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ldiag(sfnet) Linux System Diagnostics Linux System Diagnostics (LSD) is a project to ... Télécharger
selks(freshmeat) SELKS SELKS is a Debian-based IDS/IPS platform with L... Télécharger
another-postgresql-diff-tool(freshmeat) Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool (also known as apg... Télécharger
miniflux(freshmeat) Miniflux Miniflux is a minimalist Web-based RSS reader. ... Télécharger
pythonwebdavlib(freshmeat) Python WebDAV Library Python WebDAV Library provides an object-orient... Télécharger
polypy(freshmeat) polypy Polypy is a small program to analyze rings in s... Télécharger
web-page-replay(freshmeat) Web Page Replay Web Page Replay allows you to record Web pages ... Télécharger
nts(freshmeat) note taking simplified nts is an acronym for Note Taking Simplified. I... Télécharger
codevtt(freshmeat) CodevTT CodevTT offers an easy way to fill timesheets, ... Télécharger
pyglossary(sfnet) PyGlossary Working on glossarys (dictionary databases) usi... Télécharger
jbackpack(freshmeat) JBackpack JBackpack is a personal backup program. It feat... Télécharger
zsniffer(sfnet) zigbee sniffer software to capture 802.15.4 packages from the ... Télécharger
qaquarelle(sfnet) Qaquarelle Qaquarelle is the opensource Qt4-based graphica... Télécharger
pokemononline(sfnet) pokemononline games pokemon mmorpg avec database Télécharger
janetdev(sfnet) Ja.NET - Java Development Tools for .NET The Ja.NET project provides open source Java de... Télécharger
webconfo(sfnet) webconfo Webconfo is an open source project ( short name... Télécharger
gameweb(sfnet) gameweb GameWeb is a web-based platform for experimenta... Télécharger
eqc(sfnet) Latex Equation Compiler The LaTeX Equation Compiler is a preprocessor f... Télécharger
chan_nms(freshmeat) chan_nms CHAN_NMS is an Asterisk PBX channel driver that... Télécharger
toast-sim(sfnet) TOAST TOAST (Trust Organisational Agent System Testbe... Télécharger
worldbestsoft(sfnet) worldbestsoft Download Best and last software Télécharger
esia(sfnet) ESIA Easy Plug Computer Installer Télécharger
htmlcxx(sfnet) htmlcxx htmlcxx is a simple non-validating html parser ... Télécharger
bsflite(sfnet) BSFlite Line-based AIM client and BSD-licensed OSCAR li... Télécharger
greenpants(freshmeat) GreenPants GreenPants is a simple blog system. The entries... Télécharger
jopenray(freshmeat) jOpenRay jOpenRay is a project aiming to improve the exp... Télécharger
phpsiteedit(freshmeat) PHP Site Editor phpSiteEdit is a Web-based discussion software ... Télécharger
mailing-lists-sieve(freshmeat) mailing-lists-sieve mailing-lists-sieve is a utility to generate Si... Télécharger
ingatan(freshmeat) Ingatan Ingatan is a clean, intuitive, and highly flexi... Télécharger
joomlaturk(sfnet) joomlaturk Joomla Prenium Demo Template Plunigs Moduls Lan... Télécharger
ocep(sfnet) ocep Intelligent Event Processing Machine(IEPM) is o... Télécharger
puppex(sfnet) PuppEX Linux Live CD ABOUT PuppEX 14.1 5.6 32bit is a remaster of Pu... Télécharger
cuda4ati(sfnet) cuda4ati Enable CUDA on AMD/ATI graphic cards Télécharger
rtext(sfnet) RText RText is a customizable programmer's text edito... Télécharger
wdcp(sfnet) wdcp管理系统 wdCP是WDlinux Control Panel的简称,是一套通过WEB... Télécharger
writer2latex(sfnet) Writer2LaTeX Writer2LaTeX is a collection of converters from... Télécharger
svgb2svg(sfnet) svgb2svg Tiny open-source SVGB to SVG converter written ... Télécharger
wordwarvi(freshmeat) Word War vi Word War vi is a side-scrolling shoot 'em up '8... Télécharger
rdp-classifier(sfnet) rdp-classifier The RDP Classifier is a naive Bayesian classifi... Télécharger
testmaker(sfnet) testMaker testMaker is a software for web-based assessmen... Télécharger
hoem(sfnet) Household expenditure management It's simple project made by 3 students for stud... Télécharger
prads(freshmeat) PRADS PRADS is a "Passive Real-time Asset Detect... Télécharger
moomis(freshmeat) Moomis Moomis is a suite of plug-in tools that bring b... Télécharger
xapian-fu(freshmeat) Xapian Fu XapianFu is a Ruby library for working with Xap... Télécharger
mailxel(freshmeat) mailxel mailxel is a personal mail store and mail clien... Télécharger
vumeterplugin(freshmeat) VU meter plugin VU meter plugin is a visualization plugin that ... Télécharger
crossplex(freshmeat) Crossplex The Crossplex package of make macros simplifies... Télécharger
sbus(sfnet) The SBus (Synergy Bus) Project The SBus is a family of high-speed packet-based... Télécharger
yavio(sfnet) YAVIO Yavio is a cross-platform freeware and open sou... Télécharger
logsurfer(sfnet) Logsurfer Logsurfer is a program for monitoring system lo... Télécharger
ruby-webgen(freshmeat) Ruby webgen webgen is a Web site generator implemented in R... Télécharger
myreminders(sfnet) My Reminders As the name suggests, this software can be used... Télécharger
