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job-search-rapid-response(freshmeat) Job Search Rapid Response As part of the FRDCSA Job-Search system, Job Se... Télécharger
dreampie(freshmeat) DreamPie DreamPie is a Python shell which is designed to... Télécharger
sphlib(freshmeat) sphlib sphlib provides optimized implementations in bo... Télécharger
os4online(sfnet) Black Lab Linux Linux distribution focused on ease of use and i... Télécharger
iplusplusdme(sfnet) I++ DME OpenSource Project a I++ (iplusplus) DME development kit and test ... Télécharger
smwplus(freshmeat) SMW+ SMW+ is a mature, proven semantic enterprise ... Télécharger
tango-cs(sfnet) TANGO Control System TANGO is a device oriented control system for L... Télécharger
dkim-milter(sfnet) dkim-milter NOTE: dkim-milter has been replaced by OpenDKIM... Télécharger
saaghar(sfnet) saaghar “Saaghar” (ساغر) is a Persian poetry software w... Télécharger
e-pos(sfnet) e-pos this is a keyboard pos based on openbravopos. i... Télécharger
humhub(sfnet) HumHub - Social Network Kit HumHub is a free social network software and fr... Télécharger
gpsdaemon(sfnet) GPS Daemon for Windows This project has been implemented for windows a... Télécharger
ol2mbox(sfnet) Outlook to unix mail converter From this time on, LibPST will not be maintaine... Télécharger
googsystray(sfnet) googsystray Googsystray is a system tray app for Google Voi... Télécharger
anitubedownloaderpro(sfnet) Anitube Downloader PRO Faça downloads de episódios diretamente do site... Télécharger
musicguru(freshmeat) musicGuru musicGuru is a music management utility with wh... Télécharger
molgenis(freshmeat) MOLGENIS The MOLGENIS toolkit provides programmers with ... Télécharger
openbricks(freshmeat) OpenBricks OpenBricks is an enterprise-grade embedded Linu... Télécharger
safepatch(freshmeat) SafePatch SafePatch lets you edit program files and track... Télécharger
exip(freshmeat) EXIP EXIP provides a C library for the parsing and s... Télécharger
trickedoutnews(sfnet) Raven Nukes Mods Mods and add-ons for the RavenNuke(tm) open sou... Télécharger
decibel-audio-player(freshmeat) Decibel Audio Player Decibel is a GTK+ audio player designed for GNU... Télécharger
emforge(freshmeat) EmForge EmForge is a J2EE-based integrated solution for... Télécharger
libodbc(freshmeat) libodbc++ libodbc++ is a class library for accessing data... Télécharger
cdstatus(freshmeat) CDStatus cdstatus checks for drive errors, outputs disc ... Télécharger
cdrtools(sfnet) cdrecord cdrecord: A CD/DVD/BD recording program readcd:... Télécharger
cenchria(freshmeat) Cenchria Cenchria is a little HTTP server which offers a... Télécharger
jsa(freshmeat) Java String Analyzer The Java String Analyzer is a tool for analyzin... Télécharger
jshub-core(freshmeat) jsHub Core jsHub Core is an application for development of... Télécharger
secureci(freshmeat) SecureCI SecureCI is a virtual machine for VMware which ... Télécharger
iat(freshmeat) Iso9660 Analyzer Tool iat (Iso9660 Analyzer Tool) is a tool for detec... Télécharger
rspam(freshmeat) Evolution-Rspam Plugin Evolution-rspam Plugin enables Evolution to rep... Télécharger
jpgraph(freshmeat) JpGraph JpGraph is an OO graph drawing library for PHP ... Télécharger
libkate(freshmeat) libkate Kate is a codec for karaoke and text encapsulat... Télécharger
jflvlib(freshmeat) JFLVLib JFlvLib is a Java library that allows the user ... Télécharger
icradius(freshmeat) IC-RADIUS IC-RADIUS is a Cistron-based RADIUS server that... Télécharger
mqmonq(freshmeat) mqmonq mqmonq is a performance monitor for IBM WebSphe... Télécharger
grepmail(freshmeat) grepmail grepmail searches a normal or compressed mailbo... Télécharger
patchca(freshmeat) patchca patchca is a simple yet powerful CAPTCHA librar... Télécharger
konversation(freshmeat) Konversation Konversation is a simple and easy-to-use IRC cl... Télécharger
viewnior(freshmeat) Viewnior Viewnior is an image viewer with a minimalistic... Télécharger
fmconv(freshmeat) fmconv The "fmconv" script modifies the /etc... Télécharger
curie(freshmeat) Curie Curie is a very minimalistic, tiny C library. I... Télécharger
pmus(freshmeat) Practical Music Search PMS (Practical Music Search) is a ncurses-based... Télécharger
phpdays(freshmeat) phpDays phpDays is a flexible PHP 5 framework for rapid... Télécharger
smb-traffic-analyzer(freshmeat) SMB Traffic Analyzer SMB traffic analyzer software suite is a toolse... Télécharger
transmorph(freshmeat) transmorph Transmorph is a Java library used to convert a ... Télécharger
web-man(freshmeat) Web Man Web Man controls the large-scale aspects of you... Télécharger
t-bear(freshmeat) Transient Bluetooth Environment Auditor Transient Bluetooth Environment Auditor include... Télécharger
