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nabucco-framework(freshmeat) NABUCCO Framework The NABUCCO Framework is the foundation for the... Télécharger
securitysysanpr(sfnet) Security System using ANPR security system using number plate recognition Télécharger
cpuid-feature-flags(freshmeat) cpuid.c cpuid.c is a very simple C abstraction that pro... Télécharger
sdl-ball(sfnet) SDL-Ball SDL-Ball is a brick-breaking game with pretty g... Télécharger
fgps-fastgpscod(sfnet) fGPS - Fast GPS code system fGPS is a code system that provides both latitu... Télécharger
watcher(freshmeat) watcher watcher is a script that watches files, pipes, ... Télécharger
aphrodite(freshmeat) Aphrodite Aphrodite is a Mozilla-based Web browser that e... Télécharger
beneath-a-binary-sky(freshmeat) Beneath A Binary Sky Beneath A Binary Sky is an engine that simulate... Télécharger
brltty(freshmeat) BRLTTY BRLTTY is a daemon which provides access to the... Télécharger
free-simple-blog(freshmeat) Free Simple Blog Free Simple Blog is blogging (online journal) s... Télécharger
free-simple-shop(freshmeat) Free Simple Shop Free Simple Shop is powerful yet simple e-comme... Télécharger
free-simple-cms(freshmeat) Free Simple CMS Free Simple CMS is content management software ... Télécharger
amatix-office(freshmeat) Amatix Office Amatix Office is a complete communication platf... Télécharger
e-office-panuwa(sfnet) ระบบE-Officeสพท. ระบบสำนักงานอิเล็กทรอนิกส์ หรือระบบE-office เหม... Télécharger
darkyromnotev33(sfnet) AllianceROM_N7000 This is a custom build ROM under the AllianceRO... Télécharger
javaweb-basedph(sfnet) javaweb-basedph PhpMyAdmin is a famous MYSQL database administr... Télécharger
levmar(freshmeat) levmar levmar is a robust and efficient C/C++ implemen... Télécharger
g-script(sfnet) GScript GScript 是具有强大的表达能力和动态运行的一门全... Télécharger
nat64(sfnet) nat64 This module implements NAT64 Télécharger
os-sim(sfnet) os-sim OSSIM provides a Security Information and Event... Télécharger
picasaalbumdown(sfnet) picasaalbumdown Download friends albums and photos on your PC, ... Télécharger
emplan(sfnet) Graphplan Implementations This project consists of various implementation... Télécharger
jpview(sfnet) JPview - Java PDF Viewer JPview is a free, open source, platform indepen... Télécharger
comuniq(sfnet) ComuniQ ComuniQ-Wholesale Telecom Billing System. It he... Télécharger
jta(sfnet) The Java Telnet Application The Java(tm) Telnet Applet is a fully featured ... Télécharger
smartqvt(sfnet) SmartQVT SmartQVT is an implementation of the QVT-Operat... Télécharger
fuse-ext2(sfnet) fuse-ext2 Fuse-ext2 is a multi OS FUSE module to mount ex... Télécharger
nervepoint-access-manager(freshmeat) Nervepoint Access Manager Nervepoint Access Manager is a self service pas... Télécharger
umplayer(sfnet) umplayer UMPlayer is a cross-platform multimedia player ... Télécharger
rjava(sfnet) RJava The RJava software includes classes useful for ... Télécharger
bostech-cbesb(sfnet) ChainBuilder ESB ChainBuilder ESB is Java Business Integration (... Télécharger
ddd(sfnet) DDD - Data Display Debugger DDD is a graphical front-end for command-line d... Télécharger
ob2dlinux(sfnet) OB2D Linux B2D/OB2D 主要在於 "嘗試實證" 以下構... Télécharger
wpinfoweb(sfnet) wpinfoweb sim muito bom o projeto Télécharger
wordnet30forwin(sfnet) WordNet 3.0 windows visual studio It's Windows version of WordNet 3.0 (not provid... Télécharger
maildrop(freshmeat) maildrop Maildrop is a powerful email filter/delivery ag... Télécharger
auto-unrar(sfnet) Auto UnRar Command line tool written in Java, that automat... Télécharger
dunit(sfnet) DUnit: Xtreme Unit Testing for Delphi DUnit automates unit testing of Delphi code. Th... Télécharger
macflightgear(sfnet) FlightGear Mac OS X FlightGear Mac OS X is a Mac version of FlightG... Télécharger
fbpanel(sfnet) fbpanel - lightweight X11 desktop panel fbpanel is a lightweight X11 desktop panel. It ... Télécharger
restoreinpaint(sfnet) restoreinpaint Image Restoration and Inpainting: MinGW/OpenGL/... Télécharger
openlaszlo(freshmeat) Laszlo Presentation Server Laszlo is a platform for the development and de... Télécharger
wolf-software-games-core-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software Games Core Class Wolf Software Games Core Class includes basic g... Télécharger
gubuntu(sfnet) Ganja OS - the OS for smokers Ganja OS - the OS for smokers; its an distro va... Télécharger
atanks(sfnet) atanks Atanks is a multi-platform Scorched Earth clone... Télécharger
prochpform(freshmeat) prochpform prochpform is a pair of well-commented HTML and... Télécharger
ezportable(sfnet) EZPortable EZPortable is an Application for Windows that e... Télécharger
fli-vm(sfnet) FLI-VM Fli-Vm Emulates FLI-OS with a windows executabl... Télécharger
node-cassandra-cql(freshmeat) node-cassandra-cql node-cassandra-cql is a Node.js CQL driver for ... Télécharger
