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fstransform(freshmeat) fstransform fstransform is a tool to change a file-system f... Télécharger
nero(sfnet) NERO Character Creator The NERO Character Creator is a tool designed t... Télécharger
next3(sfnet) NEXT3 NEXT3® is a flavor of the widely used Ext3 file... Télécharger
jspsurveylib(sfnet) Web Survey Toolbox Doing online research has never been easier. Yo... Télécharger
loki-lib(sfnet) Loki A C++ library of designs, containing flexible i... Télécharger
watobo(sfnet) watobo WATOBO is intended to enable security professio... Télécharger
travelingsales(sfnet) Traveling Salesman traveling-salesman is a GPS -route-planning and... Télécharger
ecstore(sfnet) ecstore CMS orientado al comercio electronico o e-comme... Télécharger
l2tpd(sfnet) L2TP client / daemon A Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol VPN client/daemon ... Télécharger
mosshe(freshmeat) MoSSHe MoSShE (MOnitoring in Simple SHell Environment)... Télécharger
ngwebsite(sfnet) ngWebSite ngWebSite is a divergence of phpWebSite and tre... Télécharger
dtvargentina(sfnet) dtvargentina This project aims to mirror files related to op... Télécharger
bashcompletion(freshmeat) bash programmable completion Since v2.04, bash has allowed you to intelligen... Télécharger
hornetq(freshmeat) HornetQ HornetQ is a multi-protocol, embeddable, high p... Télécharger
xlayout(freshmeat) xlayout xlayout is a terminal-based utility to get and ... Télécharger
mapmaudio(freshmeat) mapmaudio mapmaudio is an 1f42 MPEG audio stream mapper. ... Télécharger
qap(freshmeat) METSlib QAP solver The METSlib QAP solver is a Tabu Search solver ... Télécharger
xtrascreenhacks(freshmeat) Xtra Screen Hacks Xtra Screen Hacks is a collection of graphics d... Télécharger
libpff(freshmeat) libpff libpff is a library and tools to access the Per... Télécharger
python-keyboardleds(freshmeat) python-keyboardleds With python-keyboardleds, you can interact with... Télécharger
relex(freshmeat) RelEx RelEx is an English-language semantic dependenc... Télécharger
geny(freshmeat) GenY GenY is a chat client for Yahoo! It features in... Télécharger
onceradix(freshmeat) once:radix once:radix is an integrated development environ... Télécharger
vfx(freshmeat) VFX VFX is a video mixing, triggering, and manipula... Télécharger
morris(freshmeat) Morris Morris is an implementation of Nine Men's Morri... Télécharger
libferrisloki(freshmeat) libferrisloki libferrisloki is a Loki library that has been a... Télécharger
puppylinux(freshmeat) Puppy Linux Puppy Linux is a Linux distribution that is abo... Télécharger
styx-library-for-net(freshmeat) Styx library for .NET StyxLib is a .NET implementation of the Styx (9... Télécharger
isotrol-docgen-bouml-plugout(freshmeat) Isotrol DocGen BOUML plugout The Isotrol DocGen BOUML plugout is a practical... Télécharger
transcriber(freshmeat) Audio Transcriber Audio Transcriber records large audio samples, ... Télécharger
mozilla-kiosk(freshmeat) Mozilla Kiosk Mozilla Kiosk is a kiosk-style Web browser. The... Télécharger
kato(freshmeat) KATO KATO seeks to transform the Web from a time was... Télécharger
annoyme(freshmeat) annoyme annoyme is a program that plays a sound effect ... Télécharger
thread-weaver(freshmeat) Thread Weaver Thread Weaver is a framework for writing multit... Télécharger
pdfxmlrpc(freshmeat) PDFXMLRPC PDFXMLRPC enables client-server PDF creation fr... Télécharger
auxrames(freshmeat) Auxrames Auxrames is a Web-based PHP tool that allows hu... Télécharger
mistletoe(freshmeat) Mistletoe Mistletoe is a JUnit extension intended for int... Télécharger
kfsmd(freshmeat) kfsmd kfsmd (kernel filesystem monitor daemon) is a d... Télécharger
ruby-irc-statistics-generator(freshmeat) Ruby IRC Statistics Generator risg (Ruby IRC Statistics Generator) is an IRC ... Télécharger
karma(freshmeat) Karma Karma is a Web service provider for tracking &q... Télécharger
tidy-yum-cache-plugin(freshmeat) Tidy YUM Cache Plugin tidy-cache is a plugin for YUM, a software mana... Télécharger
jniexec(freshmeat) jniexec Jniexec provides a Java class library and a Jav... Télécharger
gonvert(freshmeat) gonvert gonvert is a conversion utility that allows co... Télécharger
fipa-os(sfnet) FIPA-OS Agent Toolkit FIPA-OS is a component-based toolkit enabling r... Télécharger
ded(freshmeat) ded ded, the directory editor, allows you to naviga... Télécharger
qastrocam-g2(freshmeat) Qastrocam-g2 Qastrocam-g2 is a fork of the Qastrocam project... Télécharger
xtheater(sfnet) Xtheater MPEG-1 player in GTK+ capable of playing MPEG-1... Télécharger
junit(sfnet) JUnit We are deprecating our SourceForge installation... Télécharger
cpuinfo(sfnet) CPUInfo A simple library aimed at determining CPU featu... Télécharger
