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apilator(freshmeat) Apilator Apilator is a high-performance, self-contained ... Télécharger
writersforge(sfnet) Writers Forge The Writers Forge is a fiction authoring suite,... Télécharger
monafont(sfnet) Mona Font, a Japanese font for text arts Mona Font is a Japanese proportional font which... Télécharger
ham-pager(sfnet) Amateurfunk-Funkruf-Server Der Amateurfunk-Funkruf-Server stellt ein neues... Télécharger
qgis(sfnet) Quantum GIS NOTE - All project resources are now hosted at ... Télécharger
jpassorg(sfnet) JPass.org The JPass.org project relates to the developmen... Télécharger
tiny-xml(freshmeat) Tiny XML Tiny XML is a small, fast, memory efficient, an... Télécharger
tomcatplugin(sfnet) Eclipse Tomcat Plugin The Eclipse Tomcat Plugin provides simple integ... Télécharger
qpegps(sfnet) qpeGPS qpeGPS is a program for displaying a moving map... Télécharger
ubuntu-sdr(sfnet) Ubuntu-Saner-Defaults-Remix The Ubuntu Saner Defaults Remix is Ubuntu-10.04... Télécharger
cobol(sfnet) COBOL Utilities Project COBOL Utilities Project collects open-source CO... Télécharger
spawn-fcgi(freshmeat) spawn-fcgi spawn-fcgi is a little helper program to spawn ... Télécharger
blockem(sfnet) blockem Open source clone of the board strategy game bl... Télécharger
pimd(freshmeat) pimd pimd is a lightweight, stand-alone implementati... Télécharger
jiic(sfnet) JIIC: Java ISO Image Creator JIIC is a streaming-based Java implementation o... Télécharger
removalvirus(sfnet) Removal MOW Virus SRC Removal tool for viruses source code, no proble... Télécharger
traccar-synology(sfnet) traccar-synology This is a Installpackage for Synology Diskstati... Télécharger
startvncpl(freshmeat) startvnc.pl startvnc.pl is a script to start VNC on a syste... Télécharger
dvd-slideshow-editor(freshmeat) dvd-slideshow-editor dvd-slideshow-editor is a GUI editor for the dv... Télécharger
xml-coreutils(freshmeat) xml-coreutils The xml-coreutils are a set of command line too... Télécharger
rsswriterclass(freshmeat) RSS Writer class RSS Writer Class is a PHP class that can genera... Télécharger
jacksampler(freshmeat) jacksampler jacksampler is a sampler which supports MIDI in... Télécharger
cil-2(freshmeat) Cil Cil is an easy-to-use command-line driven distr... Télécharger
file-upload-and-validation-cla(freshmeat) File upload and validation class File upload and validation class is a PHP class... Télécharger
brothersinarms(freshmeat) brothersinarms brothersinarms is a platform hopping game simil... Télécharger
valvula(freshmeat) Valvula Valvula is a high performance mail policy daemo... Télécharger
unixlikebatch(sfnet) unixlikebatch A collection of Windows 5.1+ compatible batch s... Télécharger
tas-editor(sfnet) TAS Movie Editor The TAS Movie Editor (tas-editor) provides a GU... Télécharger
grepcidr(freshmeat) grepcidr grepcidr can be used to filter a list of IP add... Télécharger
system-watchdog(freshmeat) System Watchdog System Watchdog is a program that is designed t... Télécharger
system-monitor(freshmeat) System Monitor System Monitor is a little tool made to ease mo... Télécharger
force_bind(freshmeat) force_bind force_bind allows you to force binding on a spe... Télécharger
usbserver(sfnet) usbserver A small hosting utility coded in Java, making i... Télécharger
gxmame(sfnet) GXMame, GTK XMame Frontend GXMame is a frontend for XMame using the GTK li... Télécharger
yassl(freshmeat) yaSSL yaSSL is a C++ based SSL library for embedded a... Télécharger
namazvakitleri(sfnet) namazvakitleri Calculates prayer times WorldWide Tüm dünya içi... Télécharger
fileevent(freshmeat) Fileevent Fileevent is a rules-based utility that matches... Télécharger
archassault(sfnet) ArchAssault The ArchAssault Project is an Arch Linux based ... Télécharger
xmlreminder(freshmeat) XMLReminder XMLReminder is a tool which helps people organi... Télécharger
snarsshe(freshmeat) snarsshe SnaRSShE (Snapshots via Rsync in a Simple Shell... Télécharger
jpropel-light(freshmeat) jpropel-light jpropel-light is a language-integrated query li... Télécharger
icingen(freshmeat) icingen Icingen is a configuration generator for the Ic... Télécharger
2dbuildinggame(freshmeat) 2DBuildingGame 2DBuildingGame is a building game written in Py... Télécharger
cemosshe(freshmeat) cemosshe CeMoSShE (CEntral MOnitoring in a Simple SHell ... Télécharger
anaphraseus(sfnet) Anaphraseus Anaphraseus is a CAT (Computer Aided Translatio... Télécharger
cryptodemo(sfnet) CryptoAPI simple implementation Encrypts, decrypts, sign, and verify text and b... Télécharger
curvilinear-rectilinear-motion(sfnet) Curvilinear and Rectilinear Motions This project has the role of simulating sim... Télécharger
mingw-w64-dgn(sfnet) mingw-w64-dgn drangon's mingw-w64 build, toolchain and some l... Télécharger
cultbooking(sfnet) CultBooking Hotel Booking System Open source hotel booking system. Via a central... Télécharger
