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aposmaumau(sfnet) Apos' Mau Mau This is a simple card game I made in Java based... Télécharger
mpse(sfnet) Mission Planner - Scorched Earth MP: Mission Planner Web Interface Application f... Télécharger
mgtalk(sfnet) MGTalk - Google Talk for mobile MGTalk - Jabber client for j2me midp 2.0 platfo... Télécharger
chyrp(freshmeat) Chyrp Chyrp is a blogging engine designed to be very ... Télécharger
castle-engine(sfnet) Castle Game Engine Cross-platform 3D game engine in Object Pascal.... Télécharger
bitfighter-019(freshmeat) Bitfighter 019 Bitfighter is a fast-paced team-based inner-spa... Télécharger
intricacy(freshmeat) intricacy intricacy is a networked game in which players ... Télécharger
bacnet(sfnet) BACnet Protocol Stack BACnet - Data Communication Protocol for Buildi... Télécharger
the-eventual-playframework-ang(freshmeat) The Eventual PlayFramework-AngularJS-Bootstrap-MongoDB Seed Project The Eventual PlayFramework-AngularJS-Bootstrap-... Télécharger
libsonic(freshmeat) libsonic Libsonic is a free C library for speeding up or... Télécharger
qmailcheck(freshmeat) QMailCheck qmailcheck looks for new mail in multiple IMAP ... Télécharger
johnthesorcerer(freshmeat) John The Sorcerer John the sorcerer is an adventure game based on... Télécharger
scipy(sfnet) SciPy: Scientific Library for Python SciPy is package of tools for science and engin... Télécharger
dzeditorlineendsfix(sfnet) dzEditorLineEndsFix This is a small program that fixes the problem ... Télécharger
chaotic-rage(freshmeat) Chaotic Rage Chaotic Rage is a 3D zombie shooter with multip... Télécharger
rassampaint(sfnet) Rassam-paint Rassam-paint is an open source bitmap editing a... Télécharger
pranaos(sfnet) pranaos Operating System Devopment Télécharger
lingala(sfnet) Lingala NLP This project is devoted to the development of n... Télécharger
superrobotrom(sfnet) Super Robot Taisen J Translated ROM Super Robot Taisen J Fan Translated Rom (I DID ... Télécharger
smoothwall(sfnet) Smoothwall Smoothwall is a best-of-breed Internet firewall... Télécharger
openbsc(freshmeat) OpenBSC OpenBSC implements the minimal necessary parts ... Télécharger
osmocombb(freshmeat) OsmocomBB OsmocomBB provides a full-featured GSM protocol... Télécharger
bcprogtooltcl(freshmeat) BCProgTool.TCL BCProgTool.TCL will program and control the Uni... Télécharger
asftagapp(freshmeat) ASFTagApp ASFTagApp is a tag editor for files in the Adva... Télécharger
cortina(sfnet) Cortina Desktop wallpaper management application for Gn... Télécharger
v2048(sfnet) 2048 Your goal in this game is to get the 2048 tiles... Télécharger
wilywx(sfnet) wilywx something about FAST FW150R'S Télécharger
tickets-mdb(freshmeat) Tickets MDB Tickets MDB is a Web-based personnel/membership... Télécharger
rhythmbox-microblogger(freshmeat) Rhythmbox Microblogger Rhythmbox Microblogger can send notices about y... Télécharger
bigip-opspanel(freshmeat) BigIP Opspanel BigIP Opspanel is a Python-based RESTful API wh... Télécharger
proxmox-ve(freshmeat) Proxmox VE Proxmox is a Debian-based bundle of OpenVZ, KVM... Télécharger
cs-uzeiga(sfnet) cs-uzeiga counter-strike failai Télécharger
meters(freshmeat) Meters Meters is a set of Java/Swing components for cr... Télécharger
webarchivext(sfnet) Web Archive Extractor Web Archive Extractor intended to extract webar... Télécharger
property-binder(freshmeat) Property Binder Property Binder is a Java library that provides... Télécharger
geh(freshmeat) geh geh is a simple command line image viewer with ... Télécharger
agent-storm-wordpress-idx-plug(freshmeat) Agent Storm Wordpress IDX Plug-in Agent Storm Wordpress IDX Plug-in provides comp... Télécharger
mucomp(freshmeat) mucomp mucomp is a browser-based (jQuery) music player... Télécharger
joker-the-irc-bot(freshmeat) Joker the IRC bot Joker the IRC bot is a PHP class designed for q... Télécharger
finmetrics(freshmeat) FinMetrics FinMetrics is a MATLAB-based quantitative portf... Télécharger
stnn(freshmeat) stnn stnn is a neural network system that includes a... Télécharger
google-calendar-chrome-extensi(freshmeat) Google Calendar Chrome Extension Google Calendar Chrome Extension adds a button ... Télécharger
pyvm3(freshmeat) pyvm3 pyvm3 is a hobby project that's based on a comp... Télécharger
shellinux(sfnet) Shell-Linux Shell-Linux is a Small, and Light Linux Distro ... Télécharger
semswithmpeg4(sfnet) semswithmpeg4 SIP Express Media Server (SEMS) is an extensibl... Télécharger
qreport(sfnet) CuteReport CuteReport is a free report solutions based on... Télécharger
icarusnetapp(sfnet) icarusnetapp Share .NET knowledge Télécharger
bash-command-history-completio(freshmeat) BASH History Suggest Box BASH history suggest box is a command line util... Télécharger
gwaei(sfnet) gWaei, Japanese Dictionary for GNOME THIS PROJECT IS MOVING TO GITHUB. https://git... Télécharger
acc340week4databasedefinitions(sfnet) ACC 340 Week 4 Database Definitions ACC 340 Week 4 Database Definitions Télécharger
