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docendo(freshmeat) docendo docendo is a Web-based authoring and management... Télécharger
miletrak(freshmeat) MileTrak MileTrak makes tracking your mileage easy. Jus... Télécharger
icmake(sfnet) icmake Icmake is a hybrid between a 'make' utility an... Télécharger
amethyst-lib(sfnet) Amethyst Amethyst is a framework intended to help in cre... Télécharger
xtips(sfnet) xTips Ett program för det svenska stryktipset. Det fö... Télécharger
cso(freshmeat) cso cso is an easy to use C module that serializes ... Télécharger
u3d2pdf(sfnet) U3D-2-PDF U3D-2-PDF is able to automate the conversion of... Télécharger
orpersistence(sfnet) OR.NET - .NET O/R Mapper /Code Generator .NET O/R Mapper & Code Generator. Simple GU... Télécharger
jpgsrcdecfilter(sfnet) DirectShow JPEG Filter [source-decode] JpgSrcDecFilter is a DirectShow filter for JPEG... Télécharger
openbarcodes(sfnet) barcode fonts and encoders TTF Barcode fonts, encoders and VB macros for W... Télécharger
libtopo(sfnet) libtopo libTopo and TopoMap are tools to use, convert, ... Télécharger
mxa(sfnet) Message Exchange Altinn (MXA) Patentstyret og Norges vassdrags- og energidire... Télécharger
librem(freshmeat) librem Librem is a portable audio and video processing... Télécharger
critterding(freshmeat) Critterding Critterding is a "Petri dish" univers... Télécharger
xsidplay2(sfnet) xsidplay2 XSIDPLAY2 is a QT based music player for SID mu... Télécharger
mucommander(sfnet) muCommander muCommander is a cross-platform file manager wi... Télécharger
googleimagedown(sfnet) Media downloader Mediadownloader is an opensource software that ... Télécharger
nfs(sfnet) nfs Old home of linux NFS development; see linux-nf... Télécharger
exiousos(sfnet) Exious OS Exious OS is an eyeos-based open source (GPL) w... Télécharger
voicechatter(sfnet) voicechatter VoiceChatter is a free, open source, and cross ... Télécharger
srtviewer(sfnet) SrtViewer for Mac OS X Srt Viewer for Mac is a software to show the su... Télécharger
moagg(sfnet) MOAGG MOAGG is a 2D gravity game, combining the idea ... Télécharger
ontologymanager(sfnet) OntologyManager Ontology-Manager ist ein ontologisches Anwendun... Télécharger
dpatoolkit(sfnet) Design Pattern Automation Toolkit A toolkit to design applications using design p... Télécharger
iphysics(sfnet) IPhysics IPhysics is a wrapper for irrlicht 3d engine an... Télécharger
tickerpicker(sfnet) Ticker Picker Yummy Yield Super Stock Ticker Picker gathers s... Télécharger
jqeventcalendar(sfnet) wdCalendar JQuery AJAX Event Calendar wdCalendar is a javascript event calendar, whic... Télécharger
kpym(sfnet) KpyM Telnet/SSH Server KpyM Telnet/SSH Server is a telnet/ssh server f... Télécharger
ircam-openmusic(sfnet) OpenMusic 5 OpenMusic is an object-oriented visual programm... Télécharger
windowsir(sfnet) Windows IR/CF Tools This project is the home of tools associated wi... Télécharger
jremote(sfnet) jRemote jRemote is a small Java-Application which allow... Télécharger
webmex(sfnet) webmex Webmedia Explorer scans and indexes everything ... Télécharger
suserpm(sfnet) LSB RPMs The purpose of this site is to provide many com... Télécharger
vbcorlib(sfnet) VBCorLib VBCorLib is a Visual Basic 6 implementation of ... Télécharger
manchufont(sfnet) Manchu Font A Manchu OpenType (TrueType-flavored) font whic... Télécharger
feebas(sfnet) Feebas Skype Bot A bot written in Python using the Skype4Py API ... Télécharger
cunei(freshmeat) Cunei Cunei is a data-driven machine translation syst... Télécharger
tkdo(freshmeat) TKDO TKDO is a master TODO list with command line an... Télécharger
mana-4144(sfnet) ManaPlus ManaPlus is a 2D MMORPG games advanced client f... Télécharger
ccid-utils(freshmeat) ccid-utils ccid-utils is a USB smartcard driver and develo... Télécharger
debshare(freshmeat) Debshare debshare.create is a hackish script used for pr... Télécharger
hdiv(sfnet) HDIV We can briefly define HDIV as a Java Web Applic... Télécharger
mucommander(freshmeat) muCommander muCommander is a cross-platform file manager wi... Télécharger
ted-2(freshmeat) ted ted (Tiny EDitor) is a lightweight commandline ... Télécharger
gccgo(sfnet) gccgo Google go frontend for gcc. Télécharger
libodbcxx(sfnet) libodbc++ libodbc++ is a C++ class library for accessing ... Télécharger
numpad-emulator(sfnet) numpad emulator Virtual numeric keypad for Windows. Télécharger
puggsy-messenger(freshmeat) Puggsy messenger Puggsy messenger is a simple LAN messenger. Télécharger
prov(freshmeat) prov prov is form overlay printing tool for Unix-lik... Télécharger
mpdisco(freshmeat) MPDisco MPDisco is a Node.js-based music server built t... Télécharger
miracl(freshmeat) MIRACL MIRACL (Multiprecision Integer and Rational Ari... Télécharger
