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gqview(sfnet) GQview image viewer A lightweight image viewer that is simple to na... Télécharger
csv2kml(sfnet) csv2kml A program which reads entries related to a loca... Télécharger
hummus-pdfwriter(freshmeat) Hummus PDF Writer The Hummus PDF Writer library allows you to gen... Télécharger
xbasic(sfnet) XBasic XBasic is an integrated software development en... Télécharger
peii(sfnet) E-learning Proyecto de Prácticas de Especialidades Télécharger
cgit(freshmeat) cgit cgit is a fast CGI Web interface to git reposit... Télécharger
slackpkg(sfnet) SlackPkg - package tool for Slackware An automated packaging tool for Slackware Linux... Télécharger
pyci(sfnet) PyCI PyCI is a web-based configuration interface wri... Télécharger
lsfw(freshmeat) lsfw lsfw (list firewall) helps network administrato... Télécharger
animgifqlgen(sfnet) Animated GIF QuickLook plugin This is a QuickLook plugin for MacOS-X 10.5/10.... Télécharger
gephaz(sfnet) Gépház Által Feltőltött Programok Gépház álttal feltőltött programokat innen lető... Télécharger
proxsmtp(freshmeat) ProxSMTP ProxSMTP is a SMTP proxy that allows you to rej... Télécharger
speedpad(freshmeat) Speedpad Speedpad is a small and portable ncurses-powere... Télécharger
rpmsforsuse(sfnet) KDE RPMs for SuSE RPMs of various open source applications for th... Télécharger
powerpdf(sfnet) PowerPDF PowerPDF is a VCL to create PDF docment visuall... Télécharger
vallheru(sfnet) Vallheru Its turn based, web-browser, fantasy MMORPG wri... Télécharger
ebview(sfnet) EBView EBView is a CD-ROM book viewer based on GTK, ma... Télécharger
meditate-web-content-editor(freshmeat) Meditate Web Content Editor Meditate is a PHP-based CMS with support for mu... Télécharger
itms(sfnet) Internet Task Management System ITMS gives users the ability to assign and mana... Télécharger
microemulator(sfnet) MicroEmulator This is Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) CLDC/MIDP E... Télécharger
javausblibrary(sfnet) Java USB Library A complete cross-platform Java USB Library Télécharger
menuui(sfnet) Menuui This is a PSE(program self-editable).You can ed... Télécharger
postcard(sfnet) postcard This is a Computer Science project of a group o... Télécharger
tbg-fractal(sfnet) tbg-fractal TBG-Fractal is a cross-platform Open Source pro... Télécharger
googlebooksadd(sfnet) google books add to my library Small soft to add books by ISBN... to google bo... Télécharger
kaosx(sfnet) KaOSx An independent small, rolling distribution, ful... Télécharger
passwordstore(freshmeat) PasswordStore PasswordStore is a password storage manager. It... Télécharger
ltris(freshmeat) LTris LTris is a Tetris clone with nice effects, grap... Télécharger
zsh(sfnet) zsh zsh is a shell probably most similar to ksh, bu... Télécharger
openjavadoccheck(freshmeat) OpenJavaDocCheck OpenJavaDocCheck is a doclet for checking JavaD... Télécharger
brujula-chess(freshmeat) brujula-chess brujula-chess is a free chess app with various ... Télécharger
geomspace(sfnet) GeomSpace GeomSpace is interactive geometry software for ... Télécharger
projectrecibo(sfnet) Projectrecibo Gerador de recibos no OLE Télécharger
clusterssh(sfnet) Cluster SSH - Cluster Admin Via SSH ClusterSSH controls a number of xterm windows v... Télécharger
toplinuxfiles(sfnet) ToP linux files This is a on going project of converting Tales ... Télécharger
marauroa(freshmeat) marauroa Marauroa is a multiplayer online game framework... Télécharger
spgm(sfnet) SPGM (Simple Picture Gallery Manager) Simple Picture Gallery Manager is a PHP script ... Télécharger
sptjson(freshmeat) spt::json spt::json is a SAX style JSON parser for Qt 4. ... Télécharger
friptv(sfnet) FripTV FripTV is a free, opensource, SDL based IP TV p... Télécharger
glextwin32(sfnet) GLEXT - Win32 OpenGL Extension API GLEXT is a Win32 DLL with header and linker lib... Télécharger
playtomic(freshmeat) Playtomic Playtomic is a set of client and server APIs fo... Télécharger
mapyrus(freshmeat) Mapyrus Mapyrus is software for creating plots of point... Télécharger
teocoderepo(sfnet) TEO Humanoid Robot This is the code repository of the TEO Humanoid... Télécharger
echo(sfnet) Echo Echo is an event-driven framework for developin... Télécharger
todoyu(freshmeat) todoyu todoyu is a powerful project and task managemen... Télécharger
cmssharkemu(sfnet) CMS SharkEmu CMS Officiel du projet Shark Emu Crée par la Sh... Télécharger
animbar(sfnet) animbar animbar generates output for an animation techn... Télécharger
drpython(sfnet) DrPython DrPython is a highly customizable cross-platfor... Télécharger
geotools(sfnet) GeoTools, the Java GIS toolkit GeoTools is an open source (LGPL) Java code lib... Télécharger
interbench(freshmeat) Interbench Interbench is a benchmarking application design... Télécharger
