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tithi(sfnet) Tithi Timer Hindu Calendar The Tithi Timer application displays a highly-a... Télécharger
hexjector(sfnet) hexjector Hexjector is an Opensource,Cross Platform PHP s... Télécharger
star-wall-linux(sfnet) star-wall-linux Star Wall Linux è un'appliance che offre out-of... Télécharger
arouter(freshmeat) arouter arouter is a line router which uses the libavoi... Télécharger
runlens(freshmeat) RunLens RunLens is a Dash plugin (lens) for Ubuntu's Un... Télécharger
shp2kmz(sfnet) shp2kmz Converts ArcView shapefiles (.shp) to Google Ea... Télécharger
siproxd(sfnet) siproxd - SIP proxy/masquerading daemon Siproxd is a proxy/masquerading daemon for the ... Télécharger
easyids(sfnet) EasyIDS EasyIDS is an easy to install intrusion detecti... Télécharger
extjsdragdrop(sfnet) extjsdragdrop ExtJS drag and drop example. You can drag and d... Télécharger
whiteness(sfnet) whiteness Develop your enterprise RIA web applications si... Télécharger
guanxi(sfnet) guanxi Guanxi is a JAVA implementation of the SAML Spe... Télécharger
jwlanscan(sfnet) jWlanScan jWlanScan is a free (LGPL) wireless network(WiF... Télécharger
qtc-cppcheck(sfnet) Qt Creator Cppcheck integration plugin Allows to use Cppcheck static analyzer tool in ... Télécharger
whatsapphack(sfnet) WhatsAppHack Insert a USB into your phone and mount the SDCa... Télécharger
dfsch(freshmeat) dfsch dfsch is Scheme-like LISP dialect. It draws in... Télécharger
ntxshape(sfnet) NTXShape - NTX to Shapefile Converter Converts GIS data from CARIS NTX format into ES... Télécharger
avpython(sfnet) AVPython: Python Support for ArcView GIS AVPython embeds the Python programming language... Télécharger
scarab(freshmeat) Scarab Scarab is an Issue Tracking System that feature... Télécharger
tviewer(sfnet) TViewer TViewer is a TV viewing application for Win32. ... Télécharger
stvs(sfnet) SILVER TV STREAM SILVER TV STREAM is a simple software witch off... Télécharger
leeosbasic(sfnet) leeosbasic it is the basic version of leeos for learning Télécharger
linkchecker(sfnet) LinkChecker New Homepage: http://wummel.github.io/linkcheck... Télécharger
corruptionfixer(sfnet) Corruption Fixer A program that detects and fixes corruptions in... Télécharger
gaol(sfnet) Gaol: NOT Just Another Interval Library Gaol: NOT Just Another Interval Library Gaol is... Télécharger
qt4lab(sfnet) Qt FriendlyARM Qt FriendlyARM Télécharger
yodap(sfnet) yodap Yoda's Protector is a free, open source, Window... Télécharger
perltidy(sfnet) perltidy Perltidy is a Perl script which indents and ref... Télécharger
receive-sms(sfnet) Receive SMS Online PHP Script Simple and easy for modification, PHP script fo... Télécharger
jrdesktop(sfnet) Java Remote Desktop jrDesktop is a cross-platform java remote deskt... Télécharger
wxformbuilder(sfnet) wxFormBuilder wxFormBuilder - a RAD tool for wxWidgets GUI de... Télécharger
log4j-advanced(sfnet) log4j-advanced A set of advanced Log4J appenders designed for ... Télécharger
aris-augmented-reality-and-int(freshmeat) ARIS ARIS (Augmented Reality and Interactive Storyte... Télécharger
sharpbox(freshmeat) SharpBox SharpBox implements a .NET driven application p... Télécharger
scrumza(freshmeat) Scrumza Scrumza is a Scrum management tool. It provides... Télécharger
mockemail(freshmeat) Mockemail Mockemail is a self-contained email server and ... Télécharger
pymaemo(sfnet) PyMaemo Python for Maemo project main objective is to t... Télécharger
strandz(sfnet) Strandz Strandz is an API that enables developers to co... Télécharger
ldap_pg(freshmeat) OpenLDAP-PostgreSQL Linux HOWTO OpenLDAP-PostgreSQL Linux HOWTO describes how ... Télécharger
emerillon(freshmeat) Emerillon Emerillon is a map viewer. Aiming at simple use... Télécharger
ping_partimage_is_not_ghost(freshmeat) Partimage Is Not Ghost Partimage Is Not Ghost (PING) is a live Linux I... Télécharger
libguestfs(freshmeat) libguestfs libguestfs is a set of tools for accessing and ... Télécharger
passkey(sfnet) passkey Universal password generator. This program gene... Télécharger
geshi(sfnet) GeSHi - Generic Syntax Highlighter GeSHi - Generic Syntax Highlighter for PHP. Use... Télécharger
icap-server(sfnet) icap-server This has a Python ICAP (Internet Content Adapta... Télécharger
tkradar(sfnet) tkradar Tkradar is a set of C libraries and Tcl/Tk pack... Télécharger
zabbix-updater(freshmeat) zabbix-updater Zabbix-updater is a tool for automatically upda... Télécharger
jexecdaemon(freshmeat) JExecDaemon JExecDaemon is a small TCP/IP daemon that is us... Télécharger
gravatar-helper(freshmeat) Gravatar helper Gravatar helper is a library that helps you to ... Télécharger
moduliq(freshmeat) ModuLiq ModuLiq is a lightweight Web content management... Télécharger
