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mplayer-win32(sfnet) MPlayer for Win32 Binary builds of MPlayer/MEncoder for win32, FF... Télécharger
php-clarke-and-wright-algorith(freshmeat) PHP Clarke and Wright Algorithm PHP Clarke and Wright Algorithm is a class that... Télécharger
shivavg(sfnet) ShivaVG ShivaVG is an open-source ANSI C implementation... Télécharger
cablib(sfnet) Java Cabinet Library cablib is a Java library for extracting Microso... Télécharger
mobicraft(sfnet) MobiCraft MobiCraft is StarCraft clone for cellphones and... Télécharger
codec(sfnet) CoDec ASN.1 En-/Decoder Library CoDec is a Java package for encoding and decodi... Télécharger
dbms(sfnet) DreamboxManagerSuiteE2 DreamboxManagerSuite - a windows application (f... Télécharger
blazeblogger(freshmeat) BlazeBlogger BlazeBlogger is a simple-to-use but capable CMS... Télécharger
bleachbit(freshmeat) BleachBit BleachBit deletes junk to recover disk space an... Télécharger
page-2(freshmeat) PAGE PAGE is a drag-and-drop GUI generator for Pytho... Télécharger
fastclicker(sfnet) fastclicker A tool that clicks the mouse extremely quickly.... Télécharger
english-farsi(sfnet) English-Farsi Dictionary v1 English-Farsi Dictionary v1 XDXF format for cli... Télécharger
lyricue(freshmeat) Lyricue Lyricue (previously known as Lyric Display Syst... Télécharger
bsnoop(freshmeat) Berkley Snoop for Linux Berkley Snoop for Linux is a module which adds ... Télécharger
perl-mathfastgf2(freshmeat) Perl Math::FastGF2 Perl Math::FastGF2 is a Perl math module for pe... Télécharger
wifimonster(sfnet) WiFi Monster The best WiFi manger for Windows mobile out there Télécharger
topcased(freshmeat) TOPCASED TOPCASED stands for Toolkit in OPen source for ... Télécharger
sha_digest(freshmeat) sha_digest sha_digest is an implementation of the secure h... Télécharger
m3tk(freshmeat) M3Tk M3Tk generates M3U playlists from MP3 files and... Télécharger
tkdgen(freshmeat) TkDgen TkDgen is a Tcl/Tk GUI front-end for DGen, an e... Télécharger
tunnelit(freshmeat) TunnelIt TunnelIt is a simple tool that uses the TUN/TAP... Télécharger
vunsy(freshmeat) VUNSY Vunsy is a very easy content management system ... Télécharger
ep128emu(freshmeat) ep128emu ep128emu is a portable emulator of the Enterpri... Télécharger
ontowiki(freshmeat) OntoWiki OntoWiki facilitates the visual presentation of... Télécharger
cuteflow(freshmeat) CuteFlow CuteFlow is a Web-based document circulation/wo... Télécharger
n2(freshmeat) n2 n2 is a client/server system for transmitting f... Télécharger
gmagick(freshmeat) Gmagick Gmagick is a PHP extension to create, modify, a... Télécharger
report-runner(freshmeat) Report Runner Report Runner is a lightweight, Java-based repo... Télécharger
yaydl(freshmeat) yaydl yaydl (yet another youtube downloader) is a com... Télécharger
phpadamoto(freshmeat) phpAdamoto phpAdamoto is a mass administration and softwar... Télécharger
openapproach(freshmeat) OpenApproach OpenApproach aims to be an easy-to-use, yet hig... Télécharger
adaptive(freshmeat) Adaptive Planning Adaptive Planning allows mid-sized companies an... Télécharger
ocamlplugin(freshmeat) Ocaml Plugin for NetBeans Ocaml Plugin extends the NetBeans IDE with supp... Télécharger
site2smsclient(sfnet) Site2SMSClient Site2SMSClient is a java tool, used to send SMS... Télécharger
worawita(sfnet) worawita Bruter is a parallel network login brute-forcer... Télécharger
lifelines(sfnet) LifeLines LifeLines is a genealogy program to help with y... Télécharger
jnode(sfnet) JNode: new Java Operating System JNode is a Java New Operating system Design Eff... Télécharger
nagiosql(sfnet) NagiosQL - Nagios configuration tool NagiosQL is a professional, web based configura... Télécharger
ai4a-configs(sfnet) ai4a configurations configurations for App Inventor for all https:/... Télécharger
mobile-linux(sfnet) MobiLinux | Linux Desktop for Android MobiLinux is a mobile Linux distro based on Ubu... Télécharger
lrzip(freshmeat) Long Range ZIP LRZIP is a compression program that can achieve... Télécharger
campcaster(freshmeat) Airtime Airtime is open radio software for scheduling a... Télécharger
vsftpd-deny(freshmeat) vsftpd-deny vsftpd-deny is a simple Python script to search... Télécharger
cencode(freshmeat) cencode cencode encodes a stream or a file into quoted ... Télécharger
libvfcgi(freshmeat) libvfcgi libvfcgi is a library that implements FastCGI f... Télécharger
d-bus-2(freshmeat) D-Bus D-Bus is a message bus system -- a simple way f... Télécharger
nlopt(freshmeat) NLopt NLopt is a library for nonlinear optimization t... Télécharger
mp3-trim(sfnet) mp3-trim mp3-trim is a command line bash script replacem... Télécharger
openman(sfnet) openman C++ to simulate and control robotic arms Télécharger
