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vote-system(freshmeat) Vote System Vote system is a bar graph system giving percen... Télécharger
posnumcon(freshmeat) posnumcon POSNUMCON is a command-line (or console mode) p... Télécharger
python-fedex(freshmeat) python-fedex python-fedex is light wrapper for Fedex's Web S... Télécharger
vizi(freshmeat) Vizi Vizi is an image viewer platform that makes nav... Télécharger
libease(freshmeat) libease libease is a shared library containing easing a... Télécharger
project-open(freshmeat) ]project-open[ ]project-open[ is a Web-based enterprise projec... Télécharger
convertall(freshmeat) ConvertAll ConvertAll is a unit conversion program in whic... Télécharger
pike(freshmeat) Pike Pike is an interpreted, object-oriented, dynami... Télécharger
gplot(freshmeat) GPlot GPlot provides a convenient front-end for gnupl... Télécharger
flot(freshmeat) Flot Flot is a pure Javascript plotting library for ... Télécharger
reqtracer(sfnet) JavaRequirementsTracer THE tool for monitoring traceability between re... Télécharger
avango(sfnet) Avango A framework for building distributed virtual re... Télécharger
qpdf(sfnet) QPDF QPDF is a C++ library and set of programs that ... Télécharger
edeploy(freshmeat) eDeploy eDeploy is a system to provision baremetal pla... Télécharger
opengpx(sfnet) opengpx OpenGPX is an application for paperless Geocach... Télécharger
alphateam(sfnet) Alpha PS3 Translation PS3 game translation Télécharger
yaab(freshmeat) Yet Another Address Book Yet Another Address Book is a comprehensive per... Télécharger
amzn-extras(sfnet) Extra Packages for Amazon Linux This is an idea I had for rebuilding some packa... Télécharger
cryptofile(sfnet) CryptoFile CryptoFile is a RichEdit application that encry... Télécharger
canta(sfnet) Canta A tool to help to sing in tune. It can play a M... Télécharger
open-beos(sfnet) Haiku Haiku is an open-source operating system curren... Télécharger
opencellclient(sfnet) OpenCellID Client for Windows Mobile This is an OpenCellID client for WM5 or 6 devic... Télécharger
communitypasswo(sfnet) TeamPass TeamPass is a collaborative passwords manager. ... Télécharger
korpchart(sfnet) TKorpChart Chart VCL for FusionCharts TKorpChart VCL for FusionCharts is a Chart VCL ... Télécharger
quexc(freshmeat) queXC queXC is a Web-based data cleaning and coding/c... Télécharger
domainhealth(sfnet) DomainHealth DomainHealth is an open source "zero-confi... Télécharger
xaira(sfnet) Xaira XAIRA (XML Aware Indexing and Retrieval Archite... Télécharger
java2c(sfnet) Java2C A translator from Java to C language especially... Télécharger
rekonq(sfnet) rekonq rekonq is a lightweight, WebKit based web brows... Télécharger
sescle(freshmeat) PHP Session Cleaner Sescle will automatically remove PHP session fi... Télécharger
brap(freshmeat) BRAP BRAP is a Java remoting protocol that uses nati... Télécharger
opencl-net(freshmeat) OpenCL .Net OpenCL .Net is a small and simple bridge to Ope... Télécharger
the-karoo-project(freshmeat) The Karoo Project The Karoo Project is a framework for making it ... Télécharger
smuxi(freshmeat) Smuxi Smuxi is an irssi-inspired, flexible, user-frie... Télécharger
gpodder(sfnet) gPodder for Windows Windows releases of gPodder. Télécharger
librdf(sfnet) Redland RDF Libraries Redland is a set of object-based, modular and p... Télécharger
mailcp(freshmeat) mailcp mailcp is a simple program to copy from one mai... Télécharger
gnome-gmail(freshmeat) Gnome Gmail Gnome Gmail adds support for Gmail to the GNOME... Télécharger
demuxfs(freshmeat) DemuxFS DemuxFS is a filesystem which demultiplexes MPE... Télécharger
raxan(freshmeat) Raxan Framework Raxan is a framework that is designed to accele... Télécharger
mumufs(freshmeat) mumufs Mumufs is a virtual file system to support IPC ... Télécharger
moa(freshmeat) Moa Moa is an image gallery for people who just wan... Télécharger
gswitch(freshmeat) Gswitch Gswitch automatically changes your GNOME deskto... Télécharger
jrawio(freshmeat) jrawio jrawio is a Service Provider Implementation for... Télécharger
olmo-cms(freshmeat) OLMO CMS OLMO is a powerful and easy-to-use content mana... Télécharger
defx-for-audacious(freshmeat) DeFX for Audacious DeFX for Audacious is an effects sound processo... Télécharger
pipadoc(freshmeat) pipadoc Pipadoc extracts extracts special comments out ... Télécharger
stad(freshmeat) stad The stad (short for SMB Traffic Analyzer Daemon... Télécharger
css-minify(freshmeat) CSS Minify CSS Minify is a small PHP 5 script used to mini... Télécharger
dim_stat(freshmeat) dim_STAT dim_STAT is a performance analysis and monitori... Télécharger
gracedm(freshmeat) Grace Donation Manager The Grace Donation Manager handles the tracking... Télécharger
