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lucidcms(sfnet) lucidCMS lucidCMS is a simple and flexible content manag... Télécharger
phpminiadmin(freshmeat) PHP Mini SQL Admin PHP Mini SQL Admin is a light, standalone scrip... Télécharger
beck(sfnet) Beck XML Mapper Beck maps between XML and Java objects. It con... Télécharger
turnkey-wordpress-appliance(freshmeat) TurnKey WordPress Appliance TurnKey WordPress Appliance is a server applian... Télécharger
cclite(freshmeat) cclite cclite is a lightweight implementation of a com... Télécharger
iislogviewer(sfnet) IIS Log Viewer A graphical interface for watching IIS log file... Télécharger
turnkey-phpbb-appliance(freshmeat) TurnKey phpBB Appliance TurnKey phpBB is an extremely easy way to get u... Télécharger
libnifalcon(sfnet) Novint Falcon Open Source Library Open source, cross platform drivers and functio... Télécharger
turnkey-tomcat-appliance(freshmeat) TurnKey Tomcat Appliance TurnKey Tomcat Appliance is a server appliance ... Télécharger
schemerger(sfnet) Scheme Emerger A java tool for anytime and interactive sequenc... Télécharger
zvtm(sfnet) Zoomable Visual Transformation Machine ZVTM is a Zoomable User Interface (ZUI) toolkit... Télécharger
dotlucene(sfnet) dotLucene a search engine library dotLucene/Lucene.Net is the .NET implementation... Télécharger
simplybibtex(freshmeat) SimplyBibTeX SimplyBibTeX is an application to share and hol... Télécharger
lamal(sfnet) LAML:Linear Algebra and Machine Learning LAML is a stand-alone pure Java library for lin... Télécharger
nmapsi4(freshmeat) NmapSi4 NmapSi4 is a Qt-based GUI designed to provide a... Télécharger
turnkey-file-server-appliance(freshmeat) TurnKey File Server Appliance TurnKey File Server Appliance is an easy to use... Télécharger
sginterpreter(sfnet) Shape Grammar Interpreter SGI allows to define and interpret most of unde... Télécharger
quater8(sfnet) quater8 tai lieu quater 8 niit-thanglong Télécharger
pidr(sfnet) Pathways Into Darkness Rewritten An attempt to rewrite the game Pathways Into Da... Télécharger
sudosh(sfnet) sudosh sudosh is a sudo shell, filter and can be used ... Télécharger
reshare-framework(sfnet) ReShare Framework Scientists always face difficulties dealing wit... Télécharger
deli-aac(sfnet) AAC/MP4 DeliPlayer plugin AAC and MP4 plugin for DeliPlayer. Uses the FAA... Télécharger
txr(sfnet) TXR TXR combines a text scraping language combined ... Télécharger
turnkey-zimbra-appliance(freshmeat) TurnKey Zimbra Appliance TurnKey Zimbra Appliance is a server appliance ... Télécharger
smartcam(sfnet) SmartCam SmartCam - Smart Phone Web Camera - Turns a cam... Télécharger
a6driver(sfnet) Sipix A6 Printer Driver This is the Original source code, documentation... Télécharger
simple-image-editor-simedi(freshmeat) Simple Image Editor (SImEdi) Simple Image Editor (SImEdi) creates and edits... Télécharger
rdfeasy(freshmeat) RDFEasy RDFEasy is a collection of shell scripts that s... Télécharger
turnkey-redmine-appliance(freshmeat) TurnKey Redmine Appliance TurnKey Redmine Appliance is an appliance for R... Télécharger
dwmx(sfnet) dwmX Debian fast and light... Télécharger
turnkey-revision-control-appli(freshmeat) TurnKey Revision Control Appliance TurnKey Revision Control Appliance is an integr... Télécharger
multitaskwebinterface(sfnet) multi task web interface this is opensouce project for creating a multi ... Télécharger
wmc(sfnet) WiiCR Media Center WiiCR Media Center is a solution for playing ne... Télécharger
psi(sfnet) Psi Psi aims to be a feature-rich Jabber/XMPP clien... Télécharger
j2knet(sfnet) JPEG-2000 .NET free library JPEG-2000 graphic library for .NET Télécharger
demeos(sfnet) Denux MenuetOS Denux MenuetOS is a distribution of MenuetOS ht... Télécharger
customrefactor(sfnet) Custom Refactoring The Custom Refactoring and Rewrite Editor Usabi... Télécharger
chordease(sfnet) ChordEase ChordEase lets you play music with difficult ch... Télécharger
ybot(freshmeat) Ybot Ybot is erlang bot software inspired by Github ... Télécharger
xtiff-jai(sfnet) Extensible-TIFF-JAI An extensible TIFF codec for Java 1.2 Advanced... Télécharger
jmathtools(sfnet) jmathtools jmathtools, mathematical / scientific java stuf... Télécharger
