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adempierechile(sfnet) ADempiere Idempiere Localization Chile This project is an extension to the Adempiere p... Télécharger
coinchebox(sfnet) CoincheBox This Java application is a coinche game. Rules ... Télécharger
gnac(freshmeat) Gnac Gnac is an easy-to-use audio conversion program... Télécharger
stl4su(sfnet) stl4su An STL format importer/exporter plugin script f... Télécharger
conio4linux(sfnet) Conio for linux Librería c++ optimizada, basada en la conio.h d... Télécharger
panotools(sfnet) Panorama Tools The cross-platform library behind Panorama Tool... Télécharger
infinity-plugin(freshmeat) Infinity Plugin Infinity is a visualization plugin with light e... Télécharger
netmap(freshmeat) NetMap Generator Netmap can be used to make a graphical represen... Télécharger
zanate(freshmeat) Zanate Zanate is a jQuery plugin for creating slide sh... Télécharger
wavpack(freshmeat) wavpack WavPack is a completely open audio compression ... Télécharger
stash-2(freshmeat) Stash Stash is a simple multi-platform browser-based ... Télécharger
sxengine(freshmeat) SxEngine SxEngine is a modern, modular, and cross platfo... Télécharger
rails-rest-optionsful(freshmeat) Optionsful Provide dynamic information about resources via... Télécharger
watnu(freshmeat) watnu "Wat nu" (Low German for "what n... Télécharger
id321(freshmeat) id321 id321 is a command line ID3 tag manipulation to... Télécharger
macs-framework(sfnet) macs-framework Macs CMS is a Flat File ( XML and SQLite ) base... Télécharger
toc(sfnet) The Other Configure toc is a smaller-scope replacement for GNU Auto... Télécharger
xenqtt(sfnet) xenqtt A library that includes a Java MQTT client API ... Télécharger
daocwarshard(sfnet) daocwarshard Warshard DAOC Private SVN http://daoc.warshard.net Télécharger
yy520(sfnet) Honor丶妖孽 Honor丶妖孽 qq312506830 yy娱乐 视频专用 Télécharger
scientificcalculator(sfnet) Scientific Calculator Fully functional scientific calculator with nat... Télécharger
ciphergeekcube(sfnet) CUbE The CUbE, Completely Uber Entity! Télécharger
javacalltracer(sfnet) Java Call Trace to UML Sequence Diagram This tool helps you to reverse engineer UML Seq... Télécharger
thinking-forth(sfnet) thinking-forth Thinking Forth captures the philosophy of the l... Télécharger
grubed(sfnet) BEeN GRUBed A universal Operating System Installer for Wind... Télécharger
rcwv2wav(sfnet) rcwv2wav Convert rcwv audio files, which used in Persona... Télécharger
microview(sfnet) MicroView MicroView is a 2D/3D image viewer and analysis ... Télécharger
mangareader(sfnet) mangareader MangaReader is a Windows application made in Py... Télécharger
ctags(sfnet) Exuberant Ctags Exuberant Ctags is a multilanguage reimplementa... Télécharger
owbooster(sfnet) Open Workbench Booster [EN & FR] When using the xml mode in Open W... Télécharger
php-xcolor(freshmeat) PHP xColor The PHP xColor class allows you to calculate co... Télécharger
php-xfraction(freshmeat) PHP xFraction The PHP xFraction class offers an easy way to c... Télécharger
php-facedetection(freshmeat) PHP Facedetection PHP Facedetection is a PHP extension that offer... Télécharger
php-infusion(freshmeat) PHP Infusion The PHP Infusion extension offers many function... Télécharger
php-idna(freshmeat) PHP IDNA PHP IDNA is a PHP wrapper for libidn that allow... Télécharger
lljvm(freshmeat) LLJVM LLJVM provides a set of tools and libraries for... Télécharger
damgd-url-shortner(freshmeat) Dam.gd URL Shortner Dam.gd Shortened URL Generator is a system that... Télécharger
oss-license-extract(freshmeat) Automatic OSS License Extraction Automatic OSS License Extraction recursively sc... Télécharger
yum(freshmeat) Yellow dog Updater, Modified Yum (Yellow dog Updater, Modified) is an automa... Télécharger
wdscript(sfnet) wdscript WDScript and Linux portability of WDScript Proj... Télécharger
g-iot(sfnet) GEMS IoT Bi-directional Wireless Sensor Line Protocol(Bi... Télécharger
semwldms(sfnet) SemW-LDMS LDMS is a Linked Data Mangement System which wa... Télécharger
opencpn(freshmeat) OpenCPN OpenCPN is a simple, concise sailing chart plot... Télécharger
lxc-provider(freshmeat) lxc-provider lxc-provider is a suite of scripts and configur... Télécharger
cgettext(freshmeat) cgettext cross gettext is an attempt to build gettext th... Télécharger
netcrack(freshmeat) NetCrack NetCrack is cluster software developed to distr... Télécharger
dvdstylerpe(sfnet) DVDStyler Portable Edition DVDStyler Portable Edition is the DVDStyler DVD... Télécharger
spinnevspunkt(sfnet) Programm-sammlungen Eine Sammlung von KProgramme Télécharger
jpg2pdf(sfnet) jpg2pdf Small tool that creates a PDF file with thumbna... Télécharger
bookingpad(freshmeat) Bookingpad Bookingpad is a Web-based booking system. Its a... Télécharger