codegenjava(sfnet) Code Generator for Eclipse This project aims to provide a Eclipse plug-in ... Télécharger
redshiftgui(freshmeat) Redshiftgui Redshiftgui changes the color temperature of yo... Télécharger
voxforge(sfnet) voxforge VoxForge collects user-submitted speech audio f... Télécharger
beagle(sfnet) Open BEAGLE The project has moved on Google Code: http://co... Télécharger
mpatrol(sfnet) mpatrol mpatrol is a link library that attempts to diag... Télécharger
lynxfs(freshmeat) LynxFS LynxFS is a filesystem driver for LynxOS filesy... Télécharger
smartcarproject(sfnet) Smart Car Project AVR-based distributed control system for cars. ... Télécharger
winborderstrip(sfnet) windows border stripper GUI Windows (OS) program that allows you to str... Télécharger
xvidenc(sfnet) xvidenc Advanced shell script for encoding DVDs or vide... Télécharger
paintbrush(sfnet) Paintbrush Paintbrush is a Cocoa-based paint program for M... Télécharger
pldoc(sfnet) PLDoc Javadoc-like tool for PL/SQL Télécharger
darksebastian(sfnet) Dark Sebastian this is for my own,so I guess no one else could... Télécharger
reconststereo(sfnet) reconststereo System Prototype to make 3D reconstruction solu... Télécharger
haxxorevolution(sfnet) haxxorevolution This is private haxxing project Télécharger
wfde(sfnet) War FTP Daemon Engine A generic C++ class library for FTP server impl... Télécharger
jtrainsimulator(sfnet) Java Train Simulator This a train simulator developped in Java langu... Télécharger
jwhoisserver(freshmeat) JWhoisServer JWhoisServer is a small, fast, and highly confi... Télécharger
stlsoft(sfnet) STLSoft C and C++ Libraries Robust, Lightweight, Cross-platform, Template S... Télécharger
mindbender(freshmeat) Mindbender Mindbender is a game which works like Mastermin... Télécharger
debea(freshmeat) Debea Database Access Library The Debea Database Access Library is a collecti... Télécharger
basqet(freshmeat) Basqet Basqet is a tool for organizing notes, ideas, a... Télécharger
lcab(freshmeat) lcab lcab (formerly known as Cablinux) makes a Micro... Télécharger
qellcode-bahn(freshmeat) Quellcode Bahn QB (Quellcode Bahn) is a program that manages t... Télécharger
captcha-2(freshmeat) libcaptcha Libcaptcha is a small, portable CAPTCHA image g... Télécharger
phgstats(sfnet) phgstats - php game server status gameserver status script / gameserver query: AA... Télécharger
usebb(freshmeat) UseBB UseBB is a PHP/MySQL forum package. Unlike othe... Télécharger
sqplus(sfnet) SqPlus SqPlus is an easy to use and powerful C/C++ bin... Télécharger
aeroswitch(sfnet) AeroSwitch Easily switch Windows Aero on and off! OS: Win... Télécharger
bin2bmp(sfnet) python-datavis This is a neat little tool to visualize binary ... Télécharger
bviplus(freshmeat) bviplus Bviplus is a console ncurses based binary file ... Télécharger
convex-processing(freshmeat) Convex processing Convex processing is a quick and efficient libr... Télécharger
leafpad(freshmeat) Leafpad Leafpad is a GTK+ based text editor that emphas... Télécharger
elua(freshmeat) eLua eLua (Embedded Lua) aims to introduce the progr... Télécharger
github-fork-parent(freshmeat) Github-Fork-Parent Github-Fork-Parent is a Perl module to determin... Télécharger
simplepattern(freshmeat) SimplePattern SimplePattern is a very basic and simple applic... Télécharger
objlib(freshmeat) ObjLib ObjLib provides an API and implementation for m... Télécharger
clinet(freshmeat) clinet Clinet is a simple IRC client for Android phone... Télécharger
cppunit(sfnet) CppUnit - C++ port of JUnit CppUnit is the C++ port of the famous JUnit fra... Télécharger
esftp(sfnet) esftp This is an Eclipse Plugin that allows upload an... Télécharger
boogie(sfnet) boogie Boogie is a Javascript implementation of Java's... Télécharger
libsrs2(freshmeat) libsrs2 libsrs2 is the next generation SRS library. SPF... Télécharger
kerblue(sfnet) KerBlue KerBlue offers a sustainable development archit... Télécharger
tuntaposx(sfnet) tuntaposx Unix-style tun and tap virtual network interfac... Télécharger
min(sfnet) min MIN is an advanced unit/integration test framew... Télécharger
windowsrawprint(sfnet) Windows RAW Print Program that prints RAW data to installed print... Télécharger
v4l-lib(sfnet) V4L Library Library video in Linux Télécharger
sdl-mng(freshmeat) SDL MNG library SDL MNG library is a library to load MNG files ... Télécharger
oommf-2dpbc(sfnet) OOMMF-2DPBC Two-dimensional periodic boundary conditions ex... Télécharger
qfsm(sfnet) Qfsm A graphical tool for designing finite state mac... Télécharger
iisldapauth(sfnet) IIS LDAP Authentication ISAPI Module IIS LDAP Auth provides LDAP authentication func... Télécharger
libspf2(freshmeat) libspf2 SPF is a new strategy for preventing junk mail.... Télécharger

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