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beobasis(sfnet) BeoBasis BeoBasis is a library that includes apple - Swi... Télécharger
araword(sfnet) AraWord AraWord is a word processor that combines picto... Télécharger
webdav(sfnet) WebDAV.NET Server Framework Microsoft.NET WebDAV Server Framework (RFC2518 ... Télécharger
webpresscreative(sfnet) Web Press Creative GUI Website Web Press Creative (WPC) is a Content Managemen... Télécharger
freetype(sfnet) The FreeType Project The FreeType project develops free, portable an... Télécharger
pachyderm(sfnet) Pachyderm Pachyderm is a web-based rich-media interactive... Télécharger
sobralhost(sfnet) sobralhost aaaaa5777767676767676756744 Télécharger
clock(freshmeat) Screwdriver++ Screwdriver++ is a package with various tools f... Télécharger
igolaware-linux-20(freshmeat) iGolaware Linux iGolaware Linux is an Ubuntu 10.10 derivative i... Télécharger
living-css-tools(freshmeat) Living Css Tools Living Css Tools is a build utility to allow gi... Télécharger
xjoy2key(freshmeat) xjoy2key xjoy2key maps your joystick button presses to k... Télécharger
howl-network-exploitation-tool(freshmeat) Howl Network Exploitation Tool Howl is a multi-purpose network exploitation to... Télécharger
audiobunnymusicfile(freshmeat) Audio::BunnyMusicFile Audio::BunnyMusicFile is a Perl module for work... Télécharger
slidematch(freshmeat) slidematch Slidematch is a media rating, contextual retrie... Télécharger
libfairydust(freshmeat) libfairydust Libfairydust is a small wrapper library intende... Télécharger
asgardians-network-mapper(freshmeat) Asgardian's Network Mapper Asgardian's Network Mapper is a framework of to... Télécharger
musdir(freshmeat) musutil musutil includes several utilities for working ... Télécharger
sigslot(sfnet) C++ Signal/Slot Library (sigslot) Portable C++ type-safe, thread-safe signal/slot... Télécharger
odcleanstore(sfnet) ODClean Store Linked Data management tool with customizable d... Télécharger
alecztor(sfnet) Alecz Tor 1.0 Protect your privacy. Defend yourself against n... Télécharger
flowgrind(freshmeat) Flowgrind Flowgrind is a tool similar to iperf or netperf... Télécharger
liteide(sfnet) liteide LiteIDE is a simple, open source, cross-platfor... Télécharger
wifidisplay(sfnet) Wifi Display Wifi Display is a Wi-Fi Alliance Specification ... Télécharger
swanmodel(sfnet) SWAN SWAN is a third-generation wave model, develope... Télécharger
yochaba(sfnet) under construction A modified version of a popular imageboard soft... Télécharger
sag333ar(sfnet) sag333ar http://sugartin.info http://gamedev.sugartin.info Télécharger
pod-project(sfnet) Pod Project Le projet Pod évolue encore ! Pod Project est u... Télécharger
anonsaba(sfnet) Anonsaba Just a heavy modification of Kusaba. Also pleas... Télécharger
lanpoker-texash(sfnet) LAN Poker - Texas Holdem Texas Hold'em Poker Ziele: - Client um zu Serve... Télécharger
denfent-engine(freshmeat) D'Enfent Engine D'Enfent Engine is a library that contains high... Télécharger
pmsdr(freshmeat) pmsdr pmsdr is software for a low-cost, DDS-less &quo... Télécharger
typolight-2(freshmeat) TYPOlight TYPOlight is a content management system (CMS) ... Télécharger
fango(freshmeat) Fango Fango is a minified (<1000 SLOC) one-file MV... Télécharger
atompub-manager(freshmeat) atomPub Manager Base on the atomPub Publishing Protocol, atomPu... Télécharger
rfc868server(freshmeat) rfc868server rfc868server is a time/date server for rfc868 c... Télécharger
freephpshoppingcartsoftware(freshmeat) FreePHPShoppingCartSoftware FreePHPShoppingCartSoftware includes many featu... Télécharger
xmt-2(freshmeat) XMT XMT (XStream Migration Tool) is a library to mi... Télécharger
mapson(freshmeat) mapSoN mapSoN is an anti-spam system that uses an appr... Télécharger
toxic-template-engine(freshmeat) Toxic Toxic is a general purpose template engine. It ... Télécharger
wxephe(freshmeat) wxEphe wxEphe displays astronomical ephemeris given a ... Télécharger
ttlogfile(sfnet) TTLogFile The component is designed for easy addition of ... Télécharger
wsn-instachat(freshmeat) WSN InstaChat WSN InstaChat is an experimental new kind of ch... Télécharger
bad-peggy(freshmeat) Bad Peggy Bad Peggy searches for damaged JPEG files and v... Télécharger
trupax(freshmeat) TruPax TruPax is a tool for creating TrueCrypt volumes... Télécharger
novius-os-forms(freshmeat) Novius OS Forms Novius OS Forms is an application for Novius OS... Télécharger
xr-kore(sfnet) XR-Kore This is a little OPENSOURCE(so you could modify... Télécharger
novius-os-slideshows(freshmeat) Novius OS Slideshows Novius OS Slideshows is a Novius OS application... Télécharger
novius-os-blog(freshmeat) Novius OS Blog Novius OS Blog is a Novius OS application that ... Télécharger
outline-lighto(freshmeat) Outliner Lighto Outliner Lighto is a console-based outliner/hie... Télécharger
