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zipmoduleimplem(sfnet) zip module implementation in php Implementation of php's zip extension using onl... Télécharger
desktaprc(freshmeat) DeskTapRC DeskTapRC turns your iPhone (or other WLAN smar... Télécharger
pdfshuffler(sfnet) PDF-Shuffler PDF-Shuffler is a small python-gtk application,... Télécharger
python-lzo(freshmeat) Python-LZO Python-LZO provides Python bindings for the LZO... Télécharger
hoyrespiro(freshmeat) HOYRESPIRO HOYRESPIRO is software developed for PEOPLE, a ... Télécharger
ssam(freshmeat) SSAM SSAM (Spyshakers Account Manager) is a script t... Télécharger
c-command-line-parameter-parse(freshmeat) C++ command line parameters parser C++ command line parameters parser (CLPP) is a ... Télécharger
microblog(freshmeat) Wolf Software MicroBlog MicroBlog is a very lightweight and simplistic ... Télécharger
todo-list-mananger(freshmeat) Wolf Software Todo List Mananger Todo List Manager is a lightweight and easy-to-... Télécharger
wsh-2(freshmeat) wsh wsh allows you to execute commands on multiple ... Télécharger
incrementalsvm(sfnet) incrementalsvm isvm: incremental svm implementation for Stephe... Télécharger
pixy-graph-query-language(freshmeat) Pixy Pixy is a declarative graph query language that... Télécharger
openlogos(sfnet) OpenLogos OpenLogos is an utility to help qualitative ana... Télécharger
evidence(sfnet) evidence GTK2/enlightenment file-manager. Browser-view a... Télécharger
twsi(freshmeat) TWSI TWSI is software that produces lexical substitu... Télécharger
log_analysis(freshmeat) log_analysis log_analysis is a log file analysis engine that... Télécharger
oreka(freshmeat) Oreka Oreka is an enterprise telephony recording and ... Télécharger
wp2latex(freshmeat) WP2LaTeX WP2LaTeX is a program designed to translate Wor... Télécharger
bibtex2html(freshmeat) bibtex2html bibtex2html is a collection of tools for transl... Télécharger
wolf-software-arbitrary-precis(freshmeat) Wolf Software Arbitrary Precision Class Wolf Software Arbitrary Precision Class uses th... Télécharger
eclipseproject(freshmeat) Eclipse Project Eclipse is a kind of universal tool platform - ... Télécharger
eblearn(sfnet) eblearn An open-source C++ library of machine learning ... Télécharger
xdata-provider(sfnet) xdata-provider The lightning-exchange-provider addon allows yo... Télécharger
mindmup-online-mind-mapping(sfnet) MindMup - Online Mindmap Anywhere Access your data anywhere, from any device. Use... Télécharger
frooooooooman(sfnet) frooooooooman its for garrysmod and i needed an svn to host f... Télécharger
firstdigest(sfnet) firstdigest.com *Note* Please check *Files* or *Browse Files* ... Télécharger
app-get(sfnet) Winux - APP-GET App-Get is tested with Windows 8 Pro. Please re... Télécharger
sql-admin(freshmeat) Java SQL Admin Tool Admin is entirely written in Java. It uses Swin... Télécharger
wolf-software-tower-of-hanoi-c(freshmeat) Wolf Software Tower of Hanoi Class Wolf Software Tower of Hanoi Class prints the s... Télécharger
makao-fx(sfnet) makao-fx This is a JavaFX/Java card game called Makao. I... Télécharger
openhbci(sfnet) openHBCI OpenHBCI is an Open Source library implementing... Télécharger
wolf-software-caesar-cipher-cl(freshmeat) Wolf Software Caesar Cipher Class Wolf Software Caesar Cipher Class is a simple i... Télécharger
serfj(freshmeat) SerfJ SerfJ provides a very easy way of developing Ja... Télécharger
euterpe3(freshmeat) Euterpe3 Euterpe3 communicates with a Skype client to ... Télécharger
geogeo(freshmeat) GeoGeo GeoGeo creates a PostgreSQL database from a Max... Télécharger
xemacs(freshmeat) XEmacs XEmacs (formerly known as Lucid Emacs) is a pow... Télécharger
dxfwriter(sfnet) DXFWriter for Blender DXFWriter is a Blender addon by TL using Freest... Télécharger
python-gzipstream(freshmeat) python-gzipstream python-gzipstream is a streaming gzip handler f... Télécharger
luneta(freshmeat) Luneta Luneta is a Web interface and engine to monitor... Télécharger
wolf-software-mysql-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software MySQL Class Wolf Software MySQL Class is a lightweight but ... Télécharger
emacs(freshmeat) Emacs Emacs is the extensible, customizable, self-doc... Télécharger
pinfo(freshmeat) pinfo Pinfo is a hypertext info file viewer with a us... Télécharger
links(freshmeat) Links Links is graphics and text mode WWW browser, si... Télécharger
tcsh(freshmeat) tcsh Tcsh is an enhanced but completely compatible v... Télécharger
old_bonnie(freshmeat) bonnie bonnie is a classic file system and storage dev... Télécharger
simplev4l2(freshmeat) SimpleV4L2 The SimpleV4L2 is a Linux V4L2 grabber program ... Télécharger
nfsen(freshmeat) NfSen NfSen is the Web-based front end for the nfdump... Télécharger
treemaplib(freshmeat) treemaplib This project provides a TreeMap widget in separ... Télécharger
flixn-media-platform(freshmeat) Flixn Media Platform Flixn Media Platform is a collection of Flash-b... Télécharger
nxgipd(freshmeat) nxgipd nxgipd is a monitoring daemon for UTC / GE Inte... Télécharger
