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ipof(freshmeat) ipof ipof is a shell tool which resolves hostnames t... Télécharger
yumpkgs(freshmeat) yumpkgs yumpkgs is a tool to help people download the r... Télécharger
wolf-software-stack-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software Stack Class Wolf Software Stack Class is a complete impleme... Télécharger
md2web(freshmeat) md2web md2web generates static websites from pages in ... Télécharger
wolf-software-queue-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software Queue Class Wolf Software Queue Class is a classic queue im... Télécharger
json2excel(sfnet) json2excel Java library that easily converts a Json array ... Télécharger
zaggxbmcaddons(sfnet) ZaggXbmcAddons Here are my addons for Openelec/Xbmc Mostly Emu... Télécharger
hex2bin(sfnet) Hex2bin Converts Motorola and Intel hex files to binary... Télécharger
appwsgi(sfnet) appwsgi Illustration of building your own ajax framewor... Télécharger
molinos-cms(freshmeat) Molinos CMS Molinos CMS is a modular CMS. It supports multi... Télécharger
clustershell(freshmeat) ClusterShell ClusterShell is a set of tools and an event-bas... Télécharger
drcsound(freshmeat) DR-CSOUND DR-CSOUND is a graphical drum machine interface... Télécharger
symptoms-and-diseases-database(freshmeat) Symptoms and Diseases Database Symptoms-and-diseases-database (SADDB) is a Web... Télécharger
chain-ssh(freshmeat) chain-ssh This package provides a tool for 'chained' SSH ... Télécharger
imorph(freshmeat) iMorph iMorph is cross platform 3D image analysis soft... Télécharger
infoscoop-opensource(freshmeat) infoScoop OpenSource infoScoop OpenSource is a flexible portal frame... Télécharger
stx-cbtreedb(freshmeat) stx::CBTreeDB The stx::CBTreeDB is a collection of C++ classe... Télécharger
mp3tagmanager(sfnet) MP3 ID3 Java Tag Library Tool This Java software is useful to set id3v1 and i... Télécharger
nfswatch(sfnet) nfswatch NFSwatch lets you monitor NFS requests to any g... Télécharger
commbridge(sfnet) CommBridge Provide a universal communication platform betw... Télécharger
modbusmaster(sfnet) ModbusMaster Arduino class library for communicating with Mo... Télécharger
qdpm(sfnet) qdpm qdPM is a free web-based project management too... Télécharger
smartrouter(sfnet) SmartRouter Project SmartRouter Project A GNU/Linux Router, Firewal... Télécharger
muralimohanav(sfnet) muralimohanav Hai this rkdatalink Télécharger
kitchensink-vm(sfnet) kitchensink-vm KitchenSink is a secure file transfer mechanism... Télécharger
spacebombuzz(sfnet) spacebombuzz All about Nimbuzz application ! Télécharger
masna(freshmeat) Masna Masna provides a simple graphical interface (GU... Télécharger
d3lolskins(sfnet) (D3) LOL Skin Pack The D3 Community LOL skin pack of all the chara... Télécharger
liblogging(freshmeat) liblogging Liblogging is an easy-to-use, cross-platform li... Télécharger
wolf-software-server-status(freshmeat) Wolf Software Server Status Wolf Software Server Status is the first part o... Télécharger
chemkit(freshmeat) chemkit Chemkit is a C++ library for molecular modellin... Télécharger
java-based-file-splitter-and-j(freshmeat) Java File Splitter And Joiner Java File Splitter And Joiner is a GUI that spl... Télécharger
portscangeoinfo(freshmeat) PortscanGeoInfo PortscanGeoinfo is a plugin for the powerful Pr... Télécharger
deville0247(sfnet) deville0247 Partage de ressources Télécharger
echopoint(sfnet) Echo Point The EchoPoint project provides a rich collectio... Télécharger
snmp4zabbix(freshmeat) snmp4zabbix snmp4zabbix provides a simple SNMP interface to... Télécharger
btanks(sfnet) Battle Tanks Fast 2d tank arcade game with multiplayer and s... Télécharger
minecraftturkey(sfnet) LadySmith in Minecraft Mod Yeri Büyük operasyona hazırlanın Project has been su... Télécharger
ufpm(freshmeat) UFPM When moving files between filesystems that have... Télécharger
hrm(sfnet) Huygens Remote Manager The Huygens Remote Manager is an open-source, e... Télécharger
fluxbb(freshmeat) FluxBB FluxBB is a fast, light, user-friendly forum ap... Télécharger
eskit(freshmeat) ESKit ESKit is a portable C library that provides imp... Télécharger
noosfero(freshmeat) Noosfero Noosfero is a Web platform for social networks.... Télécharger
dog-domotic-osgi-gateway(freshmeat) Dog Domotic OSGi Gateway Dog is a Domotic OSGi Gateway. In other words, ... Télécharger
precurio(freshmeat) Precurio Precurio is an intranet portal that gives your ... Télécharger
infinitypfm(sfnet) Infinity PFM Infinity PFM is a open source personal finance ... Télécharger
pysum(freshmeat) pysum pysum is a simple PyGTK application for creatin... Télécharger
feedprovider(freshmeat) FEEDPROVIDER FEEDPROVIDER is a bot for pushing pubsubhubbub ... Télécharger
pcp(freshmeat) pcp PCP is a download program which can copy files ... Télécharger
tilige(freshmeat) Tilige Tilige is a tool that creates beautiful timelin... Télécharger
