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libstatgrab(freshmeat) libstatgrab The libstatgrab library provides an easy-to-use... Télécharger
php-common-data-gateway(freshmeat) PHP common data gateway PHP common data gateway sets and gets values of... Télécharger
bhproject(sfnet) bhproject This is first test project Télécharger
petit(freshmeat) Petit Petit was developed to quickly analyze syslog a... Télécharger
phundament(freshmeat) phundament phundament is a Yii module for implementing con... Télécharger
palm-strip-export(freshmeat) palm-strip-export Palm-Strip-Export is a utility to export your l... Télécharger
directvnc(freshmeat) DirectVNC DirectVNC is a client implementing the remote f... Télécharger
agglomerated-ssl(freshmeat) Agglomerated SSL Agglomerated SSL was written in order to hide t... Télécharger
kaelserver(sfnet) Kael Server Download Descargas de la pagina de kael-server.com.ar Télécharger
hconframework(sfnet) Hcon Security Testing Framework HconSTF is Open Source Penetration Testing Fram... Télécharger
geopw(sfnet) GeoJModelBuilder GeoJModelBuilder couples geosprocessing Web ser... Télécharger
bwhttpaccessapi(sfnet) Blackwave HTTP Access API A POSIX-like API for accessing HTTP devices. P... Télécharger
bio-bwa(sfnet) Burrows-Wheeler Aligner BWA is a program for aligning sequencing reads ... Télécharger
javarobot(sfnet) Java Robot This Java software permits to control a real ro... Télécharger
gpsim(sfnet) gpsim - The gnupic Simulator gpsim is an open sourced simulator for Microchi... Télécharger
dualmonitortool(sfnet) dualmonitortool Tools for Windows users with dual or multiple d... Télécharger
redis-desktop-manager(freshmeat) Redis Desktop Manager Redis Desktop Manager is a fast, simple, and cr... Télécharger
opensit(sfnet) Geo Arbores Geo Arbores is a project for developing tools a... Télécharger
libutillery(freshmeat) LibUtillery LibUtillery is a free, BSD-licensed programmer'... Télécharger
php-oauth-api(freshmeat) PHP OAuth API PHP OAuth API authorizes user access using the ... Télécharger
jobimtext(freshmeat) JobimText JobimText provides a software solution for auto... Télécharger
xtract(freshmeat) Xtract Xtract is an extendable, scriptable data extrac... Télécharger
xdotool-gui(sfnet) xdotool-gui A gui for xdotool. Make it esay to used in gnome. Télécharger
morsegif(freshmeat) morsegif Morsegif converts text into an animated GIF of ... Télécharger
compa(freshmeat) Compa Compa is a GNOME panel applet which can display... Télécharger
atomthreads(freshmeat) Atomthreads Atomthreads is a highly portable RTOS and sched... Télécharger
amd-x86-open64-compiler-suite(freshmeat) AMD x86 Open64 Compiler Suite The AMD x86 Open64 Compiler Suite is derived fr... Télécharger
phpbf(freshmeat) PHPBF PHPBF is a Brainf**k compiler and interpreter. ... Télécharger
nanowime(freshmeat) nanoWIME nanoWIME is JavaScript-based editor for wiki ma... Télécharger
worthens(sfnet) worthens David Worthen Family Tree Télécharger
yyast(freshmeat) YYAST YYAST is a library which completes Lex and Yacc... Télécharger
blogbench(freshmeat) Blogbench Blogbench is a portable filesystem benchmark th... Télécharger
qdgdf(freshmeat) Quick and Dirty Game Development Framework qdgdf (Quick and Dirty Game Development Framewo... Télécharger
fsmgen(freshmeat) FSMGen The FSMGen program is a compiler that assembles... Télécharger
vastsky(freshmeat) Vastsky Vastsky is a Linux-based cluster storage system... Télécharger
goaccess(freshmeat) GoAccess GoAccess is a real-time Web log analyzer and in... Télécharger
probemaker(sfnet) ProbeMaker ProbeMaker is a framework for design of sets of... Télécharger
openfootie(sfnet) OpenFootie A text-based soccer match generation engine. Re... Télécharger
plsqleditor(sfnet) plsqleditor PL/SQL Editor Plugin for Eclipse using file and... Télécharger
cygwin-rpm(sfnet) Cygwin RPM RPM (RedHat Package Manager) and a collection o... Télécharger
slsnif(sfnet) Serial line sniffer Serial line sniffer (slsnif). slsnif is a seria... Télécharger
tcpdump(freshmeat) tcpdump tcpdump prints a description of the contents of... Télécharger
salad(freshmeat) Salad Salad (short for Letter Salad) is an efficient ... Télécharger
dragoncityhack(sfnet) dragoncityhack full description can be writing up to 1000 char... Télécharger
cdarts(freshmeat) Cdarts Cdarts is a low level implementation of a compu... Télécharger
openam(freshmeat) OpenAM OpenAM provides core identity services to simpl... Télécharger
pyuds(freshmeat) pyuds pyuds is a Python library for measuring uncerta... Télécharger
dibbler(sfnet) Dibbler - a portable DHCPv6 Dibbler is a portable DHCPv6 implementation. Is... Télécharger
irccgi(freshmeat) irccgi irccgi is a very simple IRC client that support... Télécharger
enhance-book-photo(freshmeat) enhance_book_photo enhance_book_photo is a command-line tool for e... Télécharger
