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logsup(freshmeat) LogSup Logsup takes a file, encrypts it, and uploads i... Télécharger
ui-dialog(sfnet) UI::Dialog UI::Dialog is a Object Oriented Perl wrapper fo... Télécharger
recsveditor(freshmeat) reCsvEditor reCsvEditor is a cross platform CSV file editor... Télécharger
grisbi4win(sfnet) GRISBI for Windows Port of GRISBI a GPL accounting manager (http:/... Télécharger
portmedia(sfnet) PortMedia PortMedia offers free, cross-platform, open-sou... Télécharger
glc-player(sfnet) GLC-Player GLC_Player is a OpenGL Open Source 3D viewer us... Télécharger
orphne(sfnet) Orphne Orphne is a highly specialized web browser, opt... Télécharger
ts-client(sfnet) TS Client TS Client is a multi-user desktop application t... Télécharger
rnaviz(sfnet) RnaViz RnaViz is a user-friendly, portable, GUI progra... Télécharger
igraph(sfnet) The igraph library This is a library for creating and manipulating... Télécharger
firstmud(sfnet) Firstmud A multi user dungeon based on diku/merc/rom sou... Télécharger
findakanji(sfnet) FindAKanji The basic principle behind this program is 'Lea... Télécharger
sourcemm(sfnet) Metamod:Source Metamod:Source is an API manager that sits in b... Télécharger
fst(sfnet) fst File System Tool -- detects problems on FAT and... Télécharger
easybrake(sfnet) EasyBrake The conversion has been never easy. Several swi... Télécharger
pljson(sfnet) PL/JSON PL/JSON is a generic JSON object written in PL/... Télécharger
comicviewer(sfnet) ComicViewer ComicViewer is a time-saving tool for avid read... Télécharger
pxattr(freshmeat) pxattr Linux, FreeBSD, and Mac OS X all provide simila... Télécharger
dctm(sfnet) DCTM DQL / API Eclipse Documentum DQL/API plug-in with the mai... Télécharger
ntidy(sfnet) ntidy NTidy, a .Net wrapper for Tidy (Tidy is the fam... Télécharger
dboxjffs2(sfnet) yadi - yet another DBox2 image Yadi versucht den Prozess der Imageerstellung b... Télécharger
sposkpat(freshmeat) sposkpat sposkpat (Single Purpose Operating System: KPat... Télécharger
colladablender(sfnet) Collada plug-in for Blender This is a COLLADA (1.3.1 / 1.4) Plug-in for Ble... Télécharger
ndub(sfnet) Nandub Specialized AVI-files encoder/editor Télécharger
opencfd(sfnet) OpenCFD General CFD package, including grid generator a... Télécharger
wyrd(freshmeat) Wyrd Wyrd is a curses front-end for Remind, a powerf... Télécharger
wiggle(sfnet) Wiggle Stereoscopic (3D) Viewer Wiggle is a client-side JavaScript program for ... Télécharger
math-editor(sfnet) Fast Math Formula Editor for MS Word Mathematics formula renderer for Microsoft Word... Télécharger
siestta(sfnet) siestta Aplicación web que gestiona la información del ... Télécharger
lvplayer(sfnet) Linux Video Player The Linux Video Project attempts to create a Li... Télécharger
logcheck(sfnet) logcheck Logcheck is software package that is designed t... Télécharger
jcad(sfnet) JCadServices Joint submission team developing a CORBA interf... Télécharger
nukemap(sfnet) Nuke Map This is a map voting system written for the PHP... Télécharger
ahkcn(sfnet) AutoHotkey 中文化项目 官方中文子论坛:http://ahkscript.org/boards/vie... Télécharger
musicmaker(sfnet) Music Maker Music Maker is a music synthesizer with the abi... Télécharger
cvmlib(sfnet) CVM Class Library CVM C++ Class Library encapsulates concepts of ... Télécharger
ispprogrammer(sfnet) ISP Programmer This software supports programming of Atmel mic... Télécharger
thout(sfnet) Thout Reader The ThoutReader is a cross-platform multi-docum... Télécharger
sqledit(sfnet) SQLEdit WebGUI Wobject A WebGUI Wobject to create simply web database ... Télécharger
downcalc(freshmeat) DownCalc DownCalc is a program for the PalmOS to estimat... Télécharger
unichrome(sfnet) Unichrome The Unichrome Project provides Free and Open So... Télécharger
crossfire(freshmeat) Crossfire Crossfire is a multi-player graphical arcade an... Télécharger
xulrunnerinstal(sfnet) XULRunner Installer NSIS based XULRunner 1.9 Installer for Windows Télécharger
socrates-lang(sfnet) The Socrates programming language A programming language embedded in PLT Scheme t... Télécharger
eeedaemon(sfnet) eeedaemon The main goal is to centralize control of camer... Télécharger
menuet(sfnet) MenuetOS MenuetOS - a fully 32 assembly written OS for x86. Télécharger
dgles(sfnet) Desktop OpenGL ES Desktop OpenGL ES is an OpenGL ES 1.1 to deskto... Télécharger
aaoo(sfnet) Accessibi Add-on component of OpenOffice This is the project for IBM ODF accessibility c... Télécharger
cb2xml(sfnet) COBOL copybook to XML converter CB2XML (CopyBook to XML) is a COBOL CopyBook to... Télécharger
hostinghelper(sfnet) GNU Hosting Helper GNU Hosting Helper is a web hosting control pan... Télécharger
wincpuid(sfnet) WinCPUID WinCPUID is project for the Windows platform, t... Télécharger
