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jsxe(sfnet) jsXe jsXe is the Java Simple XML Editor. Out of the ... Télécharger
vandaengine(sfnet) Vanda Engine Vanda Engine is the new FREE and open source de... Télécharger
css4j(freshmeat) CSS4J CSS4J is a Java library that implements the Doc... Télécharger
mathgl-pp(sfnet) MathGL++ MathGL++ is a class library for fast C++ maths ... Télécharger
webshell-lite(sfnet) WebShell Lite A small, portable, intuitive, shell like enviro... Télécharger
mmd(sfnet) Mirrored Mockup Design There's many great tools out there for web desi... Télécharger
openv2g(sfnet) OpenV2G OpenV2G - an open source project implementing t... Télécharger
rm2k-rpgfactory(sfnet) RPG Factory This project has been suspended indefinitely du... Télécharger
tecnologia(sfnet) tecnologia Portal UNIGTI -> Tecnologia em Análise e Des... Télécharger
rtextdoc(freshmeat) RTextDoc RTextDoc is a text editor with proofreading. I... Télécharger
site-change-detection(freshmeat) Site Change Detection Site Change Detection is a class that scans a d... Télécharger
autoproxy2(sfnet) Windows Auto Proxy 2.0 Muda Proxy Automaticamente para cada rede. Com... Télécharger
wsnsim(sfnet) wsnsim WSNSim is a simulation framework that allows ev... Télécharger
ro-client(sfnet) Ragnarok Online Linux Client This is an API to provice access to the Ragnarö... Télécharger
cleanogl4x(sfnet) Clean OpenGL Solution for Delphi/Kylix A clean OpenGL solution on VCL/CLX, including t... Télécharger
imdbpy(freshmeat) IMDbPY IMDbPY is a Python package useful to retrieve a... Télécharger
dvdauthor(sfnet) DVD Authoring Tools A set of tools to help you generate DVD files t... Télécharger
mspaintapplication(sfnet) MS Paint Application This application is designed in java language u... Télécharger
iboot(sfnet) iBoot (the Interactive BOOTmenu system) iBoot (the Interactive BOOTmenu system) is a se... Télécharger
tin(freshmeat) tin Tin is a powerful text mode news reader. It fea... Télécharger
unitils(sfnet) Unitils Unitils is an open source library aimed at maki... Télécharger
jax-remote-deskshot(freshmeat) Jax Remote Control and Deskshot Tool Jax Remote Control lets you send commands to a ... Télécharger
mcrypt-php-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software Mcrypt PHP Class Mcrypt is a simple PHP class that provides func... Télécharger
mysqli-php-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software Mysqli PHP Class The MySQLi PHP class is a class that extends My... Télécharger
freglx(freshmeat) STUBS and Franki/Earlgrey Linux The STUBS Toolchain and Utility Build Suite is ... Télécharger
csvsee(freshmeat) CSVSee CSVSee graphs data from CSV files, especially t... Télécharger
cookie-php-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software Cookie PHP Class Cookie Class is a simple lightweight cookie class. Télécharger
ro4r(freshmeat) RO4R RO4R (Remote Objects for Ruby) is an implementa... Télécharger
pisel(freshmeat) pisel pisel is an application for managing the photos... Télécharger
grinder-webtest(freshmeat) Grinder Webtest Grinder Webtest allows running Visual Studio .w... Télécharger
emailcheck(freshmeat) emailcheck emailcheck logs into popular German Webmail sit... Télécharger
zak-2(freshmeat) ZaK ZaK is a property management system for hotel a... Télécharger
squid(freshmeat) Squid Squid is a high performance Web proxy cache tha... Télécharger
dfsclaster(sfnet) DFS Distributed file system for cluster. Includes m... Télécharger
asaph(sfnet) Asaph Asaph is a tool for Christian music groups and ... Télécharger
a2dp-python(sfnet) a2dp-python Partial realization of A2DP and AVRCP bluetooth... Télécharger
livecut(sfnet) Live Cut Live Cut is very simple and intuitive multi cam... Télécharger
pyvision(sfnet) PyVision Computer Vision Toolkit PyVision is a object-oriented Computer Vision T... Télécharger
statsme(sfnet) StatsMe A game statistic enhancer for Half-Life which f... Télécharger
ulatencyd(freshmeat) ulatencyd ulatencyd is a scriptable daemon which constant... Télécharger
bom(sfnet) Biet-O-Matic (Bid-O-Matic) Biet-O-Matic is a tool to watch and bid on auct... Télécharger
vmutool(sfnet) SEGA Dreamcast VMU Tools A SEGA Dreamcast VMU backup utility that allows... Télécharger
libcdk(freshmeat) Curses Development Kit A library of widgets for curses development. Télécharger
udengine(sfnet) Universal Dominance RTS Game Engine The Universal Dominance RTS Game Engine will be... Télécharger
kylixlibs(sfnet) Kylix Libs Packaging Applications developed with Kylix usually depen... Télécharger
dc-gui(sfnet) DCGUI-QT DCGUI-QT is a QT GUI Direct Connect filesharing... Télécharger
datadensityplot(sfnet) datadensityplot Shows the data density of a 2 dimensional distr... Télécharger
dcompiler(sfnet) Java Decompiler The aim of this project is to develope a decomp... Télécharger
pfplms(sfnet) PfP Learning Management System (PfP LMS) PfP LMS powered by Ilias (<a href="http... Télécharger
