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vlclauncher(sfnet) VLC Launcher Interface for run videos with vlc media player ... Télécharger
robobrain-sdk(freshmeat) RoboBrain SDK RoboBrain SDK is a simple, lightweight 2D game ... Télécharger
crackxls2003(freshmeat) crackxls2003 crackxls2003 breaks the encryption on Microsoft... Télécharger
phpdvd(freshmeat) phpDVD phpDVD is a simple PHP script to keep track of ... Télécharger
rulersguidesjs(freshmeat) RulersGuides.js RulersGuides.js creates a Photoshop-like guides... Télécharger
eventjs(freshmeat) Event.js Event.js handles events in a browser-independen... Télécharger
opensusecm(sfnet) openSuseCM Configuration Management Manual for using openS... Télécharger
rsppmp3(sfnet) RSPpmp3 Win32 and soon Win64 (_M_X64 x64 processors, It... Télécharger
tuniac(sfnet) Tuniac Tuniac is an iTunes style media player/manager ... Télécharger
buffervideoplayer(freshmeat) BufferVideoPlayer BufferVideoPlayer shows (in XRender-accelerated... Télécharger
lockbot(sfnet) LockBot Android lock screen app Télécharger
kkn(sfnet) Krona Kronometer The software will allow you to cronometrate wit... Télécharger
morpheus(freshmeat) Morpheus Morpheus is a Perl module that implements a con... Télécharger
c-dynalib(freshmeat) C-DynaLib C-DynaLib is a Perl module that allows Perl pro... Télécharger
furl-cpan(freshmeat) Furl (CPAN) Furl is a fast pure-Perl HTTP client library. I... Télécharger
scope-2(freshmeat) scope Scope is a time-domain and frequency-domain sof... Télécharger
tux-football(freshmeat) Tux Football Tux Football is an arcade-style 2D football gam... Télécharger
pedometer(freshmeat) Pedometer Pedometer is a collection of tools that retriev... Télécharger
bacnet4j(sfnet) BACnet for Java A high-performance implementation of the BACnet... Télécharger
sblim(sfnet) Standards Based Linux Instrumentation SBLIM (pronounced "sublime"), the Sta... Télécharger
dualsphysics(sfnet) DualSPHysics DualSPHysics is based on the Smoothed Particle ... Télécharger
hyphentype(freshmeat) hyphenType hyphenType is a commandline interface for Java.... Télécharger
jpaxjc(sfnet) jpaxjc JPA-XJC is a JAXB 2.1 XJC plugin for annotating... Télécharger
statsvn(sfnet) StatSVN StatSVN is a metrics-analysis tool for charting... Télécharger
mw-by-milan-kazarka(freshmeat) MW by Milan Kazarka MW is a low footprint embedded UI framework cor... Télécharger
flfm(freshmeat) Fast Light File Manager FLFM is a file manager based on the Fast Light ... Télécharger
winbatch(sfnet) winbatch Windows services batch files to switch Windows ... Télécharger
desire-adhoc(freshmeat) desire-adhoc desire-adhoc allows you to connect your HTC Des... Télécharger
java-engine-for-testing(freshmeat) Java Engine for Testing The Java Engine for Testing (JET) is a system f... Télécharger
euclid-wm(freshmeat) euclid-wm euclid-wm is a minimalist tiling window manager... Télécharger
convertepst(freshmeat) ConvertePST ConvertePST is a tool for reading messages in M... Télécharger
nlinear(freshmeat) NLinear NLinear is a generic linear algebra toolkit for... Télécharger
serd(freshmeat) Serd Serd is a lightweight C library for RDF syntax ... Télécharger
libsord(freshmeat) LibSord LibSord is a lightweight C library for storing ... Télécharger
suil(freshmeat) Suil Suil is a library for LV2 hosts intended to mak... Télécharger
lilv(freshmeat) Lilv Lilv is a library for LV2 hosts intended to mak... Télécharger
ltblighttaybind(sfnet) ltblighttaybind Version légère du TayBinder (keybinder destinée... Télécharger
naev(freshmeat) Naev Naev is a 2D space trading and combat game, in ... Télécharger
defragmenter(freshmeat) defragmenter defragmenter is a braindead filesystem agnostic... Télécharger
mydvds(freshmeat) myDVDs myDVDs is a complete personal Web-based graphic... Télécharger
domuslink(freshmeat) domus.Link domus.Link is a Web-based frontend for Heyu. It... Télécharger
dvdtube(freshmeat) dvdtube dvdtube is a Python script that will download a... Télécharger
prefix-hc11(freshmeat) prefix-hc11 prefix-hc11 is an experimental assembler for HC... Télécharger
tksessionmanager(freshmeat) TkSessionManager TkSessionManager is an X11 session manager. It ... Télécharger
nwn2library(freshmeat) NWN2Library NWN2Library is a library that can be used to re... Télécharger
pumped(freshmeat) pumped Pumped is a cross-platform application for trac... Télécharger
kurabu(freshmeat) Kurabu Kurabu is designed to manage members of associa... Télécharger
peters-computer(sfnet) peters-computer This is for PETERS-COMPUTER. The facebook page ... Télécharger
octopress-api(freshmeat) octopress-api octopress-api exposes a REST-ful API for admini... Télécharger
je(freshmeat) JE JE is a pure Perl ECMAScript (JavaScript) engin... Télécharger
bluepot(freshmeat) Bluepot Bluepot is a Bluetooth honeypot. It is designed... Télécharger
