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oht-modeling(sfnet) Model Driven Health Tools (MDHT) Eclipse plugins that extend the Open Health Too... Télécharger
miaca(sfnet) MIACA Minimum Information About a Cellular Assay project Télécharger
msg-rpc(freshmeat) msg-rpc msg-rpc provides bidirectional RPC support over... Télécharger
csvgrep(freshmeat) csvgrep csvgrep is a commandline program which enables ... Télécharger
jlpmoz(sfnet) Japanese Language Pack for Mozilla This project provides a Japanese translation pa... Télécharger
lw-craddons(sfnet) Lawrence's Coranto Addons The purpose of this site is to give a stable ho... Télécharger
ved(freshmeat) VED Ved (visual editor) is a small and very fast sc... Télécharger
crandon(freshmeat) crandon Crandon is a time-based scheduler which runs jo... Télécharger
openxyce(freshmeat) OpenXyce OpenXyce is a parallel circuit simulator that w... Télécharger
xfe(sfnet) xfe X File Explorer (Xfe) is an MS-Explorer like fi... Télécharger
jetpackmod(sfnet) Jetpack MOD Jetpack MOD is a custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy ... Télécharger
commonmusic(sfnet) Common Music Common Music (CM) is a real-time music composit... Télécharger
gvhidra(freshmeat) GVHIDRA GVHIDRA is a PHP framework for quickly creating... Télécharger
xnotesplus(freshmeat) XNotesNG XNotesNG is the next generation of XNotesPlus, ... Télécharger
nsia(freshmeat) NSIA NSIA (Network System Integrity Analysis) is a W... Télécharger
ar4j(freshmeat) Ar4j Ar4j is a lightweight persistence framework bas... Télécharger
noostr(freshmeat) Noostr Noostr is a content management system aimed squ... Télécharger
nhibernate(sfnet) NHibernate .NET port of the excellent Java Hibernate which... Télécharger
butons(sfnet) Butons Butons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Télécharger
aradownpro(sfnet) AraDownPro submitter script AraDownPro script is the best script that you c... Télécharger
tuleap(sfnet) Tuleap Tuleap Open ALM™ is the first Enterprise Grade ... Télécharger
managana(sfnet) Managana Managana is a free cross-platform software for ... Télécharger
udooboard(sfnet) UDOO Board UDOO is a mini PC that could run either Android... Télécharger
jabm(freshmeat) JABM JABM is a Java API for developing agent-based s... Télécharger
greenhorn(freshmeat) Greenhorn Greenhorn displays documentation strings direct... Télécharger
mariadb(freshmeat) MariaDB MariaDB is a database server that offers drop-i... Télécharger
tml-text-markup-language(freshmeat) TML TML turns text into HTML using a wiki-like mark... Télécharger
arenacm(freshmeat) ARENACM ARENACM is an advanced content management syste... Télécharger
cad-scripts(freshmeat) CAD Scripts CAD Scripts automates a range of CAD tasks. It ... Télécharger
host-status-monitor-app(freshmeat) Host Status Monitor App Host Status Monitor App is a program that allow... Télécharger
rpgfightmanager(sfnet) RPG_FightManager This program should help game master to manage... Télécharger
texty(freshmeat) texty texty is a text editor featuring autoindent, ba... Télécharger
wwwflypaper(freshmeat) wwwflypaper wwwflypaper generates a random list of real-loo... Télécharger
gxdlms(sfnet) GuruxDLMS GuruxDLMS is moved to GitHub. http://github.com... Télécharger
mc-stargate-mod(sfnet) Seigneur Necron Minecraft Mods - Mod Core : An API to develop minecraft mods.... Télécharger
text-to-voice(sfnet) text-to-voice 'Text to Voice' or 'Text to Speech' is 1 of the... Télécharger
gpfsmonitorsuite(sfnet) GPFS Monitor Suite The GPFS Monitor Suite was developed at the Nat... Télécharger
epsy(freshmeat) epsy epsy is a simple expression parser which uses t... Télécharger
overthere(freshmeat) Overthere Overthere is a Java library to manipulate files... Télécharger
wdliveplugins(sfnet) wdliveplugins Sitio para tener unificados nuestros plugins Télécharger
findtbb(freshmeat) FindTBB FindTBB is a CMake module to automatically find... Télécharger
meinheld(freshmeat) meinheld meinheld is a high performance asynchronous Pyt... Télécharger
filescan(freshmeat) File::Scan File::Scan allows users to make multi-platform ... Télécharger
remix-diskless-project(freshmeat) RemiX diskless RemiX diskless is a complete and powerful graph... Télécharger
libcommand(freshmeat) libcommand Libcommand is a library of routines that allow ... Télécharger
slipstreammodmanager(sfnet) Slipstream Mod Manager Slipstream is a mod manager for the game Faster... Télécharger
homest(freshmeat) homest homest is a C/C++ library for robust, non-linea... Télécharger
jphweb-look-3(sfnet) Jphweb Look 3 An updated version of Jphweb look. Télécharger
xvigas(sfnet) xvigas Xvigas realiza análisis de las vigas típicas de... Télécharger
managed-tftp-server(freshmeat) Managed TFTP Server Managed TFTP server is a TFTP server. The main ... Télécharger