myfileftpserver(sfnet) myfileftpserver myfileftpserver allow user to create server Télécharger
nethack3d(sfnet) Nethack_3D Nethack is a complex hack and slay game, and is... Télécharger
timehive(freshmeat) TimeHive TimeHive is a Web based and easy-to-use project... Télécharger
phraw(freshmeat) Phraw Phraw is a micro-framework intended for small W... Télécharger
yawf(freshmeat) Yawf Yawf is simple tool for creating WBFS files fro... Télécharger
wmi(sfnet) WebMathematics Interactive WMI is an open web-based eLearning system in ma... Télécharger
password-policies-manager(freshmeat) Password Policies Manager Password Policies Manager is a graphical Web-ba... Télécharger
v-cast-media-manager(freshmeat) V CAST Media Manager V CAST Media Manager is an application to manag... Télécharger
dynarray(freshmeat) DynArray DynArray is a C header full of X-Macros for eas... Télécharger
wait-time(sfnet) wait-time This windows command line utility will wait a s... Télécharger
zmaildrop(freshmeat) zmaildrop zmaildrop is a mail delivery agent (MDA) specif... Télécharger
sphere-axis(sfnet) Axis for Sphere Axis is the most comprehensive Admin/GM Tool fo... Télécharger
usb4java(freshmeat) usb4java usb4java is a Java library for accessing USB de... Télécharger
explorerplus(sfnet) Explorer++ Explorer++ is a free multi-tab file manager for... Télécharger
xca(sfnet) xca X Certificate and Key management is an interfac... Télécharger
ffrbot(sfnet) FFR Bot This is a bot the plays FFR Télécharger
pid-simulator(sfnet) PID Simulator Try version 2! Total separation of physical si... Télécharger
appbiokth2011(sfnet) u/sbmv2012 The aim of this project is to create an automat... Télécharger
jmtask(sfnet) jmtask JMTask - Gerenciador de Tarefas feito totalment... Télécharger
vtkdesigner(sfnet) VTK Designer VTK Designer is an object oriented, plugin base... Télécharger
suntikkueri(sfnet) Phreakerworld Suntik Kueri++ With Phreakerworld Suntik Kueri++ , you can : ... Télécharger
ocvolume(sfnet) OC Volume OC Volume is a speech recognition engine writte... Télécharger
sccalc(sfnet) Seth's C# Calculator C# scientific calculator and math expression pa... Télécharger
ossdiscovery(sfnet) OSS Discovery OSS Discovery finds the open source software em... Télécharger
lksctp(sfnet) Linux Kernel SCTP Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) is ... Télécharger
tesseracthindi(sfnet) Sanskrit / Hindi - Tesseract OCR Tesseract OCR 3.02 provides hin.traineddata for... Télécharger
jfacedbc(sfnet) JFaceDbc JFaceDbc 2.0 is a plugin for Eclipse. It allows... Télécharger
bosskey(sfnet) BossKey Are you worry about be catched by your parents ... Télécharger
unitsofmeasurementforada(sfnet) Units of measurement for Ada The library provides an implementation of dimen... Télécharger
itsdt(sfnet) Rothmann IT Service DeskTop Rothmann IT Service DeskTop is a project to cre... Télécharger
cubrid(freshmeat) CUBRID CUBRID is a comprehensive relational database m... Télécharger
baracus(freshmeat) baracus baracus is a boot and build management tool des... Télécharger
imelag(freshmeat) iMelaG iMelaG is a Web-based profile generator for iOS... Télécharger
gatw-gcode(sfnet) gCode Yet another scripting language Main features: -... Télécharger
warthog(freshmeat) Warthog Warthog is a scanner and parser generator for J... Télécharger
disksearch(freshmeat) DiskSearch DiskSearch is a tool for searching for files on... Télécharger
sourcetrac(sfnet) sourcetrac wiki project from hg server include release fro... Télécharger
streamtuner2(sfnet) StreamTuner2 ♪♬# Streamtuner2 is an internet radio browser. It l... Télécharger
ldexforwindows(sfnet) LDE(X) for Windows An advanced, modular, production-proven, multi-... Télécharger
b2bbuilder(sfnet) B2BBuilder B2BBuilder translation Télécharger
projectlibresdk(sfnet) Project Libre Project Libre is an open client platform for we... Télécharger
clubengine(sfnet) Club Engine New PHP with Zend Framework web application for... Télécharger
x7video(sfnet) x7video x7Video is a free and open source Wordpress plu... Télécharger
pokemon(sfnet) Open Source Pokémon Game The Open Source Pokémon Game is a project geare... Télécharger
transorma(sfnet) transorma A system for building and maintaining a corpus ... Télécharger
mathstudio(sfnet) MathStudio A wxWidgets-based project aimed to make math-ty... Télécharger
easygg(freshmeat) easyGG easyGG is an automatic gallery generator. It fe... Télécharger
mmix(freshmeat) mmix mmix is a small OSS audio mixer with a curses-l... Télécharger
plainmail2html(freshmeat) plainMail2HTML The plainMail2HTML utility creates and attaches... Télécharger
esmsd(freshmeat) eSMSd eSMSd is a simple daemon for connecting a Gnoki... Télécharger
tellstickapp(freshmeat) TellstickApp TellstickApp allows you to send commands to Tel... Télécharger

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