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mifi-status(freshmeat) MiFi Status MiFi Status is a system tray application to rep... Télécharger
osashosa(freshmeat) osashosa osashosa is a Dependency Injection Framework st... Télécharger
zaz(freshmeat) Zaz Zaz is an arcade action puzzle game where the o... Télécharger
pwnat(freshmeat) pwnat pwnat, pronounced "poe-nat", is a too... Télécharger
opensvc(freshmeat) opensvc OpenSVC is a 'service' manager, as in clustered... Télécharger
packetnet(freshmeat) Packet.Net Packet.Net is a .Net assembly that provides a w... Télécharger
wiredtiger(freshmeat) WiredTiger WiredTiger is an extensible platform for data m... Télécharger
dalle(freshmeat) Dalle Dalle aims to build a set of utilities to work ... Télécharger
advanced-copy(freshmeat) Advanced Copy Advanced Copy is a GNU cp modification which sh... Télécharger
newfangle(freshmeat) newfangle Newfangle is a literate programming technique f... Télécharger
petrus-blogger(freshmeat) Petrus Blogger Petrus Blogger is a feature-loaded blogging cli... Télécharger
pynagram(freshmeat) Pynagram Pynagram is a simple anagram game in which you ... Télécharger
php-text-diff-highlight-class(freshmeat) PHP Text Diff Highlight class PHP Text Diff Highlight class can find and view... Télécharger
treadstone-zero(freshmeat) Treadstone Zero Treadstone Zero is a really small Linux utility... Télécharger
vimv(freshmeat) vimv Vimv is a utility to help rename various files ... Télécharger
chroma-puzzle(freshmeat) Chroma-puzzle Chroma is an abstract puzzle game in which a va... Télécharger
dasher(freshmeat) Dasher Dasher is an information-efficient text-entry i... Télécharger
waffles(freshmeat) Waffles Waffles is a cross-platform C++ library of algo... Télécharger
ittru(freshmeat) ittru ittru is a software solution that allows the cr... Télécharger
openreng(freshmeat) OpenREng OpenREng (Open Rendering Engine) is a rendering... Télécharger
openshapes(freshmeat) OpenShapes OpenShapes is a framework for editable online d... Télécharger
yafaray(freshmeat) YafaRay YafaRay is a raytracing engine. Raytracing is a... Télécharger
digitalstrom-server(freshmeat) digitalSTROM server digitalSTROM server enables a custom applicatio... Télécharger
bizrulecomp(sfnet) Business Rule Compiler Compiler of a 0+ order rule system. From a rule... Télécharger
wolf-software-brute-force-calc(freshmeat) Wolf Software Brute Force Calculator Class Wolf Software Brute Force Calculator Class is a... Télécharger
objectify-appengine(freshmeat) Objectify-Appengine Objectify-Appengine is a thin Java wrapper arou... Télécharger
kreslitko(freshmeat) KRESLITKO kreslitko is a simple environment for drawing g... Télécharger
reportlab-toolkit(freshmeat) ReportLab Toolkit The ReportLab Toolkit is a library for programa... Télécharger
emexis-webmail(freshmeat) emexis-webmail EMEXIS WEBMAIL is a Webmail application based o... Télécharger
tiff2ppt(sfnet) TIFF2PPT TIFF2PPT is a converter from image files into a... Télécharger
sfsetup(sfnet) SourceForge Setup for Win32 This program will automatically setup SourceFor... Télécharger
sqwebmin2(sfnet) SquidGuard Webmin Interface This is a modified version of the Webmin interf... Télécharger
wsdl2javawizard(sfnet) wsdl2javawizard short: Import a web service into your Eclipse p... Télécharger
cmdfs(freshmeat) Cmdfs Cmdfs is a FUSE virtual filesystem that applies... Télécharger
python-phishtank(freshmeat) python-phishtank python-phishtank is a simple PhishTank API impl... Télécharger
univero(freshmeat) univero The univero (UNIVersal Electronic Reference Org... Télécharger
aegisub(freshmeat) Aegisub Aegisub is an advanced subtitle editor that ass... Télécharger
maxforlive(sfnet) maxforlive mfl repository to host mfl patches for ableton ... Télécharger
epiphany(sfnet) Epiphany Epiphany is a multi-platform clone of Boulderda... Télécharger
ecertificate(sfnet) E-Certificate E-Certificate will help the Event Organizers to... Télécharger
etktab(sfnet) eTktab eTktab edits 4/5/6/7 string ASCII tablature. ... Télécharger
phpbbmobileaddo(sfnet) phpBB mobile addon YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD ALL FILES IN ORDER TO GET ... Télécharger
openotp-authentication-plugin-(freshmeat) OpenOTP Authentication Plugin Drupal OpenOTP Authentication Plugin Drupal is a Drupa... Télécharger
rnnl(sfnet) RNNLIB RNNLIB is a recurrent neural network library fo... Télécharger
solarbird(sfnet) solarbird An OpenSolaris Project with only the mail clien... Télécharger
txlibravatar(freshmeat) txLibravatar txLibravatar provides an easy way to make use o... Télécharger
mynotes-j2me(sfnet) MyNotes MyNotes is an advanced notebook for mobile devi... Télécharger
netcdf-tools(freshmeat) NetCDF tools The NetCDF package consists of a few tools to o... Télécharger
dominion(freshmeat) Dominion Dominion v8 is a PHP universal database abstrac... Télécharger
mingwrep(sfnet) MinGW packages repository The aim of the project is to provide and mainta... Télécharger
