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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
ragnaice(sfnet) Ragna Ice Servidor de Ragnarok Online ! Télécharger
rs232msgsender(sfnet) RS232 Auto Sender The RS232 Automatic Sender V1.0.2 sends a preco... Télécharger
qtamaze(sfnet) qtamaze Generate and print simple mazes. Includes binar... Télécharger
uhexen2(sfnet) Hexen II: Hammer of Thyrion Hammer of Thyrion (uHexen2) is a cross-platform... Télécharger
bwmon(freshmeat) bwmon bwmon is an open bandwidth monitoring solution ... Télécharger
yaaic(freshmeat) Yaaic Yaaic (Yet Another Android IRC Client) is an In... Télécharger
ztopo(freshmeat) ZTopo ZTopo is a tool for seamlessly viewing United S... Télécharger
minidb(freshmeat) miniDB miniDB is a small and fast isam/btree library/p... Télécharger
graylog2(freshmeat) Graylog2 Graylog2 is an syslog implementation that store... Télécharger
cadaz-gnulinux(freshmeat) Cadaz GNU/Linux Cadaz GNU/Linux is an operating system designed... Télécharger
grape3d(freshmeat) grape3D grape3D is an application that reconstructs a 3... Télécharger
minix-editline(freshmeat) Minix editline Minix editline is the line editing library from... Télécharger
backendguestbook(sfnet) Back End Guest Book an easy to use back end php and my sql based pr... Télécharger
uip(freshmeat) uIP uIP is probably the smallest implementation of ... Télécharger
gdb-ocd(sfnet) gdb-ocd GDB patch for debugging embedded ARM system via... Télécharger
cddarip(sfnet) CDDA Ripper XP CDDA Ripper XP is an audio CD ripper program th... Télécharger
brode(freshmeat) BroDe BroDe is a program that detects Web browsers by... Télécharger
quoddy(freshmeat) Quoddy Quoddy is an open source enterprise social netw... Télécharger
uni-ecart-free-open-source-eco(freshmeat) Uni-eCart Uni-eCart is a Web-based shopping cart solution... Télécharger
yuvconverter(sfnet) YUVconverter A set of functions that can convert between dif... Télécharger
plc-trine(sfnet) PLC TRINE - A tiny C programmable PLC This project let you build a C programmable PLC... Télécharger
ora2pg(sfnet) ora2pg Ora2Pg is a free tool used to migrate an Oracle... Télécharger
wing-linux(sfnet) Linux and Android for OMAP850 Devices Our project aims to develop Linux and Android s... Télécharger
neembuu-uploader(freshmeat) Neembuu Uploader Neembuu Uploader is an application that uploads... Télécharger
jtable_format(freshmeat) Java Text Table Formatter Java Text Table Formatter is a set of classes t... Télécharger
savonet(sfnet) savonet Audio toolkit for streaming, aiming at complex ... Télécharger
ajenti(freshmeat) Ajenti Ajenti is a server administration panel for Lin... Télécharger
telize(freshmeat) Telize Telize is a REST API built on Nginx and Lua whi... Télécharger
tk_docapp(freshmeat) tk_docapp tk_docapp is a small GUI for mounting devices a... Télécharger
triplea(freshmeat) TripleA TripleA is a clone of the popular board game &q... Télécharger
jedit-plugins(sfnet) jEdit Plugin Central jEdit Plugin Central is the primary online repo... Télécharger
vuml(sfnet) VUML This project targets to develop a visual UML ed... Télécharger
tk_msg(freshmeat) tk_msg tk_msg is a small application which helps a pro... Télécharger
mdic(sfnet) MDic Dictionary MDic is a multilingual dictionary for GNU/Linu... Télécharger
ddrescueview(freshmeat) ddrescueview ddrescueview is a small tool that allows the us... Télécharger
iskomp(sfnet) iskomp Projekt w ramach przedmiotu Projekt Zespołowy C... Télécharger
tk_cdconverter(freshmeat) tk_cdconverter tk_cdconverter is a Tcl/Tk frontend to rip and ... Télécharger
c_count(freshmeat) c_count c_count counts lines, statements, and other sim... Télécharger
datview(freshmeat) datview datview makes text representations of Clarion ... Télécharger
jibxota(freshmeat) JiBX/OTA JiBX/OTA is a set of examples and sample code i... Télécharger
nagaconda(freshmeat) NagAconda Nagios has been around for quite some time, but... Télécharger
ised(freshmeat) ised ised is a command-line tool for generating numb... Télécharger
mod_myvhost(freshmeat) mod_myvhost mod_myvhost is an Apache module for dynamically... Télécharger
pulkocms(freshmeat) PulkoCMS PulkoCMS is a small and lightweight CMS. Instea... Télécharger
pil(freshmeat) Python Imaging Library The Python Imaging Library (PIL) adds image pro... Télécharger
mdns-responder-with-unicast(freshmeat) mDNS Responder with Unicast mDNS Responder with Unicast runs on a server an... Télécharger
fxite(freshmeat) FXiTE FXiTe is an advanced cross-platform text editor... Télécharger
dbassistant(sfnet) DbAssistant DbAssistant is a toolkit that easily provides d... Télécharger
autoblog(freshmeat) Autoblog Autoblog is a command line app that supports po... Télécharger
