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xccu(sfnet) XCC Utilities Utilities for Command & Conquer: Dune 2(000... Télécharger
easylineage2(sfnet) easylineage2 Publication Search Item price And Charactor Inf... Télécharger
mrss(sfnet) mobile RSS Reader Lightweight RSS Reader for Java enabled mobile ... Télécharger
noobjuice(freshmeat) NoobJuice NoobJuice is a plugin based graphical user inte... Télécharger
metta(freshmeat) Metta Mettā is an OS for mobile, multimedia, and soci... Télécharger
libapron(freshmeat) APRON numerical abstract domain library The APRON library is dedicated to the static an... Télécharger
fetchmailmon(freshmeat) FetchmailMon FetchmailMon is a set of tools that allows the ... Télécharger
pf-patchset(freshmeat) pf-kernel pf-kernel is a fork of the Linux kernel. It pro... Télécharger
generic-repository(freshmeat) Generic Repository The Generic Repository (grepo) is a framework f... Télécharger
gwtool(sfnet) GWtool GWtool: simple tools for working with gravitati... Télécharger
drona-androidpr(sfnet) Drona- Android Project A college project, done for Indian Armed Forces... Télécharger
nano(sfnet) GNU nano GNU nano is a GPLed clone of the Pico text edit... Télécharger
cyipsapp(sfnet) cyips A terminal application that allows you to patch... Télécharger
psjgalleryview(sfnet) psjgalleryview A PrestaShop module to display jQuery Gallery V... Télécharger
freetemplateresponsivelight(sfnet) Free Template Responsive Light Un template léger et responsive, adapté pour PC... Télécharger
almuists(sfnet) AlMuist's A development environment, where the specificat... Télécharger
thegwolibrary(sfnet) The GWO library The GWO library is numerical calculation librar... Télécharger
modbuspal(sfnet) ModbusPal - a Java MODBUS simulator ModbusPal is a project to develop a PC-based Mo... Télécharger
oyster2(sfnet) Oyster - Distributed Ontology Registry Oyster is a distributed registry that exploits ... Télécharger
grip(sfnet) Grip Grip is a GTK-based CD-player and CD-ripper / M... Télécharger
aasm(freshmeat) Advanced Assembler Aasm is an advanced modular assembler designed ... Télécharger
coords(freshmeat) coords coords is a planetarium program. It's still und... Télécharger
nx2(freshmeat) Nx2 Nx2 is a somewhat complex Web application that ... Télécharger
eweb(freshmeat) eWEB eWEB allows you to create literate programs wri... Télécharger
cdrdao(freshmeat) cdrdao & GCDMaster Cdrdao records audio/data CD-Rs in disk-at-once... Télécharger
nit(freshmeat) nit Nit is a statically typed object-oriented progr... Télécharger
xml_rdb(freshmeat) xml_rdb XML::RDB is a Perl extension to convert XML fil... Télécharger
scamback(freshmeat) Scam-backscatter Scam-backscatter is a milter that prevents back... Télécharger
simple-mysql-c-orm(freshmeat) Simple MySQL-C ORM When you need to access data stored in MySQL ta... Télécharger
linuxquota(sfnet) Linux DiskQuota Tools and patches for the Linux Diskquota syste... Télécharger
svideoconverter(sfnet) Simple Video Converter FRONTEND for mencoder for Windows and Linux. Co... Télécharger
pylab(sfnet) PyLab: A place to release Python tools This will be a place to release tools that have... Télécharger
maexplorer(sfnet) MicroArray Explorer Microarray Explorer (MAExplorer) is a Java micr... Télécharger
drictos(sfnet) Drictos Drictos es un proyecto, cuyo fin es una base de... Télécharger
kindlesync(sfnet) Kindle Sync Kindle Sync is an application that will help yo... Télécharger
soi(sfnet) Spheres of Influence An ambient, physics-based puzzle game in the sp... Télécharger
pnm2ppa(sfnet) pnm2ppa - HP PPA GhostScript printfilter pnm2ppa is a Ghostscript print filter which all... Télécharger
useforme(sfnet) useforme this project has used for me Télécharger
wke(sfnet) wke (3DWebUI) 1. 3D Web UI. Embed Web and Flash in 3D Games, ... Télécharger
e-cap(sfnet) E-CAP Comprehensive agent-based e-commerce system rea... Télécharger
webkitdotnet(sfnet) WebKit .NET WebKit .NET is a control library wrapper for We... Télécharger
crossftpserver(sfnet) CrossFTP Server CrossFTP Server is a secure enabled FTP Server ... Télécharger
ofc2-helper-library(freshmeat) OFC2 helper library OFC2 helper library is a PHP library to aid in ... Télécharger
opengts(freshmeat) OpenGTS OpenGTS (Open Source GPS Tracking System) is a ... Télécharger
gecode(freshmeat) Gecode Gecode is a portable, accessible, and efficient... Télécharger
lsmpkca11(freshmeat) LSM-PKCS11 Lite Security Module is a daemon to handle Secu... Télécharger
burneronfire(freshmeat) BurnerOnFire BurnerOnFire is a multi-threaded program that c... Télécharger
tgif(freshmeat) tgif tgif is a vector-based drawing tool, with the a... Télécharger
qstit(freshmeat) Qstit Qstit projects and manipulates electronic subt... Télécharger
copyfile(sfnet) CopyFile CopyFile is flexible and persistent utility for... Télécharger