marketanalysissystem(freshmeat) Market Analysis System The Market Analysis System (MAS) provides tools... Télécharger
jcontactbackup(sfnet) jcontactbackup Backup and restore contacts in your phone, with... Télécharger
tsplibnet(sfnet) TSPLib.Net TSPLib is a set of Traveler Salesman and relate... Télécharger
dmanager(freshmeat) DocumentManager Document Manager is a Web document organizer wi... Télécharger
zoia-poker(freshmeat) Zoia Poker Zoia Poker is a poker game of the type "Ja... Télécharger
ejecter(freshmeat) Ejecter Ejecter is a little tool that makes it possible... Télécharger
zzuf(freshmeat) zzuf zzuf is a transparent application input fuzzer.... Télécharger
wsdl4j(sfnet) Web Services Description Language for Ja The Web Services Description Language for Java ... Télécharger
qtsixa(sfnet) QtSixA QtSixA is the Sixaxis Joystick Manager. It can ... Télécharger
lximedia(freshmeat) LXiMedia LXiMedia is a fully transcoding DLNA media serv... Télécharger
cafepilot(sfnet) Cafepilot Cafepilot is an Internet cafe billing software.... Télécharger
graphstudio(sfnet) Graph Studio Graph Studio is the open source graph drawing/p... Télécharger
solidair(sfnet) solidair A Java for Android test project. The game was p... Télécharger
cambridgerocket(sfnet) Cambridge Rocketry Toolbox for Octave Software for simulating the flight path of high... Télécharger
cca-forum(sfnet) cca-forum Cca-forum unifies the Common Component Architec... Télécharger
trusted-path-execution-tpe(freshmeat) tpe-lkm tpe-lkm is a Linux kernel module implementing T... Télécharger
wolf-software-compound-interes(freshmeat) Wolf Software Compound Interest Class Wolf Software Compound Interest Class is a very... Télécharger
budgetace(sfnet) Budget Ace Budget Ace is a personal budgeting program for ... Télécharger
pyvisa(sfnet) Python VISA -- control GPIB, USB, Serial A Python package with bindings to the "Vir... Télécharger
dynamictable(sfnet) Dynamic table When a user makes a table on a web page dynamic... Télécharger
blojsom(sfnet) blojsom blojsom is a full-featured, multi-user, multi-b... Télécharger
gamemundo(sfnet) Mundo The Game Multiplatform 3D MMORPG - Test server is down f... Télécharger
libundo(freshmeat) libundo Libundo is a simple, easy-to-use library which ... Télécharger
dalmp(freshmeat) DALMP DALMP is a MySQL abstraction layer for PHP. It ... Télécharger
obsidiancode(freshmeat) ObsidianCode ObsidianCode is an application for managing you... Télécharger
moodle-reporting(freshmeat) Moodle Reporting Moodle Reporting is a collection of tools for e... Télécharger
open-unified-recording(freshmeat) Open Unified Recording Open Unified Recording (OUR) is a full featured... Télécharger
inet(freshmeat) i.NET i.NET is a set of scripts that provides easily ... Télécharger
logger_ciacob(freshmeat) Logger_ciacob Logger_ciacob is a class that logs variables to... Télécharger
paramsproxy(freshmeat) ParamsProxy ParamsProxy is a class that creates an object f... Télécharger
dbproxy(freshmeat) DbProxy DbProxy is a class that can be used to execute ... Télécharger
lemmatizer(sfnet) Lemmatizer Project releases morphologic analysis. Project ... Télécharger
radioclone(sfnet) Model RadioClone Free software replacement for cheap model radio... Télécharger
openpoker(sfnet) openpoker Multiplayer poker room software. Windows client... Télécharger
wolf-software-prime-numbers-cl(freshmeat) Wolf software Prime Numbers Class Wolf software Prime Numbers Class is a simple c... Télécharger
tkhelp(freshmeat) tkhelp tkhelp is a tkinter assistance module. It inclu... Télécharger
web-news(freshmeat) WebNews news reader WebNews is a CGI-based NNTP newsreader written... Télécharger
php5_xattr(freshmeat) php5_xattr php5_xattr is a PHP5 module that allows an auth... Télécharger
midipoke(freshmeat) Midipoke Midipoke is a MIDI controller for Synaptics tou... Télécharger
mash-2(freshmeat) MASH MASH is a modular, automated script harness. It... Télécharger
isfinx(freshmeat) iSfinx iSfinx is a Web services based prototype of the... Télécharger
andlinux(sfnet) andLinux andLinux is a complete Ubuntu Linux system runn... Télécharger
snavtclient(sfnet) snavtclient - AV TECH DVR Client snavtclient is free open source network client ... Télécharger
ipmiutil(sfnet) ipmiutil ipmiutil is an easy-to-use set of IPMI server m... Télécharger
jsimlife(freshmeat) JSimLife JSimLife is an advanced biological life simulat... Télécharger
plotlet(freshmeat) PLOTlet PLOTlet is a tool to quickly create plots and c... Télécharger
libcarvpathrepository(freshmeat) LibCarvPathRepository LibCarvPathRepository is a library that provide... Télécharger
nabucco-framework(freshmeat) NABUCCO Framework The NABUCCO Framework is the foundation for the... Télécharger
securitysysanpr(sfnet) Security System using ANPR security system using number plate recognition Télécharger
cpuid-feature-flags(freshmeat) cpuid.c cpuid.c is a very simple C abstraction that pro... Télécharger

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