qxmledit(freshmeat) QXmlEdit QXmlEdit is a simple XML editor. Its main feat... Télécharger
poppler-win32(sfnet) Poppler Win32 Poppler Win32 are pre-built binaries of the Pop... Télécharger
kraken-gateway(sfnet) Kraken XMPP IM Gateway Kraken is a continuation of the Openfire IM Gat... Télécharger
mechanize-for-java(freshmeat) mechanize for java mechanize is a stateful HTTP/HTML client librar... Télécharger
winautoinstall(sfnet) winautoinstall For automatically installing Windows. You no lo... Télécharger
soceptpdrivers(sfnet) SoC-e PTP (IEEE 1588) drivers These are drivers to support SoC-e s hardware f... Télécharger
geogps(sfnet) Geo GPS GeoGPS is a web application for sharing GPS rou... Télécharger
libdeco-ostc(freshmeat) libdeco-ostc libdeco-ostc provides a library for dive decomp... Télécharger
unixcw(sfnet) unixcw Umbrella project for cw, cwcp, xcwcp, cwgen pro... Télécharger
openlaunch-cms(freshmeat) OpenLaunch OpenLaunch is a Web-based content management sy... Télécharger
mynewspaper(freshmeat) MyNewspaper MyNewspaper is a Web-based personal RSS/ATOM ne... Télécharger
picusb(sfnet) picusb USB Resources for Microchip Microcontrollers an... Télécharger
exceltoarffconv(sfnet) Excel to Arff Converter Excel to Arff converter. You can easily convert... Télécharger
codexbrl(sfnet) CodeXBRL Library (.NET and Java) to generate and process... Télécharger
bzflag(sfnet) BZFlag - Multiplayer 3D Tank Game OpenSource OpenGL Multiplayer Multiplatform Bat... Télécharger
cmemo(freshmeat) C++Memo C++Memo is a generic framework for memoization,... Télécharger
linatr(sfnet) linatr linatr aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Télécharger
wtmpclean(freshmeat) wtmpclean wtmpclean is a tool for Unix (currently tested ... Télécharger
ureport(freshmeat) uReport uReport provides issue tracking and constituent... Télécharger
openwag200(freshmeat) OpenWAG200 OpenWAG200 is a project dedicated to enhance th... Télécharger
dbav(freshmeat) Dbav Dbav is a library for tracking database schema ... Télécharger
unjava(freshmeat) unjava If you know how to code in PHP, Python, Perl, C... Télécharger
csc202hello(sfnet) Hello World This is a project for CSC202 for Hello World in C# Télécharger
pmw(sfnet) Python megawidgets A toolkit for building high-level compound widg... Télécharger
zbatery(freshmeat) Zbatery Zbatery is an HTTP server for Rack applications... Télécharger
yamidentd(freshmeat) YAMIdentd YAMIdentd aims at being a simple, small, and fu... Télécharger
checkit(freshmeat) checkit checkit is a file integrity tool that adds basi... Télécharger
win32-framework(sfnet) Win32++ Win32++ is a C++ library used to build windows ... Télécharger
convertxmltocsv(sfnet) XML2CSV Spreadsheet Converter An MS Excel VBA macro converts XML to CSV. It d... Télécharger
cyberfun-xbtit(sfnet) CyBerFuN xBTiT CyBerFuN xBTiT by cybernet2u / I only install h... Télécharger
sqlite-wince(sfnet) sqlite-wince Windows CE port to the SQLite library (see http... Télécharger
phpbbpl(sfnet) Repozytorium paczek grupy Olympus.pl Repozytorium paczek językowych grup tłumaczącej... Télécharger
laz4android(sfnet) laz4android A Lazarus for Android Package.Thanks the FreePa... Télécharger
zenta(sfnet) Zenta Zenta is a free, open source, cross-platform to... Télécharger
gtasasaveeditor(sfnet) GTA San Andreas Savegame Editor An Editor for the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas ... Télécharger
interceptnate(freshmeat) InterceptNate InterceptNate is a Hibernate session and transa... Télécharger
calculix-rpm(sfnet) CalculiX-rpm RPM files of CalculiX, a free FEM package. See ... Télécharger
portingcontext(sfnet) portingcontext The Project is to port and package ConTEXt so t... Télécharger
javaxul(freshmeat) javaXUL javaXUL provides a simple to use XUL implementa... Télécharger
django-issue-synchronisation(freshmeat) django-issue-synchronisation django-issue-synchronisation is a pluggable sys... Télécharger
hordezpush(freshmeat) HordeZpush HordeZpush provides ActiveSync synchronisation ... Télécharger
flate(freshmeat) Flate library FLATE is a library used to handle HTML template... Télécharger
zbxlog(freshmeat) Zbxlog Zbxlog provides better integration of syslog me... Télécharger
mintymacwinny(sfnet) mintyMac winny mintyMac winny addition is our windows themed d... Télécharger
mycrop(freshmeat) myCrop myCrop is an application designed to monitor th... Télécharger
javachip-engine(freshmeat) JavaChimp Engine JavaChimp Engine (JCEngine) is an extension to ... Télécharger
cyqlite(sfnet) cyqlite 100% Upwards compatible variant of SQLite. Prov... Télécharger
masgau(sfnet) MASGAU MASGAU Automatic Save Game Archive Utility - A ... Télécharger
dualdhcpdnsserver(freshmeat) Dual DHCP DNS Server Dual DHCP DNS Server is a DHCP server combined ... Télécharger
docky(freshmeat) Docky Docky is an advanced shortcut bar that sits at ... Télécharger

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