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sigeplus(sfnet) sigeplus C O N H E Ç A O SISTEMA Sistema de Automação Co... Télécharger
reigzro(sfnet) reigzro ReigzRO updates for Ragnarok Online. Télécharger
cynin(sfnet) cynin Cyn.in helps teams to build collaborative knowl... Télécharger
treep(freshmeat) Treep Treep is a simple language for doing symbolical... Télécharger
hlbrw(freshmeat) HLBRW HLBRW is an acronym for Hogwash Light BR Watch.... Télécharger
lameditor(sfnet) lameditor LTE ASN.1 Message Editor (lameditor) is a open ... Télécharger
pam_mount(freshmeat) pam_mount module pam_mount is a Pluggable Authentication Module ... Télécharger
managelogs(freshmeat) managelogs managelogs is a log processing program to be us... Télécharger
tsoyeow(freshmeat) Tsoyeow Tsoyeow is a c# solution for writing Excel XML-... Télécharger
website1nn0va(sfnet) website1nn0va Sito della community 1nn0va realizzato con tecn... Télécharger
linshare(freshmeat) LinShare Specially designed to secure paperless trading ... Télécharger
curtain(freshmeat) Curtain Curtain is a templating system akin to TAL, tog... Télécharger
huygens-remote-manager(freshmeat) Huygens Remote Manager The Huygens Remote Manager is an efficient, mul... Télécharger
mbase(freshmeat) MBase MBase is a .NET-oriented meta-programming frame... Télécharger
cakeotp(freshmeat) CakeOTP CakeOTP is a reference implementation of User R... Télécharger
kalisko(freshmeat) Kalisko Kalisko is an application framework. Its modula... Télécharger
infogrid(freshmeat) InfoGrid InfoGrid is an Internet graph database with a R... Télécharger
tranche(freshmeat) Tranche Tranche is file storage and dissemination softw... Télécharger
digital-soda(freshmeat) Digital Soda Digital Soda is a simple GTK+ frontend for the ... Télécharger
froxlor(freshmeat) Froxlor Froxlor is system administration software based... Télécharger
opts(freshmeat) opts opts is a small and easy to use command line op... Télécharger
woas(freshmeat) WOAS (Wiki on a Stick) "Wiki on a Stick" is a personal wiki ... Télécharger
redstore(freshmeat) RedStore RedStore is a lightweight RDF triplestore writt... Télécharger
sshtools(sfnet) SSHTools SSHTools is a suite of Java SSH applications pr... Télécharger
gollem(freshmeat) Gollem Gollem is a Web-based file manager that provide... Télécharger
bvi(freshmeat) bvi bvi is a display-oriented binary editor (hex ed... Télécharger
histrix-calculator(freshmeat) Histrix Calculator Histrix Calculator is a JavaScript calculator w... Télécharger
mylittleforum(sfnet) my little forum my little forum is a simple PHP and MySQL based... Télécharger
libzvbi(freshmeat) Zapping VBI library The Zapping VBI (zvbi) library provides routine... Télécharger
libdwg(freshmeat) LibDWG LibDWG is a library to directly read DWG files,... Télécharger
imapfoo(freshmeat) imapfoo imapfoo allows one to quickly add email message... Télécharger
pyembedc(freshmeat) PyEmbedC PyEmbedC enables you to embed C/C++ code within... Télécharger
authenticator_ciacob(freshmeat) Authenticator_ciacob Authenticator_ciacob is a PHP library to regist... Télécharger
sudo(freshmeat) sudo Sudo (su "do") allows a system admini... Télécharger
skrubcrm(freshmeat) SkrubCRM SkrubCRM is a CRM that can be used easily by co... Télécharger
bonzayrts-engine(freshmeat) bonzayRTS engine bonzayRTS is a framework for tile-based (isomet... Télécharger
simple-invoicing(freshmeat) Simple Invoicing Simple Invoicing is a Web application that can ... Télécharger
snoopy_logger(freshmeat) Snoopy Logger Snoopy is designed to aid the task of a sysadmi... Télécharger
rsync-mirror(freshmeat) rsync-mirror rsync-mirror is used to backup local directorie... Télécharger
binbackup(freshmeat) BinBackup BinBackup is a tool intended to efficiently bac... Télécharger
zinnia(sfnet) Zinnia Zinnia is a simple and portable, and open sourc... Télécharger
qpe(sfnet) Qt Palmtop Environment A complete user environment for handhelds and o... Télécharger
rikulo-couchclient(freshmeat) Rikulo CouchClient Rikulo CouchClient is a client SDK that enables... Télécharger
splitpdf(sfnet) splitpdf SplitPDF -SplitPDF.jar- is a ‘command-line driv... Télécharger
ike-scan(freshmeat) ike-scan ike-scan discovers IPsec VPN servers, and can f... Télécharger
arp-scan(freshmeat) arp-scan arp-scan sends ARP (Address Resolution Protocol... Télécharger
dr-portscan(freshmeat) Dr. PortScan Dr. PortScan is a tool for the automatic analys... Télécharger
efw-toolbox(sfnet) Endian Firewall Tool Box efw-toolbox. Is a collection of applications/sc... Télécharger
erlandstaticlib(sfnet) Erlang Static Lib for iPhone The Erlang Run Time System compiled as a static... Télécharger
msgpack(sfnet) msgpack MessagePack is a binary-based efficient inter-l... Télécharger
attract-mode-frontend(freshmeat) Attract-Mode Attract-Mode is a graphical front-end for comma... Télécharger