eclipsetail(sfnet) Eclipse Tail Plugin An eclipse plugin providing tail in view compon... Télécharger
vnsfirefox(sfnet) vnsfirefox Project vns's Firefox. Télécharger
autopipes(sfnet) autopipes Pipes is a desktop system which analyzes an Aut... Télécharger
resteditor(sfnet) ReST Editor A reStructuredText editor plugin for Eclipse. T... Télécharger
augustusburg(sfnet) Augustusburg - Gimp 2.4 RHEL/Centos 5 Aktuelle GIMP-Pakete für Enterprise Linux. Es w... Télécharger
fspanel(freshmeat) fspanel fspanel is a very small panel for Linux that li... Télécharger
nicey(sfnet) nicey hello nicey projects Télécharger
tlk-brickbreaker(sfnet) Brick Breaker This game is a clone of "Breakout", a... Télécharger
enter(freshmeat) Enter Enter is a lightweight, highly customizable log... Télécharger
csvloader(sfnet) CSV Loader CSV Loader is a Java application that loads dat... Télécharger
python-stdnum(freshmeat) python-stdnum python-stdnum is a Python module to parse, vali... Télécharger
estscan(sfnet) ESTScan ESTScan is a program that can detect coding reg... Télécharger
farsidatepicker(sfnet) FarsiDatePicker (Shamsi Date Picker) Web-Based Persian Javascript Date Picker for AS... Télécharger
etcal(sfnet) Ethiopian Calendar for Mobiles Ethiopian Calendar for Mobiles/EtCal is a calen... Télécharger
rmtoo(freshmeat) rmtoo rmtoo is a requirement management tool. It is i... Télécharger
inptools(freshmeat) Inptools Inptools provides means to convert and reprojec... Télécharger
epanetl(freshmeat) EPANETL EPANETL is a localized (translated) version of ... Télécharger
mkconfig(freshmeat) mkconfig mkconfig is a build configuration utility. It c... Télécharger
zaps166(sfnet) zaps166 Télécharger
carcalc(sfnet) Carcassonne tile odds calculator Carcassonne tile odds calculator using excel 20... Télécharger
pdf-factory(sfnet) Php Pdf Factory PDFLib-free PDF creation using PHP. It has inte... Télécharger
bipolar(sfnet) Bipolar Disorder Software These are a set of tests used in the diagnosis ... Télécharger
sccs_tools(freshmeat) sccs_tools sccs_tools is a collection of commandline utili... Télécharger
princed(sfnet) princed The development of an open source Prince Of Per... Télécharger
perlqt(sfnet) PerlQt PerlQt allows use of the Qt toolkit from Perl. Télécharger
conflict-td(freshmeat) conflicting filenames conflict displays conflicting filenames in your... Télécharger
distrobuild(sfnet) distrobuild DistroBuild is a set of scripts. These scripts ... Télécharger
rlnvsp(sfnet) Rèn luyện NVSP môn Toán Trang web hỗ trợ học phần "Rèn luyện nghiệ... Télécharger
expandora(sfnet) exPandora pandora - a map generator for MUDs Télécharger
borg-calendar(freshmeat) BORG Calendar and Task Tracker BORG is a calendar and task tracking system wri... Télécharger
gttm(sfnet) TTM (Tuner, Tone Sequencer, Metronome) An application to tune your musical instrument.... Télécharger
precor(sfnet) precor Open source projects used by Precor in its exer... Télécharger
sapnweclipse(sfnet) SAP NetWeaver Server Adapter for Eclipse Integrates Eclipse with the SAP NetWeaver Appli... Télécharger
xdot_py(freshmeat) xdot.py xdot.py is an interactive viewer for graphs wri... Télécharger
qtpod(freshmeat) qtpod qtpod is a Qt application which can control you... Télécharger
legatus(sfnet) Legatus Legatus is a Java project to enable networked p... Télécharger
scotland-yard(sfnet) scotland-yard This is a game of Scotland Yard, which has been... Télécharger
eventedobject(freshmeat) EventedObject EventedObject is a simplistic yet highly useful... Télécharger
cddiscid(freshmeat) cd-discid cd-discid is a backend utility for getting CDDB... Télécharger
simpleclassify(sfnet) Simple Classifier Simple Classifier is a Java based command line ... Télécharger
hlmods(sfnet) hlmods Plugins for TF2, CS:S .. Télécharger
gipfel(freshmeat) gipfel gipfel is a tool to find the names of mountains... Télécharger
pipet(sfnet) PipeT PipeT is a Java library for linking application... Télécharger
imagecrawler(sfnet) imagecrawler The image crawler application is used to collec... Télécharger
zzptool(sfnet) zzptool This tool is specially made for Dutch entrepren... Télécharger
octaspire-crates(freshmeat) Octaspire Crates! Octaspire Crates! is a scriptable, skinnable, e... Télécharger
stuck(freshmeat) Stuck Stuck is a simple, functional, and attractive p... Télécharger
visural-wicket(freshmeat) Visural Wicket visural-wicket is a useful set of light-weight,... Télécharger
pel(freshmeat) PHP Exif Library The PHP Exif Library (PEL) provides an easy-to-... Télécharger
aircrackgui(sfnet) aircrackGui A simple gui for aircrack suite written in c++ ... Télécharger
news-rogue-kill(sfnet) news-rogue-kill Ce logiciel une fois ouvert va télécharger auto... Télécharger

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