vim-n4n0(sfnet) vim-n4n0 sdfasfasdfsadfasdfsadfadsfasdfasdfsad Télécharger
xpaf(freshmeat) XPaF XPath-based Parsing Framework (XPaF) is a simpl... Télécharger
rise(sfnet) Realistic Image Synthesis Engine R.I.S.E. is a state of the art engine and frame... Télécharger
febrl(sfnet) Febrl Febrl (Freely Extensible Biomedical Record Link... Télécharger
finalscratch(sfnet) Final Scratch Tools Tools, Apps and Docs related to Final Scratch Télécharger
sipes(sfnet) SIPES SIPES (Security Incident Pollicy Enforcement Sy... Télécharger
smartsitepubl(sfnet) SmartSite Publisher A simple to use, yet extremely flexible and pow... Télécharger
team-purple(sfnet) Team Purple The Imprudence and Kokua open source metaverse ... Télécharger
bcbdirectx(sfnet) BCB DirectX BCB DirectX uses the Borland/Inprise C++Builder... Télécharger
embeddedloconet(sfnet) Embedded LocoNet A set of C language API's and firmware applicat... Télécharger
nahblog(sfnet) nahblog NahBlog is a simple Blog Bloard written in PHP ... Télécharger
asposetasks-for-java(freshmeat) Aspose.Tasks for Java Aspose.Tasks is a non-graphical Java Project ma... Télécharger
opc2file(sfnet) opc2file Read data from one or more OPC-DA servers and w... Télécharger
mswlogoes(sfnet) MSWLogo Español (Spanish) MSWLogo Castellano. Version traducida al castel... Télécharger
bmhaven(sfnet) Blackmoon Information Portal We are in the process of making an application ... Télécharger
minetest-classic(freshmeat) Minetest Classic Minetest-Classic is a fork of Minetest-C55, an ... Télécharger
sveditor(sfnet) SVEditor SVEditor is an Eclipse-based IDE (Integrated De... Télécharger
fjreport(sfnet) free java report Swing based report for java with "What You... Télécharger
elderscrollsexplorer(sfnet) ElderScrollsExplorer code can be found on github here https://githu... Télécharger
cd-command(freshmeat) CD-Command CD-Command is a primitive commandline CD player... Télécharger
oblivion(sfnet) Oblivion - An Arcade Shooter An action packed arcade action that captures th... Télécharger
qmp3gain(sfnet) QMP3Gain Graphical user interface front end supporting M... Télécharger
bosplayer(sfnet) B.O.S. Multimedia Player B.O.S. Multimedia Player is a fully skinnable M... Télécharger
eclim(sfnet) eclim (eclipse + vim) Eclim is a set of eclipse and vim plugins to in... Télécharger
kaon(sfnet) KAON Ontology Framework KAON is an ontology management infrastructure t... Télécharger
civ4ccp(sfnet) Civilization 4 Community Core Project A project aiming to become a universal mod to i... Télécharger
jose-chess(sfnet) jose jose is a graphical Chess tool. You can store c... Télécharger
lesesolm(sfnet) lesesolm Download GPS track from the GPS logger "So... Télécharger
reallinuxroyal(sfnet) The Real Linux Royal Built on Ubuntu with Unity purged and using Gno... Télécharger
mpower(sfnet) Orange Leap Orange Leap (formerly MPowerOpen) is the first ... Télécharger
phphackerportal(freshmeat) phpHackerPortal phpHackerPortal is a portal site with dynamic W... Télécharger
my3dmodeleditor(sfnet) my3DModelEditor Unlike other 3D modeling packages, this 3D Mode... Télécharger
assignment-collectorgrader(freshmeat) Assignment Collector/Grader Assignment Collector/Grader is a Web applicatio... Télécharger
quickplot(sfnet) quickplot Quickplot is a fast interactive 2D plotter with... Télécharger
eclipse-tools(sfnet) Eclipse Tools Eclipse Luna includes official support for Java... Télécharger
pfree(freshmeat) pfree pfree is a portable implementation of the free(... Télécharger
ctopy(freshmeat) ctopy ctopy automates the parts of translating C sour... Télécharger
deal(freshmeat) deal This program is a calculator for card-draw prob... Télécharger
shift8(freshmeat) Shift8 Shift8 provides a simple mechanism for using th... Télécharger
graviton-reference-system(freshmeat) Graviton Reference System Graviton Reference System stores your IT depart... Télécharger
rcostccvb6(sfnet) RCOS TCC VB6 This is the VB6 Source code for the RCOS TCC so... Télécharger
khartiya(sfnet) Khartiya fonts These fonts are based on the Bitstream Charter ... Télécharger
silenteye(sfnet) SilentEye SilentEye is a cross-platform application desig... Télécharger
hamsterdb-erlang(freshmeat) hamsterdb-erlang hamsterdb-erlang is an Erlang driver for hamste... Télécharger
pa-test-project(sfnet) PortableApps Testing Project PortableApps Testing Project Télécharger
constanza(sfnet) CONStanza Distributed application to synchronise heteroge... Télécharger
zmatrix(sfnet) zmatrix ZMatrix is a desktop enhancement tool which cre... Télécharger
wvdial(freshmeat) WvDial WvDial (pronounced "Weave Dial") is a... Télécharger
twsynth(sfnet) TiMidity++ Windows Synthesizer TiMidity++ Windows Synthesizer (TWSYNTH) exten... Télécharger
wiibafu(sfnet) Wii Backup Fusion The complete and simple to use backup solution ... Télécharger
libportable(sfnet) libportable A library of software written in C with full so... Télécharger

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