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ga-synthesis(freshmeat) ga-synthesis ga-synthesis is a simple, portable interface to... Télécharger
autotest-mk(freshmeat) Autotest.mk Autotest.mk is a software testing framework for... Télécharger
guardog(freshmeat) Guardog Guardog is a simple but powerful intrusion dect... Télécharger
ice-explorer(freshmeat) ICE Explorer ICE Explorer is a 3D application for viewing an... Télécharger
qanava(freshmeat) Qanava Qanava is a C++ library designed to display gra... Télécharger
vacina-de-pen(sfnet) Vacina de pendrive VACINA DE PENDRIVES é um software para Windows ... Télécharger
cplusplus(sfnet) Common C++ Libraries GNU Common C++ is now built as part of the ucom... Télécharger
colpy(freshmeat) ColPy ColPy is a small Python library for conversion ... Télécharger
rc-flyers-toolkit-box(freshmeat) RC Flyers Toolkit Box RC Flyers Toolkit Box is a handy toolbox for R/... Télécharger
bb_mug(freshmeat) bb_mug bb_mug is a simple, tiny, and fast Java class o... Télécharger
codetube(freshmeat) codetube codetube is software for building a version con... Télécharger
simple_dl(freshmeat) PHP Simple Download Tracker Simple Download Tracker is a PHP script that he... Télécharger
copfilter(sfnet) Copfilter Copfilter is a easy to install addon for the op... Télécharger
timeephem(sfnet) Time Ephemerides Project to calculate and distribute the general... Télécharger
unixodbc(sfnet) unixODBC Implementation of the popular ODBC standard for... Télécharger
flexive(sfnet) [fleXive] [fleXive] is a next-generation Java EE 5 conten... Télécharger
eqemulator(sfnet) EQEmulator - Everquest Server Emulator Game software for emulating an EverQuest server Télécharger
mahewinsexyurl(freshmeat) MahewinSexyUrl MahewinSexyUrl is a Web application for shorten... Télécharger
javascript-html-tooltip(freshmeat) HTML Tooltip HTML Tooltip is a JavaScript object that shows ... Télécharger
pkiller(freshmeat) pkiller pkiller typically runs on a PC-lab client where... Télécharger
seetxt(freshmeat) seetxt Seetxt is a lightweight text file and man page ... Télécharger
sargrahs(freshmeat) sarGraphs sarGraphs takes the output of sysstat and creat... Télécharger
rpmstatus(freshmeat) rpmstatus rpmstatus is a Perl script that generates Web p... Télécharger
project-x(sfnet) Project X - DVB demux Tool European digital radio & television uses th... Télécharger
ming(sfnet) Ming - an SWF output library Ming is an SWF ("Flash") file format ... Télécharger
srcdspy(sfnet) SRCDS.py SRCDS.py is a Python library providing access t... Télécharger
squidtl(freshmeat) SquidTL SquidTL allows proxy administrators to manage p... Télécharger
tnef-plugin-for-evolution(freshmeat) TNEF Plugin for Evolution TNEF Plugin for Evolution is a simple plugin fo... Télécharger
opengda(freshmeat) OpenGDA The OpenGDA project is a framework for creating... Télécharger
zfs-fuse(freshmeat) ZFS-FUSE ZFS-FUSE makes it possible to create, mount, us... Télécharger
liblouisxml(freshmeat) liblouisxml liblouisxml is a library that provides complete... Télécharger
lwm(freshmeat) lwm lwm (Lightweight Window Manager) is a window m... Télécharger
peludo(freshmeat) Peludo Peludo is a system that provides a toolchain an... Télécharger
qtop(freshmeat) qtop qtop is a command-line tool for monitoring PBS ... Télécharger
roguelike(sfnet) The Roguelike Restoration Project This project is for the restoration and further... Télécharger
kmid2(freshmeat) KMid2 KMid2 plays MIDI and karaoke files to hardware ... Télécharger
tiny-http-client(freshmeat) Tiny Http Client Tiny Http Client is a small implementation of a... Télécharger
bigbluebutton(freshmeat) BigBlueButton BigBlueButton is a Web conferencing system that... Télécharger
bfrunner(freshmeat) BFRunner BFRunner is a simple application that interpret... Télécharger
geoip-weather(freshmeat) GeoIP Weather GeoIP Weather is a PHP script that uses GeoIP C... Télécharger
ldapsaisie(freshmeat) LdapSaisie LdapSaisie is a Web application to manage LDAP ... Télécharger
delog(freshmeat) DeLog DeLog is a small logger for debug information. ... Télécharger
hawk(freshmeat) Hawk DNS Housekeeper / Host Monitor Hawk is a DNS housekeeping utility that compare... Télécharger
xdotmap(freshmeat) XDOTMap XDOTMap is a GIS tool pack based on UMN MapServ... Télécharger
armadillo(freshmeat) armadillo Armadillo is an isometric view shooter game wit... Télécharger
jollyday(sfnet) jollyday This API calculates the holidays for a given ye... Télécharger
lancepy(sfnet) Lance job scheduler Process scheduler written in python. Lance pro... Télécharger
opennlp(sfnet) OpenNLP OpenNLP provides the organizational structure f... Télécharger
jmp3tag(sfnet) JMp3Tag JMp3Tag is a J2ME application to view/edit tags... Télécharger