mplayer-win32(sfnet) MPlayer for Win32 Binary builds of MPlayer/MEncoder for win32, FF... Télécharger
php-clarke-and-wright-algorith(freshmeat) PHP Clarke and Wright Algorithm PHP Clarke and Wright Algorithm is a class that... Télécharger
shivavg(sfnet) ShivaVG ShivaVG is an open-source ANSI C implementation... Télécharger
cablib(sfnet) Java Cabinet Library cablib is a Java library for extracting Microso... Télécharger
mobicraft(sfnet) MobiCraft MobiCraft is StarCraft clone for cellphones and... Télécharger
codec(sfnet) CoDec ASN.1 En-/Decoder Library CoDec is a Java package for encoding and decodi... Télécharger
dbms(sfnet) DreamboxManagerSuiteE2 DreamboxManagerSuite - a windows application (f... Télécharger
blazeblogger(freshmeat) BlazeBlogger BlazeBlogger is a simple-to-use but capable CMS... Télécharger
bleachbit(freshmeat) BleachBit BleachBit deletes junk to recover disk space an... Télécharger
page-2(freshmeat) PAGE PAGE is a drag-and-drop GUI generator for Pytho... Télécharger
fastclicker(sfnet) fastclicker A tool that clicks the mouse extremely quickly.... Télécharger
english-farsi(sfnet) English-Farsi Dictionary v1 English-Farsi Dictionary v1 XDXF format for cli... Télécharger
lyricue(freshmeat) Lyricue Lyricue (previously known as Lyric Display Syst... Télécharger
bsnoop(freshmeat) Berkley Snoop for Linux Berkley Snoop for Linux is a module which adds ... Télécharger
perl-mathfastgf2(freshmeat) Perl Math::FastGF2 Perl Math::FastGF2 is a Perl math module for pe... Télécharger
wifimonster(sfnet) WiFi Monster The best WiFi manger for Windows mobile out there Télécharger
topcased(freshmeat) TOPCASED TOPCASED stands for Toolkit in OPen source for ... Télécharger
sha_digest(freshmeat) sha_digest sha_digest is an implementation of the secure h... Télécharger
m3tk(freshmeat) M3Tk M3Tk generates M3U playlists from MP3 files and... Télécharger
tkdgen(freshmeat) TkDgen TkDgen is a Tcl/Tk GUI front-end for DGen, an e... Télécharger
tunnelit(freshmeat) TunnelIt TunnelIt is a simple tool that uses the TUN/TAP... Télécharger
vunsy(freshmeat) VUNSY Vunsy is a very easy content management system ... Télécharger
ep128emu(freshmeat) ep128emu ep128emu is a portable emulator of the Enterpri... Télécharger
ontowiki(freshmeat) OntoWiki OntoWiki facilitates the visual presentation of... Télécharger
cuteflow(freshmeat) CuteFlow CuteFlow is a Web-based document circulation/wo... Télécharger
n2(freshmeat) n2 n2 is a client/server system for transmitting f... Télécharger
gmagick(freshmeat) Gmagick Gmagick is a PHP extension to create, modify, a... Télécharger
report-runner(freshmeat) Report Runner Report Runner is a lightweight, Java-based repo... Télécharger
yaydl(freshmeat) yaydl yaydl (yet another youtube downloader) is a com... Télécharger
phpadamoto(freshmeat) phpAdamoto phpAdamoto is a mass administration and softwar... Télécharger
openapproach(freshmeat) OpenApproach OpenApproach aims to be an easy-to-use, yet hig... Télécharger
adaptive(freshmeat) Adaptive Planning Adaptive Planning allows mid-sized companies an... Télécharger
ocamlplugin(freshmeat) Ocaml Plugin for NetBeans Ocaml Plugin extends the NetBeans IDE with supp... Télécharger
site2smsclient(sfnet) Site2SMSClient Site2SMSClient is a java tool, used to send SMS... Télécharger
worawita(sfnet) worawita Bruter is a parallel network login brute-forcer... Télécharger
lifelines(sfnet) LifeLines LifeLines is a genealogy program to help with y... Télécharger
jnode(sfnet) JNode: new Java Operating System JNode is a Java New Operating system Design Eff... Télécharger
nagiosql(sfnet) NagiosQL - Nagios configuration tool NagiosQL is a professional, web based configura... Télécharger
ai4a-configs(sfnet) ai4a configurations configurations for App Inventor for all https:/... Télécharger
mobile-linux(sfnet) MobiLinux | Linux Desktop for Android MobiLinux is a mobile Linux distro based on Ubu... Télécharger
lrzip(freshmeat) Long Range ZIP LRZIP is a compression program that can achieve... Télécharger
campcaster(freshmeat) Airtime Airtime is open radio software for scheduling a... Télécharger
vsftpd-deny(freshmeat) vsftpd-deny vsftpd-deny is a simple Python script to search... Télécharger
cencode(freshmeat) cencode cencode encodes a stream or a file into quoted ... Télécharger
libvfcgi(freshmeat) libvfcgi libvfcgi is a library that implements FastCGI f... Télécharger
d-bus-2(freshmeat) D-Bus D-Bus is a message bus system -- a simple way f... Télécharger
nlopt(freshmeat) NLopt NLopt is a library for nonlinear optimization t... Télécharger
mp3-trim(sfnet) mp3-trim mp3-trim is a command line bash script replacem... Télécharger
openman(sfnet) openman C++ to simulate and control robotic arms Télécharger

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