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cm2020(sfnet) Conrad Charge Manager 2020 - CM2020 Software for the Conrad/Voltcraft Charge Manage... Télécharger
kmfl(sfnet) Keyboard Mapping for Linux KMFL is a keyboarding input method currently be... Télécharger
midp-calc(sfnet) MIDP Calculator Scientific Java Calculator for cell-phones and ... Télécharger
sft(sfnet) Simple Feedback Trainer The Simple Feedback Trainer is designed to allo... Télécharger
fuzzymodeler(sfnet) PSO Fuzzy Modeler for MATLAB PSO Fuzzy Modeler for MATLAB creates the fuzzy ... Télécharger
ta-lib(sfnet) TA-Lib : Technical Analysis Library Technical analysis library with indicators like... Télécharger
hyperengine(sfnet) HyperEngine-AV HyperEngine-AV, Arboretum Systems' award winnin... Télécharger
pagemanager(sfnet) Page Manager Page Manager is an easy content management syst... Télécharger
syscheck(sfnet) syscheck It's a framework build with shell scripts to ma... Télécharger
privateaccessor(sfnet) PrivateAccessor PrivateAccessor is a special Java class that by... Télécharger
e7note(sfnet) e7NoteIt e7NoteIt is a free and small software to pin vi... Télécharger
netx-arm-elf-gc(sfnet) netx-arm-elf-gcc This projects provides a build environment for ... Télécharger
birq(freshmeat) birq BIRQ (Balance IRQs) balances interrupts between... Télécharger
tkderm(sfnet) tkDerm tkDerm is a Tcl-based dermatological image data... Télécharger
soleditor(sfnet) .sol Editor (Flash Shared Object) This tool opens or create a Macromedia Flash sh... Télécharger
namelessrom(sfnet) NamelessROM Get more information and find support on our fo... Télécharger
libnftnl(freshmeat) libnftnl libnftnl is a userspace library providing a low... Télécharger
v2crs(sfnet) V2CRS Schedules recordings from TV using VirtualVCR o... Télécharger
efsl(sfnet) Embedded Filesystems Library Library for filesystems intended to be used in ... Télécharger
dancecrave(sfnet) Stepmania Songs Song packs for stepmania Télécharger
tickletv(sfnet) tickletv PVR-scheduler closely integrated with the xmltv... Télécharger
fbchat(sfnet) fbchat FBChat is a messenger look and feel Windows cli... Télécharger
cxplorer(sfnet) Xplorer filemanager A filemanager for X-Windows with fast and accur... Télécharger
pmd-eclipse(sfnet) PMD eclipse plugin PMD eclipse lite is an ecilpse plugin that inte... Télécharger
flashback(sfnet) FlashBack - Digital Image Recovery FlashBack is an JPG image recovery application ... Télécharger
activewinamp(sfnet) ActiveWinamp An automation plugin for Winamp. This exposes a... Télécharger
ofeli(sfnet) OFELI OFELI (Object Finite Element LIbrary) is a libr... Télécharger
thesalinasvirus(sfnet) Control de Laboratorio de Computo Sistema para Control de Laboratorio de Computo ... Télécharger
tunapie(sfnet) Tunapie Tuner for streaming internet radio and TV (nsv ... Télécharger
eviltrans(sfnet) Xliff Editor Versatile open source translation editor using ... Télécharger
tiny-cobol(sfnet) TinyCOBOL An open source COBOL compiler for the PC x86-32... Télécharger
forma(sfnet) formalms Forma is a Learning Management System (LMS), a ... Télécharger
tping(sfnet) True Ping The standard ping program of Windows 9x, NT and... Télécharger
stalldatablad(sfnet) stalldatablad What I have developed is a datasheet that you c... Télécharger
dbduplicate(sfnet) DB Duplicate DB Duplicate 1.0 is an easy to use tool to dupl... Télécharger
jme-physics(sfnet) jME Physics System jME Physics System provides an interface betwee... Télécharger
releaseforge(sfnet) ReleaseForge ReleaseForge is a GUI application that allows t... Télécharger
skitunes(sfnet) skiTunes A fast, extensible, open-source iTunes alternat... Télécharger
semanticscuttle(sfnet) SemanticScuttle SemanticScuttle is a social bookmarking tool ex... Télécharger
alacrityvm(sfnet) AlacrityVM AlacrityVM is a hypervisor based on the Linux K... Télécharger
dlsciences(sfnet) Digital Learning Sciences (DLS) Digital Learning Sciences (DLS) is a mission-ce... Télécharger
galinettecendree(sfnet) Galinette cendrée Remote Desktop Service - User Profil Directory ... Télécharger
compierejaper(sfnet) Compiere JasperReports Integration This project provide an add-on for the Compiere... Télécharger
simpe(sfnet) SimPE: The simple DBPF-Package Editor SimPE is a Tool for editing nearly all aspects ... Télécharger
cp210x-program(sfnet) CP210x Programmer Library and command line program providing acce... Télécharger
ldiftocsv(sfnet) LDIF to CSV LDIFtoCSV Converts LDIF(LDAP Data Interchange F... Télécharger
k-map(sfnet) Karnaugh Map Minimizer Program for minimizing boolean functions using ... Télécharger
ecosfreescale(sfnet) eCos Freescale For Freescale HAL development before it is acce... Télécharger
radiotools(sfnet) Radio_Tools A set of Softwarepackages to Manage Pagecontent... Télécharger
staremestomost(sfnet) Stare mesto Most Tento projekt zalozeny na WebGL a OpenGL,je vir... Télécharger
