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purl_parameter_plugin(freshmeat) Smarty Purl Parameter Plugins The Smarty Purl Parameter Plugins help with han... Télécharger
slacke18(freshmeat) SlackE18 SlackE18 is a distribution of the Enlightenment... Télécharger
sql2data(freshmeat) sql2data sql2data fetches DNS information from an SQL da... Télécharger
pies(freshmeat) Pies Pies is a Python 2 and Python 3 compatibility l... Télécharger
lynx(freshmeat) Lynx Lynx is a fully-featured WWW client for users r... Télécharger
bitsy(freshmeat) Bitsy Bitsy is a small, fast, embeddable, durable in-... Télécharger
ustl(freshmeat) uSTL uSTL is a partial implementation of the Standar... Télécharger
neohort(sfnet) neoHort (based iText &JExcelAPI library) neoHort:Java PDF&XLS runtime builder-based ... Télécharger
mp3-lib(sfnet) PHP MP3 ID3 Tags Reads and writes ID3 tags v1 and v2 from MP3 fi... Télécharger
phpcalendar(freshmeat) PHP-Calendar PHP-Calendar is a simple Web-based calendar. It... Télécharger
exolu(freshmeat) exolu Exolu is a separation of the Linux kernel into ... Télécharger
con(freshmeat) con con is a simple SSH connection manager. It shou... Télécharger
phodav(freshmeat) phodav PhởDAV is a WebDAV server implemented using lib... Télécharger
marvin(freshmeat) Marvin Marvin is an extensible image processing framew... Télécharger
thunderbird(freshmeat) Thunderbird Thunderbird is a total redesign of the Mozilla ... Télécharger
pathos-web(sfnet) PATHOS-WEB Pathology Information System PATHOS-WEB is a complete package for use in Ana... Télécharger
ctioga(freshmeat) ctioga2 ctioga2 is a command-line plotting utility. It ... Télécharger
uniter(freshmeat) Uniter Uniter is a PHP-to-JavaScript transpiler, or so... Télécharger
muzzley(freshmeat) muzzley Muzzley provides an end-to-end solution to conn... Télécharger
php-server-monitor(freshmeat) PHP Server Monitor PHP Server Monitor is a script that checks whet... Télécharger
gwakeonlan(freshmeat) gWakeOnLAN gWakeOnLAN is a GTK+ utility to awaken machines... Télécharger
magento-one-step-checkout-exte(freshmeat) Magento One Step Checkout Magento One Step Checkout is a Magento extensio... Télécharger
cpucompare(freshmeat) CPUCompare CPUCompare is a GTK+ application to make compar... Télécharger
lcdgrilo(freshmeat) lcdgrilo lcdgrilo is a Grilo-based media player for use ... Télécharger
emacs-win(sfnet) GNU Emacs for Windows "one-click", self-contained installer... Télécharger
nsaflood(freshmeat) NSAflood NSAflood is a script that reads Web sites and p... Télécharger
mqt(freshmeat) MQT MQT is an HTML5 application which allows browsi... Télécharger
xmlbeansplug(sfnet) XMLBeans Plugins Plug-ins for a number of IDE's to support Apach... Télécharger
luaedit(sfnet) LuaEdit LuaEdit is an IDE/Text Editor/Debugger for the ... Télécharger
gforth(freshmeat) Gforth Gforth is a fast and portable implementation of... Télécharger
vmri(sfnet) Virtual MR Scanner A realistic simulation of a MR scanner shall be... Télécharger
arduinoascomfocuser(sfnet) ArduinoAscomFocuser Ascom-compliant telescope focuser using Arduino... Télécharger
zile(freshmeat) GNU Zile GNU Zile (Zile Is Lossy Emacs) is a lightweight... Télécharger
guse(sfnet) gUSE grid and cloud science gateway gUSE is a grid and cloud gateway framework envi... Télécharger
prom(sfnet) ProM - Framework for Process Mining ProM is the comprehensive, extensible framework... Télécharger
tcnopen(sfnet) TCNOpen TCNOpen is an open source initiative which the ... Télécharger
zenossforubuntu(sfnet) Zenoss for Ubuntu This project's goals include providing scripts ... Télécharger
ccsrch(sfnet) ccsrch ccsrch is a tool that searches for and identifi... Télécharger
pancakebot(sfnet) PancakeBot PancakeBot is a 2 axis CNC machine made from LE... Télécharger
openbasemovil(sfnet) OpenBaseMovil BaseMovil is a framework for fast development o... Télécharger
jamos(sfnet) Jamos Games Jamos Games is a collection of games for Java-e... Télécharger
vshnu(freshmeat) vshnu Vshnu is a visual shell for Linux/Unix finally ... Télécharger
jdbhub(sfnet) jdbHub [DarkBios Production] jdbHub is a Direct Connect (DC) Hub written in ... Télécharger
scalalab(sfnet) scalalab The ScalaLab project aims to provide an efficie... Télécharger
blender3d(freshmeat) Blender Blender is a free 3D animation studio. It inclu... Télécharger
php-git-client-class(freshmeat) PHP Git Client Class PHP Git Client Class is a class for accessing f... Télécharger
imgview(freshmeat) ImgView ImgView is a simple image viewer for Unix-like ... Télécharger
eris-lib(sfnet) ERIS (Every Record Is Simple) library ERIS (Every Record Is Simple) is a library used... Télécharger
qlandkartegt(sfnet) QLandkarte GT QLandkarte GT is the ultimate outdoor aficionad... Télécharger
icc2to4(freshmeat) icc2to4 icc2to4 is a sim­ple com­mand line util­i­ty th... Télécharger
