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roxenwebserver(freshmeat) Roxen WebServer Roxen WebServer is a complete Web server. It is... Télécharger
jmirc(sfnet) jmIrc - Java Mobile IRC A complete rewrite of the mobile java irc-clien... Télécharger
mrdd(sfnet) MRDD MRDD GPLv3 or later Télécharger
ebuild(freshmeat) EBuild EBuild is a software project build, dependency ... Télécharger
finance-bank-id-bca(freshmeat) Finance-Bank-ID-BCA Finance-Bank-ID-BCA is a Perl module that provi... Télécharger
lasic(freshmeat) lasic LASIC is a language that facilitates creating a... Télécharger
gedit-tm-autocomplete(freshmeat) gedit-tm-autocomplete gedit-tm-autocomplete is a simple Gedit plugin ... Télécharger
maxilla(freshmeat) Maxilla Maxilla is a viewer for dentistry-specific VRML... Télécharger
openmpf(freshmeat) OpenMPF OpenMPF is a library for solving large, dense, ... Télécharger
nad_daemon(freshmeat) nad_daemon nad_daemon is a daemon used to remote control N... Télécharger
callstats(freshmeat) callstats Callstats collects and displays call statistics... Télécharger
timeplot(freshmeat) timeplot The motto of timeplot is "visualize system... Télécharger
portablefreepcb(sfnet) PortableFreePCB A portableapps wrapper for FreePCB. This lets ... Télécharger
bigzip(sfnet) BiGZiP BiGZiP is a graphically rich, Java based compre... Télécharger
sinvas(sfnet) SINVAS SINVAS is a combination of the word " SIN ... Télécharger
psv(sfnet) Postscript viewer for GGI This program implements a Postscript/PDF viewer... Télécharger
screencapturer(sfnet) on screen capture recorder to video free on screen capture recorder to video windows fre... Télécharger
iperf2(sfnet) iperf2 Many people still use iperf as a tool for testi... Télécharger
smart-bot(sfnet) Smart Travian Bot Smart Travian Bot automates boring tasks for Tr... Télécharger
easyviewer(sfnet) EasyViewer An easy photo viewer on desktop on Qt. Télécharger
winstb(sfnet) WinSTB WinSTB - Let TV enjoy your life. Home of the gr... Télécharger
redsf(sfnet) RedMine Mirror Redmine is a flexible project management web ap... Télécharger
simutranspakset(sfnet) Simutrans Here gives Addons,Paksets,Saves,older Simutrans... Télécharger
openca-ocspd(freshmeat) OpenCA OCSP Responder The OpenCA OCSP Responder is an RFC 2560 compli... Télécharger
csseditor(sfnet) CSS Editor (Eclipse Plugin) Plugin for Eclipse that provides sophisticated ... Télécharger
snippetsource(freshmeat) snippetsource Snippetsource is a simple yet powerful reposito... Télécharger
pingforlife(sfnet) pingforlife Ping for life is a complete solution for networ... Télécharger
valentina-2(freshmeat) Valentina Valentina is a vector graphics editor for creat... Télécharger
myplayer(freshmeat) MyPlayer MyPlayer is an audio file player for embedding ... Télécharger
ntop(sfnet) ntopng - next generation network top ntopng is a tool for both Unix and Win32 that s... Télécharger
libpinyin(sfnet) libpinyin Library to deal with pinyin. Télécharger
fishkins-desktop-environment-r(freshmeat) Fishkin’s Desktop Environment Replacer Fishkin’s Desktop Environment Replacer is a scr... Télécharger
kangas-sound-editor-qi(freshmeat) Kangas Sound Editor QI Kangas Sound Editor QI lets you synthesize soun... Télécharger
symja(freshmeat) Symja Symja is a pure Java library for symbolic mathe... Télécharger
rt-email-import(freshmeat) RT Email Import rt-emailimport is an extension that allows emai... Télécharger
rubyatoms(freshmeat) RubyAtoms RubyAtoms is a Ruby module that provides capabi... Télécharger
viewml(freshmeat) ViewML ViewML (Viewable Markup Language) is the first ... Télécharger
laoe(freshmeat) LAoE LAoE is a graphical audiosample-editor, based o... Télécharger
community-builder(freshmeat) Community Builder The Community Builder (CB) suite extends the Jo... Télécharger
php-pdo-wrapper-class(freshmeat) PHP PDO Wrapper Class This project provides a minimal extension for P... Télécharger
vboxadm(freshmeat) VBoxAdm VBoxAdm is a Web-based management tool for Post... Télécharger
form-validation-with-php(freshmeat) Form Validation with PHP PHP Form Validator is a PHP class that validate... Télécharger
hilbert-curve(freshmeat) hilbert-curve hilbert-curve is a fast Hilbert curve implement... Télécharger
waffle(freshmeat) Waffle Waffle (Waffle's A Fast File Level Explorer) is... Télécharger
escolagest(freshmeat) EscolaGest EscolaGest is Web-based school management softw... Télécharger
ifs(freshmeat) ifs ifs is a simple Web site skeleton for rapidly d... Télécharger
gadmin-sshd(freshmeat) GAdmin-SSHD GAdmin-SSHD is an easy to use GTK+ frontend for... Télécharger
jbzip2(freshmeat) jbzip2 jbzip2 is a Java bzip2 compression/decompressio... Télécharger
wtf(freshmeat) wtf wtf is a program to lookup the definitions of a... Télécharger
mochiphp(freshmeat) MochiPHP MochiPHP is a lightweight framework for PHP tha... Télécharger
