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luced(freshmeat) LucED The aim of LucED is to be a fast and responsive... Télécharger
arm-studies(sfnet) arm-studies arm embedded system source and compile studies ... Télécharger
dots(sfnet) Besiege: Defenders of Time and Space This project uses Ardor3D to create a space bas... Télécharger
tungpix(freshmeat) TungPix TungPix is a replacement for the Kodak Palmpix ... Télécharger
pyplt(freshmeat) pyplt pyplt is a personal logging tool, allowing user... Télécharger
sawa-filannino(sfnet) sawa-filannino SAWA calculates a semantic similarity coefficie... Télécharger
ecl(sfnet) ECL Language and Compiler ECL is a system-level specification language fo... Télécharger
jcgo(freshmeat) JCGO JCGO (pronounced as "j-c-go") transla... Télécharger
acivi(freshmeat) I I is a programming language that was designed t... Télécharger
uraniacast(freshmeat) UraniaCast UraniaCast is a non-interactive podcast downloa... Télécharger
prwd(freshmeat) prwd prwd is a tool to print your working directory ... Télécharger
derpibooru-downloader(freshmeat) Derpibooru Downloader Derpibooru Downloader is a little script to sea... Télécharger
appvrepo(sfnet) AppV Repository This project will host a service which will con... Télécharger
jk3d(sfnet) jk3d jk3d is a java code for 3d interpolation of sca... Télécharger
tiliuniitsoft(sfnet) tiliuniitsoft tài liệu học niit dành cho chuyên viên phát tr... Télécharger
web-socket-service(freshmeat) Web Socket Service Web Socket Service is a PHP class which can han... Télécharger
hotshots(freshmeat) HotShots HotShots is an application for capturing screen... Télécharger
staruml-bm(sfnet) StarUML-bm This StarUML module implement the UML profile f... Télécharger
themepark-dx11b(sfnet) themepark-dx11b Rudimentary graphics engine. Implements the bas... Télécharger
gentoocnc(sfnet) Gentoo CNC GentooCNC is a Gentoo based Linux didtribution ... Télécharger
agefodd(sfnet) Agefodd Agefodd is a Dolibarr's ERP module made for tra... Télécharger
st-project(freshmeat) st project st is a script that provides basic functions us... Télécharger
guidgenplus(sfnet) guidgenplus guidgen plus project for delphi Télécharger
espgs(sfnet) ESP Ghostscript ESP Ghostscript is an up-to-date GNU Ghostscrip... Télécharger
stack-apps-flair(freshmeat) Joomla! Stack Apps Flair Module Stack Apps Flair is a simple Joomla! module to ... Télécharger
ilias(sfnet) ilias ILIAS is a web base learning management system ... Télécharger
xymon-alert(freshmeat) Xymon Alert Xymon Alert is a configurable desktop notifier ... Télécharger
fastfoo(freshmeat) fastfoo fastfoo is a CMS developed under CakePHP. Télécharger
mmsrip(freshmeat) MMS Ripper MMSRIP is a client for the proprietary protocol... Télécharger
soft66(freshmeat) soft66 soft66 is a library and related command line to... Télécharger
beaver-backup(freshmeat) Beaver Backup Beaver is a simple concurrent backup system wit... Télécharger
status-404-php-find-best-match(freshmeat) Status 404 PHP Find Best Match Page Status 404 PHP Find Best Match Page is a class ... Télécharger
beobasis(sfnet) BeoBasis BeoBasis is a library that includes apple - Swi... Télécharger
araword(sfnet) AraWord AraWord is a word processor that combines picto... Télécharger
webdav(sfnet) WebDAV.NET Server Framework Microsoft.NET WebDAV Server Framework (RFC2518 ... Télécharger
webpresscreative(sfnet) Web Press Creative GUI Website Web Press Creative (WPC) is a Content Managemen... Télécharger
freetype(sfnet) The FreeType Project The FreeType project develops free, portable an... Télécharger
pachyderm(sfnet) Pachyderm Pachyderm is a web-based rich-media interactive... Télécharger
sobralhost(sfnet) sobralhost aaaaa5777767676767676756744 Télécharger
clock(freshmeat) Screwdriver++ Screwdriver++ is a package with various tools f... Télécharger
igolaware-linux-20(freshmeat) iGolaware Linux iGolaware Linux is an Ubuntu 10.10 derivative i... Télécharger
living-css-tools(freshmeat) Living Css Tools Living Css Tools is a build utility to allow gi... Télécharger
xjoy2key(freshmeat) xjoy2key xjoy2key maps your joystick button presses to k... Télécharger
howl-network-exploitation-tool(freshmeat) Howl Network Exploitation Tool Howl is a multi-purpose network exploitation to... Télécharger
audiobunnymusicfile(freshmeat) Audio::BunnyMusicFile Audio::BunnyMusicFile is a Perl module for work... Télécharger
slidematch(freshmeat) slidematch Slidematch is a media rating, contextual retrie... Télécharger
libfairydust(freshmeat) libfairydust Libfairydust is a small wrapper library intende... Télécharger
asgardians-network-mapper(freshmeat) Asgardian's Network Mapper Asgardian's Network Mapper is a framework of to... Télécharger
musdir(freshmeat) musutil musutil includes several utilities for working ... Télécharger
sigslot(sfnet) C++ Signal/Slot Library (sigslot) Portable C++ type-safe, thread-safe signal/slot... Télécharger