rnio(freshmeat) rnio rnio is a minimalistic nio framework for Java. ... Télécharger
privacyidea(sfnet) privacyidea privacyIDEA is a management and authentication ... Télécharger
wnpojo(freshmeat) WNPOJO WNPOJO is a library of Plain Old Java Objects t... Télécharger
wntrans(freshmeat) WNTRANS WNTRANS performs migration and serialization of... Télécharger
wnejb(freshmeat) WNEJB WNEJB is software to provide scalable, fault-to... Télécharger
pdfedit-2(freshmeat) pdfedit pdfedit opens and edits PDF files. Télécharger
shoutcastcustom(freshmeat) Custom Shoutcast Multi Server Listener Status Custom Graphical Shoutcast Multi Server Listene... Télécharger
zip-center(freshmeat) zip-center zip-center accepts n ZIP codes on the command l... Télécharger
albume(freshmeat) AlbumE AlbumE is software that lets you to create a We... Télécharger
hupnp(freshmeat) HUPnP Herqq UPnP (HUPnP) is a software library for bu... Télécharger
speechcontrol(freshmeat) SpeechControl SpeechControl provides speech recognition for L... Télécharger
gjtapi(sfnet) gjtapi Generic JTAPI and Jain Jcc and Jcat is a framew... Télécharger
backerup(freshmeat) backerup Backerup is a robust remote backup system which... Télécharger
limacallao(freshmeat) LIMA-CALLAO LIMA-CALLAO is an enterprise accounting program... Télécharger
mapcrafter(freshmeat) Mapcrafter Mapcrafter is a fast Minecraft World renderer w... Télécharger
anwiki(freshmeat) Anwiki Anwiki is a Wiki and CMS that is dedicated to m... Télécharger
autojump(freshmeat) Autojump Autojump is a tool that acts as a complement to... Télécharger
django-embed-video(freshmeat) django-embed-video django-embed-video is a Django app that provide... Télécharger
pair(freshmeat) Pair Pair is a program that reads the strings from a... Télécharger
dvd2xbox(sfnet) DVD2Xbox dvd2xbox is a DVD/CD-R to hdd copy program for ... Télécharger
paintball2(sfnet) Digital Paint: Paintball 2 Paintball2 is a fast-paced first-person game wi... Télécharger
astrostack(freshmeat) AstroStack AstroStack is an easy-to-use astronomical imagi... Télécharger
latgames(sfnet) Latgames.lv Latgames.LV Projekta faili Télécharger
ufraw(sfnet) ufraw The UFRaw (Unidentified Flying Raw) is a tool f... Télécharger
jw-image-rotator(freshmeat) JW Image Rotator The JW Image Rotator is a Web component (built ... Télécharger
asterclick(freshmeat) AsterClick AsterClick is a system for developing with Aste... Télécharger
jw-player-for-html5(freshmeat) JW Player for HTML5 The JW Player for HTML5 is a fully skinable and... Télécharger
oolitelinux(freshmeat) Oolite Oolite is an independent reinterpretation and e... Télécharger
multipe-image-resizer-script(freshmeat) Multipe Image Resizer Script Multipe Image Resizer Script is a PHP class whi... Télécharger
css-import-resolver(freshmeat) CSS Import Resolver CSS Import Resolver resolves the @import url(..... Télécharger
texniccenter(sfnet) TeXnicCenter TeXnicCenter is a LaTeX editor on Windows. Navi... Télécharger
winloader(sfnet) Universal firmware loader (AVR/ARM/etc) WinLoader is an evolution for another SourceFor... Télécharger
xrdua(sfnet) XRDUA Scanning and tomographic X-ray Powder Diffracti... Télécharger
sqlcontainer(freshmeat) Vaadin SQLContainer Vaadin SQLContainer is an add-on for Vaadin tha... Télécharger
rtmpdumpgui(sfnet) rtmpdumpgui Download rtmp video streaming by using rtmpDump... Télécharger
puppylinux301updates(sfnet) Puppy Linux 3.01 Updates Updates to this older version of Puppy Linux b... Télécharger
syslog-notify(freshmeat) syslog-notify syslog-notify, a utilty for modern Linux (and o... Télécharger
xfe(freshmeat) X File Explorer X File Explorer (Xfe) is a filemanager for X. I... Télécharger
dandelion(freshmeat) Dandelion Dandelion is a 3D graph rendering application w... Télécharger
lingscope(sfnet) LingScope LingScope is a Java program and library that ca... Télécharger
gtkpyglot(freshmeat) gtkPyglot gtkPyglot is a desktop tool for software transl... Télécharger
smartie-utils(freshmeat) smartie-utils smartie-utils is a set or utilities for Sure El... Télécharger
perlver(freshmeat) perlver perlver (Perl::MinimumVersion) takes Perl sourc... Télécharger
anamnesis(freshmeat) Anamnesis Anamnesis is a clipboard history manager. It st... Télécharger
perlbal(freshmeat) Perlbal Perlbal is a Perl-based reverse proxy load bala... Télécharger
rdp-reseau-de-petri(freshmeat) Reseau de Petri Reseau de Petri (RdP) is a simulator and analyz... Télécharger
ymsg(freshmeat) YMSG YMSG is a PHP class that can be used to send me... Télécharger
kangee(freshmeat) Kangee Kangee is a personal on-demand fileserver that ... Télécharger
mysqlbix(freshmeat) MySQLBix MySQLBix is a MySQL monitoring tool for Zabbix.... Télécharger
malmon(freshmeat) malmon malmon is a realtime backdoor/exploit detection... Télécharger
httpico(freshmeat) httpico httpico is yet another lightweight HTTP server.... Télécharger

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