metamod(freshmeat) METAMOD METAMOD is a portal solution providing Discover... Télécharger
phpcacheadmin(freshmeat) phpCacheAdmin phpCacheAdmin is a Web application for administ... Télécharger
launchy(freshmeat) Launchy Launchy is a free cross-platform utility design... Télécharger
fapws(freshmeat) FAPWS FAPWS (Fast Asynchronous Python WSGI Server) is... Télécharger
ktett(sfnet) ktett My Programe for computor freewave Télécharger
appmm(sfnet) Wappmm Win Apache Mysql PHP PgSQL Mongodb 批处理命令配... Télécharger
jclasslib(sfnet) jclasslib bytecode viewer jclasslib is now located at https://github.co... Télécharger
roku-net(sfnet) roku-net This library simplifies External Comunication t... Télécharger
symia(freshmeat) Symia Symia is a minimalist C++ library for performin... Télécharger
vim-latex(sfnet) Vim-Latex Vim provides a rich set of tools which makes ge... Télécharger
openc6(sfnet) OpenC6 - Linux C6 Messenger OpenC6 is a Linux and Mac OSX free instant mess... Télécharger
pdexplorer(sfnet) Primary Direction Explorer Yet another astrology software. Focused on Prim... Télécharger
myforddiycnc(sfnet) Lathe DIY CNC An old Myford lathe with steppers added, contro... Télécharger
whole(freshmeat) Whole Platform The Whole Platform is a technology for engineer... Télécharger
platformgame(sfnet) platformgame A small project of 2 weeks, we are going to cre... Télécharger
iris(freshmeat) Iris Iris is a CGI script, Exim MTA and Dovecot conf... Télécharger
tvs(sfnet) tvs Tvs leasing accoounting system. Inesh Amarasinghe Télécharger
phpmoneybooks(freshmeat) phpMoneyBooks phpMoneyBooks is a PHP/MySQL program that aims ... Télécharger
srm(freshmeat) srm srm (secure rm) is a command-line compatible rm... Télécharger
goozzee(freshmeat) Goozzee Goozzee allows you to easily create, browse, an... Télécharger
tada(freshmeat) tada Tada is a Git client that handles multiple Git ... Télécharger
jsch(freshmeat) JSch JSch is a pure Java implementation of SSH2. It ... Télécharger
jsonwatch(freshmeat) jsonwatch jsonwatch allows you to track changes in JSON d... Télécharger
repositorio(freshmeat) repositor.io repositor.io is a tool for creating and managin... Télécharger
msulogin(freshmeat) msulogin msulogin is the single-user mode login program ... Télécharger
u3d(sfnet) Universal 3D Sample Software Set of libraries to write, read, extend, render... Télécharger
jrsst(sfnet) Java RSS and ATOM Ticker This is a simple, lightweight, RSS ticker. I ha... Télécharger
qt-othello-game(sfnet) qt-othello-game Othello game by 2nd-semester CS students wantin... Télécharger
top-coder-in-a-folder(freshmeat) Top Coder In A Folder Top Coder In A Folder is a script that generate... Télécharger
linux-g900(sfnet) linux-g900 Проект по портированию дистрибутива Ubuntu 10.1... Télécharger
scanlogd(freshmeat) scanlogd scanlogd is a system daemon which attempts to l... Télécharger
staticpython(freshmeat) StaticPython StaticPython is a statically linked version of ... Télécharger
persistence4j(freshmeat) persistence4j persistence4j is a small and lightweight Java o... Télécharger
bitnami-spree-stack(freshmeat) BitNami Spree Stack BitNami Spree Stack greatly simplifies the depl... Télécharger
primage(freshmeat) Primage Primage is a PHP library that works like a prox... Télécharger
usbdescriptorkitchen(freshmeat) USBDescriptorKitchen USBDescriptorKitchen is a GUI-driven tool that ... Télécharger
epl-ide(sfnet) epl-ide Integrated Development Environment for Educatio... Télécharger
trigger(freshmeat) Trigger Trigger is a robust network automation toolkit ... Télécharger
csvjdbc(freshmeat) CsvJdbc CsvJdbc is a read-only JDBC driver that uses Co... Télécharger
erudite-neural-network-suite(freshmeat) Erudite Erudite is an application for training and test... Télécharger
nedtries(freshmeat) nedtries nedtries is a portable in-place bitwise binary ... Télécharger
netwmpager(freshmeat) netwmpager netwmpager is an enhanced version of the origin... Télécharger
candralab-ecommerce(freshmeat) candralab eCommerce Candralab eCommerce is a responsive e-commerce ... Télécharger
pgfuse(freshmeat) pgfuse pgfuse stores files in a PostgreSQL database us... Télécharger
w32n(sfnet) w32n We build GNU/Linux programs to run on Windows. ... Télécharger
rickstestprojec(sfnet) rickstestprojec A project to test sf.downloads Télécharger
bcfg2(freshmeat) Bcfg2 Bcfg2 helps system administrators produce a con... Télécharger
installpkg(freshmeat) InstallPKG InstallPKG is a small utility providing a comma... Télécharger
i2b2crimson(sfnet) i2b2crimson To Be Added Later To Be Defined Télécharger
memtool(sfnet) memtool MemTool - Operating Systems Memory Management T... Télécharger
pacmoon(freshmeat) pacmoon pacmoon is a tool for compiling Arch Linux pack... Télécharger

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