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hostsallow(freshmeat) HostsAllowPHP HostsAllow is a client-server pair that allows ... Télécharger
zedcms(freshmeat) ZedCMS ZedCMS is a simple base content management syst... Télécharger
limoa(sfnet) LIM OpenMAX Implementation Open source implementation of the Khronos OpenM... Télécharger
kicad-3d(sfnet) kicad 3D rendering based on kicad 4022 stable version kicad 3D add... Télécharger
win32cdnd(sfnet) Win32 Drag and Drop C library A library that allows Windows Win32 C applicati... Télécharger
zedphp(freshmeat) ZedPHP ZedPHP is yet another small MVC framework for P... Télécharger
makeproject(freshmeat) make project make project is a command line program which ... Télécharger
grspell(sfnet) greek-spell Hunspell packages for Greek language. Original ... Télécharger
phototonic(freshmeat) Phototonic Phototonic is an image viewer and organizer for... Télécharger
fckehighlighter(sfnet) Joomla FCKeditor 2.6.x code highlighter This plugins is a code syntax highlighter to jo... Télécharger
domination(freshmeat) Domination (Risk Board Game) Domination is a game that is a bit like the wel... Télécharger
monex(sfnet) Monex Personal finance manager based on double entry ... Télécharger
htmli(sfnet) HTMLi - 100% XSL AJAX Framework HTMLi (HTML improved) is the AJAX framework tha... Télécharger
unibas(freshmeat) Unibas Unibas is a program (a "fat client" o... Télécharger
urlshorten(sfnet) url shorten A php script to make url short like shorturl.co... Télécharger
fire-soft-board(sfnet) Fire Soft Board Light and complete forum including the basic fu... Télécharger
xmlparselib(freshmeat) XML Parse Lib XML Parse Lib is a lightweight set of re-usable... Télécharger
torchkit(sfnet) TorchKit TorchKit is a settings and mod configuration ed... Télécharger
ectdindexer(sfnet) eCTD indexer An open source program to generate the xml back... Télécharger
plandora(freshmeat) Plandora The Plandora project is a tool to help the soft... Télécharger
ipnetwork(freshmeat) IPNetwork IPNetwork is a set of utility classes for the .... Télécharger
libantispam(freshmeat) libantispam libantispam is a library of functions for fight... Télécharger
atrinik(freshmeat) Atrinik Atrinik is a free multiplayer online role playi... Télécharger
project-essentionals(freshmeat) Project Essentionals Project Essentionals contains functions require... Télécharger
vadm(freshmeat) vadm vadm is a simple svn-like command line tool for... Télécharger
pylib-and-pytest(freshmeat) pylib and py.test The pylib library features the popular py.test ... Télécharger
image_captcha(freshmeat) image_captcha image_captcha will pull the images out of a use... Télécharger
easyrdf(freshmeat) EasyRdf EasyRdf is a PHP library designed to make it ea... Télécharger
libdebug(freshmeat) LibDebug LibDebug is a library that, on signal catch, wi... Télécharger
mgizapp(sfnet) MGIZA++ A word alignment tool based on famous GIZA++, e... Télécharger
regrun(sfnet) reg-runner watches for Regristry-changes of keys like HKLM... Télécharger
plone(sfnet) Plone Plone is a ready-to-run content management syst... Télécharger
libmcore(freshmeat) LibMCore LibMCore is a library that provides some functi... Télécharger
buildes-bim(freshmeat) Buildes Buildes is an integrated development environmen... Télécharger
sawmill(sfnet) sawfish Sawfish is an extensible window manager using a... Télécharger
tinybrain(freshmeat) TinyBrain Tinybrain understands natural language and auto... Télécharger
halokeygen(sfnet) halokeygen Since Microsoft no longer supports Halo: Combat... Télécharger
postest(sfnet) JavaPOS POStest A JavaPOS application for testing JavaPOS devices Télécharger
ldap-csvexport(sfnet) ldap-csvexport This small perl program allows you to easily ex... Télécharger
afterstep(sfnet) AfterStep AfterStep is a window manager for the Unix X Wi... Télécharger
selphygo(freshmeat) selphy.go The Canon Selphy CP-900 is a dedicated dye-sub ... Télécharger
qctools4j(sfnet) qctools4j The QcTools4j project consists of an API for ma... Télécharger
sparepartsshop(sfnet) SparePartsShop Android Application infectious for shop of spar... Télécharger
pmw-warpzilla(sfnet) Warpzilla Enhanced Enhanced packages of Mozilla products for OS/2 ... Télécharger
phpsdl(freshmeat) SDL extension for PHP SDL extension for PHP is a wrapper/binding of t... Télécharger
aseqmm(freshmeat) drumstick Drumstick is a C++ wrapper around the ALSA libr... Télécharger
monte-carlo-simulations(freshmeat) Monte Carlo Simulations Monte Carlo Simulations (MCS) is a tool that ex... Télécharger
newtsy(freshmeat) Newtsy Newtsy is a Web-based interface with an indexer... Télécharger
cuon(freshmeat) CUON CUON is an ERP system with a powerful document ... Télécharger
