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springlobby(freshmeat) SpringLobby SpringLobby is a cross-platform client for the ... Télécharger
dblog-(freshmeat) DBLog Amateur Radio Logging Program DBLog is a logging program for radio amateurs b... Télécharger
nubuilder(freshmeat) nuBuilder nuBuilder is a database development tool simila... Télécharger
ais-associative-indexing-servi(freshmeat) Associative Indexing Service Associations Indexing Service (AIS) was origina... Télécharger
bugzilla(freshmeat) Bugzilla Bugzilla is the leading open-source/free softwa... Télécharger
imagemovie(freshmeat) ImagEmovie ImagEmovie is a program to create a video from ... Télécharger
minidom(freshmeat) minidom minidom is a minimized, quick and dirty dom/pat... Télécharger
chessratingcalc(freshmeat) Chess Rating Calculator Chess Rating Calculator is a calculator of ches... Télécharger
bedework(freshmeat) bedework Bedework is an open-source enterprise calendar ... Télécharger
jcorenet(freshmeat) jCore jCore is a multi-site Web content management sy... Télécharger
hover(freshmeat) Hover Hover is a WordPress plugin that replaces keywo... Télécharger
ezstream(freshmeat) Ezstream Ezstream is a command line source client for th... Télécharger
flickcurl(freshmeat) Flickcurl Flickcurl is a C library for calling the Flickr... Télécharger
adslometer(freshmeat) adslometer adslometer is a script to log your router's con... Télécharger
foodist(freshmeat) Foodist Foodist provides a means of entering foods and ... Télécharger
stem-desktop(freshmeat) Stem Desktop Stem Desktop is a minimalistic Debian desktop f... Télécharger
amahi(freshmeat) Amahi Linux Home Server The Amahi Home Server is a Linux home server ba... Télécharger
php-identicons(freshmeat) PHP-Identicons PHP-Identicons is a lightweight PHP implementat... Télécharger
spdatapickle(freshmeat) spdatapickle SPDataPickle is a library use to serialize and ... Télécharger
allmydata-tahoe(freshmeat) allmydata-tahoe Tahoe-LAFS (Least Authority File System) is a d... Télécharger
pygame(freshmeat) pygame Pygame is a set of Python extension modules des... Télécharger
image-tools-120-alpha1(freshmeat) Image Tools Image Tools is a desktop application to capture... Télécharger
pmbyas(freshmeat) PMbyAS PMbyAS is an Italian Web-based management syste... Télécharger
popblocks(freshmeat) PopBlocks PopBlocks is a Samegame clone for the Palm Pre ... Télécharger
esel(freshmeat) Esel Esel is a JavaScript/ECMAScript expression lang... Télécharger
sdl-asylum(freshmeat) SDL Asylum SDL Asylum is a C/SDL port of Andy Southgate's ... Télécharger
stormbaancoureur(freshmeat) Stormbaan Coureur Stormbaan Coureur is a simulated obstacle cours... Télécharger
stateroom(freshmeat) Stateroom Stateroom aims to provide a simple and easy to ... Télécharger
x48(freshmeat) x48 x48 is an emulator of the HP48 sx or gx calcula... Télécharger
bugle(freshmeat) BuGLe BuGLe combines a graphical OpenGL debugger with... Télécharger
phpdevshell(freshmeat) PHPDevShell PHPDevShell is a stable, secure and fast CoMS (... Télécharger
minitube(freshmeat) Minitube Minitube is a YouTube application for Mac, Linu... Télécharger
stresslinux(freshmeat) stresslinux stresslinux is a minimal Linux distribution tha... Télécharger
jessyink(freshmeat) JessyInk JessyInk is a script that turns every layer of ... Télécharger
pastmon(freshmeat) PasTmon PasTmon (Passive Application Response Time Moni... Télécharger
openict(freshmeat) OpenICT HF Teletype Firmware OpenICT HF Teletype Firmware is the software th... Télécharger
trumpeter(freshmeat) Trumpeter Trumpeter is a stand-alone server that integrat... Télécharger
osraids(freshmeat) OSRAIDS OSRAIDS (Online Service Recording, Accounting, ... Télécharger
hp-pxl-jetready(sfnet) HP JetReady - Color Laserjet 3500/3550 Support for the HP JetReady 4.x protocol printe... Télécharger
bgb-sys(sfnet) bgb system several vaguely related projects worked on by m... Télécharger
xnbd(freshmeat) xNBD xNBD is yet another NBD (Network Block Device) ... Télécharger
lucene-index-service(freshmeat) Lucis Lucis provides a framework for building checkpo... Télécharger
phpmyticket(freshmeat) phpMyTicket phpMyTicket is an online box office software fo... Télécharger
spt-jcr-manager(freshmeat) SPT JCR Manager SPT JCR Manager is a simple Web application use... Télécharger
sitefusion(freshmeat) SiteFusion SiteFusion allows object-oriented PHP applicati... Télécharger
pysacio(freshmeat) PySACIO PySACIO is a tiny Python module to read and wri... Télécharger
orphereus(freshmeat) Orphereus Orphereus is a modular imageboard engine with a... Télécharger
phix(freshmeat) phix phix is a PHP implementation of simple simulati... Télécharger
surealived(freshmeat) surealived Surealived is a effective LVS (Linux Virtual Se... Télécharger
mod_cband(freshmeat) mod_cband mod_cband is an Apache 2 module that solves the... Télécharger
