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optimusos(sfnet) optimusos real time kernel with basic io facilities Télécharger
cuj2k(sfnet) CUJ2K: Jpeg2000 encoder on Cuda A fast JPEG2000 encoder running on CUDA-capable... Télécharger
devcoin(sfnet) devcoin DeVCoin is an ethically inspired project based ... Télécharger
basukirsy(sfnet) basuki for have fun on your live Télécharger
superav(sfnet) superav Super Av Anti Virus is an open source anti viru... Télécharger
orion-forum(sfnet) CBACK Orion CBACK Orion is a phpBB Based Forum Software Dis... Télécharger
libmodbus-2(freshmeat) libmodbus (stable) libmodbus is a software library for sending/rec... Télécharger
cm_tools(freshmeat) cm_tools cm_tools is a collection of commandline utiliti... Télécharger
html4j(freshmeat) HTML4J HTML4J provides an API for parsing and editing ... Télécharger
humm-and-strumm(freshmeat) Humm and Strumm Humm and Strumm is a project to create a high-p... Télécharger
cantera(sfnet) Cantera Cantera is a suite of object-oriented software ... Télécharger
macos8and9windowssheepshaver(sfnet) Mac OS 8 and 9 Windows SheepShaver This project is a SheepShaver package that I ha... Télécharger
opennvironment(sfnet) opennvironment A basic, easy to use desktop environment. Télécharger
ultra(freshmeat) Ultra Ultra is an ultra small (<64k binary), ultra... Télécharger
progressquest(sfnet) Progress Quest Progress Quest is the first ever 'fire and forg... Télécharger
openipmp(sfnet) OpenIPMP Open source DRM for MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 adhering ... Télécharger
justsort(freshmeat) JustSort JustSort is a simple HTML5/JavaScript applicati... Télécharger
fosfat(freshmeat) Fosfat Fosfat is a C library for providing read-only a... Télécharger
nlpfarm(sfnet) nlpFarm The nlpFarm is a Natural Language Processing (N... Télécharger
xf4vnc(sfnet) xf4vnc VNC for XFree86 v4.x architecture Télécharger
jmsn(sfnet) JMSN JMSN is a pure Java Microsoft MSN Messenger clo... Télécharger
json-delta(freshmeat) JSON-delta JSON-delta is a multi-language software suite f... Télécharger
portpinger(sfnet) portpinger Simple tool to check if a port on a chosen host... Télécharger
cheatdb(sfnet) Cheat Database The Perfekt Resource for gamers who are stuck i... Télécharger
num-py-gumbo(freshmeat) Num-Py Gumbo Num-Py Gumbo is a set of interactive Python dem... Télécharger
pedef(freshmeat) Pedef Pedef is a Shell Script which converts plain te... Télécharger
cpp2html(freshmeat) cpp2html cpp2html uses C code with preprocessor macros a... Télécharger
kismon(freshmeat) Kismon Kismon is a PyGTK based Kismet Newcore (since 2... Télécharger
traitementdimagestim(sfnet) Traitement d'images Tim Logiciel de retraitement d'images pour Windows ... Télécharger
byaccj(sfnet) byacc/j The same BYACC tool used produce C/C++ parsers,... Télécharger
fireudflib(sfnet) InterBase / Firebird UDF''s in Delphi UDF Library for InterBase / Firebird SQL server... Télécharger
authensimplewebform(freshmeat) Authen::Simple::WebForm Authen::Simple::WebForm is a Perl library for s... Télécharger
piccolo(sfnet) Piccolo XML Parser for Java Piccolo is the fastest SAX parser for Java, sup... Télécharger
sinsy(sfnet) Sinsy Sinsy is an HMM-based singing voice synthesis s... Télécharger
slpkg(sfnet) slpkg Features Build packages from source with all de... Télécharger
makinacorpus(sfnet) Makina Corpus Public files hosting for our open source softwares Télécharger
xsd-de(sfnet) XSD-DE Übersetzung und Kommentierung der W3C XML-Schem... Télécharger
admon(freshmeat) admon Admon is a system monitoring application. It is... Télécharger
mod_okioki(freshmeat) mod_okioki mod_okioki is an Apache HTTPD module that makes... Télécharger
kicad(freshmeat) KiCad EDA KiCad EDA is software for the creation of elect... Télécharger
eric5(freshmeat) eric5 Eric5 is a Python IDE with integrated project m... Télécharger
aitolikon(sfnet) Aitolikon Aitolikon aims to be an unusual RPG with focus ... Télécharger
bitefightclonee(sfnet) Bitefight Clone English The Bitefight Clone but translated to Englis... Télécharger
ddmoretavernatutorial(sfnet) Taverna Tutorial (DDMoRe) A Tutorial on Taverna for Pharmokinetic Modellers. Télécharger
gbboleto(sfnet) GbBoleto - Boletos Bancarios em Delphi Componente Delphi para emissão de boletos bancá... Télécharger
vimpluginloader(sfnet) Vim plugin loader **Plugin is deprecated** Télécharger
crashmail-ii(freshmeat) CrashMail II CrashMail II is a Fidonet tosser/scanner with a... Télécharger
php-ftp-client(sfnet) PHP FTP CLIENT PHP FTP CLIENT is ftp client, which runs throug... Télécharger
whtisee(sfnet) whtisee Revelation version 0.1 Télécharger
pykde(sfnet) PyKDE PyKDE is the KDE binding for Python. Also inclu... Télécharger
