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rtai(freshmeat) Realtime Application Interface The Realtime Application Interface for Linux al... Télécharger
blueerp(freshmeat) Blue ERP Blue ERP is a Web based ERP application. Its go... Télécharger
pclosure(freshmeat) pClosure pClosure can be used to create closure function... Télécharger
php-css-query(freshmeat) PHP CSS Query PHP CSS Query is software to easily traverse an... Télécharger
xml-compareml(freshmeat) XML::CompareML XML::CompareML is a set of Perl modules to proc... Télécharger
rubytet(freshmeat) RubyTet Rubytet is a Tetris clone written in the Ruby p... Télécharger
bip(freshmeat) Bip Irc Proxy Bip is an IRC proxy that supports replaying log... Télécharger
miredo(freshmeat) Miredo Miredo is an implementation of the "Teredo... Télécharger
scalpel-sound(freshmeat) Scalpel Audio Editor Scalpel is an audio editor for Linux. It aims t... Télécharger
qtdmm(freshmeat) QtDMM QtDMM is a simple DMM readout program which inc... Télécharger
nsis(freshmeat) Nullsoft Scriptable Install System Nullsoft Scriptable Install System is a tool fo... Télécharger
transcode(freshmeat) transcode transcode is a text console video-stream proces... Télécharger
x10-automation(sfnet) x10-Home-Automation This project can read and write x10 signals to ... Télécharger
x-invasion(freshmeat) X Invasion X Invasion is a simple clone of the famous game... Télécharger
openqrm-plugins(freshmeat) openQRM Plug-ins openQRM Plug-ins is a collection of add-ons for... Télécharger
grabby(freshmeat) grabby Grabby retrieves images from a video4linux or v... Télécharger
datagridzendframework(freshmeat) DataGrid Zend Framework DataGrid Zend Framework is a way to easily crea... Télécharger
pandoc(freshmeat) pandoc Pandoc is a Haskell library for converting from... Télécharger
mapzoom(freshmeat) MapZoom MapZoom is software for the creation of differe... Télécharger
emaps(freshmeat) emaps emaps is a Web application for searching and di... Télécharger
gpanom(freshmeat) GpaNom GpaNom is a simple command line GPA calculator ... Télécharger
vidown(freshmeat) ViDown ViDown is a simple video downloader that downlo... Télécharger
rb-appscript(freshmeat) rb-appscript Ruby appscript (rb-appscript) is a high-level, ... Télécharger
junique(freshmeat) JUnique The JUnique library can be used to prevent a us... Télécharger
tmphoto(freshmeat) tmphoto tmphoto is a Web photo gallery with a fairly ad... Télécharger
adaptcms(freshmeat) AdaptCMS AdaptCMS is a PHP content management system pow... Télécharger
pondus(freshmeat) Pondus Pondus is a personal weight manager that keeps ... Télécharger
fbgrab(freshmeat) fbgrab FBGrab is a framebuffer screenshot program, cap... Télécharger
dxirc(freshmeat) dxirc dxirc is a easy-to-use yet capable cross-platfo... Télécharger
ldm(freshmeat) Local Data Manager The Unidata Local Data Manager (LDM) is a colle... Télécharger
gpx-viewer(freshmeat) GPX Viewer GPX Viewer is a simple program to visualize a G... Télécharger
kmuddy(freshmeat) KMuddy KMuddy is a MUD client powered by KDE. It aims ... Télécharger
atanks(freshmeat) Atomic Tanks Atanks is a multi-platform Scorched Earth clone... Télécharger
quitcount(freshmeat) QuitCount QuitCount is a simple counter that shows what y... Télécharger
liquid-fonts(freshmeat) Liquid Fonts The Liquid Font Family is a collection of small... Télécharger
htmlproc(freshmeat) HTMLProc HTMLProc is a HTML preprocessor. It allows you ... Télécharger
tinytim(freshmeat) tinyTiM tinyTiM (the tiny Topic Maps engine) is a small... Télécharger
wirn(freshmeat) WIRN WIRN is a professional stored program control. ... Télécharger
scandraid(freshmeat) ScanDraiD ScanDraiD is intended to provide a minimal, rob... Télécharger
gfsgl(freshmeat) GFSGL GFSGL is a program that makes running and insta... Télécharger
spack(freshmeat) Spack Spack is a standalone package manager with its ... Télécharger
wkpdf(freshmeat) wkpdf wkpdf is a command-line tool for converting HTM... Télécharger
mysqlbackup-2(freshmeat) MySQLBackup MySQLBackup is a script that allows you to make... Télécharger
mercurial(freshmeat) Mercurial Mercurial is a fast, lightweight Source Control... Télécharger
unicodedatabrowser(freshmeat) Unicode Data Browser UnicodeDataBrowser is a browser for the Unicode... Télécharger
d-d-character-manager(freshmeat) Grendel Grendel is a dynamic, Web-based character sheet... Télécharger
drm_tools(freshmeat) drm_tools drm_tools contains several small utilities: acc... Télécharger
pitlib(freshmeat) Pitlib Pitlib is a PHP library allowing simple image o... Télécharger
achecker(freshmeat) AChecker AChecker is a Web accessibility evaluation tool... Télécharger
gguitar-01(freshmeat) wxGuitar wxGuitar is a simple program to help a novice g... Télécharger
