS emulator that aims to ... Télécharger
klick(freshmeat) klick klick is an advanced JACK-based metronome, supp... Télécharger
gitg(freshmeat) gitg gitg targets cases where it is useful to provid... Télécharger
havp(freshmeat) HTTP Anti Virus Proxy HAVP (HTTP Anti Virus Proxy) is a proxy which s... Télécharger
libconexus(freshmeat) conexus I/O Library conexus is a generalized C++ I/O library that i... Télécharger
spotlight(freshmeat) SpotLight SpotLight is a PHP MVC framework for rapid Web ... Télécharger
k10ctl(freshmeat) k10ctl k10ctl is a P-State utility for AMD family 10h ... Télécharger
c2ctl(freshmeat) c2ctl c2ctl is a frequency and voltage modification u... Télécharger
remuco(freshmeat) Remuco Remuco is a duplex remote control system for Li... Télécharger
srecord(freshmeat) srecord SRecord is a collection of powerful tools for m... Télécharger
isymchoose(freshmeat) isymchoose isymchoose can automatically determine which sy... Télécharger
aeuio(freshmeat) aeuio aeuio (Another Early Userspace Init Option) is ... Télécharger
gmail4j(freshmeat) Gmail4J Gmail4J is a simple, object oriented library fo... Télécharger
structobject(freshmeat) StructObject StructObject is a PHP class which can be used t... Télécharger
dzo(freshmeat) dzo The goal of dzo is to treat application databas... Télécharger
cstring(freshmeat) cstring cstring is a small and simple platform-independ... Télécharger
easygconf(freshmeat) easygconf easygconf provids an easy, Pythonic way to acce... Télécharger
xdcc-parser(freshmeat) XDCC Parser XDCC Parser parses XDCC listings created by iro... Télécharger
arora(freshmeat) Arora Arora is a simple cross-platform Web browser wh... Télécharger
svnbackup(freshmeat) SVNBackup SVNBackup allows you to make full and increment... Télécharger
opina(freshmeat) Opina Opina is a Web management tool for poll managem... Télécharger
kerrighed(freshmeat) Kerrighed Kerrighed is a Single System Image operating sy... Télécharger
brisk(freshmeat) brisk brisk is an implementation of the Briscola in 5... Télécharger
openbabel(freshmeat) Open Babel Open Babel is a community-driven scientific pro... Télécharger
jxfire(freshmeat) JXFire JXFire is a Multi-User Dungeon game written in ... Télécharger
cx_freeze(freshmeat) cx_Freeze cx_Freeze is a set of utilities for freezing Py... Télécharger
spade(freshmeat) SPADE The Structural Proteomics Application Developme... Télécharger
freenos(freshmeat) FreeNOS FreeNOS is an experimental microkernel operatin... Télécharger
jgit(freshmeat) EGit EGit is an Eclipse plugin for working with Git ... Télécharger
wesnoth(freshmeat) The Battle for Wesnoth The Battle for Wesnoth is a turn-based strategy... Télécharger
cgictrl(freshmeat) cgictrl Cgictrl is a CGI framework for Ruby. It allows ... Télécharger
sefira(freshmeat) sefira Sefira library is meant to provide a well teste... Télécharger
ctpp(freshmeat) Ctpp Ctpp is the C99-compatible C preprocessor of th... Télécharger
ipgeolocation-php-class(freshmeat) Geolocator-PHP Geolocator is a PHP class which provides an eas... Télécharger
crunchyfrog(freshmeat) CrunchyFrog CrunchyFrog is a database navigator and SQL cli... Télécharger
auto-cms(freshmeat) Auto CMS AutoCMS is a smaller CMS with the minimum neede... Télécharger
captchav2(freshmeat) CAPTCHAv2 CAPTCHAv2 is a question/answer based CAPTCHA sy... Télécharger
teambox(freshmeat) Teambox Teambox is a Web application for project manage... Télécharger
aoelinux(freshmeat) ATA over Ethernet driver This driver allows the Linux kernel to use the ... Télécharger
manitou(freshmeat) Manitou-Mail Manitou-Mail is a 3-part database-driven email ... Télécharger
s3d_(freshmeat) s3d s3d is a 3D network display server which can be... Télécharger
authorizenet_cim(freshmeat) Authorize.net CIM PHP Class The Authorize.net CIM PHP Class allows you to i... Télécharger
leges-motus(freshmeat) Leges Motus Leges Motus is a networked, team-based, 2D shoo... Télécharger
magemu(freshmeat) magemu magemu provides the software basis for magnetic... Télécharger
cutmp3(freshmeat) cutmp3 cutmp3 is a small command line MP3 editor. It ... Télécharger

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