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joms(freshmeat) JOMS JOMS is a CMS that allows you to describe permi... Télécharger
agentweb-05(freshmeat) AgentWeb AgentWeb is an on-going project to develop a cl... Télécharger
pymorph(freshmeat) Pymorph Pymorph is a collection of pure Python implemen... Télécharger
iman(freshmeat) iMan iMan is a man page viewer for Mac OS X. It prov... Télécharger
netwag(freshmeat) netwag Netwag is a graphical network toolbox. Télécharger
netwib(freshmeat) netwib Netwib provides most functions needed by networ... Télécharger
pyscxml(freshmeat) pyscxml pyscxml provides a pure Python compiler and int... Télécharger
awesome(freshmeat) awesome awesome is a highly configurable, next generati... Télécharger
srr-database-simulator(freshmeat) SRR database simulator SRR database simulator is a PHP class for stori... Télécharger
chef(freshmeat) Chef Chef is a systems integration framework, built ... Télécharger
hudsontracker(sfnet) hudsonTracker This is a handy utility which monitors the stat... Télécharger
newebe(freshmeat) Newebe Social networks store all our data and shape th... Télécharger
abc(sfnet) The ABC Music Project ABC is a text-based music notation language. Th... Télécharger
fast-developer(sfnet) FAST The Archieve of Flash Projector Windows, Linux... Télécharger
rjumper(sfnet) Robot Jumper This game is created in Scratch. Télécharger
m-box(sfnet) m-box Media Box software for listening musik watch vi... Télécharger
brutal-squirrel(freshmeat) Brutal squirrel Brutal squirrel is a converter to hex digits (p... Télécharger
oss-drivers(sfnet) oss-device-drivers The project intends to be a repository of Open ... Télécharger
jmeterenhancements(sfnet) Jmeter Enhancements The present JMeter application has some feature... Télécharger
cpos-recovery(freshmeat) cpos-recovery cpos-recovery is a tool that makes a bootable b... Télécharger
vxref(freshmeat) vxref vxref provides integration of the xref tool int... Télécharger
letalite(freshmeat) letalite Letalite aims to be a friendly GTK+ user interf... Télécharger
appinfo(freshmeat) AppInfo AppInfo is a small library that provides an eas... Télécharger
kap(freshmeat) KAP Kap is a karaoke audio-video player designed wi... Télécharger
devcontest(freshmeat) DevContest DevContest is a tool for teachers of programmin... Télécharger
phpmydb(freshmeat) phpMyDB phpMyDB is a PHP class for using MySQL database... Télécharger
libsieve(freshmeat) libSieve libSieve is an implementation of the Sieve mail... Télécharger
employear(sfnet) employear Keep track of the attendances of employees. Us... Télécharger
gnome-boxes(freshmeat) GNOME Boxes GNOME Boxes lets you easily create and use loca... Télécharger
imagetoolsnet(sfnet) Image Tools Image Tools is a screen capture, file sharing a... Télécharger
wptasks(sfnet) wptasks Task Manager implemented with WordPress Télécharger
gimpuserfilter(freshmeat) Gimp User Filter Plug-in Gimp User Filter is a work-alike to Adobe's Fil... Télécharger
secluded-notes(freshmeat) Secluded Notes Secluded Notes is a simple text editor that kee... Télécharger
texlexan(freshmeat) TexLexAn TexLexAn allows you to drag and drop a document... Télécharger
htdocsplayer(freshmeat) htdocsplayer htdocsplayer is a Web browser that is combined ... Télécharger
terrastore(freshmeat) Terrastore Terrastore is a modern document store which pro... Télécharger
fdrpg(freshmeat) FreedroidRPG FreedroidRPG is an isometric RPG game inspired ... Télécharger
bitnami-postgresql-module(freshmeat) BitNami PostgreSQL module BitNami PostgreSQL module is an add-on for WAMP... Télécharger
aqemu(sfnet) AQEMU AQEMU is GUI to QEMU and KVM emulators, written... Télécharger
openwebx(freshmeat) openWebX openWebX is yet another object oriented PHP fra... Télécharger
theapptransform(sfnet) The App Transformer You give us a website, that you use regularly, ... Télécharger
wolf-software-mysql-size-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software Mysql Size Class Wolf Software Mysql Size Class is a small light... Télécharger
hydra-slayer(freshmeat) Hydra Slayer Hydra Slayer is a Roguelike game focused on one... Télécharger
freenet(freshmeat) Freenet Freenet is a peer-to-peer network designed to a... Télécharger
tanidvr(sfnet) TaniDVR TaniDVR is a CLI tool for managing and capturin... Télécharger
wolf-software-piechart-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software Piechart Class Wolf Software Piechart Class is a simple class ... Télécharger
thunderbird-osx(sfnet) Thunderbird OS X Adress Book Edititon Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0x under Mac OS X has the... Télécharger
dddistribution(sfnet) Domain Driven Distribution A distribution scheme for providing multiple us... Télécharger
conchart(freshmeat) Conchart Conchart is a tool to visualize the timing of n... Télécharger
jolomea(freshmeat) Jolomea Jolomea (JOomla LOcalisation Made EAsy) is a co... Télécharger