quoloco(freshmeat) QuoLoco QuoLoco is a simple application that helps you ... Télécharger
jpecrga(freshmeat) Wolf Software jpecrga jpecrga is a jQuery plug-in that helps Web site... Télécharger
matrixgl(sfnet) matrixgl - The Matrix Screensaver A 3D matrix screensaver based on The Matrix Rel... Télécharger
astercc(sfnet) astercc, asterisk realtime billing solut astercc is a realtime billing solution for aste... Télécharger
nfp121(sfnet) nfp121 Programmation avancée Télécharger
sdzlanguage(sfnet) sdzlanguage A language interpreter created by siteduzero me... Télécharger
tinycc-win32(sfnet) tinycc-win32 Tiny C compiler, programmed in C with compiler/... Télécharger
php_mt_seed(freshmeat) php_mt_seed php_mt_seed finds possible seeds given the very... Télécharger
gimagereader(sfnet) gImageReader gImageReader is a simple Gtk front-end to tesse... Télécharger
ideatester(sfnet) ideatester This project is primarily for testing and demon... Télécharger
global-paths-matching(freshmeat) Global Paths Matching Global Paths Matching is an implementation of t... Télécharger
neticap(freshmeat) Net::ICAP Net::ICAP is a suite of Perl modules (also avai... Télécharger
rapicorn(freshmeat) Rapicorn Rapicorn is an experimental UI toolkit. It stri... Télécharger
fretscpp(freshmeat) fretscpp fretscpp is strongly inspired by the original F... Télécharger
install_track(freshmeat) install_track install_track.sh is a small shell (zsh) script ... Télécharger
swing-formbuilder(freshmeat) swing-formbuilder swing-formbuilder is a Java library that genera... Télécharger
samscope(sfnet) samscope A lightweight OpenGL based interactive SAM/BAM ... Télécharger
bluej-ide(sfnet) BlueJ Java IDE BlueJ, a simple, yet powerful Integrated Develo... Télécharger
keso-project(sfnet) Keso Keso is a tracker interface to the powerful sof... Télécharger
gdrsimagecache(freshmeat) GDRSImageCache GDRSImageCache is a minimalistic caching and im... Télécharger
mockobjects(sfnet) Mock Objects Generic unit testing framework and methodology ... Télécharger
astyle(sfnet) Artistic Style A Free, Fast and Small Automatic Formatter for ... Télécharger
fckglite(sfnet) fckgLite fckgLite is a WYSIWYG editor for DokuWiki. It u... Télécharger
chakra-linux-ck(sfnet) Chakra Linux-CK Linux-ck is a custom kernel, available in the C... Télécharger
dgwebminmodule(sfnet) DansGuardian Webmin Module The DansGuardian Webmin Module is exactly that.... Télécharger
wordfield(sfnet) wordfield WORDFIELD is an extremely fast incremental word... Télécharger
facturacionprog(sfnet) facturacionprog Tp de Programacion 3 de la UNLU en objetos/java... Télécharger
pluma-framework(sfnet) pluma-framework A minimal C++ framework for plug-in management.... Télécharger
candyrescue3(sfnet) Candy to the Rescue III Recently, the new project Candy to the Rescue I... Télécharger
xtraceroute(freshmeat) Xtraceroute Xtraceroute is a graphical version of the trace... Télécharger
vega(freshmeat) Vega Vega is a GUI-based, multi-platform Web securit... Télécharger
chatter(sfnet) Chatter Chatter is an IP chat program written in Delphi 5. Télécharger
shellwm(sfnet) ShellWM ShellWM is a skinning application that enables ... Télécharger
orchid(freshmeat) Orchid Orchid is a Tor client and library written in p... Télécharger
rule34downloader(sfnet) Rule34 Downloader Download tagged images from http://www.rule34.x... Télécharger
ganglia(sfnet) Ganglia Ganglia is a scalable distributed monitoring sy... Télécharger
string-bitwise-operations(freshmeat) Bitwise on String Operations Bitwise on String Operations is a class that im... Télécharger
xlideit(sfnet) Xlideit Image Viewer This is a simple image viewer with basic image ... Télécharger
downtimed(freshmeat) downtimed downtimed is a program that monitors operating ... Télécharger
netlua-net-lua-implementation(freshmeat) NetLua NetLua is a library that allows you to use Lua ... Télécharger
reportng(freshmeat) ReportNG ReportNG is a simple HTML reporting plug-in for... Télécharger
playlistcom-music-downloader(freshmeat) Playlist.com Music Downloader Playlist.com Music Downloader is an application... Télécharger
clide(freshmeat) clide clide adds color and style highlighting to text... Télécharger
bsddb3(freshmeat) Python bsddb3 Python bsddb3 is a Python module that provides ... Télécharger
config-model-openssh(freshmeat) Config::Model::OpenSsh Config::Model::OpenSsh is a graphical configura... Télécharger
lattesdisegnotecnico(sfnet) Lattes - Disegno Tecnico Questo è un software di disegno tecnico ... Télécharger
sharpcap(sfnet) sharpcap Enscapsulate .net raw socket api, and make it e... Télécharger
turnwatcher(freshmeat) Turn Watcher Turn Watcher is a tool based on Dungeons & ... Télécharger
mongovision(freshmeat) MongoVision MongoVision is a friendly, straightforward Web ... Télécharger
vidiot(sfnet) Vidiot Vidiot is a non-linear video editor targeted fo... Télécharger

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