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entity-extractor(freshmeat) Entity Extractor Entity Extractor is an application that generat... Télécharger
manytools(sfnet) manytools A lot of small and usefull tools for various pu... Télécharger
ohgwcc(sfnet) Open Hacking GateWay Client Crypto This anti-cheating software is used by S4 Leagu... Télécharger
nppftp(sfnet) NppFTP Plugin for Notepad++ allowing FTP, FTPS, FTPES ... Télécharger
valorrh(sfnet) valorRH Herramienta Web que permite objetivizar el pago... Télécharger
e-voting(sfnet) E-Voting The E--Voting System for the American Universit... Télécharger
ccfe(freshmeat) Curses Command Front-end CCFE is a simple tool to quickly supply an inte... Télécharger
jim-2(freshmeat) JIM JIM Invoice Manager is invoicing software for S... Télécharger
libamqp-py(freshmeat) libamqp-py libamqp-py is a Python wrapper for libamqp whic... Télécharger
libamqp(freshmeat) libamqp libamqp is a C client for AMQP, a wire protocol... Télécharger
merchanttribe(freshmeat) MerchantTribe MerchantTribe is a shopping cart for ASP.NET, M... Télécharger
celestic-community(freshmeat) Celestic Community Celestic Community is a collaborative Web-based... Télécharger
minuteman(freshmeat) MinuteMan MinuteMan is a work time tracking utility. For... Télécharger
rc522pythonscript(sfnet) rc522-python-script This is a python program for the RFID reader rc... Télécharger
bombic-2(freshmeat) Bombic 2 Bombic 2 is a bomb game like Dyna Blaster. It h... Télécharger
andrews-game(freshmeat) Andrew's Game Andrew's Game aims to be a lightweight and high... Télécharger
mod_sass(freshmeat) mod_sass mod_sass is an Apache HTTPD module that automat... Télécharger
sprintf(freshmeat) sprintf() for JavaScript sprintf() for JavaScript is a lightweight yet p... Télécharger
pincaster(freshmeat) Pincaster Pincaster is designed to conveniently store obj... Télécharger
sid-2(freshmeat) SidJS SidJS is a lightweight JavaScript library that ... Télécharger
deadbeef(freshmeat) deadbeef DeaDBeeF is an audio player for GNU/Linux and o... Télécharger
ebot(freshmeat) Ebot Ebot is a scalable and distribuited Web crawler... Télécharger
log4g(freshmeat) Log4g Log4g is a logging framework based on a port of... Télécharger
samba-pdbsql(freshmeat) Samba pdbsql Pdbsql provides three samba passdb backend modu... Télécharger
csapi(freshmeat) Dawal The csapi project (now renamed Dawal) features ... Télécharger
neptuner(freshmeat) neptuner The Neptuner codebase management tool suite inc... Télécharger
fake-sshd(freshmeat) fake sshd fake sshd is a fake SSH daemon that logs passwo... Télécharger
superwebsocket(sfnet) superwebsocket SuperWebSocket is a .NET implementation of WebS... Télécharger
gammasigma(sfnet) Gamma Sigma Fraternal Organizations Télécharger
vibrantbible(sfnet) Vibrant Bible At one time many developers hosted their work o... Télécharger
japura(sfnet) Japura Japura is a Swing project. It is a collection o... Télécharger
trixiewpf45(sfnet) TrixIE WPF4.5 Several years ago, there was Trix on http://www... Télécharger
popcornapp(sfnet) popcornapp Project page: https://github.com/isra17/popcorn... Télécharger
facepunchsource(sfnet) Facepunch Source mod Facepunch source mod. Show , you can mod , face... Télécharger
codeflow(freshmeat) CodeFlow CodeFlow is a software exploration tool for nav... Télécharger
iceutils(freshmeat) IceUtils IceUtils is a suite of command line tools desig... Télécharger
surrogafier(freshmeat) Surrogafier Surrogafier is an easy to install three tier We... Télécharger
rt-nagios-gateway(freshmeat) RT-Nagios gateway The main function of the RT-Nagios gateway is t... Télécharger
apphp-shopping-cart(freshmeat) ApPHP Shopping Cart ApPHP Shopping Cart is a powerful e-commerce sy... Télécharger
rimric(freshmeat) rimric interactive rimric interactive offers complete intranet/Int... Télécharger
wp-popeye(freshmeat) wp-popeye wp-popeye (Popeye) presents images from the Wor... Télécharger
dwarf-ng(freshmeat) dwarf-ng dwarf-ng is a small and powerful object file ma... Télécharger
py-ad-ldap(freshmeat) py-ad-ldap py-ad-ldap uses the python-ldap module to conne... Télécharger
awstats_update_all(freshmeat) awstats_update_all awstats_update_all is a script that runs the AW... Télécharger
mutt-themes(freshmeat) mutt themes mutt themes provides a diverse set of themes fo... Télécharger
mobilenetworkfr(sfnet) Mobile Network Framework We make the MNF. it means 'Mobile Network Frame... Télécharger
inc-squeak(sfnet) InC-EPL * Internationalization of squeak etoys version ... Télécharger
fs-sceditor(sfnet) FS2004/FSX Scenery Config Editor A java based Scenery Config Editor. Provides gr... Télécharger
edesktop(sfnet) Ericsson Desktop Ericsson Desktop it is the complex utility for ... Télécharger
swiftsearch(sfnet) SwiftSearch SwiftSearch is a lightweight program whose purp... Télécharger
