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lfc(freshmeat) Lightning Fast CMS Lightning Fast CMS (LFC) is a content managemen... Télécharger
pybit3(freshmeat) pyBit3 pyBit3 is a GNOME-based URL shortener for deskt... Télécharger
geness(freshmeat) GEneral NEural SImulation System GENESIS (short for GEneral NEural SImulation Sy... Télécharger
pelotero(freshmeat) Pelotero Pelotero is a handy, easy-to-use application th... Télécharger
cocomore-drupal-core(freshmeat) Cocomore Drupal Core Cocomore Drupal Core is an enhanced version of ... Télécharger
aisconvert(freshmeat) aisconvert aisconvert is a toolkit for processing genetic ... Télécharger
wordseeker(freshmeat) WordSeeker Wordseeker is a casual word game. The player's ... Télécharger
sagediamondd(sfnet) sagediamondd SageTV Diamond Team development site Télécharger
whonixdevelopermetafiles(sfnet) Whonix Developer Meta Files Move along, nothing to see here. This project ... Télécharger
cssparser(sfnet) CSS Parser The CSS Parser is implemented as a package of J... Télécharger
migratedatabase(sfnet) Migrate Databases An open-source tool for migrating metadata and ... Télécharger
c418sodddream(sfnet) c418s odd dream world I made this texture pack while working on ideas. Télécharger
smsfax(sfnet) SMSFAX: Send SMS to mobiles (PHP Script) A free (LGPL) PHP Script to send SMS easily to ... Télécharger
windowsdos(sfnet) Windows DOS Windows DOS is a DOS program that allows you to... Télécharger
wavemakervisual(sfnet) wavemakervisual Easy-to-use, open source web development platfo... Télécharger
nagrestconf(sfnet) nagrestconf Please refer to the project web site at http://... Télécharger
jpgraph(sfnet) jpgraph JpGraph is a Object-Oriented Graph creation lib... Télécharger
samoth(sfnet) Samoth Samoth is an OpenSource RPG project, in a medie... Télécharger
icewm(sfnet) icewm icewm is a window manager for the X Window Syst... Télécharger
precompiledbin(sfnet) precompiledbin Building kcachegrind (http://kcachegrind.source... Télécharger
openotp-authentication-plugin-(freshmeat) OpenOTP Authentication Plugin Drupal OpenOTP Authentication Plugin Drupal is a Drupa... Télécharger
unitcpp(freshmeat) UnitCPP UnitCPP is a simple unit test for c++. Only one... Télécharger
jmt(freshmeat) JMT JMT (Java MP3 Tagger) is an advanced MP3 tag ed... Télécharger
vimpc(freshmeat) vimpc vimpc is a curses-based client for the Music Pl... Télécharger
tocc(freshmeat) TOCC TOCC is a Tool for Obsessive Compulsive Classif... Télécharger
gxdlmsdirector(sfnet) GuruxDLMSDirector GXDLMSDirector is moved to GitHub. http://githu... Télécharger
qsocketio(freshmeat) QtSocketIo QtSocketIo is an implementation in Qt to commun... Télécharger
enmep(freshmeat) Enmep Enmep is an interface for scanning your network... Télécharger
lanlogger(freshmeat) LanLogger LanLogger collects information about devices in... Télécharger
ag-kontrolu(freshmeat) Ag Kontrolu Ag Kontrolu is a network scanner. It can obtain... Télécharger
dosbox-ipxrelay(freshmeat) dosbox-ipxrelay dosbox-ipxrelay is a very simple, super-low-ove... Télécharger
jd(freshmeat) Jacques Jacques is a library for taking Java objects ap... Télécharger
fbedit(sfnet) FbEdit FreeBASIC code editor Integrated development environment for the Free... Télécharger
coq-au-vin(freshmeat) Coq au Vin Coq au Vin is a blogging engine written in Chic... Télécharger
ord(sfnet) Ordinal calculator The program evaluates ordinal expressions and r... Télécharger
libasdl(sfnet) Application Server Development Library The Application Server Development Library is a... Télécharger
fest-javafx-compiler-maven-plu(freshmeat) FEST JavaFX Compiler Maven Plug-in FEST JavaFX Compiler Maven Plug-in is a Maven p... Télécharger
jadif(freshmeat) JADIF Java distributed framework is a framework for d... Télécharger
cifs-utils(freshmeat) cifs-utils cifs-utils is a set of utilities for mounting a... Télécharger
icwri-script(freshmeat) Icwri Script Icwri is a lightweight, very simple, service-or... Télécharger
open-hot-or-not(freshmeat) Open Hot or Not Open Hot or Not is a free implementation of pop... Télécharger
kaos-sdk(freshmeat) KaOS SDK KaOS is a lightweight, multi-purpose embedded L... Télécharger
ultimatebrowser(sfnet) Ultimate Browser Ultimate Browser is a web browser made in VB.NE... Télécharger
soap-sec(sfnet) C# SOAP Client This program implements a SOAP client that coul... Télécharger
johnnysimulator(sfnet) Johnny Simulator Johnny is a simulator of a simple (virtual) von... Télécharger
inhouse-web(freshmeat) Inhouse-Web Inhouse-Web is Web-based time recording and tra... Télécharger
subs-scheme(freshmeat) Subs Subs is a Scheme Lisp interpreter written in C+... Télécharger
apache-compress-ant-library(freshmeat) Apache Compress Ant Library The Apache Compress Ant Library provides Ant ta... Télécharger
mgmt(freshmeat) mgmt Mgmt is a program that manages data and metadat... Télécharger
