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subs-scheme(freshmeat) Subs Subs is a Scheme Lisp interpreter written in C+... Télécharger
apache-compress-ant-library(freshmeat) Apache Compress Ant Library The Apache Compress Ant Library provides Ant ta... Télécharger
mgmt(freshmeat) mgmt Mgmt is a program that manages data and metadat... Télécharger
shroudbnc(freshmeat) shroudBNC shroudBNC is a modular IRC proxy written in C++... Télécharger
gypsum(freshmeat) gypsum Gypsum takes a YAML document as input and produ... Télécharger
druglist(freshmeat) DrugList DrugList is an Android application for scheduli... Télécharger
budtoolshed(sfnet) VDT - Visual Disk Test VDT - Visual Disk Test : performs I/O tests on ... Télécharger
objopenssl-100a(sfnet) objopenssl-100a OpenSSL 1.0.0.a for Obj. Télécharger
xlsx-to-csv(freshmeat) xlsx2csv xlsx2csv is a tool that converts Excel XSLX fil... Télécharger
apac(sfnet) u\Chitenge APAC me name Association de l'asie pacifique et de l'asie mi... Télécharger
sooper-xwd(freshmeat) Sooper-XWD Sxwd is a multi-purpose tool for dealing with x... Télécharger
outputfilter(freshmeat) OutputFilter OutputFilter is a PHP library that can be used ... Télécharger
m3utoxspf(freshmeat) M3UtoXSPF M3UtoXSPF is a command line utility that conver... Télécharger
arttk-201(freshmeat) ArtTk 2.1 ArtTk is a graphic library based on Java/Swing ... Télécharger
scopserv-communicator(freshmeat) ScopServ Communicator Scopserv Communicator is an audio/video Interne... Télécharger
tinyshell-ajax(freshmeat) TinyShell AJAX TinyShell AJAX is a tiny cross-browser module b... Télécharger
plemp(freshmeat) plemp Plemp is a command line tool for uploading phot... Télécharger
wwwquvi(freshmeat) WWW::Quvi WWW::Quvi provides a Perl interface to libquvi,... Télécharger
opendvd(sfnet) opendvd Open DVD is a Free Software DVD Player for Wind... Télécharger
htmlp(sfnet) Delphi Dom HTML Parser and Converter DOM core interface, HTML parser, HTML -> Uni... Télécharger
pinball-anyos(sfnet) Computer Games From Linux, Windows, and Computer Games From Linux, Windows, and stuff Télécharger
hecs(sfnet) Hex A computer code for simulation of electron-hydr... Télécharger
xslet-xslhtml(freshmeat) xslet / xslhtml xslhtml is an XSL library to display (X)HTML in... Télécharger
mobilear(sfnet) MobileAR for Reflection Mobile Augmented Reality for Supporting Reflection Télécharger
pyocr(freshmeat) Pyocr Pyocr is a simple Python wrapper for OCR engine... Télécharger
roxenwebserver(freshmeat) Roxen WebServer Roxen WebServer is a complete Web server. It is... Télécharger
jmirc(sfnet) jmIrc - Java Mobile IRC A complete rewrite of the mobile java irc-clien... Télécharger
mrdd(sfnet) MRDD MRDD GPLv3 or later Télécharger
ebuild(freshmeat) EBuild EBuild is a software project build, dependency ... Télécharger
finance-bank-id-bca(freshmeat) Finance-Bank-ID-BCA Finance-Bank-ID-BCA is a Perl module that provi... Télécharger
lasic(freshmeat) lasic LASIC is a language that facilitates creating a... Télécharger
gedit-tm-autocomplete(freshmeat) gedit-tm-autocomplete gedit-tm-autocomplete is a simple Gedit plugin ... Télécharger
maxilla(freshmeat) Maxilla Maxilla is a viewer for dentistry-specific VRML... Télécharger
openmpf(freshmeat) OpenMPF OpenMPF is a library for solving large, dense, ... Télécharger
nad_daemon(freshmeat) nad_daemon nad_daemon is a daemon used to remote control N... Télécharger
callstats(freshmeat) callstats Callstats collects and displays call statistics... Télécharger
timeplot(freshmeat) timeplot The motto of timeplot is "visualize system... Télécharger
portablefreepcb(sfnet) PortableFreePCB A portableapps wrapper for FreePCB. This lets ... Télécharger
bigzip(sfnet) BiGZiP BiGZiP is a graphically rich, Java based compre... Télécharger
sinvas(sfnet) SINVAS SINVAS is a combination of the word " SIN ... Télécharger
psv(sfnet) Postscript viewer for GGI This program implements a Postscript/PDF viewer... Télécharger
screencapturer(sfnet) on screen capture recorder to video free on screen capture recorder to video windows fre... Télécharger
iperf2(sfnet) iperf2 Many people still use iperf as a tool for testi... Télécharger
smart-bot(sfnet) Smart Travian Bot Smart Travian Bot automates boring tasks for Tr... Télécharger
easyviewer(sfnet) EasyViewer An easy photo viewer on desktop on Qt. Télécharger
winstb(sfnet) WinSTB WinSTB - Let TV enjoy your life. Home of the gr... Télécharger
redsf(sfnet) RedMine Mirror Redmine is a flexible project management web ap... Télécharger
simutranspakset(sfnet) Simutrans Here gives Addons,Paksets,Saves,older Simutrans... Télécharger
openca-ocspd(freshmeat) OpenCA OCSP Responder The OpenCA OCSP Responder is an RFC 2560 compli... Télécharger
csseditor(sfnet) CSS Editor (Eclipse Plugin) Plugin for Eclipse that provides sophisticated ... Télécharger
