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fortune-mod-southpark(freshmeat) fortune-mod-southpark South Park Fortunes is a package containing var... Télécharger
fortune-mod-powerpuff(freshmeat) fortune-mod-powerpuff fortune-mod-powerpuff is a compilation of quote... Télécharger
tumblefile(freshmeat) Tumblefile Every five minutes, Tumblefile copies all files... Télécharger
randombanner(freshmeat) RandomBanner RandomBanner is a PHP class that generates HTML... Télécharger
himantura(sfnet) project discontinued project discontinued.. Télécharger
the-grind(freshmeat) The Grind The Grind is a simple game about avoiding respo... Télécharger
sv2gl(freshmeat) sv2gl sv2gl is a game library that attempts to take a... Télécharger
triplane-classic(freshmeat) Triplane Classic Triplane Classic is a side-scrolling dogfightin... Télécharger
nuda(sfnet) NUDA NUDA (= Nemerle Unified Device Architecture) is... Télécharger
snowballspacks(sfnet) snowballspacks Sound and music packs for HLDJ. Télécharger
minimp3tag(sfnet) Mini Mp3Tag This is a small program that helps you change t... Télécharger
easydosystem(sfnet) Easy DOS Operating System Easy DOS is my os I made when I was 14 years old Télécharger
sedgdsa(sfnet) Social Event Detection The object of this project is develop an scalab... Télécharger
lmsda(sfnet) lmsda This program assists you when working with a Le... Télécharger
wnsql(sfnet) WordNetSQL WordNet Database in various SQL format Télécharger
glf(sfnet) OpenGL Framework (GLF) G-Truc Creation is an open source and creativit... Télécharger
idevblogexample(sfnet) idevblogexample iDev Blog code examples is intended to help nov... Télécharger
lcdmanager(sfnet) LCD Manager GTK client for LCDproc. The screens are optimiz... Télécharger
qccpack(sfnet) QccPack QccPack provides an open-source collection of l... Télécharger
wrapper(sfnet) Java Service Wrapper Configurable tool which allows Java application... Télécharger
appmarkv(sfnet) mark venneker's apps verschillende apps..... Télécharger
cssh-concurrent-ssh(freshmeat) cssh (Concurrent SSH) pssh and shmux have some customization issues, ... Télécharger
gbdfed(freshmeat) gbdfed gbdfed is a GTK+-based BDF font editor. Multipl... Télécharger
autohotkeyscrip(sfnet) AutoHotKey Script AutohotKey script for WoW Télécharger
baculafs(freshmeat) BaculaFS BaculaFS is a tool, developed independently of ... Télécharger
phpvirtualbox(freshmeat) phpVirtualBox phpVirtualBox is an AJAX implementation of the ... Télécharger
tomato4dlink(sfnet) tomato4dlink Tomato USB is an alternative Linux-based firmwa... Télécharger
ajaxtags13fixed(sfnet) ajaxtags 1.3 fixed ajaxtags 1.3 with some improvements and bugfixes Télécharger
gedit-arduino-tool(freshmeat) gedit-arduino-tool gedit-arduino-tool is script that can be used a... Télécharger
asternet(freshmeat) AsterNET AsterNET is a library of C# classes that allow ... Télécharger
calypso(sfnet) Calypso : anonymous P2P Calypso is a file sharing client using the anon... Télécharger
qsforums(sfnet) qsforums Quicksilver Forums is a fast, feature rich bull... Télécharger
ieee1451(sfnet) IEEE 1451 implementation An IEEE 1451 implementation in Java using SunSPOTs Télécharger
kesmba(sfnet) kesmba This project contains atlasing code for large-v... Télécharger
mpg123(sfnet) mpg123 This is the fast and Free (LGPL license) real t... Télécharger
pa-wavplay(sfnet) Matlab multi-channel audio pa-wavplay is a set of Matlab mex files enablin... Télécharger
jquery-woopra-plugin(freshmeat) jQuery Woopra plugin jQuery Woopra plugin is a plugin for incorporat... Télécharger
livespaces(freshmeat) Livespaces Livespaces is an operating system for building ... Télécharger
funscript(freshmeat) F-Script F-Script is a lightweight scripting layer speci... Télécharger
phoneutria(freshmeat) phoneutria phoneutria is a Web crawler that is multi-threa... Télécharger
gtk-xdebug-client(freshmeat) gtk-xdebug-client gtk-xdebug-client is a DBGp debugger for (prima... Télécharger
nted(freshmeat) NtEd NtEd is a musical score editor. It features a W... Télécharger
plume-creator(sfnet) Plume Creator With Plume Creator, organize your writing proje... Télécharger
list2pkg(freshmeat) list2pkg List2pkg is a program to create Slackware packa... Télécharger
gzrbot(freshmeat) GZRBOT GZRBOT is a port of GOZERBOT to the Google Appl... Télécharger
dynastop(freshmeat) DynaStop DynaStop is a utility to examine IPv4 based add... Télécharger
asp4(freshmeat) ASP4 ASP4 is a Web development environment. It uses ... Télécharger
bombic(freshmeat) Bombic Bombic is a 2D Dynablaster clone that uses SDL. Télécharger
kulic(freshmeat) Kulic Kulic is a computer game where the only goal is... Télécharger
organon(freshmeat) Organon Organon is a tool to manage development project... Télécharger
