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oraclecalendar(sfnet) Simple Calendar for Oracle Forms Simple Calendar for Oracle Forms without library. Télécharger
wsn-guest(freshmeat) WSN Guest WSN Guest is a flexible PHP/MySQL guestbook scr... Télécharger
wsn-formemail(freshmeat) WSN FormEmail WSN FormEmail is a form-to-email script which d... Télécharger
ddpt(freshmeat) ddpt dd is a Unix command line utility for copying d... Télécharger
primecmdb(sfnet) primecmdb PrimeCMDB is a Configuration Management System ... Télécharger
ecgviewer(sfnet) ecgviewer A Matlab GUI for reviewing, processing, and ann... Télécharger
jzsmartmort(sfnet) jzsmartmort The script pack is meant for devices running Wi... Télécharger
civquest(sfnet) CivQuest CivQuest is a strategy game largely inspired by... Télécharger
evildicom(sfnet) Evil Dicom (classic) The original C# .NET 4.0 DICOM library designed... Télécharger
dermixd(freshmeat) DerMixD DerMixD is an audio mixing and network-listenin... Télécharger
web-font-repository-20(freshmeat) Web Font Repository Web Font Repository helps you write out a large... Télécharger
teddix(freshmeat) Teddix Teddix is an inventory system and asset managem... Télécharger
super-tux-mania(freshmeat) Super Tux-Mania! Super Tux-Mania is a recreation of the Super Ma... Télécharger
bluej(freshmeat) BlueJ BlueJ is an interactive Java development enviro... Télécharger
taskfreak-time-tracking(freshmeat) TaskFreak! Time Tracking TaskFreak! Time Tracking is a multi-user Web ap... Télécharger
srpy(freshmeat) sr script sr script is a simple and powerful search and s... Télécharger
walker-2(freshmeat) walker Walker uploads your Website via FTP, creating n... Télécharger
php-open-school(sfnet) Open-School Community Edition Open-School is an open source comprehensive web... Télécharger
geomajas-printing-plug-in(freshmeat) Geomajas printing plug-in Geomajas printing plug-in adds user-friendly pr... Télécharger
pysnippy(freshmeat) PySnippy PySnippy is a simple GNOME desktop application ... Télécharger
footware(freshmeat) footware footware is a tiny program that lets you use a ... Télécharger
pfaces(freshmeat) pfaces Pfaces is a graphical mail checker application ... Télécharger
directy-cmf(freshmeat) Directy CMF Directy CMF is a content management framework t... Télécharger
roadworker(freshmeat) Roadworker Roadworker is a tool for managing Route53. It a... Télécharger
mlapd(freshmeat) mlapd MLAPD manages mailing lists posting accesses. I... Télécharger
dismmgr(sfnet) DismMgr A best, wonderful tool to clean the old system ... Télécharger
sdl2_gfx(freshmeat) SDL2_gfx SDL2_gfx is a library containing 20+ graphics p... Télécharger
link-grammar(freshmeat) Link Grammar Parser The Link Grammar Parser (link-grammar) is a syn... Télécharger
scxmlcc(freshmeat) scxmlcc scxmlcc is a full featured state machine compil... Télécharger
v(freshmeat) V V is a free portable C++ GUI Framework intended... Télécharger
kdoc(freshmeat) kdoc KDOC is a C++ and IDL interface documentation t... Télécharger
pen(freshmeat) Pen Pen is a load balancer for "simple" T... Télécharger
s3db(sfnet) S3DB - simple sloppy semantic database S3DB - Simple Sloppy Semantic Database - is a P... Télécharger
rufasgate(freshmeat) RufasGate RufasGate is a combination of the Portal and So... Télécharger
xes(sfnet) XML Encoded Source XML encoder for source code Télécharger
pastebingtk(freshmeat) PastebinGTK PastebinGTK is a Linux desktop client for the p... Télécharger
guiforrrtlpower(sfnet) GUI for RTL_POWER This utility 'rtl_sdr_panorama.exe' designed fo... Télécharger
linuxprinting(sfnet) LinuxPrinting - Krokus Krokus is an application written in C++ and wxW... Télécharger
unflattener(freshmeat) Unflattener Unflattener is a Python module and a command li... Télécharger
libcxx(freshmeat) LibCXX LibCXX is a C++ class library focused on high-l... Télécharger
puffin(sfnet) Puffin Automation Framework Puffin allows you to test any web application o... Télécharger
xml-copy-editor(sfnet) XML Copy Editor XML Copy Editor is a fast, free, validating XML... Télécharger
rssplanet(freshmeat) RSS-Planet RSS-Planet is a script which fetches headlines ... Télécharger
retropong(freshmeat) retropong retropong is an implementation of the Pong game... Télécharger
regressioneasy(sfnet) Regression Easy Designed to help you with nonlinear, multidimen... Télécharger
gsod-rpts(sfnet) Global Summary of Days Station Reports NCDC Global Summary of Days climate reports. Télécharger
python-pipeline(freshmeat) python-pipeline python-pipeline lets you create pipelines of it... Télécharger
libvisca(sfnet) VISCA camera control library libVISCA is a library for controlling a VISCA c... Télécharger
sshconsole-for-craftbukkit-ser(freshmeat) SshConsole SshConsole is a plugin that lets CraftBukkit se... Télécharger
