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k3ngpiccwkeyer(sfnet) K3NG PIC CW Keyer No description Télécharger
sqlunit(sfnet) SQLUnit A unit testing framework for regression testing... Télécharger
complock(sfnet) CompLock CompLock will lock your computer COMPLETELY, on... Télécharger
antergos(sfnet) Antergos The purpose of Antergos is to provide a modern,... Télécharger
gedit-pair-char-autocomplete(freshmeat) gedit-pair-char-autocomplete gedit-pair-char-autocomplete is a gedit plugin ... Télécharger
eproxy(sfnet) phproxy encrypt phproxy0.5b2 的衍生程序,主要增加了加密模块 Télécharger
onlinemovietick(sfnet) Online Movie Ticket Booking This is a JSP project with HTML and AJAX with a... Télécharger
phptaskdaemon(freshmeat) PhpTaskDaemon PhpTaskDaemon is a daemon framework for running... Télécharger
sark100swranaly(sfnet) SARK100 SWR Analyzer The SARK100 SWR Analyzer (http://www.ea4frb.eu/... Télécharger
dust(freshmeat) DUST DUST (Driver UpdateS Tool) is designed to "... Télécharger
ffconverter(sfnet) FFConverter This promises to be a neat and simple ffmpeg fr... Télécharger
roms4droid(sfnet) Android ROMs Find a ROM for your device. Télécharger
gif2apng(sfnet) GIF to APNG This program converts GIF animations into anima... Télécharger
simplehrm(sfnet) SimpleHRM SimpleHRM is an intuitive, easy-to-use and affo... Télécharger
katana-usb(sfnet) Katana : Multi-Boot Security Suite Katana packages security / ethical hacking dist... Télécharger
explore2fspe(sfnet) explore2fs Portable Edition explore2fs Portable Edition is the explore2fs L... Télécharger
python-bg(sfnet) Python Docs in Bulgarian Effort to translate Python documentation in Bul... Télécharger
gps-javsim(sfnet) GPS A GPS simulator created in java. It contains a ... Télécharger
climax(freshmeat) Climax Climax is a Java commandline argument parsing f... Télécharger
synedit(sfnet) SynEdit SynEdit is a syntax highlighting edit control, ... Télécharger
gosp(sfnet) GlyphStudy Open Source Projects Resources to support computer aided Egyptologic... Télécharger
abplayer(freshmeat) ABPlayer ABPlayer is a video player developed with the F... Télécharger
jirafeau(freshmeat) Jirafeau Jirafeau allows uploading files on the Web and... Télécharger
virtualbox-com(freshmeat) virtualbox-COM The virtualbox-COM Ruby gem is a library that p... Télécharger
jdpp(sfnet) Java Data Processing Project Java Data Processing Project aims to manipulate... Télécharger
dualnbacklite(sfnet) Dual N-Back Lite A simple dual n-back trainer, written in C++, a... Télécharger
vbangband(sfnet) vbangband This is an Angband-like game written in VB.NET Télécharger
libre(freshmeat) libre libre is a generic library for real-time commun... Télécharger
php-on-pie(freshmeat) PHP On Pie PHP On Pie is a PHP framework that combines the... Télécharger
wbmtranslator(freshmeat) wbmtranslator wbmtranslator is a translation assistant for we... Télécharger
paperkey(freshmeat) Paperkey A reasonable way to achieve a long term backup ... Télécharger
widgetterm(sfnet) WidgetTerm WidgetTerm is a terminal Dashboard Widget for M... Télécharger
mobitest(sfnet) mobitest Testing of speech recognition software Télécharger
wunderbar(freshmeat) wunderbar Wunderbar is a program which is able to identif... Télécharger
rpcbind(sfnet) RPCBind The rpcbind utility is a server that converts R... Télécharger
playstation4emulatorx8664pc(sfnet) PS4 EMX: Playstation 4 Emulator This project has been closed here due to suspic... Télécharger
koboldsquest(freshmeat) Kobold's Quest 1 Kobold's Quest 1 is a heroic fantasy RPG-Advent... Télécharger
drbd(freshmeat) drbd Drbd is a block device which is designed to bui... Télécharger
immutable-collections-for-java(freshmeat) Immutable Collections for Java Immutable Collections for Java is a library pro... Télécharger
groovylab(sfnet) GroovyLab The GroovyLab environment aims to provide a MAT... Télécharger
xmlfy(sfnet) xmlfy xmlfy converts text/UTF based output into XML f... Télécharger
gmailmailsender(sfnet) GMail Email Sender This project is written in C# and Windows Prese... Télécharger
ntfs-search(sfnet) NTFS-Search This tool enables users to search their NTFS fo... Télécharger
aimancala(sfnet) AI Engine for Mancala This AI engine developed using CPP with minor Q... Télécharger
cypherpunks(sfnet) Wikileaks and Intelligence, Cypherpunks. /* UNDER CONSTRUCTION */ Our servers have been... Télécharger
filterunit(freshmeat) filterunit filterunit allows unit tests to be devised for ... Télécharger
utstatsdb(sfnet) UTStatsDB Server stats parser and database for Epic Games... Télécharger
eclipsecpppack(sfnet) EclipseCppPack EclipseCppPack is a distribution of Eclipse, CD... Télécharger
pascal-p4-for-free-pascal-and-(freshmeat) Pascal-P4 for Free Pascal and Delphi Pascal-P4 for Free Pascal and Delphi is a port ... Télécharger
discogstagger(freshmeat) discogstagger discogstagger uses discogs to tag all related d... Télécharger