viitorlinux(freshmeat) ViitorLinux ViitorLinux is a Linux distribution for server ... Télécharger
kmeters(freshmeat) qmeterslib The qmeterslib library provides a highly custom... Télécharger
hypergraphdb(freshmeat) HyperGraphDB HyperGraphDB is a general purpose, extensible, ... Télécharger
spasm-perl-anti-spam-milter(freshmeat) spasm The spasm perl anti-spam milter is a spam filte... Télécharger
fileextractor(freshmeat) FileExtractor FileExtractor is a tool for recovering files fr... Télécharger
ctrlr(freshmeat) Ctrlr Ctrlr controls MIDI based musical (or other) de... Télécharger
openicons(freshmeat) OpenIcons OpenIcons is a set of SVG icons intended to be ... Télécharger
pisiom(freshmeat) pisiom Pisi is an application for synchronizing all so... Télécharger
servicegrid(sfnet) Service Grid Service Grid is an infrastructure for accumulat... Télécharger
rr-installer(sfnet) RoadRunner Installer and Updater Installer and Updater for the Open Source Car C... Télécharger
conqueror-browser(freshmeat) Conqueror Browser Conqueror Browser is a small and easy-to-use ap... Télécharger
lsdupes(freshmeat) lsdupes lsdupes is a command line tool that finds files... Télécharger
template-chooser(freshmeat) Template Chooser Template Chooser is a Joomla! 1.5 module that l... Télécharger
docfrac(freshmeat) DocFrac DocFrac is a tool that converts documents from ... Télécharger
csenginejackal(sfnet) csengine asasdasdasdasdasd sdfsdfs asdfsdf Télécharger
whohas(freshmeat) whohas whohas is a command line tool that allows you t... Télécharger
jsog(sfnet) JavaScript Object Graph JavaScript Object Graph for Java is a library d... Télécharger
rusxmms(sfnet) XMMS On The Fly Recoding Patches xmms for on the fly recoding id3 tags, ... Télécharger
survey-builder(freshmeat) Survey Builder Survey Builder is a Web-based survey developmen... Télécharger
pymutester(freshmeat) PyMuTester PyMuTester is tool to facilitate Mutant Testing... Télécharger
uzipopensourceurlshortener(sfnet) UZIP - Open Source URL Shortener UZIP is an open source URL Shortener whose scri... Télécharger
aras(sfnet) ARAS - A Radio Automation System ARAS is an open source radio automation system.... Télécharger
pw-tools(sfnet) PW Tools A set of tools for viewing/editing some selecte... Télécharger
devpak-upgrade(sfnet) DevPack-Upgrade Some DevPack Upgrade for Dev-Cpp Télécharger
kasai(sfnet) kasai Kasai is a 100% Java based authentication and a... Télécharger
tkcvs(freshmeat) TkCVS TkCVS is a cross-platform, Tcl/Tk-based GUI for... Télécharger
gzip(freshmeat) gzip gzip (GNU zip) is a compression utility designe... Télécharger
freedup(freshmeat) FreeDup Freedup finds and eliminates duplicate files by... Télécharger
alkaline(freshmeat) Alkaline Alkaline is a PHP content management system (CM... Télécharger
beam-back(freshmeat) beam-back beam-back is a simple Python script to save str... Télécharger
resourcescheduler(freshmeat) Resource Scheduler The Resource Scheduler is a Java Swing componen... Télécharger
torrus(freshmeat) Torrus Torrus is an alternative software platform to M... Télécharger
sha3sumandthensome(sfnet) sha3sum and then some Hash mode interface to the Keccak code package.... Télécharger
tkdiff(freshmeat) tkdiff tkdiff is a graphical diff and merge tool that ... Télécharger
gxdeviceeditor(sfnet) GuruxDeviceEditor GuruxDeviceEditor and GXDirector are now Gurux.... Télécharger
matio-labview(sfnet) MAT-File IO library for LabVIEW Library for reading and writing MATLAB binary f... Télécharger
tacsummarizationsharedtask(sfnet) TAC Summarization shared task This project is a repository for data, code, an... Télécharger
omapi-dhcp(sfnet) omapi-dhcp This project is the Java implementation of the ... Télécharger
securepointfirewall(freshmeat) Securepoint UTM The Securepoint Unified Threat Management (UTM)... Télécharger
keepass-password-safe(freshmeat) KeePass KeePass is a light-weight and easy-to-use passw... Télécharger
tiny-tiny-irc(freshmeat) Tiny Tiny IRC Tiny Tiny IRC is an AJAX-powered, Web-based IRC... Télécharger
as2secure(freshmeat) AS2Secure AS2Secure is a PHP library that allows you to s... Télécharger
ipfaces(freshmeat) iPFaces iPfaces is a framework for simple creation of n... Télécharger
opengeo-suite(freshmeat) OpenGeo Suite The OpenGeo Suite is an integrated package of b... Télécharger
cronosii(sfnet) Cronos II Cronos II is a MUA (or Mail Client) written fro... Télécharger
texlipse(freshmeat) TeXlipse plugin The TeXlipse plugin adds LaTeX editing support ... Télécharger
gns3workbench(sfnet) GNS3 WorkBench GNS3 WorkBench is a collection of approximately... Télécharger
docbook-utils(sfnet) DocBook Publishing Utilities The DocBook Publishing Utilities tools, which m... Télécharger
propertypp(freshmeat) propertypp propertypp adds Objective-C-like properties to ... Télécharger
tomld(freshmeat) tomld Tomld (tomoyo learning daemon) is an extension ... Télécharger

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