simple-image-reducer(freshmeat) Simple Image Reducer Simple Image Reducer is an GTK application to e... Télécharger
restund(freshmeat) restund restund is a modular STUN/TURN server that is d... Télécharger
cropgui(freshmeat) CropGUI CropGUI is a graphical user interface for jpegt... Télécharger
dput-webdav(freshmeat) dput-webdav dput-webdav is a "dput" upload method... Télécharger
samygochanedit(sfnet) SamyGo ChanEdit SamyGo ChanEdit is a program to manipulate TV c... Télécharger
plptools(freshmeat) plptools plptools lets Unix (mainly Linux) systems commu... Télécharger
freedink(freshmeat) GNU FreeDink GNU FreeDink is a portable and enhanced version... Télécharger
daydream(freshmeat) DayDream DayDream is an X-style bulletin board system (B... Télécharger
scapytain(freshmeat) Scapytain Scapytain is a Web application that enables you... Télécharger
armadillo-adventure(freshmeat) Armadillo adventure toolkit Armadillo adventure is an adventure game set wi... Télécharger
sshdautoban(freshmeat) sshdautoban sshdautoban is a script intended to automatical... Télécharger
jggtrans(freshmeat) GG Transport jGGTrans is a gateway between Jabber/XMPP and G... Télécharger
hesperides(freshmeat) Hesperides Hesperides is an adaptation for Mac OS X of Did... Télécharger
wykiem-wykiem(freshmeat) wężykiem-wężykiem Wężykiem-wężykiem is a generator of boards for ... Télécharger
pop3ml(freshmeat) pop3ml pop3ml is a program to manage mailing lists and... Télécharger
ooopps(sfnet) Ongoing Object-Oriented Perl Project Download code, Learn code, Share code. The Ongo... Télécharger
rho(freshmeat) rho Rho is a small, very powerful console-based POS... Télécharger
fear(sfnet) Flexible Embodied Agent aRchitecture FEAR is a development kit helping software engi... Télécharger
yoshiisland2(sfnet) yoshiisland2 This game, is similar to a Yoshi Island game ma... Télécharger
django-gitcms(freshmeat) django-gitcms django-gitcms is a simple Web site framework th... Télécharger
scdplay(freshmeat) SCDPlay SCDPlay is a program that can play the videos i... Télécharger
total-shop-uk-ecommerce(freshmeat) Total Shop UK eCommerce Total Shop UK eCommerce is an eCommerce site ba... Télécharger
note-safe(freshmeat) Wolf Software Note Safe Note Safe is a very secure storage tool, allowi... Télécharger
firebreath(freshmeat) FireBreath FireBreath is a cross-platform plugin architect... Télécharger
libedit(sfnet) Libedit non-GPL replacement for readline library. A spi... Télécharger
euivhomosapiens(sfnet) Europa Universalis IV: Homo Sapiens Mod This mod focuses on attempting to rectify balan... Télécharger
dnd3rd(freshmeat) 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons Character Generator 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons Character Gene... Télécharger
salsa-2(freshmeat) Salsa Salsa is a Web application for authoring higher... Télécharger
tdrenan(sfnet) tdrenan Trabalho de Diplomação de Ciências da Computaçã... Télécharger
toxicmods(sfnet) toxicmods Team Toxic Releases for Samsung Vibrant Télécharger
wolf-software-factors-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software Factors Class Wolf Software Factors Class calculates a number... Télécharger
ninjaftp(sfnet) Ninja FTP Ninja FTP is an FTP client written mainly in C+... Télécharger
vimplugins(sfnet) vimplugins Collection of Vi Vim Plugins to turn Vim into a... Télécharger
concerted(freshmeat) Concerted Concerted is a highly scalable multivariate in-... Télécharger
jurpe(freshmeat) JURPE JURPE (Java Universal Role Playing Engine) is a... Télécharger
wolf-software-perfect-numbers-(freshmeat) Wolf Software Perfect Numbers Class Wolf Software Perfect Numbers Class calculates ... Télécharger
rseqflow(sfnet) rseqflow RseqFlow is an RNA-Seq analysis pipeline which ... Télécharger
dbcrawler(freshmeat) dbcrawler dbcrawler is a lightweight database schema craw... Télécharger
hatop(freshmeat) HATop HATop is an interactive ncurses client and real... Télécharger
response(freshmeat) Response Response is a set of tools to handle automatic ... Télécharger
flickrup(freshmeat) FlickrUp FlickrUp is an app that helps with uploading im... Télécharger
massadmin(freshmeat) massadmin massadmin parallelizes multiple system commands... Télécharger
wxhaskell(sfnet) wxHaskell The wxHaskell project implements a binding from... Télécharger
proxyhelper(sfnet) proxy-helper Backup some proxy-helper from google.code Télécharger
zabbixhdd(sfnet) Zabbix-HDD New configuration items for Zabbix-2 allow it t... Télécharger
situation-room(freshmeat) Situation Room Situation Room allows you to display multiple W... Télécharger
missingno(sfnet) missingno Open source application which retrieves all ite... Télécharger
ccid(freshmeat) ccid ccid provides the source code for a generic USB... Télécharger
xxdiff(freshmeat) xxdiff xxdiff is a graphical browser for viewing the d... Télécharger
linie(freshmeat) Linie Linie helps you install Internet Explorer on Li... Télécharger

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