beeseek(freshmeat) BeeSeek BeeSeek is a search engine that gives guarantie... Télécharger
ground-squirrel(freshmeat) Ground Squirrel Ground Squirrel is a Java-based, lightweight In... Télécharger
linfo(freshmeat) Linfo Linfo displays system statistics such as disk s... Télécharger
vdubapngmod(sfnet) VirtualDub APNG Mod VirtualDub APNG Mod is created to provide Anima... Télécharger
jgibblda(sfnet) JGibbLDA A Java Implementation of Latent Dirichlet Alloc... Télécharger
htmlparser(sfnet) HTML Parser HTML Parser is a Java library used to parse HTM... Télécharger
geopdes(sfnet) geopdes GeoPDEs is a suite of software tools for resea... Télécharger
pktriggercord(sfnet) pkTriggerCord Remote control for Pentax DSLR cameras. Télécharger
t5taggerpm(freshmeat) T5Tagger.pm T5Tagger is a statistical tagger using the Vite... Télécharger
lemmapm(freshmeat) Lemma.pm Lemma.pm is a Perl module that implements a lem... Télécharger
k3ngpiccwkeyer(sfnet) K3NG PIC CW Keyer No description Télécharger
sqlunit(sfnet) SQLUnit A unit testing framework for regression testing... Télécharger
complock(sfnet) CompLock CompLock will lock your computer COMPLETELY, on... Télécharger
antergos(sfnet) Antergos The purpose of Antergos is to provide a modern,... Télécharger
gedit-pair-char-autocomplete(freshmeat) gedit-pair-char-autocomplete gedit-pair-char-autocomplete is a gedit plugin ... Télécharger
eproxy(sfnet) phproxy encrypt phproxy0.5b2 的衍生程序,主要增加了加密模块 Télécharger
onlinemovietick(sfnet) Online Movie Ticket Booking This is a JSP project with HTML and AJAX with a... Télécharger
phptaskdaemon(freshmeat) PhpTaskDaemon PhpTaskDaemon is a daemon framework for running... Télécharger
sark100swranaly(sfnet) SARK100 SWR Analyzer The SARK100 SWR Analyzer (http://www.ea4frb.eu/... Télécharger
dust(freshmeat) DUST DUST (Driver UpdateS Tool) is designed to "... Télécharger
ffconverter(sfnet) FFConverter This promises to be a neat and simple ffmpeg fr... Télécharger
roms4droid(sfnet) Android ROMs Find a ROM for your device. Télécharger
gif2apng(sfnet) GIF to APNG This program converts GIF animations into anima... Télécharger
simplehrm(sfnet) SimpleHRM SimpleHRM is an intuitive, easy-to-use and affo... Télécharger
katana-usb(sfnet) Katana : Multi-Boot Security Suite Katana packages security / ethical hacking dist... Télécharger
explore2fspe(sfnet) explore2fs Portable Edition explore2fs Portable Edition is the explore2fs L... Télécharger
python-bg(sfnet) Python Docs in Bulgarian Effort to translate Python documentation in Bul... Télécharger
gps-javsim(sfnet) GPS A GPS simulator created in java. It contains a ... Télécharger
climax(freshmeat) Climax Climax is a Java commandline argument parsing f... Télécharger
synedit(sfnet) SynEdit SynEdit is a syntax highlighting edit control, ... Télécharger
gosp(sfnet) GlyphStudy Open Source Projects Resources to support computer aided Egyptologic... Télécharger
abplayer(freshmeat) ABPlayer ABPlayer is a video player developed with the F... Télécharger
jirafeau(freshmeat) Jirafeau Jirafeau allows uploading files on the Web and... Télécharger
virtualbox-com(freshmeat) virtualbox-COM The virtualbox-COM Ruby gem is a library that p... Télécharger
jdpp(sfnet) Java Data Processing Project Java Data Processing Project aims to manipulate... Télécharger
dualnbacklite(sfnet) Dual N-Back Lite A simple dual n-back trainer, written in C++, a... Télécharger
vbangband(sfnet) vbangband This is an Angband-like game written in VB.NET Télécharger
libre(freshmeat) libre libre is a generic library for real-time commun... Télécharger
php-on-pie(freshmeat) PHP On Pie PHP On Pie is a PHP framework that combines the... Télécharger
wbmtranslator(freshmeat) wbmtranslator wbmtranslator is a translation assistant for we... Télécharger
paperkey(freshmeat) Paperkey A reasonable way to achieve a long term backup ... Télécharger
widgetterm(sfnet) WidgetTerm WidgetTerm is a terminal Dashboard Widget for M... Télécharger
mobitest(sfnet) mobitest Testing of speech recognition software Télécharger
wunderbar(freshmeat) wunderbar Wunderbar is a program which is able to identif... Télécharger
rpcbind(sfnet) RPCBind The rpcbind utility is a server that converts R... Télécharger
playstation4emulatorx8664pc(sfnet) PS4 EMX: Playstation 4 Emulator This project has been closed here due to suspic... Télécharger
koboldsquest(freshmeat) Kobold's Quest 1 Kobold's Quest 1 is a heroic fantasy RPG-Advent... Télécharger
drbd(freshmeat) drbd Drbd is a block device which is designed to bui... Télécharger
immutable-collections-for-java(freshmeat) Immutable Collections for Java Immutable Collections for Java is a library pro... Télécharger
groovylab(sfnet) GroovyLab The GroovyLab environment aims to provide a MAT... Télécharger

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