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plantuml-depend(sfnet) plantuml-dependency PlantUml Dependency allows to parse / reverse e... Télécharger
hyenaefe(freshmeat) HyenaeFE HyenaeFE is a QT based frontend for the Hyenae ... Télécharger
visualshell(freshmeat) VisualShell VisualShell is a graphical front end to /bin/sh... Télécharger
gpsbook(freshmeat) GPSBook GPSBook is a tool to be used with your GPS rece... Télécharger
google-checkout-module-for-oxi(freshmeat) Google Checkout Module for OXID Google Checkout Module for OXID is a payment mo... Télécharger
golt(freshmeat) Golt Golt is a simple tool for encrypting files and ... Télécharger
pagekitepy(freshmeat) Pagekite.py Pagekite is software to make servers on "l... Télécharger
php-wsdl-creator(sfnet) php-wsdl-creator Example usage The fastest usage (ever? ;): re... Télécharger
juicy(sfnet) Juice Juice is a frontend for mpg123 and other player... Télécharger
mandriva-directory-server(freshmeat) Mandriva Directory Server MDS (Mandriva Directory Server), along with the... Télécharger
online-subtitles-workshop(freshmeat) online subtitles workshop online subtitles workshop allows you to make te... Télécharger
balcomp(sfnet) GNU Exterior Ballistics Computer A graphical interface for solving exterior ball... Télécharger
filefisher(sfnet) File Fisher This is an easy to use , simple and straightfor... Télécharger
nhcontrib(sfnet) nhcontrib User contributed components that extends the fu... Télécharger
tpctl(sfnet) tpctl ThinkPad configuration tools for Linux Télécharger
jmstella(sfnet) JMStella Atari 2600 Emulator for J2ME JMStella is a J2ME Atari 2600 VCS emulator base... Télécharger
gtranslatec(sfnet) Gtranslate This program is a Desktop client of Google Tran... Télécharger
networx-non-profits(freshmeat) NetworX Non-Profits NetworX Non-Profits is scalable software that a... Télécharger
ships-time-applet(freshmeat) Ship's Time Applet Ship's Time Applet is a GNOME applet that rings... Télécharger
pymw(freshmeat) PyMW PyMW is a Python module for parallel master-wor... Télécharger
p2pd(freshmeat) p2pd The p2pd package can be used to build scalable ... Télécharger
eo(freshmeat) EO EO is a templates-based, ANSI-C++ compliant evo... Télécharger
utopiadistro(freshmeat) UtopiaDistro Utopia is Linux distribution based on Slackware... Télécharger
pluginbox(sfnet) PluginBox - EasyShell EasyShell: opens shell window, runs selected fi... Télécharger
fbpad(freshmeat) fbpad fbpad is a small and simple Linux framebuffer v... Télécharger
fbff(freshmeat) fbff fbff is a small FFmpeg-based framebuffer/ALSA m... Télécharger
nexus-os(freshmeat) Nexus Nexus is a new operating system for trustworthy... Télécharger
tiny-mailx(freshmeat) tiny-mailx tiny-mailx is a simple and fast mailx clone. Télécharger
ctxt(freshmeat) ctxt ctxt is a simple and fast plain text to HTML/La... Télécharger
minmad(freshmeat) minmad minmad is a minimal libmad-based MP3 player. Télécharger
lpod(freshmeat) lpOD lpOD (languages & platforms OpenDocument) ... Télécharger
libnfo(freshmeat) libnfo libnfo is a small library used to parse and wri... Télécharger
jonama(freshmeat) jonama Jonama is a piece of software acting as a relay... Télécharger
libsurl(freshmeat) libsurl libsurl is a library for generating short URLs ... Télécharger
fbpdf(freshmeat) fbpdf fbpdf is a small PDF viewer using either the mu... Télécharger
asxa(sfnet) asxa asxa: Cross Assembler for NXP XA-51 Microcontro... Télécharger
csv2ldif(sfnet) csv2ldif A tool to convert data from CSV form to LDIF form. Télécharger
jtidy(sfnet) JTidy JTidy is a Java port of HTML Tidy, a HTML synt... Télécharger
pyevolve(sfnet) Pyevolve This project is a complete cross-platform (Wind... Télécharger
openephyra(sfnet) OpenEphyra OpenEphyra is an open framework for question an... Télécharger
steps(sfnet) STochastic Engine for Pathway Simulation Stochastic simulator for signaling pathways occ... Télécharger
winik(sfnet) Winik Winik is a cygwin distro that users can install... Télécharger
calculat0r(sfnet) Calculator A very simple designed calculator Télécharger
nettoe(sfnet) netToe netToe is an enhanced version of the classic Ti... Télécharger
usm(sfnet) usm Usm is a unified slackware package manager that... Télécharger
sveditor(freshmeat) SVEditor SVEditor is an Eclipse-based editor for SystemV... Télécharger
grip(freshmeat) Grip Grip is a CD player and CD ripper/MP3-encoder f... Télécharger
echovnc(sfnet) EchoVNC EchoVNC is a secure, "firewall-friendly&qu... Télécharger
nget(sfnet) nget nget is a command line nntp file grabber. It a... Télécharger
evilbc2emulator(sfnet) EvilBC2 emulator bfbc2 emulator for free play go to http://www.b... Télécharger
oio(freshmeat) Open Infrastructure for Outcomes OIO is a Web-based metadata/data management fro... Télécharger