bridge(sfnet) IEEE 802.1d ethernet bridging IEEE 802.1d ethernet bridging (plus Spanning Tr... Télécharger
mozillapl(sfnet) MozillaPL.org To provide Polish translation of all Mozilla.or... Télécharger
sumwars(sfnet) Summoning Wars Summoning Wars is an action roleplaying game fo... Télécharger
deluxeloginfo-2(freshmeat) Deluxeloginfo Deluxeloginfo is a tool that generates periodic... Télécharger
reconfigure(freshmeat) Reconfigure Reconfigure is a Python library for parsing and... Télécharger
prosody(freshmeat) Prosody IM Server Prosody is a server for Jabber/XMPP written in ... Télécharger
iframeyou(freshmeat) IFrameYou IFrameYou is a PHP class that generates iframes... Télécharger
mylene200(freshmeat) Mylene200 Mylene200 is a server running on top of the Myl... Télécharger
pgl4rbl(freshmeat) pgl4rbl pgl4rbl implements a Postfix policy server that... Télécharger
depui(freshmeat) DEPUI DEPUI is a portable graphic user interface libr... Télécharger
webinject(sfnet) WebInject - Web/HTTP Test Tool WebInject is a tool for automated testing of we... Télécharger
googlecontactsy(sfnet) googlecontactsy This project is exactly what is says. The only ... Télécharger
mbasic(sfnet) MicroBASIC Develop on your cellphone! MicroBASIC is a edit... Télécharger
jin-template(freshmeat) jin-template jin-template is a really simple template engine... Télécharger
jin-plugin(freshmeat) jin-plugin jin-plugin is a simple plugin framework for Jav... Télécharger
cloudstack(freshmeat) Cloudstack CloudStack is a complete package for managing c... Télécharger
studentsvotingsystem(sfnet) Students Voting System The projects aim to help college and university... Télécharger
galaxis(freshmeat) galaxis Galaxis is a curses-based clone of Christian Fr... Télécharger
neo4j(freshmeat) Neo4j Neo4j is a graph database, a fully transactiona... Télécharger
bithorde(freshmeat) BitHorde BitHorde is a fast and lightwheight content dis... Télécharger
gerbil(freshmeat) Gerbil Gerbil consists of an interactive visualization... Télécharger
gif2png(freshmeat) gif2png gif2png is a simple command-line utility to con... Télécharger
letterize(freshmeat) letterize letterize generates alphabetic mnemonics for a ... Télécharger
vuzitwordpress(freshmeat) VuzitWordPress VuzitWordPress this plugin allows you to very e... Télécharger
lru(sfnet) LRU Localization ADempiere Bazaar for Russia. This ... Télécharger
libzeta(freshmeat) libzeta LibZeta (not related to Zeta) is a CISC instruc... Télécharger
wolf-software-averages-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software Averages Class Wolf Software Averages Class calculates various... Télécharger
zeiterfassungnolim(sfnet) Zeiterfassung Zeiterfassungssystem - Zeiterfassung - Mitar... Télécharger
iccsh(freshmeat) iCCsh iCCsh is an interactive C compiler shell. It al... Télécharger
quh(freshmeat) Quh Quh is an audio player that cultivates many API... Télécharger
netbeans-java-sql-generator(freshmeat) Netbeans Java SQL Generator Netbeans Java SQL Generator is a plugin that au... Télécharger
kvzone(freshmeat) KVZone KVZone is an evaluation tool for comparing perf... Télécharger
liblistserv(freshmeat) liblistserv Listserv is software for managing mailing lists... Télécharger
wemed(freshmeat) Wemed Wemed (WEbkit-based Mime EDitor) is a multipart... Télécharger
vidyalaya(sfnet) Vidyalaya Projects by the students and staff of Ramakrish... Télécharger
mitkerberos(freshmeat) MIT Kerberos MIT Kerberos is an implementation of the Kerber... Télécharger
openejb(sfnet) OpenEJB OpenEJB is a embeddable, lightweight EJB 3.0 im... Télécharger
s2ilib(sfnet) Harpia and S2iLib - easier OpenCV S2iLib includes Harpia, a visual way of program... Télécharger
ggnfs(sfnet) GGNFS suite GGNFS is an open source implementation of Gener... Télécharger
dcfldd(sfnet) dcfldd An Enhanced version of gnu dd with features use... Télécharger
wolf-software-combination-clas(freshmeat) Wolf Software Combination Class Wolf Software Combination Class a small class f... Télécharger
wwf-toolkit(freshmeat) .wwf toolkit .wwf toolkit is a set of shell scripts to conve... Télécharger
phpdnsadmin(freshmeat) phpDNSAdmin phpDNSAdmin is a highly modular Web-based DNS a... Télécharger
x9wm(freshmeat) x9wm x9wm is a clone or fork of the 9wm and w9wm X w... Télécharger
phpimagemanipulation(freshmeat) Zebra_Image Zebra_Image is a compact (one file only), light... Télécharger
hypersql(freshmeat) HyperSQL HyperSQL is like the doxygen program with Javad... Télécharger
surrogate(freshmeat) Surrogate Surrogate is an HTTP proxy functioning in both ... Télécharger
fontmapper(freshmeat) FontMapper FontMapper is a font texture generator for game... Télécharger
redwall(freshmeat) redWall Firewall redWall is a bootable CD-ROM firewall which foc... Télécharger

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