tortoisehg(sfnet) TortoiseHg TortoiseHg is a shell extension that let users ... Télécharger
fluxy(sfnet) Fluxy Fluxy is a toolset to support detection of fast... Télécharger
foxgui(sfnet) FOX GUI Toolkit FOX is an Extensible C++ Class Library for Mult... Télécharger
openipmi(sfnet) Open IPMI The Open IPMI project aims to develop an open c... Télécharger
gy80facetrack(sfnet) GY-80 Facetrack No description Télécharger
fasttrack3d(sfnet) fasttrack3d A 3D car racing game for PC and arcade platform. Télécharger
kobold-kit(freshmeat) Kobold Kit Kobold Kit is a 2D game engine built on Apple's... Télécharger
kfo(sfnet) kfo A simple but powerful file organizer to locate ... Télécharger
xicalc(sfnet) xicalc XiCalc is a scientific calculator, which evalua... Télécharger
moz(sfnet) The Greek Mozilla Project This project is working towards the internation... Télécharger
joy2key(sfnet) joy2key Joy2key allows you to control applications acce... Télécharger
prboom(sfnet) PrBoom PrBoom, the purest Doom-Port? Aims to be the mo... Télécharger
direct3d9hook(sfnet) Another Direct3D9 Hook System A Direct3D9 Wrapper Télécharger
liquidlnf(sfnet) Liquid Look And Feel LiquidLnF - Java2 Swing Look and Feel of Mosfet... Télécharger
electricowl(sfnet) electricowl Log data from your OWL energy monitor on your P... Télécharger
blade(sfnet) BLADE Web based environment supporting:<br> <... Télécharger
libsylph(freshmeat) LibSylph LibSylph is a cross-platform C++ library for ba... Télécharger
remote-desktop-connection-mana(freshmeat) Remote Desktop Connection Manager RD Connection Manager is a comprehensive remote... Télécharger
django-dajaxice(freshmeat) Django Dajaxice Django Dajaxice is an easy to use AJAX library ... Télécharger
vag202-fios-tv-hd-stb-network-(freshmeat) VAG202 FiOS TV HD STB Network Control VAG202 FiOS TV HD STB Network Control allows yo... Télécharger
rxpy(freshmeat) RXPY RXPY is a pure-Python regular expression librar... Télécharger
journalness(sfnet) Journalness A dynamic web journal, news, diary, blog for pe... Télécharger
rakarrack(sfnet) Rakarrack Guitar Effects Rakarrack is a stereo digital effects processor... Télécharger
lsid(sfnet) LSID (Life Science Identifier) Life Science Identifier (LSID) resolution proto... Télécharger
etics(sfnet) ETICS ETICS stands for "eInfrastructure for Test... Télécharger
marksmodules(sfnet) Marks Modules A series of modules developed for PostNuke - an... Télécharger
smplayer(freshmeat) SMPlayer SMPlayer is a complete media player for Windows... Télécharger
bssfulfillment(sfnet) Comms Order Fulfillment Simple order fulfillment system with flexible o... Télécharger
beatbox-java(sfnet) BeatBox BeatBox is a Java application in which users us... Télécharger
mandatory(sfnet) mandatory mandatory file stub premier Télécharger
quickdic(freshmeat) QuickDic QuickDic parses data from en.wiktionary.org and... Télécharger
sgsiiiapps(sfnet) SGSIII Apps Just wanted to share some cool apps and media f... Télécharger
simpleinvoices(sfnet) simpleinvoices Simple Invoices is a simple web based invoicing... Télécharger
cups(sfnet) CUPS related stuff This project includes 4 main modules to use wit... Télécharger
aptosidmeta4s(sfnet) aptosid aptosid is an operating system based on the Deb... Télécharger
gtk-recent-files-scrubber(freshmeat) GTK+ Recent Files Scrubber GTK+ Recent Files Scrubber is a compact, lightw... Télécharger
sharpe(sfnet) SharpEnviro SharpEnviro is a GPL (Copyleft) Windows Shell R... Télécharger
rlaunchpad(freshmeat) R.Launchpad R.Launchpad is a minimal distribution of Linux ... Télécharger
mw-slidy(freshmeat) mw-slidy mw-slidy is a mediawiki extension that adds a c... Télécharger
samplingkmeans(sfnet) Sampling-k-means This project involves implementation and testin... Télécharger
mapdrive(sfnet) MapDrive MapDrive is a utility for managing network driv... Télécharger
jmixin(freshmeat) jmixin At the expense of a little compile time safety,... Télécharger
kippo(freshmeat) Kippo Kippo is a medium interaction SSH honeypot desi... Télécharger
eboard(sfnet) EBoard EBoard is a user-friendly chess interface for I... Télécharger
subrip(sfnet) SubRip Utility to convert subtitles from DVD-Video or ... Télécharger
idivx(sfnet) iDivX Freeware like iTune for movies. Télécharger
kdiff3(sfnet) KDiff3 KDiff3 is a graphical text difference analyzer ... Télécharger
dct9823jdfkgdjg(sfnet) dct9823jdfkgdjg automation script backup Télécharger
abmash(freshmeat) Abmash Abmash provides Web application automation base... Télécharger
bugs-bug-genie(sfnet) The Bug Genie The Bug Genie is a user-friendly and powerful P... Télécharger
projectb(sfnet) Project B Project B is a platform for various Bible progr... Télécharger

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