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zimbra-python-client(freshmeat) Zimbra Python Client Zimbra python client is a library meant to help... Télécharger
myant-dns(freshmeat) MyANT DNS MyANT DNS is a Web frontend for BIND DLZ that e... Télécharger
calendar-panel(freshmeat) Calendar Panel The Java Swing Calendar Panel is a calendar com... Télécharger
tgdl(freshmeat) tgdl tgdl is a tool for downloading telegazeta, the ... Télécharger
bc-j-mapi-w(sfnet) Brightcove Java Media API Wrapper -MOVED Java wrapper to call Brightcove Media API servi... Télécharger
sagan(freshmeat) Sagan Sagan can alert you when events are occurring i... Télécharger
dot4-tools(sfnet) 15dot4-tools A group of useful tools for working with 802.15... Télécharger
openafs(freshmeat) OpenAFS AFS is a distributed filesystem which offers a ... Télécharger
ctpproject(sfnet) ctpproject The Call to Power project is an attempt to brin... Télécharger
dvx(sfnet) DVX DVX is a video encoding tool with support for m... Télécharger
googlechartapi(sfnet) Google Chart Api java api to construct google chart url using o... Télécharger
psppockettool(sfnet) PSP Pocket Tool An attempt to transform my psp slim into a came... Télécharger
openeeg(sfnet) OpenEEG - EEG hardware and software Working hardware has been built and is in a lat... Télécharger
theshmupgame(sfnet) theshmupgame The Shmup Game is a highly configurable side-sc... Télécharger
gridnetworksim(sfnet) Grid Network Simulation using NS2 This project documents the development of a sui... Télécharger
python-xy(sfnet) Python(x, y) Python(x,y) is a free scientific and engineerin... Télécharger
linuxonandroid(sfnet) Linux-on-android This projects aim is to bring a range of linux ... Télécharger
openthinclient(sfnet) openthinclient.org OpenThinClient is an Open Source Thin Client So... Télécharger
software-artist(sfnet) software-artist Random image mashup taking in random SVG files ... Télécharger
jdict(sfnet) JDict Leitner system flashcard trainer -- Keywords: J... Télécharger
renamerv2(sfnet) renamerV2 Simple Tool. Can be usefull to remove or replac... Télécharger
yyuc(sfnet) yyuc net os YYUC is the best Web OS Télécharger
pgintcl(freshmeat) pgintcl pgintcl is a pure Tcl interface to the PostgreS... Télécharger
pgtclng(freshmeat) pgtcl-ng PostgreSQL Tcl Interface Next-Generation (pgtcl... Télécharger
picoreplayer(sfnet) picoreplayer Embedded squeezebox player build on microcore L... Télécharger
libcon(freshmeat) libcon libcon is a simple interface for sending files ... Télécharger
linthesia(sfnet) Linthesia Fork of Synthesia to GNU/Linux. Synthesia is a ... Télécharger
javailp(sfnet) Java ILP Java ILP is a simple java interface to (mixed) ... Télécharger
sablevm(sfnet) SableVM SableVM is a clean-room, highly portable and ef... Télécharger
puja(freshmeat) Puja Puja is a Django-like template engine for PHP. Télécharger
dkpro-similarity(freshmeat) DKPro Similarity DKPro Similarity is a framework for text simila... Télécharger
cncerp(sfnet) cncerp Weberp中文本地化衍生版 1、包含中文会计科目及税... Télécharger
hackersdownload(sfnet) Hackers Community Downloads Downloads from hackers community. Télécharger
wolf-software-colour-utilities(freshmeat) Wolf Software Colour Utilities Class Wolf Software Colour Utilities Class is a small... Télécharger
jsprograms(sfnet) JSPrograms JSPrograms is Finnish Freeware Software -company. Télécharger
directmemory(freshmeat) DirectMemory DirectMemory is an off-heap cache implementatio... Télécharger
maatkit(freshmeat) Maatkit Maatkit is a toolkit for users, developers, and... Télécharger
jww(sfnet) jww A Java Framework for handling of WebApplication... Télécharger
faerun(sfnet) Faerun A Total Conversion Mod for Civilization 5 Télécharger
sonar-2(freshmeat) Sonar Sonar enables you to collect, analyze, and repo... Télécharger
snmp2xml(freshmeat) snmp2xml snmp2xml is a program to convert snmpget output... Télécharger
ovm(freshmeat) Ovm Ovm is a framework for building programming lan... Télécharger
kuhn_munkres(freshmeat) kuhn_munkres The Hungarian algorithm solves the assignment p... Télécharger
seeks(freshmeat) Seeks Seeks is a Web search proxy, meta-search engine... Télécharger
flxlab(sfnet) FLXLab Psychology Experiment Software FLXLab is a program for running psychology expe... Télécharger
wolf-software-string-utilities(freshmeat) Wolf Software String Utilities Class Wolf Software String Utilities Class is a colle... Télécharger
wmtheme(sfnet) wmtheme wmtheme is a window manager theme utility. It c... Télécharger
moderncombat(sfnet) moderncombat Modern Combat... not to be completed so quickly... Télécharger
paludis(freshmeat) Paludis Paludis is a package manager for Gentoo (and de... Télécharger
xarizgaming(sfnet) xarizgaming XarizGaming TTT Map Pack Télécharger
jubler(freshmeat) Jubler Jubler is a tool for editing text-based subtitl... Télécharger