side-menu-generator-and-handle(freshmeat) Side menu generator and handler side-menu-generator-and-handler is a set of PHP... Télécharger
ll-plugins(freshmeat) ll-plugins ll-plugins is a small collection of LV2 plugins... Télécharger
alfanous(freshmeat) Alfanous Alfanous is a Quranic search engine that provid... Télécharger
slideml(freshmeat) SlideML SlideML (Slide Meta-Language) is a simple to us... Télécharger
fgkicker(freshmeat) FG Kicker! FG Kicker! is an easy GUI frontend to launch th... Télécharger
rss-live-links-for-google-chro(freshmeat) RSS Live Links for Google Chrome RSS Live Links is a browser-action extension to... Télécharger
websitebaker(freshmeat) WebsiteBaker WebsiteBaker is an easy, secure, flexible, and ... Télécharger
rxetersoft(freshmeat) RX@Etersoft RX@Etersoft is a terminal server. It allows Lin... Télécharger
js-diff-viewer(freshmeat) JS Diff Viewer JS Diff Viewer is a library that can find and v... Télécharger
newpki(sfnet) NewPKI NewPKI is a PKI based on the OpenSSL low-level ... Télécharger
quake-2-map-info(freshmeat) Quake 2 Map Info Quake 2 Map Info is a command line utility that... Télécharger
clex(freshmeat) CLEX CLEX is a file manager with a full-screen user ... Télécharger
checkbashisms(freshmeat) checkbashisms checkbashisms is a static analysis tool for she... Télécharger
bitnamiphpbb(freshmeat) BitNami phpBB Stack BitNami phpBB Stack is an easy-to-install distr... Télécharger
shellcheck(freshmeat) ShellCheck ShellCheck is a static analysis tool for shell ... Télécharger
aperteworkflow(sfnet) Aperte Workflow Aperte Workflow - complete Open Source BPM solu... Télécharger
osv(freshmeat) OSv OSv is an operating system for virtual machines... Télécharger
mytube(sfnet) Mytube Video Player mobile program on blackberry,watch youtube vide... Télécharger
mp3pl(sfnet) mp3pl mp3 přehrávač, který snad bude schopný komuniko... Télécharger
db-relay(freshmeat) DB Relay DB Relay is a project built around the NGiNX we... Télécharger
forge(freshmeat) Forge Forge has more than 3,000 cards and allows to y... Télécharger
util-linux-ng(freshmeat) util-linux-ng util-linux-ng is a fork of the original util-li... Télécharger
packet-dump-decode-pdd(freshmeat) Packet Dump Decode Packet Dump Decode (pdd) is a simple, convenien... Télécharger
ampjuke(freshmeat) AmpJuke AmpJuke makes it possible to manage and stream ... Télécharger
kohana-sitemap(freshmeat) Kohana Sitemap Kohana Sitemap is a Kohana 3 Sitemap Class that... Télécharger
tcrun(freshmeat) tcrun TCRun is a tool written by software engineers i... Télécharger
weatherboardsnmp(freshmeat) WeatherBoardSNMP WeatherBoardSNMP integrates the USB Weather Boa... Télécharger
tlssh(freshmeat) tlssh tlssh is like SSH, but based on TLS. With tlss... Télécharger
qtv4lcapture(freshmeat) qtv4lcapture qtv4lcapture is a webcam recorder that uses v4l... Télécharger
slideshowjs(freshmeat) Slideshow.js Slideshow.js is an object that creates slide sh... Télécharger
winect(freshmeat) Ribbil ribbil is a wireless network manager designed f... Télécharger
knowledgetree(freshmeat) KnowledgeTree KnowledgeTree is a powerful Web-based document ... Télécharger
mixerp(freshmeat) MixERP MixERP is a multi-currency, multi-lingual, and ... Télécharger
amcharts-php(sfnet) AmCharts-PHP AmCharts-PHP is a library of classes to configu... Télécharger
sipc(sfnet) SIPC - Scanner ICC Profile Creator SIPC (Scanner ICC Profile Creator) is an open s... Télécharger
supermariobrosp(sfnet) Super Mario Bros. Python This is just a Demo release of the game. Known... Télécharger
pmii(sfnet) pmii In the tradition of Hilbert's program we create... Télécharger
dbcrypt(sfnet) dCrypt - Android Encryption Decryption It is a simple android application for encrypti... Télécharger
cgdevpakglut(sfnet) CGDEVPAKGLUT Propósito: Subir los devpacks para la materia d... Télécharger
frandroid(sfnet) frandroid Frandroid application for the Android platform Télécharger
colasoftfreeware(sfnet) colasoft capsa Capsa is a portable network analyzer applicati... Télécharger
phpmyedit(sfnet) phpMyEdit: MySQL Table Editor How many times have you hand coded a MySQL tabl... Télécharger
longops(freshmeat) longops longops is a helper class which allows you to &... Télécharger
bitnamiroller(freshmeat) BitNami Roller Stack BitNami Roller stack is an easy to install dist... Télécharger
gtktiemu(sfnet) TiEmu - a TI89(ti)/92(+)/V200 emulator. TiEmu is an emulator of Texas Instruments hand-... Télécharger
multiexperiment-viewer-mev(freshmeat) MultiExperiment Viewer MultiExperiment Viewer (MeV) is a versatile mic... Télécharger
openx-android(sfnet) OpenX Android Widget An Android Widget which can be used in Android ... Télécharger
projets3kejln(sfnet) projets3kejln et des poires Télécharger

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