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decotengu(freshmeat) decotengu decotengu is a dive decompression library to ex... Télécharger
pyaggr3g470r(freshmeat) pyAggr3g470r pyAggr3g470r is a news aggregator with a Web in... Télécharger
arlinux(sfnet) arlinux arlinux is a mini-linux (floppy) distro for Rec... Télécharger
freeresponsiveblacktemplate(sfnet) Free Responsive Black Template # Free Responsive Black Template Free templat... Télécharger
texpen(sfnet) TeXpen TeXpen is a LaTeX editor for mankind, based on ... Télécharger
compactbeans(freshmeat) CompactBeans CompactBeans is a separated-out implementation ... Télécharger
imagesuite(sfnet) ImageSuite Pure Java based image viewing utility capable o... Télécharger
postex(sfnet) postex PoSTeX is the package of TeX styles and classes... Télécharger
sirix(freshmeat) Sirix Sirix is a versioned tree-based storage system.... Télécharger
neatcc(freshmeat) neatcc neatcc is a small and simple x86_64 C compiler. Télécharger
lingua-server(freshmeat) Lingua Server Lingua Server is a fast multi-protocol applicat... Télécharger
novnc(freshmeat) noVNC noVNC is a VNC client implemented using HTML5 t... Télécharger
php-datastorage(freshmeat) PHP DataStorage PHP DataStorage is a PHP class to save data in ... Télécharger
nmm(freshmeat) NMM NMM (Network-Integrated Multimedia Middleware) ... Télécharger
3dj(freshmeat) 3DJ 3DJ is a 3D engine for writing 3D graphics appl... Télécharger
kcfinder(freshmeat) KCFinder KCFinder is an alternative to the CKFinder Web ... Télécharger
obhotkey(freshmeat) OBHotkey OBHotkey is a command-line tool (and optional t... Télécharger
domination-the-game(freshmeat) Domination: The Game Domination is a turn-based strategy game. The w... Télécharger
tailace(sfnet) Tail Ace Tail Ace is a powerful tailing utility. You ca... Télécharger
eyeocr(sfnet) eyeocr Eye is an experimental OCR (image-to-text) appl... Télécharger
patentmind(sfnet) PatentMind PatentMind Software for College Student Innovat... Télécharger
hl2mpmod(sfnet) hl2mpmod A mod that is being worked on for Half Life 2. Télécharger
onyxblue(sfnet) onyxblue The Long awaited final release of Pokemon OnyxB... Télécharger
androidtiff2pdf(sfnet) Android TIFF2PDF Convert TIFF to PDF on Android Télécharger
crashme(freshmeat) crashme Crashme is a very simple program that tests the... Télécharger
xstow(freshmeat) XStow XStow is a replacement for GNU Stow written in ... Télécharger
safariadblock(sfnet) Safari AdBlock Blocks ads in Safari, no configuration and extr... Télécharger
noisegator(sfnet) NoiseGator (Noise Gate) Ever wanted to cut out background noise when ta... Télécharger
dnasystem(sfnet) Deep Network Analyzer (DNA) DNA is an open, flexible and extensible deep ne... Télécharger
ada-server-faces(freshmeat) Ada Server Faces Ada Server Faces is a framework that allows you... Télécharger
blacklib(freshmeat) BlackLib BlackLib is a C++ library for Beaglebone Black.... Télécharger
mlpy(sfnet) mlpy mlpy is a Python module for Machine Learning bu... Télécharger
smarttimer(sfnet) smarttimer This is a smart timer tool, you can select a da... Télécharger
xfi(freshmeat) xfi xfi aims to be an intense, high-speed racing ga... Télécharger
libhello(freshmeat) Libhello Libhello is a library for UNIX-like systems tha... Télécharger
minimal-desktop-for-ubuntu(freshmeat) Minimal Desktop for Ubuntu Minimal Desktop for Ubuntu is a shell script de... Télécharger
tap4pascal(freshmeat) TAP4Pascal TAP4Pascal is an easy-to-use but powerful unit ... Télécharger
trafficsqueezer(freshmeat) Traffic Squeezer Traffic Squeezer is a Linux kernel based WAN ne... Télécharger
xndebug(freshmeat) xn.debug xn.debug is a debugger for PHP. It is built wit... Télécharger
openpref(freshmeat) OpenPref OpenPref is an implementation of Preferans, a E... Télécharger
crunchio-cluster-dashboard(freshmeat) Crunch.io Cluster Dashboard This Django-based Web dashboard allows users to... Télécharger
jslaughter(freshmeat) jslaughter JSlaughter is a top-down zombie survival game b... Télécharger
larceny(freshmeat) larceny Larceny is a simple and efficient implementatio... Télécharger
osctraktor(sfnet) osctraktor OSC Control Templates for Traktor. Télécharger
p6spy(freshmeat) P6Spy P6Spy is an open source framework for applicati... Télécharger
magento-product-video-extensio(freshmeat) Magento Product Videos Magento Product Videos is an extension which al... Télécharger
a-a-p(sfnet) A-A-P A-A-P helps you with distributed development of... Télécharger
pdf995(sfnet) PDF Conversion Module The PDF Conversion module is a free Postscript ... Télécharger
packetpeeper(freshmeat) Packet Peeper Packet Peeper is a network protocol analyzer (o... Télécharger
qtdsync(sfnet) QtdSync Smart GUI for rsync. This simple portable Tool ... Télécharger
libusb(freshmeat) libusb libusb is a C library which provides generic ac... Télécharger