webfwlog(freshmeat) webfwlog Webfwlog is a Web-based firewall log reporting ... Télécharger
scanplay(sfnet) scanplay The idea is to create an easy to use engine for... Télécharger
xframe(sfnet) xframe XML related tools: xsddoc (documentation tool f... Télécharger
nktspeview(sfnet) VX Portable Executable Viewer Browse the structure of windows portable execut... Télécharger
sapid(sfnet) SAPID CMS file-flat edition Fully-featured CMS for SOHO sites Télécharger
deltaforce(sfnet) deltaforce Delta Force site - NITT Webteam gets online Télécharger
gxmlviewer(sfnet) GTK+ XML viewer gxmlviewer is an xml viewer written using gtk+ ... Télécharger
css-server-down(sfnet) CSS-Server-Downloader Hier stell ich mein CSS-Server tool zur verfügung Télécharger
edje2yuv(sfnet) edje2yuv edje2yuv is a simple command line tool that exp... Télécharger
xplanner(sfnet) XPlanner XPlanner is a web-based project planning and tr... Télécharger
hackxor(sfnet) hackxor A webapp hacking game, where players must locat... Télécharger
qmetro(sfnet) qMetro Vector metro (subway) map for calculating route... Télécharger
canteen-calandreta(sfnet) Canteen Calandreta This software, developed by the Muret's Calandr... Télécharger
pcbasic(sfnet) PC-BASIC 3.23 - GW-BASIC emulator PC-BASIC is an interpreter for GW-BASIC files. ... Télécharger
epicscape(sfnet) EpicScape rs Private server for free :)))) Télécharger
opensourcetools(sfnet) OsTools Packaging of several commonly available open so... Télécharger
android-dfb(sfnet) Android-DirectFB Porting the DirectFB 2D Graphics Library in ord... Télécharger
iseriespython(sfnet) iSeriesPython A port of Python to the IBM iSeries minicompute... Télécharger
csskiplist-library(freshmeat) CS::SkipList Library CS::SkipList Library is a C++ template library ... Télécharger
opennode-management-server(freshmeat) OpenNode Management Server OpenNode Management Server (OMS) lets you manag... Télécharger
vi88(sfnet) vi88 xunlei offline Télécharger
kissfft(freshmeat) Kiss FFT Kiss FFT is a small and simple FFT library. It ... Télécharger
bbmap(sfnet) BBMap This package includes BBMap, a short read align... Télécharger
wolk(sfnet) WOLK - Working Overloaded Linux Kernel The WOLKs are stable and development kernels, c... Télécharger
coachparrot(sfnet) coachParrot Assistant tool for the online basketball manage... Télécharger
quickpdo(freshmeat) QuickPDO QuickPDO is a class that extends the native PDO... Télécharger
tomdroid(freshmeat) Tomdroid Tomdroid is an Android adaptation of Tomboy, a ... Télécharger
samsungplatpkg(sfnet) SamsungPlatformPkg This package adds UEFI drivers support for the ... Télécharger
pytilities(freshmeat) pytilities Pytilities offers AOP and monkey-patching featu... Télécharger
openaos(sfnet) OpenAOS - Open source ASAM ODS server OpenAOS is a open source project of a platform ... Télécharger
gitbrowser(freshmeat) Gitbrowser Gitbrowser is a plugin for the Geany IDE for br... Télécharger
virtualfreer(sfnet) virtual freer اسکریپت فروش کارت شارژ تلفن همراه ٬ کارت اینترن... Télécharger
opencascade(sfnet) opencascade Materials related to development of Open CASCAD... Télécharger
palmbible(sfnet) - - Télécharger
webositespeedup(sfnet) webositespeedup The best website acceleration software, Speed U... Télécharger
water-drop(freshmeat) Water drop Water drop can apply the water drop effect to W... Télécharger
blur-effect(freshmeat) Blur effect Blur effect is an object that can apply the blu... Télécharger
inkblot-auth(freshmeat) Inkblot Auth Inkblot Auth is a class that can authenticate u... Télécharger
banana-dance-wikicms(freshmeat) Banana Dance Wiki/CMS Banana Dance is designed to combine the simplic... Télécharger
squires(freshmeat) Squires Squires is a Python library which simplifies th... Télécharger
tspipe(freshmeat) tspipe tspipe solves the problem of demonizing process... Télécharger
nemo-documents(freshmeat) Nemo Documents Nemo is an intuitive way to manage documents to... Télécharger
sogo-zeg(freshmeat) SOGo ZEG ZEG, which stands for "Zero Effort Groupwa... Télécharger
steadyflow(freshmeat) Steadyflow Steadyflow is a download manager which aims for... Télécharger
jsmppgw(freshmeat) JSMPPGW JSMPPGW is a gateway from Java Message Service ... Télécharger
jqsimple-class(freshmeat) jQsimple-class jQsimple-class is a small class declaration lib... Télécharger
ethereal-h323-p(sfnet) H.323 for Ethereal The purpose of this project is creating a plugi... Télécharger
animedb(sfnet) AnimeDB AnimeDB is a software writen in php using MySQL... Télécharger
csgl(sfnet) CsGL - OpenGL .NET CsGL is OpenGL for the .Net Framework, providin... Télécharger
cdcat(sfnet) cdcat Multiplatform CD catalog program ,store data in... Télécharger

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