aeson(freshmeat) Aeson Aeson allows very easy marshalling of POJOs (Ja... Télécharger
openpim(freshmeat) OpenPIM OpenPIM is a Web-based Personal Information Man... Télécharger
cf(freshmeat) CF CF is a Linux/Unix command line utility for edi... Télécharger
blacklist(freshmeat) Blacklist Blacklist is a light script to make a blacklist... Télécharger
comicmaster(freshmeat) ComicMaster ComicMaster is a CBR/CBZ reader for comic archi... Télécharger
sheltermanager(freshmeat) Animal Shelter Manager Animal Shelter Manager is a complete computer s... Télécharger
patu-digua(freshmeat) Patu Digua Patu Digua, or Digua for short, is a Web (HTML,... Télécharger
xboard(freshmeat) XBoard and WinBoard. XBoard is a graphical chessboard for X that can... Télécharger
ontopia(freshmeat) Ontopia Ontopia is a set of tools for building applicat... Télécharger
myui(freshmeat) MyUI MyUI is a JavaScript framework that provides a ... Télécharger
apphp-calendar(freshmeat) ApPHP Calendar The ApPHP Calendar (ApPHP CAL) is a powerful PH... Télécharger
aft(freshmeat) AFT AFT (Almost Free Text) is a document preparatio... Télécharger
jclientpages(freshmeat) JClientPages JClientPages allows you to use standard Java la... Télécharger
oddjob(freshmeat) Oddjob Oddjob is a Java job scheduler and task automat... Télécharger
gnokii(freshmeat) gnokii gnokii is a multisystem tool suite for mobile p... Télécharger
reddwarf(sfnet) reddwarf RedDwarf is a horizontally scalable application... Télécharger
boomerang-2(freshmeat) boomerang Boomerang is a piece of JavaScript that sits in... Télécharger
webchimera(sfnet) Chimera Web Plugin Vlc Web Plugin with possibility of UI customiza... Télécharger
plasma(freshmeat) Plasma Plasma implements the map/reduce framework on a... Télécharger
mercury(freshmeat) Mercury Mercury is a new logic/functional programming l... Télécharger
osxpowerpcpackages(sfnet) OS X PowerPC Packages A repository providing binaries of open source ... Télécharger
spectralpython(sfnet) Spectral Python Spectral Python (SPy) is a python package for r... Télécharger
sslsplit(freshmeat) SSLsplit SSLsplit is a tool that performs man-in-the-mid... Télécharger
py4j(sfnet) Py4J Py4J enables Python programs to dynamically acc... Télécharger
android-n810(sfnet) Android-N810 We've put Google's Android (gPhone) on the Noki... Télécharger
vcfsplitter(sfnet) VCFSplitter This software shall help you to split your sing... Télécharger
projectforge(freshmeat) ProjectForge ProjectForge is a Web-based solution for projec... Télécharger
comal(sfnet) comal-linux Comal-Linux is a Linux distribution derived fro... Télécharger
succinct-2(freshmeat) Succinct Succinct is a minimal templating engine designe... Télécharger
pandoc(sfnet) pandoc Pandoc is a Haskell library for converting from... Télécharger
istok(sfnet) istok Istok is a new sans serif typeface. At present ... Télécharger
fachodacomplex(freshmeat) FACHODA Complex FACHODA Complex is a fast 3D game for X11 with ... Télécharger
banshee(freshmeat) Banshee Banshee is a PHP website framework that aims to... Télécharger
wordpress(freshmeat) WordPress WordPress is a state-of-the-art, semantic, pers... Télécharger
fingerprintgui(freshmeat) Fingerprint GUI Fingerprint GUI is a set of GUI tools for the u... Télécharger
jygments(freshmeat) Jygments Jygments is a generic syntax highlighter for ge... Télécharger
junicoder(freshmeat) JuniCoder JuniCoder is a Java project that uses Unicode a... Télécharger
cbrserver(freshmeat) CBRServer CBR Server is a light-weight HTTP server allowi... Télécharger
zatacka-x(freshmeat) Zatacka X Zatacka X is a modern, free remake of the class... Télécharger
automagic(sfnet) Automagic Automagic is a collection of automated Linux sc... Télécharger
afternoonstalker(freshmeat) Afternoon Stalker Afternoon Stalker is a clone of the 1981 Intell... Télécharger
misspuff(sfnet) misspuff by Evanstion. Télécharger
swingfmdroidapp(sfnet) Swing FM - Android Application Application mobile Swing FM pour android Swing ... Télécharger
wlaninfoproject(sfnet) wlaninfoproject WLAN info is an application for gathering infor... Télécharger
jformdesigner(freshmeat) JFormDesigner JFormDesigner is a professional GUI designer fo... Télécharger
opengeneral(sfnet) Open General Evolution of SSI Panzer General II Télécharger
avian(freshmeat) Avian Avian is a lightweight virtual machine and clas... Télécharger
postgis(freshmeat) PostGIS PostGIS adds support for geographic objects to ... Télécharger
sawfish-session-dialog(freshmeat) Sawfish Session Dialog SSD (Sawfish Session Dialog) is a small and fle... Télécharger
powerbible(freshmeat) The Powered Access Bible The Powered Access Bible is a CGI script design... Télécharger
vstring(freshmeat) VSTRING VSTRING is a C++ library which provides a large... Télécharger

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