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patmat(freshmeat) Wolf Software Patmat Patmat is a simple text pattern matching librar... Télécharger
libstopwatch(freshmeat) Wolf Software LibStopwatch LibStopwatch is a simple timing library, allowi... Télécharger
logdb(freshmeat) Wolf Software LogDB LogDB is a library which logs data to a MySQL d... Télécharger
liblogfile(freshmeat) Wolf Software Logfile Library Logfile is a C library that provides a basic lo... Télécharger
mempool-library(freshmeat) Wolf Software Mempool Library Mempool is a library that provides a basic memo... Télécharger
obscure(freshmeat) Wolf Software Obscure Obscure is a simple text obscuring library. It ... Télécharger
librandom(freshmeat) Wolf Software Random Number Library Random is a C library that provides a selection... Télécharger
libscheduler(freshmeat) Wolf Software Scheduler Library Scheduler is a C library that provides function... Télécharger
libsocklib(freshmeat) Wolf Software Socklib Socklib is a C library that provides a selectio... Télécharger
libstackbuf(freshmeat) Wolf Software Stackbuf Library Stackbuf is a C library that provides a stack-i... Télécharger
libstrfunc(freshmeat) Wolf Software Strfunc Library Strfunc is a C library that contains a collecti... Télécharger
alphamail(sfnet) AlphaMail AlphaMail is an accelerated web mail interface ... Télécharger
winlibs(sfnet) Pre-built libraries for Windows Collection of pre-compiled libraries for Window... Télécharger
midishare(sfnet) MidiShare MidiShare is a real-time musical MIDI operating... Télécharger
sysinfopl(freshmeat) Wolf Software Sysinfo.pl Sysinfo.pl is a simple script that generates so... Télécharger
ibid(freshmeat) Ibid Ibid is a multi-protocol, general purpose, inst... Télécharger
wolfchat-perl(freshmeat) Wolf Software WolfChat (Perl) WolfChat (Perl) is a simple implementation of W... Télécharger
utilslib(freshmeat) Wolf Software Utils Library Utils is a C library that provides a set of bas... Télécharger
mitk(sfnet) MITK The Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit (MITK) ... Télécharger
mr-bix(freshmeat) Mr Bix Mr Bix is a TCP proxy of sorts in which an inco... Télécharger
java-cobol-lexer(freshmeat) Java Cobol Lexer Java Cobol Lexer is a library that takes a Cobo... Télécharger
gplates(freshmeat) GPlates GPlates offers a novel combination of interacti... Télécharger
gensnortdns(freshmeat) genSnortDNS genSnortDNS is a script that will generate Snor... Télécharger
mioc-tool(sfnet) M.I.O.C. Attraverso questo programma è possibile monitor... Télécharger
mp3ext(sfnet) mp3ext This is Michael Mutschler's famous mp3 shell ex... Télécharger
hibernate4mavenplugin(sfnet) hibernate4-maven-plugin Hibernate 4 Maven Plugin including all goals Télécharger
log4j-dfa(sfnet) Log4j Dated File Appender DatedFileAppender is an "appender" ob... Télécharger
aeonic(sfnet) Aeonic - Model Driven Server Apps You specify a desired domain-logic in UML, opti... Télécharger
ex-crawler(freshmeat) Ex-Crawler The Ex-Crawler Project is divided into three su... Télécharger
mlsony(sfnet) ml_sony Ml_sony is a plugin for winamp to support sony'... Télécharger
sparselm(freshmeat) sparseLM sparseLM is a software package for efficiently ... Télécharger
gmkvextractgui(sfnet) gMKVExtractGUI A GUI for mkvextract utility (part of MKVToolni... Télécharger
u-p-i(sfnet) u-p-i Ubuntu Post Install,progetto per l'installazion... Télécharger
winfo(freshmeat) winfo winfo is a small utility to display information... Télécharger
stantor(sfnet) STANTOR Stantor is a SCADA for home automation/domotic ... Télécharger
simplematlab(sfnet) vector++ C++ templates for vector class, matrix class an... Télécharger
dupradar(sfnet) dupRadar dupRadar consists of a java counting tool and ... Télécharger
javainetlocator(sfnet) Java IP (InetAddress) Locator Java and ColdFusion libraries to lookup country... Télécharger
weblate(freshmeat) Weblate Weblate is a Web-based translation tool with ti... Télécharger
korreio(sfnet) Korreio Korreio is GUI to mail systems management based... Télécharger
chocoada(freshmeat) chocoada Chocoada is an Ada to lisp translator/compiler. Télécharger
remote-ssh-access(freshmeat) remote-ssh-access remote-ssh-access is an application for creatin... Télécharger
rt-thread-rtos(freshmeat) RT-Thread RTOS RT-Thread RTOS is a real-time operating system ... Télécharger
genparse(freshmeat) Genparse Genparse is a generic command line parser gener... Télécharger
ofed-2(freshmeat) oFEd oFEd is a simple desktop application allowing y... Télécharger
pyclips(sfnet) PyCLIPS Python Module Python module to interface the CLIPS expert sys... Télécharger
nessus-xmlrpc(freshmeat) nessus-xmlrpc nessus-xmlrpc is a Ruby library for the Nessus ... Télécharger
wolf-software-obscure-text-cla(freshmeat) Wolf Software Obscure Text Class Wolf Software Obscure Text Class is a simple cl... Télécharger
javagooglealertsapi(sfnet) Java Google Alerts API Java Google Alerts API provides you with a ligh... Télécharger
airreceiver(freshmeat) AirReceiver AirReceiver is a software implementation of the... Télécharger