pcdtoppm(freshmeat) pcdtoppm pcdtoppm is a utility that converts Photo CD to... Télécharger
wnotes(freshmeat) Wnotes Wnotes are small, self-contained text notes for... Télécharger
biblepl(freshmeat) bible.pl bible.pl is a script that emulates the Bible Re... Télécharger
luci(sfnet) luci Luci is an accessibility tool (html parser writ... Télécharger
memos(freshmeat) Memos Memo is a simple, flexible, Unix-style note tak... Télécharger
harris(freshmeat) Harris Harris is a strategy game based around the acti... Télécharger
wifibuntu(sfnet) Wifibuntu Wifibuntu 2 for testing wireless network secu... Télécharger
select2djs(freshmeat) Select2D.js Select2D.js is an object that transforms an HTM... Télécharger
mq2plugin(sfnet) Digital MQ2Plugin Project Collection of MQ2Plugins Télécharger
twyg(freshmeat) twyg twyg lets you visualise arbitrary tree structur... Télécharger
browseoptimizer(sfnet) [eMo]Web Browser Optimizer [eMo]Web Browser Optimizer Feature : # - handl... Télécharger
coldframe(sfnet) ColdFrame ColdFrame generates Ada framework code and docu... Télécharger
lilith-viewer(freshmeat) Lilith Logback event viewer Lilith is a logging and access event viewer for... Télécharger
sendmailer(sfnet) sendMailer is an SMTP email sender sendMailer is a powerful SMTP anonymous email s... Télécharger
chemformatter(sfnet) ChemFormatter ChemFormatter is add-in program for Microsoft O... Télécharger
openacalendar(freshmeat) OpenACalendar OpenACalendar is an collaborative group wiki ca... Télécharger
webstraktor(freshmeat) webStraktor webStraktor is a programmable World Wide Web da... Télécharger
tknap(freshmeat) TkNap TkNap is a bare-bones napster client written in... Télécharger
pibox(sfnet) Pibox Pre-configured images of my Raspberry Pi operat... Télécharger
jolt-3d(sfnet) Jolt3d! The Jolt3D! Engine is a open source 3D engine f... Télécharger
vdr-gbc(sfnet) vdr-gbc vdr-gbc is a plugin for the linux vdr (video di... Télécharger
micro-snake(freshmeat) Micro Snake Micro Snake is based on a simple snake game by ... Télécharger
micro-tetris(freshmeat) Micro Tetris Micro Tetris is based on the 1989 International... Télécharger
turnkey-joomla(freshmeat) TurnKey Joomla Appliance TurnKey Joomla Appliance is a server appliance ... Télécharger
turnkey-lamp(freshmeat) TurnKey LAMP Appliance TurnKey LAMP is a server appliance that provide... Télécharger
orthancserver(sfnet) Orthanc Orthanc aims at providing a simple, yet powerfu... Télécharger
cuecreator(sfnet) cueCreator The cueCreator generates CUE Sheets that can be... Télécharger
jcrawler(sfnet) Crawler/Load Tester in Java JCrawler is a perfect cralwing/load-testing too... Télécharger
turnkey-mediawiki(freshmeat) TurnKey MediaWiki Appliance TurnKey MediaWiki Appliance is a server applian... Télécharger
pydev(sfnet) PyDev for Eclipse Please contribute to help keeping PyDev going: ... Télécharger
mesord(sfnet) MesoRD MesoRD is a stochastic and deterministic simula... Télécharger
daypilot(sfnet) DayPilot Outlook-like event calendar control for ASP.NET. Télécharger
quizzley(freshmeat) quizzley Quizzley is a simple site that allows you to cr... Télécharger
opentk(freshmeat) The Open Toolkit library The Open Toolkit library (OpenTK) is a set of a... Télécharger
v2strip(freshmeat) v2strip v2strip is a little utility that removes ID3v2 ... Télécharger
gtk-server(sfnet) GTK-server The GTK-server: GUI access for shell scripts an... Télécharger
sql-editor-plug(sfnet) SQL Editor Eclipse Plugin An eclipse plug-in to edit SQL source files. Télécharger
turnkey-drupal-6(freshmeat) TurnKey Drupal 6 Appliance TurnKey Drupal Appliance is a server appliance ... Télécharger
apapi(sfnet) A PHP Paypal API aPapi is A Paypal API, written in PHP, for retr... Télécharger
e-volve(sfnet) e-volve mail client An email client which basically focuses on sort... Télécharger
turnkey-django(freshmeat) TurnKey Django Appliance Django is a high-level Python Web framework tha... Télécharger
turnkey-mysql(freshmeat) TurnKey MySQL Appliance TurnKey MySQL is an extremely easy way to get u... Télécharger
geophar(sfnet) Geophar Calculatrice graphique avancée en français, des... Télécharger
rodent-filemanager(freshmeat) Rodent filemanager Rodent filemanager is a fast, small, and powerf... Télécharger
quickkanban(sfnet) Quick Kanban A Kanban Board is an ideal way to project Manag... Télécharger
silc(freshmeat) SILC SILC (Secure Internet Live Conferencing) is a p... Télécharger
xmlbeansxx(sfnet) xmlbeansxx - easy way to access XML xmlbeansxx is a C++ library that easies usage o... Télécharger
recijournal(freshmeat) ReciJournal ReciJournal is an open, cross-platform journal... Télécharger
open744(sfnet) Open744 747-400 Simulator A wrapper for the Aerowinx 744 Precision Simula... Télécharger
biopax(sfnet) Biological Pathway Exchange Language BioPAX is a standard language for integration,... Télécharger

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