enforcer-fault-injection-tool(freshmeat) Enforcer fault injection tool Enforcer is an exception simulation and fault i... Télécharger
openvpn-web-certificate-manage(freshmeat) OpenVPN Web Certificate Manager OpenVPN Web Certificate Manager is a configurat... Télécharger
rushub(sfnet) RusHub RusHub - is a server software used for Direct C... Télécharger
key-mon(freshmeat) key-mon key-mon shows live keyboard and mouse status fo... Télécharger
vpnautoconnect(sfnet) vpnautoconnect vpnautoconnect is a daemon that allow you to re... Télécharger
rubyregexp(sfnet) rubyregexp A Mac application (written in MacRuby) that wil... Télécharger
impresscms-deutschland(freshmeat) ImpressCMS Deutschland ImpressCMS Deutschland is a German version of I... Télécharger
smartslog(sfnet) smartslog Ontology library generator for Smart-M3 platfor... Télécharger
phpvirtualbox(sfnet) phpVirtualBox An open source, AJAX implementation of the Virt... Télécharger
free-learning(sfnet) FreeEBookLearning Free E-Book Learning Télécharger
netice(sfnet) netice NetICE is an ARM emulator suited for kinds of s... Télécharger
samcleaner(sfnet) SamCleaner Clean SAM / BAM files from PCR artifacts. Télécharger
axel2(sfnet) Linux加速下载工具—Axel Axel 通过打开多个 HTTP/FTP 连接来将一个文件进行... Télécharger
gmap(sfnet) GMap, GNOME Map Application Program GMap, GNOME Map Application Program. A standalo... Télécharger
schillix(sfnet) SchilliX Schillix is a complete OpenSource operating sys... Télécharger
scstudio(sfnet) Sequence Chart Studio A user-friendly drawing and verification tool f... Télécharger
msi2xml(sfnet) MSI2XML / XML2MSI A Windows Installer Database To XML Bi-Directio... Télécharger
minesweeper-3k(freshmeat) Minesweeper 3K Minesweeper 3K is an original implementation of... Télécharger
serbdict(freshmeat) SerbDict Serbian Dictionary is a bidirectional Serbian-E... Télécharger
autosummarizationtoolusingjava(sfnet) Auto Summarization tool using java Auto summarization provides a concise summary f... Télécharger
tfa-climate-reader(freshmeat) tfa-climate-reader tfa-climate-reader is a program for interfacing... Télécharger
astroeasycap(freshmeat) AstroEasyCap AstroEasyCap is an optimized Linux easycap DC60... Télécharger
super-user-flair(freshmeat) Joomla! Super User Flair Module Super User Flair is a simple Joomla! 1.5 module... Télécharger
input(freshmeat) input input is a small and fast CGI input parser. It ... Télécharger
server-fault-flair(freshmeat) Joomla! Server Fault Flair Module Joomla! Server Fault Flair Module is a simple J... Télécharger
esqola(sfnet) eSQoLa Dirigida al profesorado de Institutos de Secund... Télécharger
fanucrobotlrmat(sfnet) Fanuc robot LR Mate 200i simuation simulation of fanuc lr mate 200i robot using bl... Télécharger
pdcore(sfnet) pdcore pdcore is a POSIX.1-2008 compliant public domai... Télécharger
noch(sfnet) NOCH NOC is a open source development toolkit and a ... Télécharger
guestbook1(sfnet) guestbook Project Bukutamu for beginner Télécharger
jpicsdk(sfnet) Development of RESTful JPIC SDK JPIC SDK is a Java Public Information Connectiv... Télécharger
ontonorm(sfnet) OntoNorm OntoNorm was developed during University of Wis... Télécharger
pwmdedit(freshmeat) pwmdedit PwmdEdit provides an easy-to-use interface to e... Télécharger
mod-gzip(sfnet) mod_gzip mod_gzip is an Internet Content Acceleration mo... Télécharger
django-easymode(freshmeat) django-easymode django-easymode lets you create backends for dy... Télécharger
websocket4j(freshmeat) GNU WebSocket4J GNU WebSocket4J is a WebSocket protocol impleme... Télécharger
bluenote(sfnet) BlueNote Image processing application focused on mathema... Télécharger
ffms2wrapper(sfnet) FFMPEG Source 2 Wrapper C#.NET A C#.NET Wrapper to FFMPEGSource2 aka FFMS2 Télécharger
every-locale(freshmeat) Every Locale Every Locale is an app which changes the locale... Télécharger
pokevision(sfnet) pokevision PokéVision Cliënt Télécharger
q3hq(sfnet) Q3HQ The goal of Q3HQ is to make Quake 3 Arena look ... Télécharger
twoauth(freshmeat) twoauth twoauth provides a method for two-phase authent... Télécharger
dsd-anuncios(sfnet) DSD - Classificados Online Projeto de criação de um site de classificados ... Télécharger
npage-bigforum(sfnet) npage-bigforum Ein in PHP/MYSQL geschriebenes Forum von nPage.... Télécharger
cruflregex(sfnet) Crystal Reports Regex Library A simple regular expression library for Crystal... Télécharger
codecover(sfnet) CodeCover CodeCover is a free glass box testing tool that... Télécharger
irrlichtlime(sfnet) Irrlicht Lime The Irrlicht Lime is a .NET wrapper for the Irr... Télécharger
morpho-rpackage(sfnet) Morpho R-package to perform analysis of landmark based... Télécharger
jsonwidget(freshmeat) jsonwidget jsonwidget is a set of libraries implementing a... Télécharger

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