transmogrifier(sfnet) transmogrifier Transmogrifier is a tool developed at the 318 l... Télécharger
firebird277ddex(sfnet) Firebird 2.7.7 DDEX installer This is installer of Firebird Tools for Visual ... Télécharger
lhadecompressor(sfnet) LHA Decompressor for Java A Java library for LHA format file/stream decom... Télécharger
gnude(sfnet) GNU Development Environment GNUDE is a complete suite of GNU C, C++, Fortra... Télécharger
grafflemate(sfnet) ArchiMate Omnigraffle stencils This is a set of Omnigraffle Stencils and Templ... Télécharger
wireless(sfnet) CUWiN Community Wireless Network The CUWiN Foundation develops decentralized, co... Télécharger
jazzyk(sfnet) Jazzyk Jazzyk - a special-purpose programming language... Télécharger
matdeb7(sfnet) Matdeb7 Debian MateDesktop Live OS Debian MateDesktop L... Télécharger
dmg2iso(sfnet) dmg2iso Now dmg2iso Service 1.0 is included with the dr... Télécharger
harbour-project(sfnet) Harbour Harbour is the free software implementation of ... Télécharger
videosubfinder(sfnet) VideoSubFinder This program allows by a finding video images w... Télécharger
draw2013(sfnet) FMI Informatics Computer Graphics FMI Informatics Computer Graphics / Vector Soft... Télécharger
udt-java(sfnet) UDT-Java UDT-Java provides a native Java implementation ... Télécharger
lingsig(sfnet) TEI LingSIG This is the experimentation and production spac... Télécharger
itech(sfnet) itech iTech productions homepage. Tutorials, software... Télécharger
staccatocommons(sfnet) Staccato-Commons Staccato-Commons is a project that extends and ... Télécharger
magserver(sfnet) magserver MagServer components is a open source project t... Télécharger
travianoffline(sfnet) Travian - Offline TravianOffline - its realtime strategy game wit... Télécharger
javizy(sfnet) javizy Multipurpose java toolkit Télécharger
kanopya-private-cloud(freshmeat) Kanopya Private Cloud Kanopya Private Cloud is a solution for dynamic... Télécharger
imet(freshmeat) The Image Expansion Tool imet is a GIMP filter which expands the image i... Télécharger
mpd_sima(freshmeat) MPD_sima MPD_sima is a Python script meant to deal with ... Télécharger
piecemeal(freshmeat) Piecemeal Piecemeal is a system to hook together differen... Télécharger
processcontrol(freshmeat) ProcessControl ProcessControl is a script that allows advanced... Télécharger
jalamap(freshmeat) jalamap Jalamap is an Java layer over Mappy's V3 HTTP S... Télécharger
newpods(freshmeat) newpods Newpods can help you sync recently downloaded p... Télécharger
jsingleton(freshmeat) JSingleton Have you ever wanted to create a Java class whe... Télécharger
jreloader(freshmeat) JReloader JReloader is a tool that enables class reloadin... Télécharger
open-classifieds(freshmeat) Open Classifieds Open Classifieds is a script for classified ads... Télécharger
coretrace(freshmeat) coretrace Coretrace is a lightweight tool for debugging e... Télécharger
panoptes(freshmeat) Panoptes Panoptes is a scalable, extensible network and ... Télécharger
perl-ripdoc(freshmeat) Perl ripdoc perl-ripdoc extracts documentation that follows... Télécharger
chdk(sfnet) CHDK CHDK is a firmware enhancement that operates on... Télécharger
wolf-software-mysql-size-perl(freshmeat) Wolf Software Mysql Size (Perl) Wolf Software Mysql Size (Perl) is a small Perl... Télécharger
hungsoundpack(sfnet) hungsoundpack nesztek bzmeg njoy :D Télécharger
lworm(freshmeat) lworm lworm is a lightweight ORM (Object Relational M... Télécharger
faumachine(freshmeat) FAUmachine FAUmachine is a virtual machine that emulates a... Télécharger
ipxe(freshmeat) iPXE iPXE is a network boot firmware. It provides a ... Télécharger
instasearch(freshmeat) InstaSearch InstaSearch is an Eclipse IDE plug-in for perfo... Télécharger
mypaint(freshmeat) MyPaint MyPaint is a program for painting images from s... Télécharger
wikireader(sfnet) wikireader A offline wikipedia reader for Android SO. Télécharger
gbsconv(sfnet) GBS Command-Line Converter Command-line interface for the GBA Movie Player... Télécharger
oauth-php(freshmeat) oauth-php oauth-php is a PHP library for OAuth consumers ... Télécharger
mypages(freshmeat) MyPages MyPages is a simple, but surprisingly cunning, ... Télécharger
rowscope(freshmeat) Rowscope Rowscope is a file viewer for large text files.... Télécharger
ip2clue(freshmeat) ip2clue ip2clue provides access to multiple databases (... Télécharger
quore(freshmeat) Quore Quore is an atmospheric Quake engine running on... Télécharger
pybikey(freshmeat) pybikey pybikey is a Python/Django based implementation... Télécharger
openev(sfnet) OpenEV A library and reference application for viewing... Télécharger
mission-x(freshmeat) Mission X Mission X is a multi-platform space shooter fea... Télécharger

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