netsmsgw(sfnet) Network SMS Gateway netSMSgw is a SMTP to SMS gateway. The goal of ... Télécharger
ldapfuse(freshmeat) ldapfuse ldapfuse is a virtual filesystem for FUSE which... Télécharger
wowmapviewer(sfnet) WoW Mapviewer A Mapviewer for World of Warcraft with some fea... Télécharger
magento-blog(freshmeat) Magento Blog Magento Blog is an extension that provides blog... Télécharger
mifos(sfnet) Mifos - Microfinance Open Source Mifos X is the next generation of the Mifos sof... Télécharger
boujouimport(sfnet) Blender Boujou import script A unofficial script to import Boujou camera tra... Télécharger
maplestoryv95(sfnet) maplestoryv95 An SVN repository of the current v.95.4 of Mapl... Télécharger
oscar(sfnet) Oscar OSCAR (Open Source Cluster Application Resource... Télécharger
flyffmap(sfnet) Flyff Interactive Map ..... Coming soon ..... Télécharger
spritedecompose(sfnet) Sprite Decomposer Decompose and create animations from a sprite s... Télécharger
ion-dtn(sfnet) ION-DTN The Interplanetary Overlay Network (ION) softwa... Télécharger
bulkemailer(sfnet) Bulk-Emailer It supports you search the specified keyword an... Télécharger
zidrav(sfnet) ZIDRAV ZIDRAV is a file corruption detection and repai... Télécharger
greptweet(freshmeat) Greptweet Greptweet is a minimalistic Web application to ... Télécharger
midiprocessing(sfnet) Midi in-out-file processing MIDIIO2K / MIDIFL2K OCX Midi input, output, &am... Télécharger
gladius(sfnet) Gladius DB The most efficient flatfile database engine wri... Télécharger
isalepoint(sfnet) iSalePoint Java swing based Point of Sale software for sin... Télécharger
extm3u(freshmeat) extm3u.pl extm3u.pl generates an extended .m3u playlist f... Télécharger
tinyids(freshmeat) TinyIDS TinyIDS is a distributed intrusion detection sy... Télécharger
renderconfig(freshmeat) RenderConfig RenderConfig allows the definition of a set of ... Télécharger
fuzz(freshmeat) fuzz Fuzz is a tool for testing software. It runs th... Télécharger
gnu-darwin(freshmeat) GNU-Darwin GNU-Darwin aims to be the most free Darwin-base... Télécharger
resource-manager(freshmeat) Wolf Software Resource Manager Resource Manager is a tool designed to help man... Télécharger
appcrack(sfnet) AppCrack The goal of the AppCrack project is to allow us... Télécharger
uclinuxongba(sfnet) uclinuxongba Focus on porting uclinux on GBA and create a we... Télécharger
porters(sfnet) porters A way to connect mac and windows further togeth... Télécharger
macgpg(sfnet) Mac GNU Privacy Guard The goal of this project is to create a GnuPG f... Télécharger
ants-p2p(freshmeat) ANts P2P ANts P2P realizes a third generation P2P net. I... Télécharger
finddup(freshmeat) FindDup FindDup is an easy to use tool for detecting du... Télécharger
pygedcom(freshmeat) PyGEDCOM PyGEDCOM is a Python library for parsing GEDCOM... Télécharger
lzop(freshmeat) lzop lzop is a file compressor similar to gzip. Its ... Télécharger
code-generation-tools-for-free(freshmeat) Code Generation Tools for Free Pascal Code Generation Tools for Free Pascal is a tool... Télécharger
smbtatools(freshmeat) smbtatools The smbtatools represent the end user tools for... Télécharger
kroket(freshmeat) Kroket Kroket is interactive graph visualization softw... Télécharger
itherapy-process(freshmeat) iTherapy Process iTherapy Process (iTP) is software to help spec... Télécharger
offscreenmodels(sfnet) offscreenmodels Open source examples of off-screen models for ... Télécharger
p4a(sfnet) PHP For Applications - PHP Framework PHP5 RAD and object oriented PHP framework for ... Télécharger
gapcmon(sfnet) gapcmon gapcmon is a gtk/glib desktop monitor program f... Télécharger
avoision(freshmeat) Avoision Avoision is a very simple arcade-style game. Th... Télécharger
brawl64(sfnet) Brawl 64 Brawl 64 is an attempt to bring Super Smash Bro... Télécharger
invisibleip(sfnet) Invisible IRC Project The Invisible IRC Project (IIP) is an anonymous... Télécharger
neurofem-simbio(sfnet) neurofem-simbio SimBio, which consists of NeuroFEM and IPM is a... Télécharger
joomla-musical-flair-module(freshmeat) Joomla Musical Flair Module Joomla Musical Flair Module is a simple Joomla!... Télécharger
joomla-graphic-design-flair(freshmeat) Joomla Graphic Design Flair Joomla Graphic Design Flair is a simple Joomla!... Télécharger
cisco-config-manager(freshmeat) Cisco Configuration Manager Cisco Configuration Manager is a set of tools t... Télécharger
embperl(freshmeat) Embperl Embperl gives you the power to embed Perl code ... Télécharger
ad-network(freshmeat) AD-Network AD-Network is a tool for security auditing and ... Télécharger
javascript-auto-complete(freshmeat) JavaScript Auto Complete JavaScript Auto Complete is an object that prov... Télécharger
ns4300n-nagios-utils(freshmeat) NS4300N Nagios Utils NS4300N Nagios Utils is a collection of tools f... Télécharger
rpm-depend(freshmeat) rpm-depend rpm-depend can easily find packages fitting the... Télécharger

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