odcleanstore(sfnet) ODClean Store Linked Data management tool with customizable d... Télécharger
alecztor(sfnet) Alecz Tor 1.0 Protect your privacy. Defend yourself against n... Télécharger
flowgrind(freshmeat) Flowgrind Flowgrind is a tool similar to iperf or netperf... Télécharger
liteide(sfnet) liteide LiteIDE is a simple, open source, cross-platfor... Télécharger
wifidisplay(sfnet) Wifi Display Wifi Display is a Wi-Fi Alliance Specification ... Télécharger
swanmodel(sfnet) SWAN SWAN is a third-generation wave model, develope... Télécharger
yochaba(sfnet) under construction A modified version of a popular imageboard soft... Télécharger
sag333ar(sfnet) sag333ar http://sugartin.info http://gamedev.sugartin.info Télécharger
pod-project(sfnet) Pod Project Le projet Pod évolue encore ! Pod Project est u... Télécharger
anonsaba(sfnet) Anonsaba Just a heavy modification of Kusaba. Also pleas... Télécharger
lanpoker-texash(sfnet) LAN Poker - Texas Holdem Texas Hold'em Poker Ziele: - Client um zu Serve... Télécharger
denfent-engine(freshmeat) D'Enfent Engine D'Enfent Engine is a library that contains high... Télécharger
pmsdr(freshmeat) pmsdr pmsdr is software for a low-cost, DDS-less &quo... Télécharger
typolight-2(freshmeat) TYPOlight TYPOlight is a content management system (CMS) ... Télécharger
fango(freshmeat) Fango Fango is a minified (<1000 SLOC) one-file MV... Télécharger
atompub-manager(freshmeat) atomPub Manager Base on the atomPub Publishing Protocol, atomPu... Télécharger
rfc868server(freshmeat) rfc868server rfc868server is a time/date server for rfc868 c... Télécharger
freephpshoppingcartsoftware(freshmeat) FreePHPShoppingCartSoftware FreePHPShoppingCartSoftware includes many featu... Télécharger
xmt-2(freshmeat) XMT XMT (XStream Migration Tool) is a library to mi... Télécharger
mapson(freshmeat) mapSoN mapSoN is an anti-spam system that uses an appr... Télécharger
toxic-template-engine(freshmeat) Toxic Toxic is a general purpose template engine. It ... Télécharger
wxephe(freshmeat) wxEphe wxEphe displays astronomical ephemeris given a ... Télécharger
ttlogfile(sfnet) TTLogFile The component is designed for easy addition of ... Télécharger
wsn-instachat(freshmeat) WSN InstaChat WSN InstaChat is an experimental new kind of ch... Télécharger
bad-peggy(freshmeat) Bad Peggy Bad Peggy searches for damaged JPEG files and v... Télécharger
trupax(freshmeat) TruPax TruPax is a tool for creating TrueCrypt volumes... Télécharger
novius-os-forms(freshmeat) Novius OS Forms Novius OS Forms is an application for Novius OS... Télécharger
xr-kore(sfnet) XR-Kore This is a little OPENSOURCE(so you could modify... Télécharger
novius-os-slideshows(freshmeat) Novius OS Slideshows Novius OS Slideshows is a Novius OS application... Télécharger
novius-os-blog(freshmeat) Novius OS Blog Novius OS Blog is a Novius OS application that ... Télécharger
outline-lighto(freshmeat) Outliner Lighto Outliner Lighto is a console-based outliner/hie... Télécharger
libfc14audiodecoder(freshmeat) libfc14audiodecoder libfc14audiodecoder is a library that provides ... Télécharger
strelin(freshmeat) Strelin Strelin is a content management system for Web ... Télécharger
bed(freshmeat) bed bed is an adjustable data format binary editor.... Télécharger
google-test-runner-qt(freshmeat) Google Test Runner Qt Google Test Runner Qt is a project that aims to... Télécharger
paparazzi(freshmeat) Paparazzi Paparazzi is powerful and versatile autopilot s... Télécharger
compressible(freshmeat) compressible compressible is a command line utility to test ... Télécharger
tupi(freshmeat) Tupi Tupi is a fork of the KTooN project — a design ... Télécharger
novius-os-news(freshmeat) Novius OS News Novius OS News is a Novius OS application that ... Télécharger
confger(sfnet) confger The user interface for adjustment FPSEce Télécharger
voluntutor(sfnet) voluntutor VolunTutor (VT) aims to facilitate free tutorin... Télécharger
beanstalker(freshmeat) Beanstalker Beanstalker is a set of Maven Plugins for Amazo... Télécharger
penultimate-generation(freshmeat) Penultimate Generation Penultimate Generation is a version of the old ... Télécharger
gmailsend-dll(freshmeat) GMailSend DLL GMailSend DLL is a library for sending e-mail u... Télécharger
construder(freshmeat) Construder Construder is a 3D game featuring a dynamic inf... Télécharger
doublefish-solutions-aquarium(freshmeat) Doublefish Solutions Aquarium Aquarium is a Web-based GUI for Linux based sys... Télécharger
guitar-chord-api-class(freshmeat) Guitar Chord API class Guitar Chord API class can be used to search fo... Télécharger
ipt_fw(freshmeat) ipt_fw Ipt_fw is a firewall for Linux based on iptable... Télécharger
asciidia(freshmeat) asciidia Asciidia generates bitmap or vector files from ... Télécharger
zorka(freshmeat) Zorka Zorka is a sophisticated programmable profiling... Télécharger

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