libfc14audiodecoder(freshmeat) libfc14audiodecoder libfc14audiodecoder is a library that provides ... Télécharger
strelin(freshmeat) Strelin Strelin is a content management system for Web ... Télécharger
bed(freshmeat) bed bed is an adjustable data format binary editor.... Télécharger
google-test-runner-qt(freshmeat) Google Test Runner Qt Google Test Runner Qt is a project that aims to... Télécharger
paparazzi(freshmeat) Paparazzi Paparazzi is powerful and versatile autopilot s... Télécharger
compressible(freshmeat) compressible compressible is a command line utility to test ... Télécharger
tupi(freshmeat) Tupi Tupi is a fork of the KTooN project — a design ... Télécharger
novius-os-news(freshmeat) Novius OS News Novius OS News is a Novius OS application that ... Télécharger
confger(sfnet) confger The user interface for adjustment FPSEce Télécharger
voluntutor(sfnet) voluntutor VolunTutor (VT) aims to facilitate free tutorin... Télécharger
beanstalker(freshmeat) Beanstalker Beanstalker is a set of Maven Plugins for Amazo... Télécharger
penultimate-generation(freshmeat) Penultimate Generation Penultimate Generation is a version of the old ... Télécharger
gmailsend-dll(freshmeat) GMailSend DLL GMailSend DLL is a library for sending e-mail u... Télécharger
construder(freshmeat) Construder Construder is a 3D game featuring a dynamic inf... Télécharger
doublefish-solutions-aquarium(freshmeat) Doublefish Solutions Aquarium Aquarium is a Web-based GUI for Linux based sys... Télécharger
guitar-chord-api-class(freshmeat) Guitar Chord API class Guitar Chord API class can be used to search fo... Télécharger
ipt_fw(freshmeat) ipt_fw Ipt_fw is a firewall for Linux based on iptable... Télécharger
asciidia(freshmeat) asciidia Asciidia generates bitmap or vector files from ... Télécharger
zorka(freshmeat) Zorka Zorka is a sophisticated programmable profiling... Télécharger
pycam(sfnet) PyCAM Open Source CAM - Toolpath Generation for 3-Axi... Télécharger
ldiag(sfnet) Linux System Diagnostics Linux System Diagnostics (LSD) is a project to ... Télécharger
selks(freshmeat) SELKS SELKS is a Debian-based IDS/IPS platform with L... Télécharger
another-postgresql-diff-tool(freshmeat) Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool (also known as apg... Télécharger
miniflux(freshmeat) Miniflux Miniflux is a minimalist Web-based RSS reader. ... Télécharger
pythonwebdavlib(freshmeat) Python WebDAV Library Python WebDAV Library provides an object-orient... Télécharger
polypy(freshmeat) polypy Polypy is a small program to analyze rings in s... Télécharger
web-page-replay(freshmeat) Web Page Replay Web Page Replay allows you to record Web pages ... Télécharger
nts(freshmeat) note taking simplified nts is an acronym for Note Taking Simplified. I... Télécharger
codevtt(freshmeat) CodevTT CodevTT offers an easy way to fill timesheets, ... Télécharger
pyglossary(sfnet) PyGlossary Working on glossarys (dictionary databases) usi... Télécharger
jbackpack(freshmeat) JBackpack JBackpack is a personal backup program. It feat... Télécharger
zsniffer(sfnet) zigbee sniffer software to capture 802.15.4 packages from the ... Télécharger
qaquarelle(sfnet) Qaquarelle Qaquarelle is the opensource Qt4-based graphica... Télécharger
pokemononline(sfnet) pokemononline games pokemon mmorpg avec database Télécharger
janetdev(sfnet) Ja.NET - Java Development Tools for .NET The Ja.NET project provides open source Java de... Télécharger
webconfo(sfnet) webconfo Webconfo is an open source project ( short name... Télécharger
gameweb(sfnet) gameweb GameWeb is a web-based platform for experimenta... Télécharger
eqc(sfnet) Latex Equation Compiler The LaTeX Equation Compiler is a preprocessor f... Télécharger
chan_nms(freshmeat) chan_nms CHAN_NMS is an Asterisk PBX channel driver that... Télécharger
toast-sim(sfnet) TOAST TOAST (Trust Organisational Agent System Testbe... Télécharger
worldbestsoft(sfnet) worldbestsoft Download Best and last software Télécharger
esia(sfnet) ESIA Easy Plug Computer Installer Télécharger
htmlcxx(sfnet) htmlcxx htmlcxx is a simple non-validating html parser ... Télécharger
bsflite(sfnet) BSFlite Line-based AIM client and BSD-licensed OSCAR li... Télécharger
greenpants(freshmeat) GreenPants GreenPants is a simple blog system. The entries... Télécharger
jopenray(freshmeat) jOpenRay jOpenRay is a project aiming to improve the exp... Télécharger
phpsiteedit(freshmeat) PHP Site Editor phpSiteEdit is a Web-based discussion software ... Télécharger
mailing-lists-sieve(freshmeat) mailing-lists-sieve mailing-lists-sieve is a utility to generate Si... Télécharger
ingatan(freshmeat) Ingatan Ingatan is a clean, intuitive, and highly flexi... Télécharger
joomlaturk(sfnet) joomlaturk Joomla Prenium Demo Template Plunigs Moduls Lan... Télécharger
ocep(sfnet) ocep Intelligent Event Processing Machine(IEPM) is o... Télécharger

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