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transcoder(freshmeat) Transcoder Transcoder is a video converter that uses GTK+ ... Télécharger
dunan(freshmeat) dunan dunan is a little program that shows animated M... Télécharger
jminix(freshmeat) JMiniX JMiniX is a simple, embeddable, restful JMX con... Télécharger
graphml-generator(freshmeat) GraphML Generator This class can be used to generate UML diagrams... Télécharger
logjam(freshmeat) LogJam LogJam is a GTK2 client for LiveJournal-based o... Télécharger
apple-tv-groovy(freshmeat) Apple TV Groovy Groovy is an unofficial Grooveshark client for ... Télécharger
emf-to-graphviz-emf2gv(freshmeat) EMF To Graphviz EMF To Graphviz (emf2gv) is an an Eclipse plugi... Télécharger
emf-validation-builder(freshmeat) EMF Validation Builder EMF Validation Builder is an Eclipse plugin tha... Télécharger
raptor(freshmeat) Raptor RDF Syntax Library Raptor is a C library providing a set of parser... Télécharger
luabind(freshmeat) luabind luabind is a library that simplifies C++ integr... Télécharger
rubber-band(freshmeat) Rubber Band Rubber Band is a high quality software library ... Télécharger
hubbub(freshmeat) Hubbub Hubbub is the reference implementation for a fe... Télécharger
mcb_bpaste(freshmeat) bPaste bPaste is a flexible paste bin based on Web tec... Télécharger
toofpy(freshmeat) Toolserver Framework for Python The Toolserver Framework for Python is a Medusa... Télécharger
dolphin-emu(freshmeat) Dolphin-emu Dolphin is a Nintendo GameCube, Wii, and Trifor... Télécharger
judy(freshmeat) Judy The Judy library provides fully dynamic arrays.... Télécharger
pupympi(freshmeat) PupyMPI PupyMPI is a generic 100% Python MPI implementa... Télécharger
arch-perl(freshmeat) Arch-Perl Arch-Perl allows Perl developers to create GNU ... Télécharger
after-the-deadline-for-firefox(freshmeat) After the Deadline for Firefox After the Deadline checks English spelling, mis... Télécharger
ipaq214android(sfnet) iPAQ 200/210/211/212/214 Android Porting Porting Android to the iPAQ 200/210/211/212/214... Télécharger
coffee-soft(sfnet) CoFFEE [coffee-soft] A platform for Collaborative Disc... Télécharger
dxglwrap(sfnet) DirectX OpenGL Wrapper DirectX OpenGL Wrapper emulates API calls thru ... Télécharger
redland(freshmeat) Redland RDF Library Redland is a set of C libraries providing a hig... Télécharger
qcsv(sfnet) QT4 CSV file reader Little example of dummy CSV file reader for QT4... Télécharger
webcomp(sfnet) DotPHP DotPHP is event handling full object framework ... Télécharger
mklivecd(sfnet) Debian GNU/Linux Live-CD mklivecd creates a Live-CD from the Debian GNU/... Télécharger
tripleacivilwar(sfnet) tripleacivilwar Civil War mod for TripleA Télécharger
gomule(sfnet) GoMule Welcome to GoMule! This is a muling application... Télécharger
gtburst(sfnet) gtBurst gtBurst is a tool to download data, analyze and... Télécharger
xcutmp3(freshmeat) xcutmp3 xcutmp3 is a simple frontend for cutmp3 for peo... Télécharger
itexmac(sfnet) iTeXMac, an Integrated TeX Environment iTeXMac is an integrated software which compone... Télécharger
qwtpolar(sfnet) qwtpolar Qt/Qwt Polar Plot Widget Télécharger
pysal(freshmeat) PySAL PySAL (Python Spatial Analysis Library) is a cr... Télécharger
stunt-coureur(freshmeat) Stunt Coureur Stunt Coureur is a Bullet Physics based racing ... Télécharger
repos-tools(freshmeat) repos-tools repos-tools is a set of command-line utilities ... Télécharger
minbif(freshmeat) Minbif Minbif aims to use the libpurple library from t... Télécharger
grunt-sizediff(freshmeat) grunt-sizediff grunt-sizediff is a Grunt task to diff file siz... Télécharger
tracka(sfnet) Bug Tracker: OpenProjectManager.com Project Manager and Bug Tracker for Agile Softw... Télécharger
uchome-discuz(sfnet) Uchome and Discuz Uc home Social network and discuz board. Télécharger
megatv(sfnet) Mega TV programa para assistir tv online versão beta Télécharger
frettamaps(sfnet) maps maps for the fretta gamemode Télécharger
jazzy(sfnet) Jazzy - Java Spell Check API There are currently no Java OpenSource spell ch... Télécharger
easy-csp-lib(sfnet) easy-csp-lib An open-source Java class library designed for ... Télécharger
mimefix(sfnet) MIMEfix MIMEfix is a plug-in Mail.app on MacOS X. Mail.... Télécharger
animmerger(freshmeat) animmerger Animmerger stitches 2D images together into eit... Télécharger
zenmagick(sfnet) zenmagick A reliable, flexible Open Source e-commerce sol... Télécharger
bs-call-monitor(freshmeat) BS Call Monitor bscallmon is a small GUI tool that allows you t... Télécharger
elemental(freshmeat) Elemental Elemental is a C++ framework for distributed-me... Télécharger
atomic-research(freshmeat) atomic research Atomic Research is a variant of the Battleships... Télécharger
tommy(freshmeat) TommyDS TommyDS is a C library of hashtables and tries ... Télécharger