raw2webb(freshmeat) raw2webb raw2webb is a shell script that converts your r... Télécharger
validator_php(freshmeat) validator.php validator.php is a script that can be placed in... Télécharger
openwbem(sfnet) OpenWBEM The OpenWBEM project is an implementation of th... Télécharger
ota-tools(sfnet) OTA Tools (Open Travel Alliance) A set of software tools useful for building, te... Télécharger
devproxy(sfnet) A project about to be deleted... Being deleted soon (when i can find the button) Télécharger
imgfilter(sfnet) imgfilter A simple image filtering java program using mul... Télécharger
i3dglload(freshmeat) i3dglload i3dglload is a simple Innovation3d file loader.... Télécharger
signalshow(sfnet) SignalShow Educational image and signal processing software Télécharger
ac-archive(sfnet) Autoconf Macro Archive The Autoconf Macro Archive provides documented ... Télécharger
ssptool(sfnet) ssptool This program for SimCity 4 provides an interfac... Télécharger
semitone(sfnet) semitone Microcontroller (AVR) based standalone digital ... Télécharger
epicsqt(sfnet) EPICS Qt Framework A layered framework based on Qt for accessing E... Télécharger
flow4j(sfnet) Flow4J Flow4J is a java framework, that enables the us... Télécharger
tmpackage(sfnet) TaskManager TaskManager is an open source infrastructure so... Télécharger
qcow2image(sfnet) qcow2image You can use it to convert VMDK to VHD files and... Télécharger
auracms(sfnet) AuraCMS AuraCMS is Indonesia content Management System Télécharger
openas2(sfnet) OpenAS2 OpenAS2 is a java-based implementation of the E... Télécharger
sshmenu(freshmeat) SSHMenu SSHMenu is a GNOME panel applet that makes star... Télécharger
cloudbuddy-analytics(freshmeat) CloudBuddy Analytics CloudBuddy Analytics is a Web-based tool that g... Télécharger
spread-2(freshmeat) spread spread provides SSH based Unix mass administrat... Télécharger
gvolwheel(freshmeat) GVolWheel GVolWheel is a lightweight application which le... Télécharger
animail(freshmeat) Animail Animail is a multiserver POP3/APOP/IMAP4 (with ... Télécharger
pykaraoke(sfnet) PyKaraoke PyKaraoke is a cross-platform karaoke player. I... Télécharger
goldenteegolf(sfnet) Golden Tee Golf Different Versions of GTG For Windows 32 and 64 Télécharger
xdcc-grabscher(sfnet) xdcc-grabscher NOTE! xg moved to github, no mor updates are pu... Télécharger
log2rotate(freshmeat) log2rotate log2rotate is designed for rotating backups wit... Télécharger
pressflow(freshmeat) Pressflow Pressflow is a distribution of Drupal with inte... Télécharger
viewncontrol(freshmeat) ViewNControl ViewNControl connects to a VNC server and expor... Télécharger
dizzy(freshmeat) Dizzy Dizzy is a graphics demo which rotates planes o... Télécharger
rlb(freshmeat) Riverdrums Load Balancer The Riverdrums Load Balancer is a fully feature... Télécharger
ppi(freshmeat) PPI PPI allows you to parse, analyze, and manipulat... Télécharger
dragbox(freshmeat) Dragbox Dragbox is a tool for connecting the commandlin... Télécharger
netfluiddb(freshmeat) Net::FluidDB Net::FludDB is a Perl interface to FluidDB (clo... Télécharger
dataquay(freshmeat) Dataquay Dataquay is a library that provides a friendly ... Télécharger
vncssld(freshmeat) vncssld vncssld is a VNC SSL repeater for Unix. You can... Télécharger
orchestral-hero(freshmeat) Orchestral Hero Based off the codebase for Frets on Fire, Orche... Télécharger
phpdocr(freshmeat) phpdocr phpdocr will download, prettify, and output PHP... Télécharger
ogri-original-generic-reportin(freshmeat) OGRI OGRI (Original Generic Reporting Intranet) prov... Télécharger
liteos(sfnet) LiteOS LiteOS is our attempt to write a free OS for ca... Télécharger
sepacker(sfnet) Simple Executable Packer A simple windows .exe/.dll packer. (Compresses ... Télécharger
xfce4-wmdock-plugin(freshmeat) Xfce WMdock Plugin The WMdock plugin is a compatibility layer for ... Télécharger
hostsallow(freshmeat) HostsAllowPHP HostsAllow is a client-server pair that allows ... Télécharger
zedcms(freshmeat) ZedCMS ZedCMS is a simple base content management syst... Télécharger
limoa(sfnet) LIM OpenMAX Implementation Open source implementation of the Khronos OpenM... Télécharger
kicad-3d(sfnet) kicad 3D rendering based on kicad 4022 stable version kicad 3D add... Télécharger
win32cdnd(sfnet) Win32 Drag and Drop C library A library that allows Windows Win32 C applicati... Télécharger
zedphp(freshmeat) ZedPHP ZedPHP is yet another small MVC framework for P... Télécharger
makeproject(freshmeat) make project make project is a command line program which ... Télécharger
grspell(sfnet) greek-spell Hunspell packages for Greek language. Original ... Télécharger

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