divcalc4all(sfnet) divcalc4all Divcalc4all is a simple command line division c... Télécharger
photo-bookmark(freshmeat) Photo Bookmark Photo Bookmark is an app for creating shortcuts... Télécharger
imlib2(freshmeat) Imlib2 Imlib 2 is the successor to Imlib. It is NOT a ... Télécharger
freebsd-gnome-desktop-installa(freshmeat) FreeBSD Gnome Install Script FreeBSD Gnome Install Script installs the GNOME... Télécharger
vdmpad(sfnet) VDMPad VDMPad is a simple Web IDE server for VDM-SL ba... Télécharger
jabook(sfnet) jabook - Java LDAP Addressbook Front-End jabook is an addressbook front-end for an LDAP ... Télécharger
mbank-cli(freshmeat) mbank-cli 'mbank-cli' provides a rudimentary command line... Télécharger
expsoundboard(sfnet) EXP Soundboard A soundboard that supports almost all MP3s and ... Télécharger
vdos(sfnet) vDos vDos derived from the DOSBox project (http://so... Télécharger
yawik(freshmeat) YAWIK YAWIK offers a Web based solution for managing ... Télécharger
graphcut(sfnet) Graphcut An open source image segmentation tool which us... Télécharger
fvwm-xdg-menu(freshmeat) fvwm-xdg-menu fvwm-xdg-menu is an xdg application menu with f... Télécharger
godotengine(sfnet) Godot Engine Godot is a fully featured, open source, MIT lic... Télécharger
eros(sfnet) Project Eros "Project EROS" is a collection of sof... Télécharger
so1(sfnet) SO1 SO1 es un proyecto para crear un sistema operat... Télécharger
simpro(sfnet) Simpro Simpro is a collection of applications. They ar... Télécharger
world0fgeoms(sfnet) World0fGeoms World0fGeoms is my 1st indie game, its only a t... Télécharger
photoalbum(freshmeat) photoalbum photoalbum uses ImageMagick to generate a set o... Télécharger
comparator-tools(freshmeat) Comparator Tools Comparator Tools is a PHP implementation of Jav... Télécharger
cronosenbourg(freshmeat) CronosEnbourg CronosEnbourg is a monitoring daemon for JMX, d... Télécharger
exposong(freshmeat) ExpoSong ExpoSong is a worship presentation software. It... Télécharger
pdpsantos(sfnet) Pedro Santos Página pessoal com vários trabalhos académicos ... Télécharger
movieinfoseeker(sfnet) Movie Info Seeker This desktop application synchronizes your movi... Télécharger
gv-mirror(freshmeat) GV Mirror GV Mirror downloads all the Google Voice messag... Télécharger
billix(sfnet) Billix: Multi-Boot USB Key distribution Billix is a multiboot Linux-based distribution ... Télécharger
lgmenu(sfnet) LG MediaCenter Menu Customization of LG MS400H/MS450H firmware and ... Télécharger
inverse(sfnet) InVerse Scripture memorization God is pleased when followers of the Lord Jesus... Télécharger
suriwire(freshmeat) Suriwire Suriwire is a plugin for Wireshark that display... Télécharger
raspyfi(sfnet) Raspyfi The Raspyfi project aims to fully integrate mpd... Télécharger
hqlstudio(sfnet) hqlstudio hqlstudio is a website to collect and publish l... Télécharger
visiscript(freshmeat) VisiScript VisiScript is a cross platform editor for progr... Télécharger
jquery-bargauge(freshmeat) JQuery BarGauge JQuery BarGauge is a jQuery plugin that display... Télécharger
ados-nes(freshmeat) ADOS-NES ADOS-NES is a OS derived from ADOS (i386) which... Télécharger
jquery-simplechart(freshmeat) JQuery SimpleChart JQuery SimpleChart is a jQuery plugin that disp... Télécharger
testsuite240p(sfnet) 240p-test-suite A homebrew software suite for video game consol... Télécharger
bison(sfnet) Bison chess program Bison Télécharger
currencyua(sfnet) Курсы Валют UA Курсы валют, Мини-приложение, Windows Sidebar G... Télécharger
projectchronos(sfnet) Project Chronos UPDATE, Check out our new website where we wil... Télécharger
ed2klinkcatch0r(sfnet) ed2k link catch0r A tool to catch eDonkey2000 links Télécharger
quick-looker(sfnet) quick-looker Quick-Looker versies op een rij. Meer info: h... Télécharger
attic(freshmeat) Attic Attic is a deduplicating backup program. The ma... Télécharger
jfm(sfnet) Java File Manager Java File Manager (JFM). A file manager written... Télécharger
libroadrunner(sfnet) libRoadRunner A high performance and portable simulation engi... Télécharger
wxmedit(sfnet) wxMEdit Mainly Changes from MadEdit 0.2.9 •Added automa... Télécharger
pckview(sfnet) PCK-V Just another PCK-Viewer for XCOMAPOC. Télécharger
xmlsec(freshmeat) XML Security Library XML Security Library is a C library based on Li... Télécharger
gngt(freshmeat) GNGT German Noun Gender Trainer (GNGT) is a small ap... Télécharger
adadoc(freshmeat) AdaDoc AdaDoc is a tool for Ada 95 developers. It crea... Télécharger
module-format(freshmeat) Module-Format Perl modules are notated in many different form... Télécharger
rocketman(freshmeat) RocketMan RocketMan is a sci-fi fantasy shoot 'em up game... Télécharger
gossimon(freshmeat) gossimon Gossimon is a gossip-based distributed monitori... Télécharger

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