jvideo(sfnet) JVIDEO: Java based webcam display system Show up to 4 streaming videos from USB Webcams ... Télécharger
p2pgui(sfnet) p2pGUI p2pGUI Version 0.1 This is a GUI interface t... Télécharger
baikalforsynology(sfnet) Baikal for Synology Store your contacts and calendars on your own S... Télécharger
mpc-hc(sfnet) Media Player Classic - Home Cinema MPC-HC is an extremely light-weight, open sourc... Télécharger
dodgerd3d(sfnet) Dodger - D3D game Dodger is a 3d directx 9.0 car game. It uses th... Télécharger
websitebaker(sfnet) Website Baker Website Baker is a PHP-based content management... Télécharger
muchfx(sfnet) muchfx muchfx is a continuation of the MuchFX˛ DSP sta... Télécharger
ipsecndis(sfnet) IPSec Driver This project implements IPSec as NDIS Intermedi... Télécharger
libsql(sfnet) libsql - sqlite, mysql, odbc for pascal Cross-platform&compiler object pascal libra... Télécharger
hamux(sfnet) Hamux Hamux is a CentOS based repository with ham rad... Télécharger
ayat(sfnet) Ayat بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم الصفحة الرسمية للنسخة ا... Télécharger
atlantissoft(sfnet) Atlantis Software The Atlantis Project for application developmen... Télécharger
linecount(sfnet) source code line counter The line counter takes files and directories fr... Télécharger
yarbu(sfnet) yarbu - Yet Another Rsync Backup Utility Yet Another Rsync Backup Utility (YARBU). A ro... Télécharger
ogwap(sfnet) Online game world admin & play engine A web based environment for creating/managing a... Télécharger
pdos(sfnet) PDOS Public Domain Operating System (currently x86 a... Télécharger
openctm(sfnet) openctm OpenCTM is a file format, a software library an... Télécharger
ipw2100(sfnet) Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 driver for Linux Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 driver for Linux (802.11b) Télécharger
rpm4darwin(sfnet) RPM for Darwin RPM Package Manager (RPM) is a powerful package... Télécharger
taot(sfnet) TAO Translator TAO Translator (formerly, The Advanced Online T... Télécharger
reloadcms(sfnet) ReloadCMS ReloadCMS is a free CMS written on PHP and base... Télécharger
astroseries(sfnet) Astroseries As of now, November 16, 2006, this project isn'... Télécharger
anony-toolkit(sfnet) Cornell Anonymization Toolkit The Cornell Anonymization Toolkit is designed f... Télécharger
magesrc(sfnet) Multiple Amusement/Gaming Emulator This project is no longer in operation, it has ... Télécharger
grub4dos(sfnet) GRUB4DOS and WINGRUB GRUB for DOS is the dos extension of GRUB. It e... Télécharger
glossword(sfnet) Glossword Glossword is a system to create and publish onl... Télécharger
rasplex(sfnet) rasplex This is a community driven port of Plex Home Th... Télécharger
ubmatrix-xbrl(sfnet) XBRL Processing Engine This UBmatrix Processing Engine is an SDK for b... Télécharger
repcached(sfnet) repcached repcached is memcached which implemented multi ... Télécharger
s11n(sfnet) s11n: easy object serialization in C++ s11n ("serialization") is a C++ libra... Télécharger
bmejavatar(sfnet) Javatar - The Software Laboratory 4 Team This project is created as a part of the Softwa... Télécharger
cvschangelog(sfnet) CVS Change Log for Eclipse CVS ChangeLog View Eclipse Plugin. Télécharger
the-agency(sfnet) The Agency The Agency provides the public with open source... Télécharger
redpos(sfnet) Redpos A simple and rock solid Point Of Sale (POS) app... Télécharger
smallftpd(sfnet) Smallftpd Smallftpd is a simple, small and free FTP serve... Télécharger
sxb(sfnet) .:sXb:. Slackware on Xbox sXb is a Slackware distribution that runs on th... Télécharger
xamppaddon(sfnet) XAMPP-AddOns XAMPP AddOns Télécharger
gtk-sharp(sfnet) gtk-sharp Gtk# is a .Net language binding for the Gtk+ to... Télécharger
echongl(sfnet) EGL A Quake2 client modified from the original Quak... Télécharger
javasdk-azure(sfnet) Windows Azure SDK for Java Developers Windows Azure SDK for Java enables Java develop... Télécharger
libxls(sfnet) libxls Library for parsing Excel (XLS) files, with a s... Télécharger
unicap(sfnet) unicap unicap provides an uniform access to video capt... Télécharger
edireader(sfnet) edireader EDIReader parses EDI input from ANSI X12 and ED... Télécharger
hippopotam(sfnet) Hippopotam Java Presentation Layer Simplifies programming creation of Java Swing p... Télécharger
videoeditorskit(sfnet) Video Editors Toolkit A collection of cross-platform utilities to ass... Télécharger
ipod(sfnet) iPod look-alike A functional look-alike of the iPod programmed ... Télécharger
stripclub(sfnet) Strip Club Strip Club is an online comic reader. It suppor... Télécharger
tarquin(sfnet) TARQUIN Analysis software for MRS/NMR data. Allows proc... Télécharger
samegame(sfnet) SameGame Qt implementation of SameGame. Télécharger

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