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twainx(sfnet) TwainX TWAIN Scanner Control wrapped as an ActiveX Obj... Télécharger
wikyblog(sfnet) WikyBlog : Wiki / Blog CMS WikyBlog is a CMS/Groupware application written... Télécharger
winlibre(sfnet) WinLibre Free/Libre Windows software distribution. Win y... Télécharger
syndie(sfnet) Syndie Syndie is an open source system for operating d... Télécharger
endonesia(freshmeat) eNdonesia Portal eNdonesia Portal is a portal script, content ma... Télécharger
dropline-gnome(sfnet) Dropline GNOME Dropline GNOME is a version of the GNOME Deskto... Télécharger
bvrde(sfnet) bvrde The BVRDE is a fully integrated development env... Télécharger
quintagroup(sfnet) Quintagroup Plone CMS / Zope products This project is a collection of Zope products,... Télécharger
synwrite-addons(sfnet) SynWrite add-ons Collection of add-ons for SynWrite editor. Télécharger
courier-unicode-library(freshmeat) Courier Unicode Library The Courier Unicode Library implements several ... Télécharger
oed2dict(freshmeat) oed2dict oed2dict is a set of scripts that convert the f... Télécharger
nightingale-media-player(freshmeat) Nightingale Media Player Nightingale is a fork of the media player Songb... Télécharger
xvattr(freshmeat) xvattr xvattr lets you list the available attributes a... Télécharger
osl-object-storage-layer(freshmeat) OSL - Object Storage Layer libosl, the object storage layer, is a library ... Télécharger
fuse-zip(freshmeat) fuse-zip fuse-zip is a FUSE file system based on libzip ... Télécharger
openmw(freshmeat) OpenMW OpenMW is an attempt to reimplement the popular... Télécharger
thejavacpreprocessor(freshmeat) jcpp JCPP is a complete, compliant, standalone, pure... Télécharger
gradle-sablecc-plugin(freshmeat) gradle-sablecc-plugin gradle-sablecc-plugin is a gradle plugin which ... Télécharger
gradle-velocity-plugin(freshmeat) gradle-velocity-plugin gradle-velocity-plugin is a gradle plugin for t... Télécharger
jdiagnostics(freshmeat) jdiagnostics jdiagnostics is a library of routines for inspe... Télécharger
dhcp4j(freshmeat) dhcp4j dhcp4j is a pure Java DHCP parser, protocol man... Télécharger
au(freshmeat) au au is a little script to make ffmpeg easier to ... Télécharger
javalauncher(sfnet) Java Launcher Easy configurable Java launching framework for ... Télécharger
surfshoppro(freshmeat) SurfShopPRO Ecommerce System SurfShopPRO is a rock solid shopping cart and e... Télécharger
ngsep(sfnet) NGSEP NGSEP (Next Generation Sequencing Eclipse Plugi... Télécharger
zziplib(freshmeat) ZZIPlib ZZIPlib provides read access on ZIP-archives. T... Télécharger
opencrx(sfnet) openCRX - Enterprise Class CRM NEW VERSION 2.13.0: openCRX is a professional C... Télécharger
paradoxgameconverters(sfnet) ParadoxGameConverters Various converters for games by Paradox Interac... Télécharger
ipodlinuxinst(sfnet) ipodlinux-installer Easily install Linux on your iPod from windows ... Télécharger
xploder(sfnet) X-Ploder X-Ploder is a CMS supporting modules, many temp... Télécharger
nbodysim01(sfnet) n-body-simulation C++ code for a N-Body Simulation. Computational... Télécharger
moast(sfnet) MOAST The Mobility Open Architecture Simulation and T... Télécharger
cqueues(freshmeat) cqueues cqueues is a comprehensive event and networking... Télécharger
jcel(sfnet) jcel This project is a reasoner for the description ... Télécharger
freeglut(sfnet) freeglut A free OpenGL utility toolkit, the open-sourced... Télécharger
xbeeactivex(sfnet) xbeeactivex VB6 Activex control to read and write to Xbee m... Télécharger
fatplus(sfnet) Freeagent Theater Plus Mod Firmware Firmware and other modifications for the Seagat... Télécharger
ftleditor(sfnet) FTLEditor A 3rd-party tool to edit user files for the gam... Télécharger
php-socializer(freshmeat) PHP Socializer PHP Socializer is a PHP module that makes addin... Télécharger
bns-tools(sfnet) BNS Tools A set of tools for the chinese client of Blade ... Télécharger
mkgmap(freshmeat) mkgmap The mkgmap program converts map data from OpenS... Télécharger
dguitar(sfnet) DGuitar: a Guitar Pro viewer, player DGuitar is a Guitar Pro (*.GP4,*.GP3,GTP) viewe... Télécharger
webcurator(sfnet) Web Curator Tool The Web Curator Tool is a tool for managing the... Télécharger
linuxjoymap(sfnet) Linux Joystick Mapper A linux userspace device driver that allows joy... Télécharger
j-spider(sfnet) JSpider A Java implementation of a flexible and extensi... Télécharger
cryptonit(sfnet) cryptonit A simple, secure and free tool for encryption a... Télécharger
deltasql(sfnet) deltasql deltasql is an advanced Database Schema Version... Télécharger
lkdump(sfnet) Linux kernel dump project The purpose of this project is developing dump ... Télécharger
linphone(freshmeat) linphone Linphone is an audio and video Internet phone w... Télécharger
