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pango(freshmeat) Pango The goal of the Pango project is to provide an ... Télécharger
ad9850-control(sfnet) AD9850 DDS control panel Windows, Delphi Software for controlling the An... Télécharger
evince(freshmeat) evince Evince is a document viewer for multiple docume... Télécharger
narocad(freshmeat) NaroCAD NaroCAD is intended to be a a fully fledged and... Télécharger
playerdo(freshmeat) playerdo playerdo is a script for controlling a variety ... Télécharger
liblist(freshmeat) liblist liblist provides a generic C API for manipulati... Télécharger
apache-photark(freshmeat) Apache PhotArk Apache PhotArk is a photo gallery application i... Télécharger
steel-storm-episode-i(freshmeat) Steel Storm Episode I Steel Storm is an old school top down arcade sh... Télécharger
jwordtrainer(freshmeat) JWordtrainer JWordTrainer is a generic tool that helps you t... Télécharger
fnet(sfnet) FNET - Embedded TCP/IP Stack The FNET TCP/IP stack is a free, open source, d... Télécharger
bible-discovery(freshmeat) Bible-Discovery Bible-Discovery is Bible study and concordance ... Télécharger
mathgam(sfnet) mathgam Mathgam is simple mathematical game aimed for c... Télécharger
zicbee(freshmeat) ZicBee ZicBee is an autonomous music database and play... Télécharger
colormake2(freshmeat) colormake2 colormake2 is a fork of colormake, a program to... Télécharger
freesentral(freshmeat) FreeSentral FreeSentral is an easy-to-use IP PBX based on t... Télécharger
ireportphp(sfnet) Ireport con PHP No description Télécharger
gnucleus(sfnet) Gnucleus A windows native Gnutella/G2 front-end, Gnucleu... Télécharger
bberg(sfnet) bberg This is a sample application to interface with ... Télécharger
mailwrap(freshmeat) MailWrap MailWrap is a plugin for Apple Mail to help use... Télécharger
openstack4j(freshmeat) OpenStack4j OpenStack4j is an OpenStack client which allows... Télécharger
mydlp(freshmeat) MyDLP MyDLP provides a way to prevent data leakage th... Télécharger
ignoflash(freshmeat) IgnoFlash IgnoFlash is a patch that modifies the Adobe Fl... Télécharger
proghelp(freshmeat) proghelp proghelp generates a Web application using a mo... Télécharger
libmspack(freshmeat) libmspack libmspack is a library for compression and deco... Télécharger
liblangtag(freshmeat) liblangtag liblangtag is a library for accessing language ... Télécharger
wenity(freshmeat) Wenity Wenity is a multi-platform Zenity clone that he... Télécharger
appliancezenosscitrixxenserver(sfnet) Appliance Zenoss Citrix XenServer Appliance Virtual Zenoss 4.2.5 for Citrix XenSe... Télécharger
jmx4py(freshmeat) jmx4py jmx4py offers a client API for Python similar t... Télécharger
jsxgraph(freshmeat) JSXGraph JSXGraph is a cross-browser library for interac... Télécharger
episimsimulator(sfnet) epiSIM_simulator SNP-SNP epistatsis simulator Télécharger
web-pdf-renderer(freshmeat) Web PDF Renderer Web PDF Renderer is a JavaScript library which ... Télécharger
quakereport(freshmeat) quakereport quake report is a simple application that conne... Télécharger
openmodeller(freshmeat) openModeller openModeller is a C++ framework providing tools... Télécharger
gridabm(sfnet) GridABM GridABM is an easy-to-use toolkit to develop hi... Télécharger
escore(sfnet) escore High performance system software for clusters. Télécharger
tel-wimax-ns2(sfnet) tel-wimax-ns2 ns-2 implementation of a module supporting the ... Télécharger
raspberrypibilling(sfnet) raspberry pi billing The raspberry project will create raspberry pi ... Télécharger
wolfengine(sfnet) wolfengine A 2D game engine based on SDL. Developed with a... Télécharger
webalizer_xtended(freshmeat) Webalizer Xtended Webalizer Xtended is a fork of Webalizer and co... Télécharger
histofile(freshmeat) histofile histofile displays a histogram of the used byte... Télécharger
call-center-software(freshmeat) Jet HelpDesk Jet HelpDesk is designed to allow help desk cal... Télécharger
jopt-simple(sfnet) jopt-simple A simple, test-driven command line parser for J... Télécharger
yam(sfnet) YAM - Yet Another Mailer YAM (short for Yet Another Mailer) is a commonl... Télécharger
phantomaj(sfnet) Phanto_maJ PhantomaJ is a software which aims to help use... Télécharger
digitalclock(sfnet) DigitalClock Digital Clock is like wigets in win vista or wi... Télécharger
lpc21isp(sfnet) lpc21isp In-circuit programming (ISP) tool for the NXP (... Télécharger
tadpoledbhub(sfnet) Tadpole DB Hub Original home : https://github.com/hangum/Tadpo... Télécharger
libintl-windows(sfnet) Supplements for libintl on Windows MSVC & MinGW static libraries (libintl.lib,... Télécharger
pc-surfacerecon(sfnet) pc-surfacerecon Surface Reconstruction from Industrial Point Cl... Télécharger