snippetsource(freshmeat) snippetsource Snippetsource is a simple yet powerful reposito... Télécharger
pingforlife(sfnet) pingforlife Ping for life is a complete solution for networ... Télécharger
valentina-2(freshmeat) Valentina Valentina is a vector graphics editor for creat... Télécharger
myplayer(freshmeat) MyPlayer MyPlayer is an audio file player for embedding ... Télécharger
ntop(sfnet) ntopng - next generation network top ntopng is a tool for both Unix and Win32 that s... Télécharger
libpinyin(sfnet) libpinyin Library to deal with pinyin. Télécharger
fishkins-desktop-environment-r(freshmeat) Fishkin’s Desktop Environment Replacer Fishkin’s Desktop Environment Replacer is a scr... Télécharger
kangas-sound-editor-qi(freshmeat) Kangas Sound Editor QI Kangas Sound Editor QI lets you synthesize soun... Télécharger
symja(freshmeat) Symja Symja is a pure Java library for symbolic mathe... Télécharger
rt-email-import(freshmeat) RT Email Import rt-emailimport is an extension that allows emai... Télécharger
rubyatoms(freshmeat) RubyAtoms RubyAtoms is a Ruby module that provides capabi... Télécharger
viewml(freshmeat) ViewML ViewML (Viewable Markup Language) is the first ... Télécharger
laoe(freshmeat) LAoE LAoE is a graphical audiosample-editor, based o... Télécharger
community-builder(freshmeat) Community Builder The Community Builder (CB) suite extends the Jo... Télécharger
php-pdo-wrapper-class(freshmeat) PHP PDO Wrapper Class This project provides a minimal extension for P... Télécharger
vboxadm(freshmeat) VBoxAdm VBoxAdm is a Web-based management tool for Post... Télécharger
form-validation-with-php(freshmeat) Form Validation with PHP PHP Form Validator is a PHP class that validate... Télécharger
hilbert-curve(freshmeat) hilbert-curve hilbert-curve is a fast Hilbert curve implement... Télécharger
waffle(freshmeat) Waffle Waffle (Waffle's A Fast File Level Explorer) is... Télécharger
escolagest(freshmeat) EscolaGest EscolaGest is Web-based school management softw... Télécharger
ifs(freshmeat) ifs ifs is a simple Web site skeleton for rapidly d... Télécharger
gadmin-sshd(freshmeat) GAdmin-SSHD GAdmin-SSHD is an easy to use GTK+ frontend for... Télécharger
jbzip2(freshmeat) jbzip2 jbzip2 is a Java bzip2 compression/decompressio... Télécharger
wtf(freshmeat) wtf wtf is a program to lookup the definitions of a... Télécharger
mochiphp(freshmeat) MochiPHP MochiPHP is a lightweight framework for PHP tha... Télécharger
quoloco(freshmeat) QuoLoco QuoLoco is a simple application that helps you ... Télécharger
jpecrga(freshmeat) Wolf Software jpecrga jpecrga is a jQuery plug-in that helps Web site... Télécharger
matrixgl(sfnet) matrixgl - The Matrix Screensaver A 3D matrix screensaver based on The Matrix Rel... Télécharger
astercc(sfnet) astercc, asterisk realtime billing solut astercc is a realtime billing solution for aste... Télécharger
nfp121(sfnet) nfp121 Programmation avancée Télécharger
sdzlanguage(sfnet) sdzlanguage A language interpreter created by siteduzero me... Télécharger
tinycc-win32(sfnet) tinycc-win32 Tiny C compiler, programmed in C with compiler/... Télécharger
php_mt_seed(freshmeat) php_mt_seed php_mt_seed finds possible seeds given the very... Télécharger
gimagereader(sfnet) gImageReader gImageReader is a simple Gtk front-end to tesse... Télécharger
ideatester(sfnet) ideatester This project is primarily for testing and demon... Télécharger
global-paths-matching(freshmeat) Global Paths Matching Global Paths Matching is an implementation of t... Télécharger
neticap(freshmeat) Net::ICAP Net::ICAP is a suite of Perl modules (also avai... Télécharger
rapicorn(freshmeat) Rapicorn Rapicorn is an experimental UI toolkit. It stri... Télécharger
fretscpp(freshmeat) fretscpp fretscpp is strongly inspired by the original F... Télécharger
install_track(freshmeat) install_track install_track.sh is a small shell (zsh) script ... Télécharger
swing-formbuilder(freshmeat) swing-formbuilder swing-formbuilder is a Java library that genera... Télécharger
samscope(sfnet) samscope A lightweight OpenGL based interactive SAM/BAM ... Télécharger
bluej-ide(sfnet) BlueJ Java IDE BlueJ, a simple, yet powerful Integrated Develo... Télécharger
keso-project(sfnet) Keso Keso is a tracker interface to the powerful sof... Télécharger
gdrsimagecache(freshmeat) GDRSImageCache GDRSImageCache is a minimalistic caching and im... Télécharger
mockobjects(sfnet) Mock Objects Generic unit testing framework and methodology ... Télécharger
astyle(sfnet) Artistic Style A Free, Fast and Small Automatic Formatter for ... Télécharger
fckglite(sfnet) fckgLite fckgLite is a WYSIWYG editor for DokuWiki. It u... Télécharger
chakra-linux-ck(sfnet) Chakra Linux-CK Linux-ck is a custom kernel, available in the C... Télécharger
dgwebminmodule(sfnet) DansGuardian Webmin Module The DansGuardian Webmin Module is exactly that.... Télécharger

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