sdop(freshmeat) Simple DocBook Processor SDoP (Simple DocBook Processor) reads a DocBook... Télécharger
x509watch(freshmeat) x509watch x509watch is a simple command line application ... Télécharger
turbulence(freshmeat) Turbulence Turbulence is a general BEEP server that provid... Télécharger
yersinia(freshmeat) yersinia Yersinia implements several attacks for the fol... Télécharger
freedatamapcom(freshmeat) freedatamap.com freeDatamap is a business intelligence tool tha... Télécharger
find-subtitles(freshmeat) Find Subtitles Find Subtitles is a simple tool for finding mov... Télécharger
svni(freshmeat) svni svni is a wrapper for "svn ci" that p... Télécharger
supervisord-monitor(freshmeat) Supervisord Monitor Supervisord Monitor is a multi-server monitorin... Télécharger
templateresponsiveplatinium(sfnet) Template Zwii CMS Responsive Platinium ====== Template "Responsive Platinium&qu... Télécharger
isschessoffice(sfnet) ICOFY - Ingo's Chess Office For You A Collection of Chess Tools. Une collection d'o... Télécharger
log4javascript(freshmeat) log4javascript log4javascript provides JavaScript developers w... Télécharger
chamilo(freshmeat) Chamilo Chamilo is an e-learning and collaboration plat... Télécharger
paratyphia(sfnet) paratyphiA Genomic changes in Paratyphi A during 450 years... Télécharger
speex(sfnet) Speex A patent-free audio codec designed especially f... Télécharger
virtenv(freshmeat) virtenv virtenv is a QT4 application which lets you con... Télécharger
cego(freshmeat) cego Cego implements a relational and transactional ... Télécharger
kados(freshmeat) KADOS KADOS (KAnban Dashboard for Online Scrum) is a ... Télécharger
wsn-webcomic(freshmeat) WSN Webcomic WSN Webcomic is a collaborative webcomic creato... Télécharger
deforaos-editor(freshmeat) DeforaOS Editor DeforaOS Editor is a text editor for the Defora... Télécharger
oprosdistributionpackage20(sfnet) OPRoS Distribution Package 2.0 OPRoS Framework and Eclipse Based RCP IDE Télécharger
xmlpipedb(sfnet) XMLPipeDB XMLPipeDB is a suite of tools for building rela... Télécharger
oraclecalendar(sfnet) Simple Calendar for Oracle Forms Simple Calendar for Oracle Forms without library. Télécharger
wsn-guest(freshmeat) WSN Guest WSN Guest is a flexible PHP/MySQL guestbook scr... Télécharger
wsn-formemail(freshmeat) WSN FormEmail WSN FormEmail is a form-to-email script which d... Télécharger
ddpt(freshmeat) ddpt dd is a Unix command line utility for copying d... Télécharger
primecmdb(sfnet) primecmdb PrimeCMDB is a Configuration Management System ... Télécharger
ecgviewer(sfnet) ecgviewer A Matlab GUI for reviewing, processing, and ann... Télécharger
jzsmartmort(sfnet) jzsmartmort The script pack is meant for devices running Wi... Télécharger
civquest(sfnet) CivQuest CivQuest is a strategy game largely inspired by... Télécharger
evildicom(sfnet) Evil Dicom (classic) The original C# .NET 4.0 DICOM library designed... Télécharger
dermixd(freshmeat) DerMixD DerMixD is an audio mixing and network-listenin... Télécharger
web-font-repository-20(freshmeat) Web Font Repository Web Font Repository helps you write out a large... Télécharger
teddix(freshmeat) Teddix Teddix is an inventory system and asset managem... Télécharger
super-tux-mania(freshmeat) Super Tux-Mania! Super Tux-Mania is a recreation of the Super Ma... Télécharger
bluej(freshmeat) BlueJ BlueJ is an interactive Java development enviro... Télécharger
taskfreak-time-tracking(freshmeat) TaskFreak! Time Tracking TaskFreak! Time Tracking is a multi-user Web ap... Télécharger
srpy(freshmeat) sr script sr script is a simple and powerful search and s... Télécharger
walker-2(freshmeat) walker Walker uploads your Website via FTP, creating n... Télécharger
php-open-school(sfnet) Open-School Community Edition Open-School is an open source comprehensive web... Télécharger
geomajas-printing-plug-in(freshmeat) Geomajas printing plug-in Geomajas printing plug-in adds user-friendly pr... Télécharger
pysnippy(freshmeat) PySnippy PySnippy is a simple GNOME desktop application ... Télécharger
footware(freshmeat) footware footware is a tiny program that lets you use a ... Télécharger
pfaces(freshmeat) pfaces Pfaces is a graphical mail checker application ... Télécharger
directy-cmf(freshmeat) Directy CMF Directy CMF is a content management framework t... Télécharger
roadworker(freshmeat) Roadworker Roadworker is a tool for managing Route53. It a... Télécharger
mlapd(freshmeat) mlapd MLAPD manages mailing lists posting accesses. I... Télécharger
dismmgr(sfnet) DismMgr A best, wonderful tool to clean the old system ... Télécharger
sdl2_gfx(freshmeat) SDL2_gfx SDL2_gfx is a library containing 20+ graphics p... Télécharger
link-grammar(freshmeat) Link Grammar Parser The Link Grammar Parser (link-grammar) is a syn... Télécharger

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