goog-perftools(sfnet) google-perftools The fastest malloc we've seen; works particular... Télécharger
etplc(sfnet) etplc Welcome E.T. Proxy Logs Checker [ETPLC]. Start... Télécharger
gfxlib(sfnet) GFX lib GFX lib is a small C library for developing gra... Télécharger
lyxportable(sfnet) LyX Portable This is a project to create a portable package ... Télécharger
gis-weather(sfnet) Gis Weather Customizable weather widget Télécharger
xquerybrowser(sfnet) xquerybrowser A simple query browser that lets connect to mul... Télécharger
libxmldiff(sfnet) libxmldiff - Simple XML Diff Library libxmldiff is a library to provide diff functio... Télécharger
gson23(sfnet) gson-2.3 support field/method binding in gson by small c... Télécharger
ose-distrib(sfnet) ose-distrib OSE is a linux distribution based on CentOS whi... Télécharger
cdrtoolsfe(sfnet) CDRTools Front End CD tools to read write CDs / DVDs / Images, mo... Télécharger
mom-shell(sfnet) Master of Magic Shell The Master of Magic game remake written in Java... Télécharger
sbnc(sfnet) sbnc shroudBNC is a modular IRC proxy written in C++... Télécharger
lightfirefox(sfnet) Light a light Firefox edition. Many components are s... Télécharger
livetype(sfnet) LiveType Project LiveType Project focuses on the development of ... Télécharger
phpseclib(sfnet) phpseclib Easy to use, easy to install, actively maintain... Télécharger
dvdslideshow(sfnet) Photo DVD Slideshow With DVD Slideshow you're able to put your phot... Télécharger
opensync(sfnet) OpenSync OpenSync - A Synchronization Framework Télécharger
mxeclipse(sfnet) MxEclipse MxEclipse is an Eclipse plugin for Matrix PLM p... Télécharger
directxwine(sfnet) DirectX for Wine A set of patches against WINE to implement Dire... Télécharger
pv2devkit(sfnet) PV2DevKit An unofficial dev kit for the PV2 camera. Curre... Télécharger
sistk(sfnet) SIS analysis Toolkit The SIS analysis toolkit consists of a base per... Télécharger
ooopy(sfnet) ooopy OOoPy is a library in Python for inspecting, cr... Télécharger
vcf-to-xls(sfnet) vcard2xls VCard to XLS is a utility that I created to con... Télécharger
angiflayered(sfnet) angif layered fork of Phil Howards Angif 1.0.0 beta3 (http://... Télécharger
tendersystem(sfnet) TenderSystem Web based tender system to source, award and ma... Télécharger
tivo-vlc(sfnet) Tivo VLC modules A set of modules for the VLC media project whic... Télécharger
recuperaxml(sfnet) RecuperaXML Projeto criado para os interessados em manter f... Télécharger
mgen(sfnet) MGEN/PARIS IC Design Environment The comprehensive C++ library MGEN for IC layou... Télécharger
nbiaak(sfnet) ConTrac Content Tracking System This system provide meaningful track change in ... Télécharger
projectnet(sfnet) projectnet Comprehensive Project Portfolio Management (PPM... Télécharger
dynamicloader(sfnet) dynamicloader "loader" is a Java Script object. Whi... Télécharger
rotatefox(sfnet) RotateFox Instant Image Rotation can now be done on Firef... Télécharger
gygax(sfnet) Gygax Gygax is a C# application that offers users an ... Télécharger
crusaderkings2matchmaker(sfnet) Crusader Kings 2 Matchmaker This program lets you find the nobles of intere... Télécharger
jackit(sfnet) Jack Audio Connection Kit JACK, the Jack Audio Connection Kit, provides l... Télécharger
projectwebmanager(sfnet) Project Web Manager Project Web Manager is a free open source proje... Télécharger
winplanner(sfnet) Windows Planner Windows version of GNOME Planner (Project Manag... Télécharger
gnome-commander(freshmeat) GNOME Commander GNOME Commander is a fast and powerful graphica... Télécharger
s4pm(sfnet) S4PM The Simple, Scalable, Script-based Science Proc... Télécharger
ogmtoavi(sfnet) OGM to AVI / MKV to AVI An easy to use program to convert OGM or MKV fi... Télécharger
rainloop-webmail(sfnet) RainLoop Webmail (PHP) Modest system requirements, decent performance,... Télécharger
doomsvnbuilds(sfnet) DOOM-source ports SVN Builds This project has been created to supply users w... Télécharger
seedit(sfnet) SELinux Policy Editor SELinux Policy Editor(seedit) is a tool to make... Télécharger
jbiblex(sfnet) jbiblex Cross-platform explorer of ZIP archives with FB... Télécharger
pynetconv(sfnet) pyNetConv - Network Conversion tool Python library to convert networks from/to many... Télécharger
retroarchportable(sfnet) RetroArch Portable RetroArch Portable can play Arcade games; Atari... Télécharger
simpleitk(sfnet) SimpleITK SimpleITK: a simplified layer build on top of t... Télécharger
nucleuscms(sfnet) Nucleus CMS Nucleus allows you to easily maintain your own ... Télécharger
filemon(sfnet) filemon Easy to use perl scripts that help you monitor ... Télécharger
sagethumbs(sfnet) SageThumbs SageThumbs is a powerful shell extension allowi... Télécharger

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