gccsense(freshmeat) GCCSense GCCSense is a set of intelligent development to... Télécharger
genyris(freshmeat) Genyris Genyris is a programming language inspired by t... Télécharger
canvasxpress(freshmeat) CanvasXpress CanvasXpress is a JavaScript library based on t... Télécharger
aprel(freshmeat) APreL++ APreL++ (Arbitrary Precision Library for C++) p... Télécharger
noot-tuner(freshmeat) noot-tuner noot-tuner (Never-out-of-tune Instrument Tuner)... Télécharger
seref(freshmeat) SERef SERef (short for "Search Engine Reference&... Télécharger
ocportal(freshmeat) ocPortal ocPortal is a CMS with many Web 2.0 features fo... Télécharger
libwbxml(sfnet) libwbxml libwbxml is a library to encode and decode WBXM... Télécharger
kolourmatica(freshmeat) Kolourmatica Kolourmatica is a simple color space calculator... Télécharger
javasol(freshmeat) JavaSolitaire JavaSolitaire is an implementation of the famou... Télécharger
intervalicp(sfnet) Geometric model finder with Interval ICP Implementation of an Interval Iterative Closest... Télécharger
slendermanremake(sfnet) Slender Man - Remake Game developed to learn how to work with Unity ... Télécharger
jhmf(sfnet) jhmf Ny JanHelgeMan tjeneste med filmer og videoer.osv Télécharger
yapet(freshmeat) YAPET YAPET is a small text based password manager. I... Télécharger
s60dosbox(sfnet) Symbian DOSBox symbian s60 port of the DOSBox emulator for dev... Télécharger
magnifierjs(freshmeat) Magnifier.js Magnifier.js is a JavaScript library that provi... Télécharger
modbus-traffic-generator(sfnet) Modbus Traffic Generator Modbus traffic generator is a tool written in P... Télécharger
netbios-share-scanner(freshmeat) SecPoint Netbios Share Scanner The Netbios Share Samba Scanner can scan C clas... Télécharger
giserver(sfnet) giserver GIServer is a project based GeoTools. It is imp... Télécharger
yioop(freshmeat) Yioop! Yioop! is a PHP search engine. Yioop! can be co... Télécharger
alsa-midi-filter(freshmeat) midifilter The ALSA MIDI Filter application consists of a ... Télécharger
ffpkclone(sfnet) Xenscape Currently, this game is just a concept modeled ... Télécharger
wallcalendar(freshmeat) WallCalendar WallCalendar is a set of LaTeX wall calendar te... Télécharger
password-entropy-calculator(freshmeat) Password Entropy Calculator Password Entropy Calculator is a class that cal... Télécharger
texcount(freshmeat) TeXcount TeXcount is a Perl script for counting words in... Télécharger
qmachine(freshmeat) QMachine QMachine (QM) is a Web service that can incorpo... Télécharger
igv-intelligent(sfnet) igv-intelligent IGV allows you to easily create and edit a grap... Télécharger
coreaudio-flac(sfnet) Core Audio OS X FLAC components Components for OS X that enable FLAC to be used... Télécharger
taskace(sfnet) taskace This application plans and reports progress and... Télécharger
indie-box-project(freshmeat) Indie Box Project Indie Box Project works to simplify the install... Télécharger
bb-ant-tools(sfnet) BlackBerry Ant Tools Simple yet powerful custom ant tasks for buildi... Télécharger
mpm(sfnet) mpm Main Phase Modeling, MPM, is a implementation o... Télécharger
winpooch(sfnet) Winpooch Watchdog THIS PROJECT HAS BEEN ABANDONED SINCE 2007, NO ... Télécharger
osb(sfnet) osb These precompiled (deployable) open source bina... Télécharger
plibconfig(freshmeat) Portable Libconfig Libconfig is a configuration file processing l... Télécharger
fb-mix(freshmeat) FB-Mix FB-Mix is designed to sit in the Fluxbox system... Télécharger
milkytracker(freshmeat) MilkyTracker MilkyTracker is a multi-platform music applicat... Télécharger
xld(sfnet) XLD X Lossless Decoder(XLD) is a tool for Mac OS X ... Télécharger
colladamaya(sfnet) COLLADA for Maya, 3DSMax FCOLLADA based COLLADA plugins for Maya and 3DS... Télécharger
nmap-observer(freshmeat) Nmap Observer Nmap Observer is a small application that shows... Télécharger
touchlockpro(sfnet) TouchLockPro TouchLockPro is a locking program for Windows M... Télécharger
watch-my-network(freshmeat) Watch My Network Watch My Network is a script that detects netwo... Télécharger
mozarts-musical-dice-game-add-(freshmeat) Mozart's Musical Dice Game Add-On for XBMC This is a simple XBMC add-on to generate a rand... Télécharger
mcc-html-mapper(freshmeat) Mcc HTML Mapper Mcc HTML Mapper is a program to create image ma... Télécharger
scanme(freshmeat) Scanme Scanme scans the network and keeps track of the... Télécharger
beozip(sfnet) BeoZip BeoZip is a Java application that backs up data... Télécharger
roboticscode(sfnet) roboticscode This is a collection of various robotics projec... Télécharger
configure(freshmeat) configure The configure project is a Makefile generator w... Télécharger
pacstats(freshmeat) PacStats PacStats is able to analyze the log and the lib... Télécharger
xhtmldbg(freshmeat) xhtmldbg This software provides you with the facility to... Télécharger

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