jodreports(sfnet) JODReports JODReports is a solution for generating dynamic... Télécharger
timestomp-gui(sfnet) timestomp-gui Simple Graphical User Interface for the program... Télécharger
linkenforos(sfnet) linkenforos Sistema de foros Open source, puedes editar, me... Télécharger
sqlitemanager(freshmeat) SQLiteManager SQLiteManager is a multilingual Web-based tool ... Télécharger
dom4j(freshmeat) dom4j dom4j is an easy to use, open source library fo... Télécharger
sitepages_guard(freshmeat) sitepages_guard sitepages_guard is a PHP class to monitor and r... Télécharger
trashcan(freshmeat) Trash Can Trash Can is a recycle bin implementation for t... Télécharger
epub2pdf(freshmeat) epub2pdf epub2pdf is a command-line tool that quickly ge... Télécharger
libgoog_php(freshmeat) libgoog_php Libgoog_php is a PHP class library to work with... Télécharger
shared-questionnaire-system(freshmeat) Shared Questionnaire System Shared Questionnaire System (SQS) is an integra... Télécharger
libtap-testing(freshmeat) libtap-testing libtap is a C implementation of the Test Anythi... Télécharger
hdsync(freshmeat) HDSync HDSync provides synchronous playback of differe... Télécharger
e-night(sfnet) E-Night A Program used to fire fireworks via a computer... Télécharger
showkeys(freshmeat) showkeys Showkeys is a simple program to display keys be... Télécharger
titleinsurancec(sfnet) TitleInsuranceCalculator This is a calculator for calculate title insura... Télécharger
vssbe(sfnet) vsSBE Extended event handling in Visual Studio. Full ... Télécharger
tripwire(sfnet) Open Source Tripwire® "Open Source Tripwire® software is a secur... Télécharger
jstock-free-stock-market-progr(freshmeat) JStock JStock is a stock market software for 26 countr... Télécharger
smasher(freshmeat) Smasher Smasher is a lightweight, cross-platform audio ... Télécharger
java-simple-plugin-framework(freshmeat) Java Simple Plugin Framework The Java Simple Plugin Framework is a framework... Télécharger
add-machine(sfnet) Simple Console-Based Addition Machine VERY primitive console-based Addition Machine. Télécharger
feed(freshmeat) FEED FEED is a commandline feed reader supporting At... Télécharger
iconvnet(sfnet) iconv .NET The project is convert a file from a encoding t... Télécharger
robustdepthmeth(sfnet) Robust depth methods for MGED Implematation of robust depth-based inference t... Télécharger
j2eespider(sfnet) j2eespider SPIDER on Rails (new name of J2EE Spider) is a ... Télécharger
butterfly-persistence(freshmeat) Butterfly Persistence Butterfly Persistence is a simple, no nonsense ... Télécharger
cream(freshmeat) Cream for Vim Cream is a configuration of the famous Vim text... Télécharger
runpon(freshmeat) RunPON RunPON establishes a network connection by call... Télécharger
solaris-sysstat(freshmeat) sysstat for Solaris sysstat complements Solaris' system tools for p... Télécharger
symplik-fndloader(freshmeat) SYMPLiK FNDLOADER SYMPLiK FNDLOADER is a Java wrapper for the too... Télécharger
qtexengine(freshmeat) QTeXEngine QTeXEngine enables Qt based applications to eas... Télécharger
xslet(freshmeat) xslet / xslui xslui is an XSLT applet to display Web pages wi... Télécharger
merakogps(freshmeat) MerakoGPS MerakoGPS is a set of software for Merako-serie... Télécharger
db2-syntax-analyzer(freshmeat) Zemucan Zemucan assists DB2 users while writing command... Télécharger
irrlicht(freshmeat) Irrlicht Engine The Irrlicht Engine is a high performance real-... Télécharger
opencpi(freshmeat) OpenCPI The Open Component Portability Infrastructure (... Télécharger
composestar(freshmeat) Compose* Compose* is a project that aims at enhancing th... Télécharger
mimemessageclass(freshmeat) MIME Email message class The MIME Email message class composes and sends... Télécharger
giftedmotion(freshmeat) GiftedMotion GiftedMotion is a small and easy-to-use GIF ani... Télécharger
wine(sfnet) Wine Is Not an Emulator Wine is an Open Source implementation of the Wi... Télécharger
nilibasicpic24(sfnet) nilibasicpic24 BASIC interpreter for the 16bit PIC microcontro... Télécharger
pcmanfm-mod(sfnet) PCManFM-Mod A modified version of the legacy PCMan File Man... Télécharger
capitalism(sfnet) Capi City Play Monopoly like games online. Télécharger
xup(sfnet) xup xup,tiny upload n tiny urls for sharing Télécharger
gnade(sfnet) GNat Ada 95 Database Environment (GNADE) The intention of the GNat Ada Database Environm... Télécharger
ccmt(sfnet) CCMT Cloud Computing based Management Tools Télécharger
janivalibrary(sfnet) Janiva Library JavaScript image gallery framework and library ... Télécharger
remotefs(sfnet) remotefs Network file system designed for use with home ... Télécharger
swift(freshmeat) Swift Swift allows you to connect and chat with all y... Télécharger
triluliludownlo(sfnet) triluliludownlo trilulilu downloader is a free tool for downloa... Télécharger

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