fwbuilder(freshmeat) Firewall Builder Firewall Builder consists of a GUI and set of p... Télécharger
adacollision(sfnet) ADACollision Un petit simulateur de collision de particules ... Télécharger
cocoma(sfnet) CoCoMa CoCoMa is a web-based platform, an independent ... Télécharger
scopeapp(sfnet) MacCRO X An oscilloscope and spectrum analyser, capable ... Télécharger
pdfjavascriptst(sfnet) PDF Javascript Stripper This Java utility removes the Javascript parts ... Télécharger
sedawkguieditor(sfnet) sedawkguieditor This program is a Graphical User Interface for ... Télécharger
testoob(freshmeat) Testoob Testoob (Python Testing Out Of (The) Box) is an... Télécharger
smpeg(freshmeat) SMPEG SMPEG is a general purpose MPEG video/audio pla... Télécharger
graw(freshmeat) GRAW GRAW is a utility for generating perspective-de... Télécharger
piorun-image-mounter(freshmeat) Piorun Image Mounter Piorun Image Mounter is a command line frontend... Télécharger
flashpolicyd(freshmeat) flashpolicyd flashpolicyd is a multi-threaded daemon for ser... Télécharger
mpf(freshmeat) mpf mpf is a tool to manage password files of the f... Télécharger
edo(freshmeat) Edo Edo is a cross platform utilty application. It ... Télécharger
rayfeedreader(freshmeat) RayFeedReader RayFeedReader is a PHP class to retrieve and di... Télécharger
dparser(freshmeat) D Parser The DParser is a scannerless GLR parser generat... Télécharger
frugalwidgets(freshmeat) FrugalWidgets FrugalWidgets is two widget systems, one for th... Télécharger
bibs(freshmeat) Bibs Bibs is a cross country meet scoring program. I... Télécharger
oreste(freshmeat) oRestE oRestE gives you a fast way to expose your data... Télécharger
riptcl(freshmeat) RipTcl RipTcl is a front-end to various programs that ... Télécharger
data-quota(freshmeat) Data Quota If you have a pre-determined quota from your op... Télécharger
bibliographer(freshmeat) bibliographer Bibliographer is a bibtex bibliography database... Télécharger
genmac(freshmeat) genmac genmac produces a random MAC address. You can ... Télécharger
prboom-plus(freshmeat) PrBoom-Plus PrBoom-Plus is a modified PrBoom port with unca... Télécharger
cabestan(freshmeat) cabestan cabestan is a small GTK+ program that interface... Télécharger
libspopc(freshmeat) libspopc libspopc is an easy-to-use POP3 client library ... Télécharger
vvvp(freshmeat) vvvP vvvP (Virtual Volumes View Photo Edition) catal... Télécharger
soiled(freshmeat) Soiled Soiled is a Flash-based telnet client and termi... Télécharger
ddserver(freshmeat) ddserver ddserver.pl is a simple, small Perl script that... Télécharger
nmea(sfnet) NMEA library Open source and free library in 'C' programming... Télécharger
mdbdiff(sfnet) MS ACCESS Database Diff tool If you a developer you can compare two mdb ( Ac... Télécharger
phpinstallermsi(sfnet) PHP Installer MSI MSI package for installing non-thread-safe buil... Télécharger
win2vnc(sfnet) Win2VNC This program will let you use two screens on tw... Télécharger
mychem(freshmeat) Mychem Mychem is an extension that provides a set of f... Télécharger
mirprimer(sfnet) miRprimer miRprimer designs primers for PCR amplification... Télécharger
libqxt(freshmeat) Qxt Qxt, the Qt eXTension library, provides a suite... Télécharger
screenplay-xml(freshmeat) XML-Grammar-Screenplay XML-Grammar-Screenplay is a set of Perl modules... Télécharger
check_mssql_health(freshmeat) check_mssql_health check_mssql_health is a plugin for Nagios that ... Télécharger
mireka(freshmeat) Mireka Mireka is a mail server with SMTP, Mail Submiss... Télécharger
php-mudnames(freshmeat) php mudnames php mudnames is a PHP class that can generate r... Télécharger
check_db2_health(freshmeat) check_db2_health check_db2_health is a plugin for Nagios that al... Télécharger
visifire(freshmeat) Visifire Visifire is a set of data visualization compone... Télécharger
tiimenu-class(freshmeat) TiiMenu Class The TiiMenu Class is a PHP class that can be us... Télécharger
mysql-done-right(freshmeat) Mysql Done Right Mysql Done Right is a PHP 5.0+ class that provi... Télécharger
isub-fix(sfnet) isub-fix This is a fix for the Harmon / Hardon iSub for ... Télécharger
maheshanetbsd(freshmeat) MaheshaNetBSD MaheshaNetBSD is a NetBSD Live USB distribution... Télécharger
rapidshareaccel(sfnet) RapidShare Download Accelerator With RapidShare Download Accelerator, you can a... Télécharger
jusi(sfnet) jUSI This project provides a Java API to access ELV'... Télécharger
microlog(sfnet) Microlog Microlog is a small, yet powerful logging libra... Télécharger
wintin(sfnet) WinTin Wintin is a scriptable MUD client for Windows Télécharger
ttyrpld(freshmeat) ttyrpld ttyrpld is a multi-OS kernel-level tty key and ... Télécharger

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