ecasound(freshmeat) Ecasound Ecasound is a software package designed for mul... Télécharger
soapdbconnect(sfnet) soapdbconnect soap server for data base connection. i am usin... Télécharger
vnoss(sfnet) VnOSS Vietnamese Open Source Sofware Community Télécharger
glui(sfnet) GLUI User Interface Library GLUI is a GLUT-based C++ user interface library... Télécharger
ffv(freshmeat) Fast File Validator Fast File Validator (FFV) is a program for veri... Télécharger
hydra-mmm(sfnet) hydra-mmm Arduino firmware and Java GUI for the Hydra Mul... Télécharger
chromium-jp(sfnet) Chromium-JP Original Build of google chromium(chrome) OS. Télécharger
svgpan(freshmeat) SVGPan SVGPan is an easy-to-use JavaScript library to ... Télécharger
nagios-config-build(freshmeat) nagios-config-build nagios-config-build is a group of shell scripts... Télécharger
mockmma(freshmeat) Mockmma Mockmma uses wxMaxima to evaluate a small subse... Télécharger
wolf-software-md5-block-cipher(freshmeat) Wolf Software MD5 Block Cipher Class Wolf Software MD5 Block Cipher Class is an MD5-... Télécharger
hawebs(sfnet) hawebs Source code for all HAWEBS projectes Télécharger
phpcrawl(sfnet) PHPCrawl PHPCrawl is a webcrawler/webspider-library writ... Télécharger
methabot(sfnet) Methabot Web Crawler Methanol is a scriptable multi-purpose web craw... Télécharger
remotevnc(sfnet) RemoteVNC - VNC over the Internet Paglo Remote-VNC allows you to remotely control... Télécharger
hexglass(freshmeat) HexGlass HexGlass is a Tetris-like puzzle game based on ... Télécharger
formallin(freshmeat) Formallin Formallin is a multilingual tool for easily cre... Télécharger
huxley(freshmeat) Huxley Huxley is a set of classes that makes it trivia... Télécharger
develenv(freshmeat) develenv develenv is a common environment for building s... Télécharger
treasuremap(freshmeat) TreasureMap TreasureMap is a Java library that provides a s... Télécharger
cryptopp(sfnet) Crypto++ free C++ library for cryptography: includes cip... Télécharger
shell-package-manager(freshmeat) Shell Package Manager Shell Package Manager is a collection of sh scr... Télécharger
nxtpp(sfnet) NXT++ (now on GitHub!) MOVED TO GITHUB!! https://github.com/cmwslw/nxt... Télécharger
jailkit(freshmeat) Jailkit Jailkit is a set of utilities to allow quick cr... Télécharger
browserkiosk(sfnet) Browser Kiosk Small application to run a webpage in kiosk mod... Télécharger
ftd2xxj(sfnet) FTD2xxj The purpose of this project is to provide a con... Télécharger
lastresort(sfnet) Last Resort This project is made with batch scripting. This... Télécharger
swtaddons(sfnet) SWT Add-ons Add-ons for Eclipse SWT widgets. Included are ... Télécharger
aolserver(sfnet) AOLserver AOLserver is a multithreaded, Tcl-enabled, mass... Télécharger
lethe(sfnet) Lethe - GPL Partition Freezing Software Nueva versión con soporte para pseudo tmpfs. Ah... Télécharger
ut61(freshmeat) ut61 ut61 is an inteface for the data acquisition ca... Télécharger
wpvms(sfnet) Web Proposals and Votings Mgmt System Web Proposals and Votings Management System imp... Télécharger
kaa(freshmeat) Kaa Kaa is a easy-to-use, yet powerful text editor ... Télécharger
portable(sfnet) PortableLinuxApps PortableLinuxApps provides portable application... Télécharger
jcae(sfnet) jCAE jCAE is a JAVA based environment for CAE applic... Télécharger
carrot2(sfnet) Carrot2 Carrot2 is an Open Source Search Results Cluste... Télécharger
phpfm(sfnet) PHP File Manager phpFileManager is a complete filesystem managem... Télécharger
tesseract-ocr-alt(sfnet) tesseract-ocr alternative download Alternative download for tesseract-ocr project Télécharger
scigraphica(sfnet) SciGraphica SciGraphica is a scientific data visualization ... Télécharger
sayura(freshmeat) Sayura Sayura is a simple Web-based networking and ser... Télécharger
creeps(freshmeat) CreEPS CreEPS is a collection of C++ classes that prov... Télécharger
tup(freshmeat) tup Tup is a file-based build system. It inputs a l... Télécharger
adv-samba(freshmeat) adv-samba adv-samba is a PHP class to batch audit SAMBA r... Télécharger
adv-net(freshmeat) ADV_NET ADV_NET is a PHP class for communication betwee... Télécharger
cscp(freshmeat) CSCP CSCP (Cluster SCP) is a script that will copy a... Télécharger
enna(freshmeat) Enna Enna is a Media Center application. Featuring a... Télécharger
ar-epp-clnt-lib(sfnet) AusRegistry EPP Client Library AusRegistry's open source EPP client libraries. Télécharger
weather-forecast(freshmeat) Weather Forecast Weather Forecast is an API wrapper for worldwea... Télécharger
kurddic(sfnet) kurdish dictionary kurdish-persian persian-kurdish persian -englis... Télécharger

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