hotplug(freshmeat) Linux hotplug Hotplug lets you plug in new devices and use th... Télécharger
flimp(freshmeat) flimp flimp is a generic graphical frontend to the ma... Télécharger
python-packager(freshmeat) Python Packager Python Packager is a Web application that conve... Télécharger
fslurp(freshmeat) fslurp fslurp is a program for reading Fronius inverte... Télécharger
oraclestatspack(sfnet) Oracle Statspack Report Analyzer This tool can parse the oracle statspack flat f... Télécharger
esmtp(freshmeat) ESMTP ESMTP is a user-configurable relay-only MTA wit... Télécharger
courseauthoring(sfnet) Course Authoring Tool BSD-licensed online course content management a... Télécharger
millisampler(sfnet) MilliSampler A realtime software sampler. Connect a MIDI key... Télécharger
hanhuy(sfnet) HanHuy Du lieu cua tran han huy Télécharger
sitplus(freshmeat) SITPLUS SITPLUS is a framework whose main goal is to pr... Télécharger
slimweb(freshmeat) SlimWeb SlimWeb aims to replace Struts or JSF in your J... Télécharger
ocs-inventory(freshmeat) OCS Inventory OCS Inventory is an application designed to hel... Télécharger
sooi(freshmeat) SOOI SOOI is a object oriented C++ library for devel... Télécharger
kiriwrite(freshmeat) Kiriwrite Kiriwrite is a Web-based (browser-based) interf... Télécharger
tonatiuh(freshmeat) Tonatiuh The Tonatiuh project aims to create an accurate... Télécharger
vuzitjava(freshmeat) VuzitJava VuzitJava is a library that allows developers t... Télécharger
restfulie(freshmeat) Restfulie CRUD through HTTP is a good step forward to usi... Télécharger
opcfg(freshmeat) OpCfg OpCFG is a Web-based configuration tool for Nag... Télécharger
xml-qofqsf(freshmeat) XML-QOFQSF XML-QOFQSF is a Perl module to convert personal... Télécharger
axiom-3d-rendering-engine(freshmeat) Axiom 3D Rendering Engine Axiom is a cross-platform 3D rendering engine f... Télécharger
bonecp(freshmeat) BoneCP BoneCP is a Java JDBC connection pool implement... Télécharger
sunnyplayer(sfnet) sunnyplayer Sunny Player(Linux/Win32/Mac)/Encoder(Win32) is... Télécharger
python-gasp(freshmeat) Graphics API for Students of Python GASP (Graphics API for Students of Python) prov... Télécharger
keyboard-upgrade(freshmeat) Keyboard Upgrade Keyboard Upgrade is firmware that was designed ... Télécharger
servomaster(freshmeat) ServoMaster ServoMaster provides hardware independent abstr... Télécharger
khovsgol(freshmeat) Khövsgöl Khövsgöl is a minimal, highly configurable musi... Télécharger
audmes(sfnet) AUDio MEasurement System AUDio MEasurement System - multi-platfrom syste... Télécharger
gridsam(sfnet) GridSAM GridSAM provides a job submission open standard... Télécharger
satorievent(sfnet) SatoriEvent A variant of GhostEvent to simplify configurati... Télécharger
swingsheet(sfnet) Open java swing spreadsheet A spreadsheet written in pure java based on swing. Télécharger
castleproject(sfnet) Castle Project Castle aspires to simplify the development of e... Télécharger
allegrogl(sfnet) AllegroGL AllegroGL is a small library intended to allow ... Télécharger
secureaudit(sfnet) Secure Auditing for the Linux Kernel To develop an auditing package that is complian... Télécharger
pypdfgui(sfnet) pyPdf-GUI pyPdf-GUI is a Python-based graphical user inte... Télécharger
wincache(sfnet) WinCache Extension for PHP Windows Cache Extension for PHP is a PHP accele... Télécharger
manhattan(sfnet) The Manhattan Virtual Classroom A system for delivering courses via the web, Ma... Télécharger
cccc(sfnet) C and C++ Code Counter CCCC is a tool which analyzes C++ and Java file... Télécharger
linuxgaliza(sfnet) Linux Galiza Linux Galiza S.O GNU/Linux Télécharger
lua_udunits2(freshmeat) lua_udunits2 lua_udunits2 provides a Lua interface for the U... Télécharger
quanta(sfnet) Quanta+ Web Development Environment Quanta+ is a web development environment for HT... Télécharger
cego-dbd(freshmeat) Cego-DBD Cego-DBD implements a Perl DBD driver for the C... Télécharger
licentagdk(sfnet) Licenta George Isachi - Iulie 2012 Lucrarea de față adresează o temă legată de det... Télécharger
geckobrowser(sfnet) geckobrowser TGeckoBrowser is a Browser Component for Delphi... Télécharger
openslp(sfnet) OpenSLP OpenSLP project is an effort to develop an open... Télécharger
sharpweb(sfnet) sharpweb A web browser using Gecko. Developed in C# Télécharger
huaweie1750ubun(sfnet) huaweie1750ubun a bash-script made to configure your ubuntu com... Télécharger
pxlib(sfnet) Library to read and write Paradox files This library allows to read and write Paradox d... Télécharger
easycalc(sfnet) EasyCalc Scientific calculator for PalmOS and PocketPC w... Télécharger
pp-cbernal0306(sfnet) Softcabq Softcabq Télécharger
emacslocale(sfnet) emacs-locale Emacs-locale-dev Emacs-locale-zh-cn Télécharger

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