raspicam(sfnet) raspicam This library allows to use the Raspberry Pi Cam... Télécharger
ldap-address-book(freshmeat) LDAP Address Book LDAP Address Book is a Web application for brow... Télécharger
farly(freshmeat) Farly Farly provides firewall access-list searches, a... Télécharger
boxshade(sfnet) boxshade Boxshade is a program for creating good looking... Télécharger
phpdivelog(freshmeat) phpDiveLog phpDiveLog displays the information of your Aqu... Télécharger
xosl-ow(sfnet) xosl-ow Extended Operating System Loader (XOSL) is a fu... Télécharger
cloverefiboot(sfnet) Clover EFI bootloader This is EFI-based bootloader for BIOS-based com... Télécharger
pioneers(freshmeat) Pioneers Pioneers is a faithful Gtk2 translation of the ... Télécharger
nadozza-linux(freshmeat) Nadozza Linux Nadozza Linux is a Linux distribution that is m... Télécharger
ipt-netflow(freshmeat) Ipt-netflow ipt-netflow is high performance NetFlow exporti... Télécharger
solr_pager(freshmeat) solr_pager solr_pager is a SOLR paging component (plugin) ... Télécharger
karlyriceditor(freshmeat) Karaoke Lyrics Editor Karaoke Lyric Editor is a GUI application to ed... Télécharger
sessiond(freshmeat) sessiond sessiond allows a cluster of SSL/TLS servers to... Télécharger
open-xchange-virtual-appliance(freshmeat) Open-Xchange Virtual Appliance Open-Xchange Virtual Appliance is a virtual app... Télécharger
joomlawatch(freshmeat) JoomlaWatch JoomlaWatch allows you to watch your Web site v... Télécharger
boat-scenario(freshmeat) Boat Scenario Boat Scenario is a sailing drawing tool. It can... Télécharger
rpygtk(freshmeat) RPyGTK RPyGTK is a GTK+ based frontend for R designed ... Télécharger
tixi(freshmeat) TIXI TIXI is a fast and simple XML interface library... Télécharger
nastranpatransyntax(sfnet) MSC Patran & Nastran Syntax Highlighting Syntax definitions for MSC Patran and MSC Nastr... Télécharger
lyra(freshmeat) Lyra Lyra is a front-end to the Music Player Daemon ... Télécharger
jorgan(sfnet) jorgan jOrgan - Java Virtual Organ Télécharger
s6-networking(freshmeat) s6-networking s6-networking is a collection of small Unix too... Télécharger
trinux(sfnet) Trinux: A Linux Security Toolkit Trinux is a small ramdisk/floppy based Linux di... Télécharger
source-ruckus-linux(freshmeat) Source Ruckus Linux Source Ruckus Linux is an embeddable, robust Li... Télécharger
squirreloutlook(sfnet) Squirrelmail Outlook Skin Theme SquirrelOutlook is a standards-based webmail pa... Télécharger
autowpchange(sfnet) AutoWallpaper This simple application automatically changes t... Télécharger
pcraster(sfnet) PCRaster PCRaster is a collection of tools and software ... Télécharger
firestarter(sfnet) FireStarter The goal of FireStarter is to provide easy to u... Télécharger
proyectgeneral(sfnet) ProyectGeneral Almacen de proyectos varios Télécharger
source-ruckus-packager(freshmeat) Source Ruckus Packager The Source Ruckus Packager (SRP) is a lightweig... Télécharger
wolf-software-latitude-and-lon(freshmeat) Wolf Software Latitude and Longitude Class Wolf Software Latitude and Longitude Class is a... Télécharger
hxcfloppyemu(sfnet) HxC Floppy Drive Emulator The aim of HxC Floppy Emulator project is to pr... Télécharger
alscan(freshmeat) Alscan alscan extracts data from Web server access log... Télécharger
lettersfall-2(freshmeat) LettersFall 2 LettersFall 2 is a word game that combines Tetr... Télécharger
gwt-mpv-apt(freshmeat) gwt-mpv-apt gwt-mpv-apt is a annotation processor (natively... Télécharger
jipes(freshmeat) Jipes Jipes is a Java library that allows you to effi... Télécharger
ngsonestop(sfnet) NGSonestop No description Télécharger
mubuntuproject(sfnet) MU Linux Project It's an Ubuntu-based Linux distro, that combine... Télécharger
libglass(freshmeat) libGlass libGlass is a scalable set of components that c... Télécharger
weather-or-not(freshmeat) WeatherLog WeatherLog is an application for keeping track ... Télécharger
noa-libre(freshmeat) NOA-libre Due to C portability, OpenOffice.org's usual mi... Télécharger
webpagecms(sfnet) Webpage CMS No description Télécharger
urubinaries(sfnet) uru binaries Be more productive using the multiple rubies on... Télécharger
dircmp(sfnet) dircmp a shell script to recursively compare 2 directo... Télécharger
pagesdialect(sfnet) Pages Dialect for Thymeleaf This dialect for Thymeleaf add some utilities l... Télécharger
bender2k(sfnet) bender2k bender site projexts Télécharger
langner(freshmeat) Langner Langer is an object oriented, rule based progra... Télécharger
tryton(freshmeat) Tryton Tryton is a three-tier high-level general purpo... Télécharger
the-crud-application-for-ujorm(freshmeat) Demo-Hotels Demo-Hotels is a Web-based hotel booking system... Télécharger

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