shroudbnc(freshmeat) shroudBNC shroudBNC is a modular IRC proxy written in C++... Télécharger
gypsum(freshmeat) gypsum Gypsum takes a YAML document as input and produ... Télécharger
druglist(freshmeat) DrugList DrugList is an Android application for scheduli... Télécharger
budtoolshed(sfnet) VDT - Visual Disk Test VDT - Visual Disk Test : performs I/O tests on ... Télécharger
objopenssl-100a(sfnet) objopenssl-100a OpenSSL 1.0.0.a for Obj. Télécharger
xlsx-to-csv(freshmeat) xlsx2csv xlsx2csv is a tool that converts Excel XSLX fil... Télécharger
apac(sfnet) u\Chitenge APAC me name Association de l'asie pacifique et de l'asie mi... Télécharger
sooper-xwd(freshmeat) Sooper-XWD Sxwd is a multi-purpose tool for dealing with x... Télécharger
outputfilter(freshmeat) OutputFilter OutputFilter is a PHP library that can be used ... Télécharger
m3utoxspf(freshmeat) M3UtoXSPF M3UtoXSPF is a command line utility that conver... Télécharger
arttk-201(freshmeat) ArtTk 2.1 ArtTk is a graphic library based on Java/Swing ... Télécharger
scopserv-communicator(freshmeat) ScopServ Communicator Scopserv Communicator is an audio/video Interne... Télécharger
tinyshell-ajax(freshmeat) TinyShell AJAX TinyShell AJAX is a tiny cross-browser module b... Télécharger
plemp(freshmeat) plemp Plemp is a command line tool for uploading phot... Télécharger
wwwquvi(freshmeat) WWW::Quvi WWW::Quvi provides a Perl interface to libquvi,... Télécharger
opendvd(sfnet) opendvd Open DVD is a Free Software DVD Player for Wind... Télécharger
htmlp(sfnet) Delphi Dom HTML Parser and Converter DOM core interface, HTML parser, HTML -> Uni... Télécharger
pinball-anyos(sfnet) Computer Games From Linux, Windows, and Computer Games From Linux, Windows, and stuff Télécharger
hecs(sfnet) Hex A computer code for simulation of electron-hydr... Télécharger
xslet-xslhtml(freshmeat) xslet / xslhtml xslhtml is an XSL library to display (X)HTML in... Télécharger
mobilear(sfnet) MobileAR for Reflection Mobile Augmented Reality for Supporting Reflection Télécharger
pyocr(freshmeat) Pyocr Pyocr is a simple Python wrapper for OCR engine... Télécharger
roxenwebserver(freshmeat) Roxen WebServer Roxen WebServer is a complete Web server. It is... Télécharger
jmirc(sfnet) jmIrc - Java Mobile IRC A complete rewrite of the mobile java irc-clien... Télécharger
mrdd(sfnet) MRDD MRDD GPLv3 or later Télécharger
ebuild(freshmeat) EBuild EBuild is a software project build, dependency ... Télécharger
finance-bank-id-bca(freshmeat) Finance-Bank-ID-BCA Finance-Bank-ID-BCA is a Perl module that provi... Télécharger
lasic(freshmeat) lasic LASIC is a language that facilitates creating a... Télécharger
gedit-tm-autocomplete(freshmeat) gedit-tm-autocomplete gedit-tm-autocomplete is a simple Gedit plugin ... Télécharger
maxilla(freshmeat) Maxilla Maxilla is a viewer for dentistry-specific VRML... Télécharger
openmpf(freshmeat) OpenMPF OpenMPF is a library for solving large, dense, ... Télécharger
nad_daemon(freshmeat) nad_daemon nad_daemon is a daemon used to remote control N... Télécharger
callstats(freshmeat) callstats Callstats collects and displays call statistics... Télécharger
timeplot(freshmeat) timeplot The motto of timeplot is "visualize system... Télécharger
portablefreepcb(sfnet) PortableFreePCB A portableapps wrapper for FreePCB. This lets ... Télécharger
bigzip(sfnet) BiGZiP BiGZiP is a graphically rich, Java based compre... Télécharger
sinvas(sfnet) SINVAS SINVAS is a combination of the word " SIN ... Télécharger
psv(sfnet) Postscript viewer for GGI This program implements a Postscript/PDF viewer... Télécharger
screencapturer(sfnet) on screen capture recorder to video free on screen capture recorder to video windows fre... Télécharger
iperf2(sfnet) iperf2 Many people still use iperf as a tool for testi... Télécharger
smart-bot(sfnet) Smart Travian Bot Smart Travian Bot automates boring tasks for Tr... Télécharger
easyviewer(sfnet) EasyViewer An easy photo viewer on desktop on Qt. Télécharger
winstb(sfnet) WinSTB WinSTB - Let TV enjoy your life. Home of the gr... Télécharger
redsf(sfnet) RedMine Mirror Redmine is a flexible project management web ap... Télécharger
simutranspakset(sfnet) Simutrans Here gives Addons,Paksets,Saves,older Simutrans... Télécharger
openca-ocspd(freshmeat) OpenCA OCSP Responder The OpenCA OCSP Responder is an RFC 2560 compli... Télécharger
csseditor(sfnet) CSS Editor (Eclipse Plugin) Plugin for Eclipse that provides sophisticated ... Télécharger
snippetsource(freshmeat) snippetsource Snippetsource is a simple yet powerful reposito... Télécharger
pingforlife(sfnet) pingforlife Ping for life is a complete solution for networ... Télécharger
valentina-2(freshmeat) Valentina Valentina is a vector graphics editor for creat... Télécharger
myplayer(freshmeat) MyPlayer MyPlayer is an audio file player for embedding ... Télécharger

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