downcount(freshmeat) downcount downcount is a very simple timer that displays ... Télécharger
jasa(freshmeat) JASA JASA is a high-performance auction simulator. I... Télécharger
bibulous(freshmeat) Bibulous Bibulous is a drop-in BibTeX replacement based ... Télécharger
libj(freshmeat) libj libj is a cross-platform native runtime library... Télécharger
jumblar(freshmeat) Jumblar Jumblar is a tool that converts map coordinates... Télécharger
perl-dancer(freshmeat) Perl Dancer Dancer is a Perl framework for building Web app... Télécharger
tcl-web-application-framework(freshmeat) Tcl Web Application Framework The Tcl Web Application Framework helps simplif... Télécharger
perfmon4j(freshmeat) Perfmon4j Perfmon4j is a suite of performance monitoring ... Télécharger
libx1f4i0(freshmeat) libx1f4i0 libx1f4i0 is a C library that provides some (te... Télécharger
idrepl(freshmeat) IDReplace IDReplace replaces key tags in a template file ... Télécharger
linotp-community-edition(freshmeat) LinOTP LinOTP is a solution for strong two-factor auth... Télécharger
jpunch(freshmeat) jPunch jPunch is a Java library that helps you perform... Télécharger
entermedia-digital-asset-manag(freshmeat) EnterMedia EnterMedia is a Web-based digital asset managem... Télécharger
metricanalytics(freshmeat) Isotrol MetricsAnalytics Sonar plugin MetricsAnalytics is a Sonar plugin that analyze... Télécharger
django-eve-proxy(freshmeat) django-eve-proxy django-eve-proxy is a Django app that allows yo... Télécharger
glc_player(freshmeat) GLC_Player GLC_Player is a powerful and easy to use 3D vie... Télécharger
sfcb(freshmeat) Small Footprint CIM Broker The Small Footprint CIM Broker is a CIM server ... Télécharger
m-pagination(freshmeat) M Pagination The Magic Pagination is a tool to split large r... Télécharger
vote-system(freshmeat) Vote System Vote system is a bar graph system giving percen... Télécharger
posnumcon(freshmeat) posnumcon POSNUMCON is a command-line (or console mode) p... Télécharger
python-fedex(freshmeat) python-fedex python-fedex is light wrapper for Fedex's Web S... Télécharger
vizi(freshmeat) Vizi Vizi is an image viewer platform that makes nav... Télécharger
libease(freshmeat) libease libease is a shared library containing easing a... Télécharger
project-open(freshmeat) ]project-open[ ]project-open[ is a Web-based enterprise projec... Télécharger
convertall(freshmeat) ConvertAll ConvertAll is a unit conversion program in whic... Télécharger
pike(freshmeat) Pike Pike is an interpreted, object-oriented, dynami... Télécharger
gplot(freshmeat) GPlot GPlot provides a convenient front-end for gnupl... Télécharger
flot(freshmeat) Flot Flot is a pure Javascript plotting library for ... Télécharger
reqtracer(sfnet) JavaRequirementsTracer THE tool for monitoring traceability between re... Télécharger
avango(sfnet) Avango A framework for building distributed virtual re... Télécharger
qpdf(sfnet) QPDF QPDF is a C++ library and set of programs that ... Télécharger
edeploy(freshmeat) eDeploy eDeploy is a system to provision baremetal pla... Télécharger
opengpx(sfnet) opengpx OpenGPX is an application for paperless Geocach... Télécharger
alphateam(sfnet) Alpha PS3 Translation PS3 game translation Télécharger
yaab(freshmeat) Yet Another Address Book Yet Another Address Book is a comprehensive per... Télécharger
amzn-extras(sfnet) Extra Packages for Amazon Linux This is an idea I had for rebuilding some packa... Télécharger
cryptofile(sfnet) CryptoFile CryptoFile is a RichEdit application that encry... Télécharger
canta(sfnet) Canta A tool to help to sing in tune. It can play a M... Télécharger
open-beos(sfnet) Haiku Haiku is an open-source operating system curren... Télécharger
opencellclient(sfnet) OpenCellID Client for Windows Mobile This is an OpenCellID client for WM5 or 6 devic... Télécharger
communitypasswo(sfnet) TeamPass TeamPass is a collaborative passwords manager. ... Télécharger
korpchart(sfnet) TKorpChart Chart VCL for FusionCharts TKorpChart VCL for FusionCharts is a Chart VCL ... Télécharger
quexc(freshmeat) queXC queXC is a Web-based data cleaning and coding/c... Télécharger
domainhealth(sfnet) DomainHealth DomainHealth is an open source "zero-confi... Télécharger
xaira(sfnet) Xaira XAIRA (XML Aware Indexing and Retrieval Archite... Télécharger
java2c(sfnet) Java2C A translator from Java to C language especially... Télécharger
rekonq(sfnet) rekonq rekonq is a lightweight, WebKit based web brows... Télécharger
sescle(freshmeat) PHP Session Cleaner Sescle will automatically remove PHP session fi... Télécharger
brap(freshmeat) BRAP BRAP is a Java remoting protocol that uses nati... Télécharger
opencl-net(freshmeat) OpenCL .Net OpenCL .Net is a small and simple bridge to Ope... Télécharger

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