netoolsh(sfnet) netool.sh V4.0 Operative Systems Suported are: Linux-ubuntu, k... Télécharger
ganib(sfnet) Ganib | Project Management Software Ganib gives simpler ways to keep your projects ... Télécharger
sfmarkitupplugin(freshmeat) sfMarkitupPlugin sfMarkitupPlugin is a useful Markitup widget, t... Télécharger
mebo(sfnet) mebo mebo Télécharger
meld-installer(sfnet) meld-installer Bundles Portable Python (with PyGTK) and Meld t... Télécharger
win32gui(sfnet) Win32GUI - Win32 GUI Generics C++ Generic lib for Win32 GUI Programming. Fea... Télécharger
labyrinthgame(sfnet) Labyrinth Labyrinth is a complicated game for two or more... Télécharger
nbear(sfnet) NBear NBearLite : NBearLite is a .NET 2.0 data access... Télécharger
findemall(freshmeat) Find 'Em All FindEmAll is a fast, resource-efficient, and po... Télécharger
f-lock(sfnet) NEO Folder Lock Simply lock and unlock your files and folders. ... Télécharger
trackfs(freshmeat) TrackFS Trackfs is a small program that tracks file sys... Télécharger
doxycomment(sfnet) DoxyComment DoxyComment is a small set of tools designed to... Télécharger
banet-usb-flash-media-player(freshmeat) BA.net USB Flash Media Player BA.net USB Flash Media Player is a media center... Télécharger
visualsynapse(sfnet) Visual Synapse Visual Synapse are component wrappers around th... Télécharger
ndiswrapper(sfnet) ndiswrapper Ndis driver wrapper for the Linux kernel Télécharger
sdl-dc(sfnet) SDL for Dreamcast porting SDL,Simple Directmedia Layer and relate... Télécharger
hammurapi(sfnet) hammurapi Java code review tool. Télécharger
aapr(sfnet) AES Archive Password Recovery AES encrypted RAR archive password recovery tool. Télécharger
cdock(sfnet) cDock cDock - Unleash your Dock Small program to cus... Télécharger
splitcap(sfnet) SplitCap Splits large PCAP files into multiple files wit... Télécharger
solidstate-billing(freshmeat) NeoBill NeoBill is a Web-based customer management and ... Télécharger
eae(sfnet) eAthena Editors eAthena Editors are Win32 tools for editing eAt... Télécharger
libcycle(freshmeat) LibCycle LibCycle is a library that helps to estimate th... Télécharger
html2php(sfnet) HTML2PHP API. HTML through PHP. A complete set of classes which allow to progra... Télécharger
avxx(sfnet) Audio Visual eXtensible manager Command line database-driven jukebox Télécharger
discretio(freshmeat) Discretio Discretio is an application (and service) for s... Télécharger
icctext(freshmeat) icctext icctext is a sim­ple com­mand line util­i­ty th... Télécharger
nftables(freshmeat) nftables nftables aims to replace the existing {ip,ip6,a... Télécharger
translateword(freshmeat) translate word translate word is a commandline program which t... Télécharger
stonevpn(freshmeat) StoneVPN StoneVPN is a system that makes it easy to crea... Télécharger
openapl(sfnet) OpenAPL OpenAPL is an open-source APL (A Programming La... Télécharger
cloveretl(freshmeat) CloverETL CloverETL is Java-based tool/framework for data... Télécharger
fix8(freshmeat) fix8 Fix8 is a modern open source C++ FIX framework ... Télécharger
cfdutilities(sfnet) CFD Utilities The CFD Utility Software Library (previously kn... Télécharger
symmetricds(freshmeat) SymmetricDS SymmetricDS provides file and database synchron... Télécharger
wintrek(sfnet) WinTrek Enhanced WinTrek, originally created by Joe Jaworski in ... Télécharger
gmusicbrowser(freshmeat) gmusicbrowser gmusicbrowser is a jukebox designed with large ... Télécharger
simple-packet-sender-sps(freshmeat) Simple Packet Sender (SPS) Simple Packet Sender (SPS) is a Linux packet cr... Télécharger
ono(freshmeat) ono Ono is a configurable GUI system tray applicati... Télécharger
qoobar(sfnet) Qoobar Qoobar - Audio Tagger for Classical Music. It c... Télécharger
mia(sfnet) medical image analysis This software provides libraries and command li... Télécharger
php-mode(sfnet) PHP Mode for Emacs An Emacs major mode for editing PHP code. Featu... Télécharger
gcptr(freshmeat) GCPtr GCPtr is a C++ smart pointer library with garba... Télécharger
mactexttospeech(sfnet) Mac: Text To Speech This is a T2S or "Text To Speech" app... Télécharger
blogcms(sfnet) BLOG:CMS - makes blogging fun again BLOG:CMS aims to be the most complete personal ... Télécharger
elswordarchiver(sfnet) ElSword Archiver This tool is capable to extract and extract ElS... Télécharger
taot(freshmeat) TAO Translator TAO Translator (formerly, The Advanced Online T... Télécharger
trafficmaker(freshmeat) TrafficMaker TrafficMaker is a packet generator tool that al... Télécharger
madcommander(freshmeat) MadCommander MadCommander is an orthodox file manager for Wi... Télécharger
pbs_python(freshmeat) pbs_python The pbs_python package is a wrapper class for t... Télécharger
fairylinux(sfnet) FairyLinux FairyLinux is a set of Makefiles usefull for au... Télécharger

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