ropevim(freshmeat) ropevim Ropevim is a Vim mode that uses the rope librar... Télécharger
iksemel(freshmeat) iksemel iksemel is a simple XML-parsing library written... Télécharger
timekpr(freshmeat) timekpr timekpr will track and control the computer usa... Télécharger
wixi(freshmeat) wixi Wixi is a personal multi-platform wiki applicat... Télécharger
pylsyncd(freshmeat) pylsyncd Pylsyncd is a Python implementation, similar to... Télécharger
copher(freshmeat) copher copher is a script that submits file releases t... Télécharger
svnlabel(freshmeat) Subversion Labels Subversion Labels is a set of scripts and serve... Télécharger
sqlamp(freshmeat) sqlamp sqlamp is an implementation of Materialized Pat... Télécharger
surl(freshmeat) surl surl is a URL shortening command line applicati... Télécharger
sqlmap(freshmeat) sqlmap sqlmap is a penetration testing tool that autom... Télécharger
pyrit(freshmeat) Pyrit Pyrit takes a step ahead in attacking WPA-PSK a... Télécharger
latextable(freshmeat) LaTeX::Table LaTeX::Table is a Perl module that provides fun... Télécharger
gambas(freshmeat) Gambas Gambas is a graphical development environment b... Télécharger
keychain(freshmeat) keychain keychain helps you to manage ssh keys in a conv... Télécharger
deepofix(freshmeat) deepOfix Mail Server The deepOfix Mail Server makes it possible for ... Télécharger
mirror(freshmeat) Mirror DSL Mirror DSL is a simple DSL layer to make Java R... Télécharger
cdemu-tray(freshmeat) cdemu-tray cdemu-tray is a cdemu client written in C++ usi... Télécharger
mod_asn(freshmeat) mod_asn mod_asn is an Apache module that uses BGP routi... Télécharger
iwthemes(freshmeat) IWThemes IWThemes is an implementation of innovative met... Télécharger
helidb(freshmeat) HeliDB HeliDB is a database for storing key-value pair... Télécharger
migrations(freshmeat) Migrations Migrations is a tool for managing changes to da... Télécharger
xlog(freshmeat) xlog Xlog is an easy to use program for logging your... Télécharger
cl-prevalence(freshmeat) cl-prevalence cl-prevalence is a prevalence-style (all data k... Télécharger
iv(freshmeat) Image Viewer Image Viewer is a multi-frame (animated) image ... Télécharger
dhcpcd-gtk(freshmeat) dhcpcd-gtk dhcpcd-gtk is a GTK+ monitor for dhcpcd. It use... Télécharger
liboping(freshmeat) liboping liboping is a C library for measuring network l... Télécharger
punyurl(freshmeat) PunyURL PunyURL is a class that can be used to create s... Télécharger
ccparser(freshmeat) Common Configuration Parser Common Configuration Parser (CCP) is a program ... Télécharger
bitvector(freshmeat) Bit::Vector Bit::Vector is a (stand-alone) C library and an... Télécharger
swec(freshmeat) SWEC SWEC is a program that automates testing of dyn... Télécharger
ietview(freshmeat) IETView IETView is a GUI that eases the management of i... Télécharger
blambiscalc(freshmeat) bcalc bcalc is an RPN calculator with support for mul... Télécharger
deliantraserver(freshmeat) Deliantra Server Deliantra is an advancement of the crossfire mu... Télécharger
styx(freshmeat) Styx Styx is a scanner/parser generator designed to ... Télécharger
wikid(freshmeat) WiKID Strong Authentication System The WiKID Strong Authentication System is a hig... Télécharger
php-viz(freshmeat) PHP Viz PHP Viz is written in PHP and lets you create M... Télécharger
netmapr(freshmeat) netmapr netmapr is a simple SDL-based network diagram p... Télécharger
simpleburner(freshmeat) simpleburner Simpleburner is a simple CLI application to mak... Télécharger
nagios-notify(freshmeat) nagios-notify nagios-notify is a template-based notify script... Télécharger
dwm(freshmeat) dynamic window manager dwm is a fast and simple window manager for X11... Télécharger
visualizationlibrary(freshmeat) Visualization Library Visualization Library is C++ middleware for hig... Télécharger
dive-log-book(freshmeat) Dive Log Book Dive Log Book is an easy-to-use logbook for scu... Télécharger
yagf(freshmeat) YAGF YAGF is a graphical frontend for the cuneiform ... Télécharger
eldap(freshmeat) eldap eldap is simple auxprop module for SASL that pr... Télécharger
ezimdms(freshmeat) eZimDMS eZimDMS is a Web-based document management syst... Télécharger
urlshort(freshmeat) urlShort urlShort is a URL shortener, complete with a fu... Télécharger
jijawi(freshmeat) Jijawi Jijawi (Jijawi Is Just Another Web Installer) i... Télécharger
clisp(freshmeat) GNU CLISP GNU CLISP is an ANSI Common Lisp implementation... Télécharger
elephant(freshmeat) Elephant Elephant is a Persistent Object Database for Co... Télécharger
xfburn(freshmeat) xfburn xfburn is easy to use burning software for the ... Télécharger

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