qmailadmin(sfnet) QmailAdmin QmailAdmin is a web interface for managing emai... Télécharger
feelhome(freshmeat) FeelHome FeelHome connects your computer to the Internet... Télécharger
browserchooser(sfnet) BrowserChooser BrowserChooser 0.2. is a Java-based free-ware t... Télécharger
marsyas(sfnet) marsyas Marsyas (Music Analysis, Retrieval and Synthesi... Télécharger
kcheckgmail(sfnet) KCheckGMail KCheckGMail is a simple KDE systray application... Télécharger
mollify(freshmeat) Mollify Mollify is Web file manager for publishing and ... Télécharger
downinga-rts(sfnet) Afdarts RTS Acronym for Downing Andrew Real-Time Strategy; ... Télécharger
lindyframe(freshmeat) lindyFrame lindyFrame is a desktop application framework w... Télécharger
aaar(sfnet) Alfresco Audit Analysis and Reporting With Alfresco Audit Analysis and Reporting (A.A... Télécharger
url-router(freshmeat) URL Router URL Router is a PHP class that can match URLs w... Télécharger
archfundation(sfnet) Fondement Michtam This package includes all little macros and uti... Télécharger
open-school-admin(freshmeat) Open School Admin Open School Admin (OSA) is a Web-based school a... Télécharger
pyexpsin(sfnet) PyExPsiN PyExPsiN is a Python crossplatform (Linux/Windo... Télécharger
zgoubi(sfnet) zgoubi zgoubi is a ray-tracing code in use for charged... Télécharger
odt(sfnet) ODT: OCaml Development Tools The ODT (OCaml Development Tools) project aims ... Télécharger
ragugo(sfnet) svn server just some svn stuff for my gm server Télécharger
debox(freshmeat) DeBox DeBox is a desktop environment for Debian-based... Télécharger
webapi(freshmeat) WebApi WebApi is a set of classes specifically made to... Télécharger
sintel(freshmeat) Sintel Sintel is a VoIP application using a custom XML... Télécharger
scwm(freshmeat) Scwm Scwm is the Scheme Constraints Window Manager, ... Télécharger
vpsadmin(freshmeat) vpsAdmin vpsAdmin is a Web-based admin panel with suppor... Télécharger
darwin_ports(freshmeat) Darwin Ports Darwin Ports is a tiny set of patches that will... Télécharger
rtmom(freshmeat) rtmom rtmom is a client for "Remember the Milk&q... Télécharger
epics(freshmeat) EPICS Base The Experimental Physics and Industrial Control... Télécharger
lbpgp(freshmeat) Lock Box Labs PGP Tools Lock Box Labs PGP Tools comprise two command li... Télécharger
web-note-pad(freshmeat) Web Note Pad Web Note Pad is a Web-based notepad script. It ... Télécharger
squirrel-state-machine(freshmeat) squirrel-foundation squirrel-foundation provides a lightweight, eas... Télécharger
librecardgame(sfnet) Libre Card Game Libre Card Game is a free, open source and libe... Télécharger
linuxfreedomfor(sfnet) packages for lffl Packages for Ubuntu Debian and Derivatives - Wa... Télécharger
rubyportable(sfnet) Ruby Portable A project to develop a portable addition of Rub... Télécharger
gtkhash(freshmeat) GtkHash GtkHash is a utility for computing message dige... Télécharger
ortro(freshmeat) Ortro Ortro is a framework for enterprise scheduling ... Télécharger
templatescmszwii(sfnet) Templates CMS Zwii Dans cette section, vous trouverez les template... Télécharger
ukngi(sfnet) UK National Grid Infrastructure Software provided by the UK Nagional Grid Infra... Télécharger
jpacman(sfnet) jpacman Pacman remake made with Java Télécharger
stream-sync(sfnet) stream-sync Introduction: A common library to synchronizing... Télécharger
back-end(sfnet) Back-End CMS Back-End is a multi-lingual CMS based on the ph... Télécharger
ffmpeg-progressbar(freshmeat) FFMPEG Progressbar FFMPEG Progressbar shows the status of the conv... Télécharger
dbengine-2(freshmeat) DBENGINE DBENGINE is a management system for using the d... Télécharger
mysql-database-manager(freshmeat) MySQL database manager MySQL database manager is a PHP class which all... Télécharger
lollysite(freshmeat) Lollysite Lollysite is a simple but powerful Web site cre... Télécharger
emerge-activity(freshmeat) Emerge Activity Emerge Activity is a small utility that parses ... Télécharger
stunnel(freshmeat) stunnel The stunnel program is designed to work as an S... Télécharger
the-marionette-collective(freshmeat) The Marionette Collective The Marionette Collective (mcollective) is a fr... Télécharger
mpath-tools(freshmeat) mpath-tools Mpath-tools is a set of programs for Linux 2.6 ... Télécharger
fster(freshmeat) FSter FSter is a virtual filesystem implementation ba... Télécharger
linux-rooteris(sfnet) linux-rooteris Bash Script and other utilities to Root HTC Eri... Télécharger
lazygal(freshmeat) lazygal Lazygal is another static Web gallery generator... Télécharger
andhsli(sfnet) Android Hotspot Login Application for ANDROID mobiles to automaticaly... Télécharger
matnmr(sfnet) matNMR MatNMR is a highly flexible toolbox for process... Télécharger

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