simplifiedvfd(sfnet) Simplified VFD A virtual floppy drive that mounts image files ... Télécharger
pycryptoplus(freshmeat) PyCryptoPlus PyCryptoPlus is a cryptographic module similar ... Télécharger
mitunnel(sfnet) mitunnel Development of java application to secure trans... Télécharger
exonsdomains(sfnet) Exons-domains correlation An attempt to find how often a protein domain i... Télécharger
ffmpegdotnetgui(sfnet) FFmpeg GUI FFmpeg GUI is a small application that converts... Télécharger
mitzuli(sfnet) Mitzuli Simple, clean, yet powerful translator app for ... Télécharger
millebv(sfnet) Bureau Virtuel This project, part of MILLE (www.mille.ca), is ... Télécharger
php-proxy(sfnet) PHP Web Proxy PHP Http Proxy is a php script for taking webpa... Télécharger
opencamera(sfnet) Open Camera Open Camera is an Open Source Camera app for An... Télécharger
fundest(freshmeat) fundest fundest is a C/C++ library for robust, non-line... Télécharger
xtxt2typ(freshmeat) xtxt2typ xtxt2typ is a small Ruby script to convert a (m... Télécharger
ffmpeg-gui(sfnet) ffmpeg-gui FFmpeg GUI is a very neat application that conv... Télécharger
fastdfs(sfnet) fastdfs FastDFS is an open source high performance DFS ... Télécharger
useracceptancetesting(sfnet) User Acceptance Testing Documentation This is a sample of documentation for UAT. A fu... Télécharger
revelation(freshmeat) Revelation Revelation is a full-featured and secure passwo... Télécharger
virtualbus(sfnet) virtualbus 3D advanced and realistic bus simulator. Reefer... Télécharger
kolor-with-kribsy(freshmeat) Kolor With Kribsy Kolor With Kribsy is a simple program that allo... Télécharger
metacza(freshmeat) Metacza Metacza is a language and its compiler which pr... Télécharger
philoscope(freshmeat) philoscope Philoscope reads the sound card or a sound file... Télécharger
webjaxe(freshmeat) WebJaxe WebJaxe is a free CMS based on editing XML docu... Télécharger
orion-ssh2(freshmeat) Orion SSH2 Orion SSH2 is a library that implements the SSH... Télécharger
ultimatestunts(freshmeat) Ultimate Stunts Ultimate Stunts is a remake of the DOS game &q... Télécharger
glyphtracer(freshmeat) Glyphtracer Glyphtracer takes a picture of several letters.... Télécharger
multicast-tool(freshmeat) Multicast Tool Multicast Tool is a command line tool from the ... Télécharger
vsd2svg(freshmeat) vsd2svg vsd2svg is a simple command line tool to create... Télécharger
qtfm(sfnet) Quaternion toolbox for Matlab Quaternion toolbox for Matlab is a toolbox that... Télécharger
couchdb4cf(sfnet) CouchDB4CF CouchDB4CF is a set of ColdFusion facade object... Télécharger
avi2dvd(sfnet) avi2dvd Simple but effective BASH-script command-line u... Télécharger
ddmtestbed(sfnet) DDMTestbed DDMTestbed is a testbed that allows you to gene... Télécharger
wombattraining(sfnet) WombatTraining Clone of Wombat-CS test Télécharger
aion-assault(sfnet) Aion-assault aion asssault melhor jogo rpg Télécharger
pelopon(sfnet) The Peloponnesian Project Software ,hardware,grids,content and communicat... Télécharger
soapical(sfnet) Soapical Soapical is nothing! We are attempting to crea... Télécharger
s60xtreme(sfnet) s60xtreme Custom Firmware S60 Xtreme Télécharger
kexecloader(freshmeat) kexec-loader kexec-loader is a Linux-based bootloader that a... Télécharger
xpsp4(sfnet) XP SP4 There will be no more security updates or techn... Télécharger
algart-libraries(freshmeat) AlgART Libraries AlgART Libraries is a collection of Java libra... Télécharger
putty(freshmeat) PuTTY PuTTY is a free implementation of Telnet and SS... Télécharger
freenas-tempreport(sfnet) freenas-tempreport FreeNAS Temperature Report is a small server pr... Télécharger
fingertext(sfnet) fingertext Tab triggered snippet plugin for Notepad++. Sup... Télécharger
dgav(sfnet) DansGuardian Anti-Virus plugin An antivirus plugin for the content filtering w... Télécharger
php-to-scala(freshmeat) PHP-to-Scala Migration Helper PHP-to-Scala Migration Helper is a tool that en... Télécharger
doxer(freshmeat) Doxer Doxer provides a wiki-based markup language for... Télécharger
infoscoop-calendar(freshmeat) infoScoop Calendar InfoScoop Calender is a light and intuitive sch... Télécharger
spectools(freshmeat) Spectools Spectools provides spectrum analyzer userspace... Télécharger
libjc(freshmeat) libjc libjc is a framework for event-driven developme... Télécharger
pcsc-proxy(freshmeat) PC/SC-Proxy PC/SC-Proxy allows for access to PC/SC daemons ... Télécharger
hybris(freshmeat) Hybris Hybris (hybrid scripting language) is a dynamic... Télécharger
opencbm(sfnet) OpenCBM Win NT/2K/XP, and Linux/i386 kernel driver and ... Télécharger
jsch(sfnet) JSch JSch is a pure Java implementation of SSH2. JSc... Télécharger

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