jabbin(freshmeat) Jabbin Jabbin is an instant messaging program that all... Télécharger
safiserver(freshmeat) SafiServer SafiServer is an engine that powers the applica... Télécharger
azurege(freshmeat) AzureGE AzureGE is a multi-platform OpenGL and OpenAL-b... Télécharger
tiny-marbles-cms(freshmeat) Tiny Marbles CMS Tiny Marbles is a Java-based content management... Télécharger
nettime(sfnet) NetTime NetTime is a simple, free time synchronization ... Télécharger
mp620(sfnet) mp620 Debian files to install the Canon Pixma MP620 o... Télécharger
filesuploader(sfnet) FastUploader This program has the ability to upload images t... Télécharger
submin(freshmeat) Submin Submin provides a Web-based admin interface to ... Télécharger
xvnkb(sfnet) xvnkb - Vietnamese keyboard for X Window xvnkb is a Vietnamese keyboard input program fo... Télécharger
cola(freshmeat) cola cola is a C implementation of the COLA structur... Télécharger
qstsqltools(sfnet) QsT SQL Tools QsT SQL Tools - ORM system based on Qt 4.6.0 (a... Télécharger
cmspro(sfnet) CMS Pro! Please note that some features are disabled in ... Télécharger
vmst(sfnet) VMT Video Memory stress Test Télécharger
vmtce(sfnet) VMTCE Video Memory stress Test for Clean Environment Télécharger
nepali-unicode(freshmeat) Nepali Unicode Nepali Unicode is a Unicode Nepali conversion t... Télécharger
bdm(sfnet) bdm Open Source development tools and drivers for F... Télécharger
ogravatar(freshmeat) oGravatar oGravatar is a simple class that provides easy ... Télécharger
psgroove(sfnet) psgroove Hallo Das ist eine Deutsche sourceforgeproject ... Télécharger
fusioncharts(sfnet) FusionCharts Free FusionCharts Free is a flash charting component... Télécharger
sidaof(sfnet) sidaof A simple base DAO framework for JPA, Hibernate,... Télécharger
austrumi(freshmeat) Austrumi Austrumi ("east", Austrum Latvijas Li... Télécharger
magelan(freshmeat) Magelan Graphics Editor The Magelan Graphics Editor is a simple 2D vect... Télécharger
skywaybuilder(freshmeat) Skyway Builder Community Edition Skyway Builder Community Edition is an Eclipse-... Télécharger
lessfs(freshmeat) lessfs Lessfs is a high performance inline data dedupl... Télécharger
graphedit(freshmeat) graphedit graphedit is a simple editor for Graphviz dot f... Télécharger
cai18n(freshmeat) CAI18N Compiler Assisted Internationalization, abbrevi... Télécharger
mhonarc(freshmeat) MHonArc MHonArc is a Perl program for converting mail o... Télécharger
opennas(sfnet) OpenNAS OpenNAS is a storage appliance based on FreeBSD... Télécharger
ucanaccess(freshmeat) UCanAccess UCanAccess is a pure Java JDBC Driver implement... Télécharger
flashwebcamview(sfnet) Flash WebCam Viewer A free WebCam image refresh/viewer program made... Télécharger
paktahn(freshmeat) Paktahn Paktahn is a frontend for the ArchLinux Pacman... Télécharger
misty-xmlparser(sfnet) xml parser XML parser is a tool written in java, which can... Télécharger
universalmetric(sfnet) universalmetric A software written in visual basic 6.0 for impl... Télécharger
fbreader(freshmeat) FBReader FBReader is an e-book reader. It currently work... Télécharger
sarf(sfnet) Sarf - Arabic Morphology System Sarf is an integrated software system (engine) ... Télécharger
m6800(sfnet) Motorola 6800 Simulator The m6800 Simulator is a teaching tool to intro... Télécharger
wicked-charts(freshmeat) Wicked Charts Wicked Charts is a Java wrapper for the popular... Télécharger
jornada(sfnet) Projeto ERP e CRM Jornada O Jornada é um ERP e CRM desenvolvido em portug... Télécharger
abook(freshmeat) abook Abook is small and powerful ncurses based addre... Télécharger
eq2utils(sfnet) EverQuest 2 Utilities Update: This tool is now useless as EverQuestt ... Télécharger
openerpjavaapi(sfnet) OpenERP Java API A Java API to connect to OpenERP and manage dat... Télécharger
gdiff-ext(freshmeat) gdiff-ext Diff-ext is an extension for file managers such... Télécharger
metazip(freshmeat) metazip Metazip is an Apache 2.x module that allows you... Télécharger
flumotion(freshmeat) Flumotion Flumotion Streaming Server is a streaming serve... Télécharger
bdremote-ng(freshmeat) bdremote-ng bdremote-ng is a daemon that takes input from a... Télécharger
raw2jpg(freshmeat) raw2jpg raw2jpg is a script to convert raw images to JP... Télécharger
exifinfo(freshmeat) EXIFinfo EXIFinfo is a package to provide statistics fro... Télécharger
raw2tiff(freshmeat) raw2tiff raw2tiff is a shell script to convert raw image... Télécharger
rshd(sfnet) Windows RSH daemon rshd is a multithreaded daemon service that lis... Télécharger
buzztard(freshmeat) buzztard The buzztard project aims to provide a free rep... Télécharger
jstat-irc-bot(sfnet) jStat jStat is an IRC bot that deals with channel sta... Télécharger

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