fbvlc(sfnet) fbvlc This project is spin off VLC Web Plugins based ... Télécharger
goldbug(sfnet) GoldBug - Secure Instant Messenger Secure Instant Messenger FB: https://www.faceb... Télécharger
zimbrafunambol(sfnet) Funambol Zimbra Connector The Zimbra connector for Funambol enables the F... Télécharger
ilgcms(sfnet) ILG-CMS ILG steht für "Internet - leicht gemacht&q... Télécharger
xboxhdm2(sfnet) xboxhdm2 Port of xboxhdm to support USB booting Télécharger
karmatool(sfnet) Karma Provenance Collection Tool Karma tool is a standalone tool that can be add... Télécharger
xtables-addons(sfnet) Xtables-addons Xtables-addons is a package that obsoletes the ... Télécharger
filer(sfnet) Filer Filer represents an alternative to display and ... Télécharger
rwma(freshmeat) rwma RWMA (Ruby window manager addons) is a modular ... Télécharger
dynablast(freshmeat) DynaBlast DynaBlast is a fast Apache HTTPD access_log sca... Télécharger
cpdetector(freshmeat) cpdetector cpdetector is a small yet clever framework for ... Télécharger
gnat-gpl(sfnet) GNAT GPL The GNAT GPL and SPARK GPL Editions are made av... Télécharger
cairoforphp-samples(freshmeat) CairoForPHP Samples CairoForPHP is an application that demonstrates... Télécharger
osgish(freshmeat) osgish Osgish is a command line shell for OSGi. It is ... Télécharger
translationprojectcalculator(freshmeat) TransProCalc TransProCalc is a translation project managemen... Télécharger
describepl(freshmeat) Wolf Software describe.pl describe.pl is a simple script which provides a... Télécharger
pybctc(freshmeat) pybctc pybctc is a Python package that makes access to... Télécharger
owllink-owlapi(sfnet) owllink-owlapi Java-based implementation of the OWLlink protoc... Télécharger
coremu(sfnet) COREMU COREMU is a scalable and portable parallel full... Télécharger
modbus4j(sfnet) Modbus for Java A high-performance and ease-of-use implementati... Télécharger
nekohtml(sfnet) CyberNeko HTML Parser NekoHTML is a simple HTML scanner and tag balan... Télécharger
hcf-project(sfnet) HCF HCF (Hash Control Files) es un programa capaz d... Télécharger
sourceharmony(sfnet) Source Harmony This mod aims at making it possible to have nea... Télécharger
autobackupbysim(sfnet) AutoBackupBySims Programme de sauvegarde automatique lancée au d... Télécharger
testdatabuilder(sfnet) TestDataBuilder The TestDataBuilder is a free open-source gener... Télécharger
auformat(freshmeat) auformat auformat is a utility that converts the output ... Télécharger
x2go-server(freshmeat) X2Go Server The X2Go Server allows you to connect to and co... Télécharger
pdkeditor(sfnet) WxRuby PDK Editor Es una base de datos armada en WxRuby/A databas... Télécharger
ashv(sfnet) ASH Viewer ASH Viewer provides a graphical view of active ... Télécharger
imagestopdf(sfnet) imagestopdf This application enables you to create a single... Télécharger
bitnami-jenkins-stack(freshmeat) BitNami Jenkins Stack BitNami Jenkins Stack is an easy-to-install dis... Télécharger
m4m4d(sfnet) m4m4d king of the world Télécharger
quandaryrotator(sfnet) quandaryrotator Swaps Minecraft Quandary Texture packs (or user... Télécharger
erppcatoolkit(sfnet) erppcatoolkit A Matlab toolkit for analyzing ERP datasets, es... Télécharger
x2go-client(freshmeat) X2Go Client The X2Go Client allows you to connect to and co... Télécharger
ebilstuff(sfnet) Ebildude123's Stuff The stuff that Ebildude123 (me) on YT has. Télécharger
pow1234567890(sfnet) PowerManager hjadsjkha hdaskhdsakdhkjd Télécharger
graphicjourney(sfnet) Graphic Journey Graphic Journey is a game created by a novice Télécharger
lrperformance(sfnet) lrperformance The project was created as part of Joosep Simm ... Télécharger
bitnami-open-atrium-stack(freshmeat) BitNami Open Atrium Stack BitNami Open Atrium Stack Native Installer is a... Télécharger
icewm(freshmeat) IceWM IceWM is a window manager designed for speed, u... Télécharger
pmidi(freshmeat) pmidi pmidi is a straightforward command line program... Télécharger
phpbb-sk(sfnet) phpbb-sk Tento projekt je za účelom uverejnenia preklado... Télécharger
largefileviewer(sfnet) largefileviewer A java viewer which can display content of larg... Télécharger
prophunt(sfnet) PropHunt Finally a webpage! http://xspacesoft.github.io/... Télécharger
cgipaf(freshmeat) cgipaf cgipaf is a combination of three CGI programs. ... Télécharger
wxcode(sfnet) wxCode - wxWidgets components wxCode project is a collection of reusable comp... Télécharger
bracketsportable(sfnet) Brackets Portable Brackets is an open source code editor for web ... Télécharger
lesstif(freshmeat) Lesstif LessTif is an implemention of the OSF/Motif sta... Télécharger
libstream(freshmeat) libstream libstream is a fast I/O stream library written ... Télécharger

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