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coremu(sfnet) COREMU COREMU is a scalable and portable parallel full... Télécharger
modbus4j(sfnet) Modbus for Java A high-performance and ease-of-use implementati... Télécharger
nekohtml(sfnet) CyberNeko HTML Parser NekoHTML is a simple HTML scanner and tag balan... Télécharger
hcf-project(sfnet) HCF HCF (Hash Control Files) es un programa capaz d... Télécharger
sourceharmony(sfnet) Source Harmony This mod aims at making it possible to have nea... Télécharger
autobackupbysim(sfnet) AutoBackupBySims Programme de sauvegarde automatique lancée au d... Télécharger
testdatabuilder(sfnet) TestDataBuilder The TestDataBuilder is a free open-source gener... Télécharger
auformat(freshmeat) auformat auformat is a utility that converts the output ... Télécharger
x2go-server(freshmeat) X2Go Server The X2Go Server allows you to connect to and co... Télécharger
pdkeditor(sfnet) WxRuby PDK Editor Es una base de datos armada en WxRuby/A databas... Télécharger
ashv(sfnet) ASH Viewer ASH Viewer provides a graphical view of active ... Télécharger
imagestopdf(sfnet) imagestopdf This application enables you to create a single... Télécharger
bitnami-jenkins-stack(freshmeat) BitNami Jenkins Stack BitNami Jenkins Stack is an easy-to-install dis... Télécharger
m4m4d(sfnet) m4m4d king of the world Télécharger
quandaryrotator(sfnet) quandaryrotator Swaps Minecraft Quandary Texture packs (or user... Télécharger
erppcatoolkit(sfnet) erppcatoolkit A Matlab toolkit for analyzing ERP datasets, es... Télécharger
x2go-client(freshmeat) X2Go Client The X2Go Client allows you to connect to and co... Télécharger
ebilstuff(sfnet) Ebildude123's Stuff The stuff that Ebildude123 (me) on YT has. Télécharger
pow1234567890(sfnet) PowerManager hjadsjkha hdaskhdsakdhkjd Télécharger
graphicjourney(sfnet) Graphic Journey Graphic Journey is a game created by a novice Télécharger
lrperformance(sfnet) lrperformance The project was created as part of Joosep Simm ... Télécharger
bitnami-open-atrium-stack(freshmeat) BitNami Open Atrium Stack BitNami Open Atrium Stack Native Installer is a... Télécharger
icewm(freshmeat) IceWM IceWM is a window manager designed for speed, u... Télécharger
pmidi(freshmeat) pmidi pmidi is a straightforward command line program... Télécharger
phpbb-sk(sfnet) phpbb-sk Tento projekt je za účelom uverejnenia preklado... Télécharger
largefileviewer(sfnet) largefileviewer A java viewer which can display content of larg... Télécharger
prophunt(sfnet) PropHunt Finally a webpage! http://xspacesoft.github.io/... Télécharger
cgipaf(freshmeat) cgipaf cgipaf is a combination of three CGI programs. ... Télécharger
wxcode(sfnet) wxCode - wxWidgets components wxCode project is a collection of reusable comp... Télécharger
bracketsportable(sfnet) Brackets Portable Brackets is an open source code editor for web ... Télécharger
lesstif(freshmeat) Lesstif LessTif is an implemention of the OSF/Motif sta... Télécharger
libstream(freshmeat) libstream libstream is a fast I/O stream library written ... Télécharger
nct(freshmeat) nct NCT is curses based color-extended tetris game.... Télécharger
wandora(freshmeat) Wandora Wandora is a general purpose data extraction, m... Télécharger
monkey(freshmeat) Monkey HTTP Daemon Monkey HTTP Daemon is a very fast and lightweig... Télécharger
csum(freshmeat) csum Csum is a tool for manipulating CSV, TSV, PSV a... Télécharger
gens(freshmeat) Gens Gens is a Sega Mega Drive (Genesis), 32X, and M... Télécharger
recoveryflasher(sfnet) recoveryflasher skyend's recovery flasher Télécharger
fish-fillets-ng(freshmeat) Fish Fillets NG Fish Fillets NG is strictly a puzzle game. The... Télécharger
simpletelnet(freshmeat) SimpleTelnet SimpleTelnet is a small telnet client suitable ... Télécharger
aime-embedded(sfnet) aime aime is a simple, C like programming language a... Télécharger
vocproc(freshmeat) VocProc VocProc is an LV2 plugin for pitch shifting (wi... Télécharger
exjello(freshmeat) exJello exJello is a JavaMail provider that connects to... Télécharger
neotextureedit(freshmeat) NeoTextureEdit NeoTextureEdit is an easy to use graph-based pr... Télécharger
filterous(freshmeat) Filterous Filterous lets you search your delicious.com bo... Télécharger
lmlm(freshmeat) List of Mailing Lists Manager List of Mailing Lists Manager (LMLM) enables yo... Télécharger
missus(freshmeat) Missus Missus is a PHP class that provides a simple AP... Télécharger
fusioncp(freshmeat) Fusion Control Panel Fusion Control Panel is a multi-platform soluti... Télécharger
tmjs(freshmeat) tmjs tmjs is a Topic Maps engine written in pure Jav... Télécharger
naged(freshmeat) Naged Naged provides a way to edit a Nagios file thro... Télécharger
xosl(sfnet) xosl XOSL is a graphical boot manager that supports ... Télécharger
engrid(sfnet) enGrid ENGRID is a mesh generation software with CFD a... Télécharger