vnaccount(sfnet) Vietnamese Chart Of Accounts Vietnamese Chart Of Accounts v. 2.50a for OB Télécharger
hessianphp(sfnet) hessianphp Implementation of the Hessian binary protocol f... Télécharger
datalog(sfnet) datalog The Datalog package contains a lightweight dedu... Télécharger
hscp(sfnet) HSCP HSCP (Hybrid scp) is developing to transmit the... Télécharger
lush(freshmeat) Lush Lush is a Lisp dialect with extensions for obje... Télécharger
popword(freshmeat) popword Pop Words is an application that logs text of i... Télécharger
jpcx(freshmeat) JPCX JPCX is a Java package that provides a way to e... Télécharger
minig(freshmeat) MiniG MiniG (Mini Gmail) is an AJAX Webmail for the O... Télécharger
gpdftext(freshmeat) gpdftext gPDFText is a text editor that opens PDF docume... Télécharger
cryptkeeper(freshmeat) Cryptkeeper Cryptkeeper is a FreeDesktop.org (KDE, Gnome, X... Télécharger
config-dhcpd(freshmeat) config-dhcpd config-dhcpd is a graphical DHCP daemon configu... Télécharger
check_multi(freshmeat) check_multi check_multi is kind of a Nagios wrapper plugin ... Télécharger
pathvisio(freshmeat) PathVisio PathVisio is a bioinformatics tool that lets yo... Télécharger
comos(sfnet) Fernando's Corner @ SF This was originally an OSdev group, but since a... Télécharger
vacation(sfnet) Vacation Mail Responder This is the port of the 386bsd vacation program... Télécharger
joafip(sfnet) joafip Make java data object persistent in file system... Télécharger
rtl-lwip(sfnet) RTL-lwIP RTL-lwIP is the porting of the lwIP TCP/IP s... Télécharger
freecs(sfnet) free chat-server A chatserver written in Java (1.4+ nio used her... Télécharger
openecp(sfnet) OpenECP: Open Elastic Computing Platform OpenECP is an open source fork of the Enomaly E... Télécharger
sjfilemanager(sfnet) sjfilemanager sjFilemanager - open source ajax filemanager ba... Télécharger
pupnp(sfnet) Portable UPnP SDK The portable Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) SDK... Télécharger
bertos(freshmeat) BeRTOS BeRTOS is a real time operating system (RTOS) s... Télécharger
datecalcxs(freshmeat) Date::Calc::XS Date::Calc::XS is a Perl module that is the C/X... Télécharger
datepcalc(freshmeat) Date::Pcalc The Date::Pcalc Perl module is a direct transla... Télécharger
ccnx(freshmeat) CCNx CCNx is a networking system which replaces name... Télécharger
dbd-sqlite(freshmeat) DBD-SQLite DBD::SQLite is a Perl DBI driver for SQLite tha... Télécharger
la-distribution(freshmeat) La Distribution La Distribution's mission is to distribute Web ... Télécharger
ovpn-py(freshmeat) ovpn-py ovpn-py is a plugin embedding Python into OpenV... Télécharger
carpclan(freshmeat) Carp::Clan Carp::Clan is a module that reports errors from... Télécharger
apicaller(freshmeat) APIcaller APIcaller is a class that helps you to build AP... Télécharger
weirdx(sfnet) WeirdX WeirdX is a pure Java X Window System server. Télécharger
addonpack(sfnet) addonPack for mIRC addonPack for mIRC. Scripting. Télécharger
shervinemami(sfnet) shervinemami File Host and Sample Code for Shervin Emami's w... Télécharger
kbuild(sfnet) kbuild - Linux Kernel Build (Archive) This project has moved to: http://vger.kernel.o... Télécharger
teamwork(sfnet) teamwork Teamwork is an integrated, web based work manag... Télécharger
gpxe(freshmeat) gPXE gPXE is a network bootloader. It provides a dir... Télécharger
jpype(sfnet) JPype JPype is an effort to allow python programs ful... Télécharger
clutterflow(sfnet) clutterflow ClutterFlow is a CoverFlow clone for the Banshe... Télécharger
dcrawnet(sfnet) dcrawnet Port of dcraw to C#. Thanks for Dave Coffin the... Télécharger
stealth(sfnet) Stealthy File Integrity Checker Stealth (SSH-based Trust Enhancement Acquired t... Télécharger
mimodynedla(sfnet) mimodynedla Jarvis is a digital life assistant, based in th... Télécharger
whdd(freshmeat) whdd WHDD is a HDD diagnostic and data recovery tool... Télécharger
vim2html(freshmeat) vim2html vim2html is a small program that will export an... Télécharger
django-userthemes(freshmeat) django-userthemes django-userthemes is a simple application that ... Télécharger
oauth-lite(freshmeat) OAuth-Lite OAuth-Lite is a framework that allows you to ma... Télécharger
ormaxxfonts(freshmeat) Ormaxx Fonts for X Ormaxx Fonts is a collection of ISO 8859-1 and ... Télécharger
metric-plus-plus(freshmeat) MetriC++ MetriC++ is a Sonar plugin and a "MetricsA... Télécharger
sched_deadline(freshmeat) SCHED_DEADLINE SCHED_DEADLINE is an implementation of a new sc... Télécharger
opendarkengine(freshmeat) openDarkEngine openDarkEngine is a from-scratch rewrite of the... Télécharger
crabgrass(freshmeat) Crabgrass Crabgrass is social networking, group collabora... Télécharger
mnemonicfs(freshmeat) MnemonicFS MnemonicFS is an information filing system with... Télécharger

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