customselect(sfnet) Customizable Select Box Customizable "<select>" form el... Télécharger
katamotzlectura(sfnet) katamotzlectura Programa libre educativo para el tratamiento de... Télécharger
sf4viewer(sfnet) sf4viewer CAPCOM's Street Fighter 4 character models C++ ... Télécharger
unv(sfnet) UNV We present UNV_v2.0, an open-source video strea... Télécharger
opentm2(sfnet) opentm2 TM stands for TranslationManager. TM/2 originat... Télécharger
tripwire(freshmeat) Tripwire Tripwire is a system integrity checker, a utili... Télécharger
tree-issue-tracking-system(freshmeat) treE treE is a simple Web-based ticket system with v... Télécharger
xchainkeys(freshmeat) xchainkeys xchainkeys is a standalone X11 program to creat... Télécharger
buildbox(freshmeat) buildbox BuildBox is set of tools and plugins based on M... Télécharger
centrallix(freshmeat) Centrallix Application Platform Centrallix is an HTML/Javascript/AJAX based ric... Télécharger
breakthesecuritylinux(sfnet) Break The Security Linux Break The Security Linux is a Penetration testi... Télécharger
diagnil(freshmeat) Diagnil Diagnil is a GUI application to help solvers of... Télécharger
ugpxi(sfnet) ugpxi PXI development and testing, based off the inco... Télécharger
jumpstartcms(sfnet) Jumpstart CMS PLEASE NOTE MAJOR MILESTONE/FINAL IS TO BE RELE... Télécharger
undbx(freshmeat) UnDBX UnDBX is a tool to extract, recover, and undele... Télécharger
dove(freshmeat) Dove Dove is an application that facilitates the dis... Télécharger
itk(sfnet) Insight Toolkit ITK is an open-source software system to suppor... Télécharger
contiki(sfnet) The Contiki Operating System Contiki is an open source, highly portable, net... Télécharger
addonpack-mirc(sfnet) addonPack for mIRC addonPack and little addons for mIRC. Pack de ... Télécharger
thearena(sfnet) The Arena The Arena is a small, simple game. The player ... Télécharger
antidupl(sfnet) AntiDupl Typically, modern computer users have large co... Télécharger
filip(sfnet) filip Programy.... Télécharger
jt65hfhb9hqxedi(sfnet) JT65-HF-HB9HQX-Edition Amateur Radio software for transmission/recepti... Télécharger
srfirewall(freshmeat) SRFirewall SRFirewall is an easy to use, but still quite c... Télécharger
mobilecachesimu(sfnet) Mobile Cache Simulation Framework This will be a framework that can be used to si... Télécharger
freediameter(freshmeat) freeDiameter freeDiameter is a framework in C for supporting... Télécharger
multiotp(freshmeat) Multi-OTP Nowadays, a simple password is not enough anymo... Télécharger
sfbot(sfnet) sfbot The Shakes and Fidget Bot ( SFBot ) is an Appli... Télécharger
minidigitalcloc(sfnet) minidigitalcloc This is a mini digital clock for you to use on ... Télécharger
optimusos(sfnet) optimusos real time kernel with basic io facilities Télécharger
cuj2k(sfnet) CUJ2K: Jpeg2000 encoder on Cuda A fast JPEG2000 encoder running on CUDA-capable... Télécharger
devcoin(sfnet) devcoin DeVCoin is an ethically inspired project based ... Télécharger
basukirsy(sfnet) basuki for have fun on your live Télécharger
superav(sfnet) superav Super Av Anti Virus is an open source anti viru... Télécharger
orion-forum(sfnet) CBACK Orion CBACK Orion is a phpBB Based Forum Software Dis... Télécharger
libmodbus-2(freshmeat) libmodbus (stable) libmodbus is a software library for sending/rec... Télécharger
cm_tools(freshmeat) cm_tools cm_tools is a collection of commandline utiliti... Télécharger
html4j(freshmeat) HTML4J HTML4J provides an API for parsing and editing ... Télécharger
humm-and-strumm(freshmeat) Humm and Strumm Humm and Strumm is a project to create a high-p... Télécharger
cantera(sfnet) Cantera Cantera is a suite of object-oriented software ... Télécharger
macos8and9windowssheepshaver(sfnet) Mac OS 8 and 9 Windows SheepShaver This project is a SheepShaver package that I ha... Télécharger
opennvironment(sfnet) opennvironment A basic, easy to use desktop environment. Télécharger
ultra(freshmeat) Ultra Ultra is an ultra small (<64k binary), ultra... Télécharger
progressquest(sfnet) Progress Quest Progress Quest is the first ever 'fire and forg... Télécharger
openipmp(sfnet) OpenIPMP Open source DRM for MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 adhering ... Télécharger
justsort(freshmeat) JustSort JustSort is a simple HTML5/JavaScript applicati... Télécharger
fosfat(freshmeat) Fosfat Fosfat is a C library for providing read-only a... Télécharger
nlpfarm(sfnet) nlpFarm The nlpFarm is a Natural Language Processing (N... Télécharger
xf4vnc(sfnet) xf4vnc VNC for XFree86 v4.x architecture Télécharger
jmsn(sfnet) JMSN JMSN is a pure Java Microsoft MSN Messenger clo... Télécharger
json-delta(freshmeat) JSON-delta JSON-delta is a multi-language software suite f... Télécharger

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