guvcview(freshmeat) Guvcview Guvcview provides a simple GTK interface for ca... Télécharger
jtreeview(sfnet) Java Treeview Java Treeview - An Open Source, Extensible View... Télécharger
flexviews(freshmeat) Flexviews Flexviews adds materialized view support to MyS... Télécharger
pesccoltrnjar(sfnet) PESC CollegeTranscript Jar Java library that implements the PESC College T... Télécharger
sgamp(sfnet) Stargate Atlantis Model Pack Stargate Atlantis models and materials for Garr... Télécharger
ps2frame(sfnet) PS2 Emulator Framework This is very simple framework to allow porting ... Télécharger
firehol(freshmeat) FireHOL FireHOL a simple yet powerful way to configure ... Télécharger
mts2mp4(freshmeat) MTS2MP4 MTS2MP4 is a tool that converts MTS or AVCHD fi... Télécharger
qmidicurves(freshmeat) QMIDICurves QMIDICurves is a simple JACK application that l... Télécharger
cpp-template(freshmeat) cpp-template cpp-template is a script that allows you to cre... Télécharger
drupowa(freshmeat) Drupowa Drupowa is an application that allows you to ea... Télécharger
haildb(freshmeat) HailDB HailDB is a relational database in shared libra... Télécharger
apache-tools(freshmeat) Apache httpd tools Apache httpd tools is a collection of administr... Télécharger
htmtex(freshmeat) HTMTEX HTMTEX reads hand-coded ASCII HTML documents wi... Télécharger
render_inheritable(freshmeat) render_inheritable render_inheritable is a Rails 3 plugin that all... Télécharger
shard-query(freshmeat) Shard-Query Shard-Query uses partitioning and sharding to a... Télécharger
libnxter(sfnet) libnxter libnxter is a collection of robot utilities for... Télécharger
clam-chordata(freshmeat) CLAM chordata CLAM chordata analyses the chords in a song and... Télécharger
fax2pdf(sfnet) Fax G3 TIFF to PDF converter fax2pdf provides a means to convert sets of G3 ... Télécharger
moppi(sfnet) MOPPI Machine MOPPI (Multiple OPerations Per Instruction) is ... Télécharger
capistrano-typo3-cms(freshmeat) capistrano-typo3-cms capistrano-typo3-cms is an extension for the de... Télécharger
text2man(freshmeat) Wolf Software text2man text2man is a simple Perl script for converting... Télécharger
zekr(sfnet) zekr Zekr is an open source Quran study software for... Télécharger
flburn(freshmeat) FlBurn FlBurn is an optical disk burning software for ... Télécharger
carvpath-forensics-library(freshmeat) CarvPath CarvPath (libcarvpath) is a library aimed at co... Télécharger
libhistory(freshmeat) Wolf Software History Library History is a C library that provides functions ... Télécharger
patmat(freshmeat) Wolf Software Patmat Patmat is a simple text pattern matching librar... Télécharger
libstopwatch(freshmeat) Wolf Software LibStopwatch LibStopwatch is a simple timing library, allowi... Télécharger
logdb(freshmeat) Wolf Software LogDB LogDB is a library which logs data to a MySQL d... Télécharger
liblogfile(freshmeat) Wolf Software Logfile Library Logfile is a C library that provides a basic lo... Télécharger
mempool-library(freshmeat) Wolf Software Mempool Library Mempool is a library that provides a basic memo... Télécharger
obscure(freshmeat) Wolf Software Obscure Obscure is a simple text obscuring library. It ... Télécharger
librandom(freshmeat) Wolf Software Random Number Library Random is a C library that provides a selection... Télécharger
libscheduler(freshmeat) Wolf Software Scheduler Library Scheduler is a C library that provides function... Télécharger
libsocklib(freshmeat) Wolf Software Socklib Socklib is a C library that provides a selectio... Télécharger
libstackbuf(freshmeat) Wolf Software Stackbuf Library Stackbuf is a C library that provides a stack-i... Télécharger
libstrfunc(freshmeat) Wolf Software Strfunc Library Strfunc is a C library that contains a collecti... Télécharger
alphamail(sfnet) AlphaMail AlphaMail is an accelerated web mail interface ... Télécharger
winlibs(sfnet) Pre-built libraries for Windows Collection of pre-compiled libraries for Window... Télécharger
midishare(sfnet) MidiShare MidiShare is a real-time musical MIDI operating... Télécharger
sysinfopl(freshmeat) Wolf Software Sysinfo.pl Sysinfo.pl is a simple script that generates so... Télécharger
ibid(freshmeat) Ibid Ibid is a multi-protocol, general purpose, inst... Télécharger
wolfchat-perl(freshmeat) Wolf Software WolfChat (Perl) WolfChat (Perl) is a simple implementation of W... Télécharger
utilslib(freshmeat) Wolf Software Utils Library Utils is a C library that provides a set of bas... Télécharger
mitk(sfnet) MITK The Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit (MITK) ... Télécharger
mr-bix(freshmeat) Mr Bix Mr Bix is a TCP proxy of sorts in which an inco... Télécharger
java-cobol-lexer(freshmeat) Java Cobol Lexer Java Cobol Lexer is a library that takes a Cobo... Télécharger
gplates(freshmeat) GPlates GPlates offers a novel combination of interacti... Télécharger

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