anitaos2(sfnet) DAZOS (For Machines 6-10 Years old) This Distro is following a minimalism approach ... Télécharger
eman-tools(sfnet) eManage Tools Language: C# Framework:Microsoft .NET Framework... Télécharger
alqaysar-test(sfnet) ALQAYSAR-TEST ALQAYSAR PROGRAMES TEST Télécharger
bossa(freshmeat) Bossa Workflow Bossa is a workflow engine written in Java. The... Télécharger
luadch-scripts(sfnet) Luadch Scripts Collection of available free additional scripts... Télécharger
jcow(sfnet) Jcow Social Networking Script Jcow makes it easy&interesting to create So... Télécharger
waf-fle(freshmeat) WAF-FLE WAF-FLE is a console for ModSecurity. It allows... Télécharger
unofficialwamp2(sfnet) unofficialwamp2 This is an Unofficial Build of WampServer built... Télécharger
ezilla-nchc(sfnet) Ezilla Ezilla (Easy La) helps users quickly and easily... Télécharger
streamchat(sfnet) StreamChat United Chat for Streamers and Stream Viewers Su... Télécharger
slicedbread(freshmeat) SlicedBread SlicedBread is a library that makes it simpler ... Télécharger
srcon-103(freshmeat) srcon srcon is a small command line tool that allows ... Télécharger
gpgkeymgr(freshmeat) gpgkeymgr gpgkeymgr is a tool for cleaning up and managin... Télécharger
yad-2(freshmeat) Yad Yad (yet another dialog) is a fork of Zenity, a... Télécharger
virtualx(freshmeat) VirtualX VirtualX is an online examination management sy... Télécharger
xemacschillmode(freshmeat) XEmacs CHILL Mode XEmacs CHILL Mode helps you edit CHILL (CCITT H... Télécharger
rio600(freshmeat) Rio600 KDE IO Slave The Rio600 KDE IO Slave allows the user to acce... Télécharger
simian(freshmeat) Simian Simian is an enterprise-class Mac OS X software... Télécharger
kitsune(freshmeat) Kitsune Kitsune is very simple blogging software writte... Télécharger
forxx(freshmeat) Forxx Forxx is a language for text processing, inspir... Télécharger
php-identity-map(freshmeat) php-identity-map php-identity-map is a registry for loaded domai... Télécharger
botspotter(freshmeat) Wolf Software BotSpotter Class Wolf Software BotSpotter is a simple class for ... Télécharger
qproject(sfnet) Q!Project Q!Project - it's simple "all-in-box" ... Télécharger
pongpruneauteam(sfnet) pongpruneauteam Projet dans le cadre du cours de qualité de l'I... Télécharger
expense-ss(sfnet) Expense Submittal System The Expense Submittal System (ESS) is a Web-bas... Télécharger
gnumake(freshmeat) GNU make GNU Make examines the timestamps on a set of in... Télécharger
millscript(sfnet) millscript MillScript is a full featured, yet easy to use ... Télécharger
jcr-shell(freshmeat) JCR Shell JCR Shell is a shell interface to manage JCR re... Télécharger
videokiosk(freshmeat) Videokiosk VideoKiosk is designed as a means of providing ... Télécharger
pdfpirate(freshmeat) PDFpirate PDFpirate is an online PDF document processor d... Télécharger
dojolist(freshmeat) DojoList DojoList (www.dojolist.org) is a project to cre... Télécharger
eggdrop(freshmeat) eggdrop Eggdrop is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) bot tha... Télécharger
tifad(sfnet) Tifad Tifad is a framework to deal with Natural Gas (... Télécharger
transform-swf(sfnet) transform-swf Transform SWF is an easy to use library for rea... Télécharger
simpletest(sfnet) SimpleTest Unit testing, mock objects and web testing fram... Télécharger
pcsc-tools(freshmeat) pcsc-tools pcsc-tools is a set of tools used to test a PC/... Télécharger
law-library(freshmeat) LAW library The LAW library is a set of classes that contai... Télécharger
openstl(sfnet) openstl A GUI-based STL (stereolithography) file viewer... Télécharger
associationview(sfnet) AssociationViewer A Java application used in whole genome analysi... Télécharger
pytomo(sfnet) pytomo Usage: start_crawl.py [-b --batch] [-u max_craw... Télécharger
solscsvloader(sfnet) solscsvloader Windows GUI to generate Database SQL statements... Télécharger
gphoto(sfnet) gPhoto gPhoto is a program and library framework that ... Télécharger
ddablib(sfnet) DDabLib A library of useful and re-usable Delphi compon... Télécharger
stab-language(freshmeat) Stab Language Stab is a multi-paradigm, type-safe programming... Télécharger
dbdoclet(freshmeat) DocBook Doclet DocBook Doclet is a javadoc doclet that creates... Télécharger
repobuild(freshmeat) Repobuild Repobuild is a build tool that uses simple decl... Télécharger
elabftw-lab-notebook-and-datab(freshmeat) eLabFTW eLabFTW is an electronic laboratory notebook sy... Télécharger
arakhne-foundation-classes(freshmeat) Arakhne Foundation Classes The Arakhnê.org Foundation Classes (AFC) is a c... Télécharger
rmollib(freshmeat) Rmollib Rmollib is a library for manipulating molecules... Télécharger
php-save-complete-html-page(freshmeat) PHP Save Complete HTML Page PHP Save Complete HTML Page is a class that dow... Télécharger

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