insight3d(sfnet) insight3d insight3d let’s you create 3D models from photo... Télécharger
turnkey-domain-controller-appl(freshmeat) TurnKey Domain Controller Appliance TurnKey Domain Controller Appliance is a Samba-... Télécharger
turnkey-tracks-appliance(freshmeat) TurnKey Tracks Appliance TurnKey Tracks Appliance is a server appliance ... Télécharger
turnkey-trac-appliance(freshmeat) TurnKey Trac Appliance TurnKey Trac Appliance is a server appliance fo... Télécharger
allpairs(sfnet) AllPairs AllPairs is an open source test combinations ge... Télécharger
turnkey-moodle-appliance(freshmeat) TurnKey Moodle Appliance TurnKey Moodle Appliance is a server appliance ... Télécharger
palmtopen(sfnet) palmTopen A unified open source software platform based o... Télécharger
turnkey-otrs-appliance(freshmeat) TurnKey OTRS Appliance TurnKey OTRS Appliance is a server appliance fo... Télécharger
as-currency(freshmeat) Austinsmoke Currency Converter Austinsmoke Currency Converter is a currency co... Télécharger
turnkey-mindtouch-core-applian(freshmeat) TurnKey MindTouch Core Appliance TurnKey MindTouch Core Appliance is a server ap... Télécharger
psximager(freshmeat) PSXImager PSXImager is a collection of tools for dumping ... Télécharger
dota2pingchecker(sfnet) Dota 2 Ping Checker This is a tiny program that checks the latency ... Télécharger
ilogbook(sfnet) Interactive Logbook JISC-funded Open Source development of an Inter... Télécharger
lbdb(freshmeat) lbdb The Little Brother's Database (lbdb) consists o... Télécharger
watergate(sfnet) WaterGate Message processor for FidoNet & Internet/Us... Télécharger
turnkey-twiki-appliance(freshmeat) TurnKey TWiki Appliance TurnKey TWiki Appliance is a server appliance f... Télécharger
opencsg(freshmeat) OpenCSG OpenCSG is a library that does image-based CSG ... Télécharger
lpd(sfnet) lpd The Local Projects Database (LPD) is a web-base... Télécharger
turnkey-ejabberd-appliance(freshmeat) TurnKey ejabberd Appliance TurnKey ejabberd Appliance is a server applianc... Télécharger
turnkey-gallery-appliance(freshmeat) TurnKey Gallery Appliance TurnKey Gallery Appliance is a server appliance... Télécharger
kof91(sfnet) KOF 91 KOF 91 is a 2D fighting game engine written in ... Télécharger
vamos(freshmeat) Vamos Automotive Simulator Vamos is an automotive simulation framework wit... Télécharger
cclib(freshmeat) cclib cclib is a Python library for parsing and inter... Télécharger
smf2rmidrmid2smf(freshmeat) smf2rmid/rmid2smf smf2rmid and rmid2smf are two com­mand line uti... Télécharger
filed(freshmeat) Filed Filed is a simple and above all else fast HTTP ... Télécharger
general-configuration-form-man(freshmeat) General Configuration Form Manager Generic Configuration Form Manager (GCFM, a.k.a... Télécharger
turnkey-dokuwiki-appliance(freshmeat) TurnKey DokuWiki Appliance TurnKey DokuWiki Appliance is an appliance for ... Télécharger
otk(sfnet) Open Graphics Toolkit Otk (Open Tool Kit) - portable library for grap... Télécharger
konik(freshmeat) konik Konik provides an easy way to create, read, and... Télécharger
etherpoke(freshmeat) etherpoke etherpoke is a scriptable network session monit... Télécharger
wwfe-musicbox(sfnet) WhyWaitForever Musicbox A simple, easy to extend, parameter driven and ... Télécharger
turnkey-projectpier-appliance(freshmeat) TurnKey ProjectPier Appliance TurnKey ProjectPier Appliance is a server appli... Télécharger
libtap(freshmeat) TacitPixel TacitPixel (formerly libTAP ) is a prototyping ... Télécharger
naspro(freshmeat) NASPRO NASPRO ("NASPRO Architecture for Sound PRO... Télécharger
learnandriod(sfnet) LearnAndriod The andriod example application to learn about ... Télécharger
xml-configuration-file-editor(freshmeat) XML Configuration File Editor XML Configuration File Editor (XCFE) is a Web s... Télécharger
turnkey-movable-type-appliance(freshmeat) TurnKey Movable Type Appliance TurnKey Movable Type Appliance is a server appl... Télécharger
dockit(sfnet) DocBook ToolKit dockit can download fop, docbook-xml, docbook-x... Télécharger
simnation(sfnet) simnation SimNation is a simulation of the politics, envi... Télécharger
rawdog(freshmeat) rawdog rawdog is a feed aggregator capable of producin... Télécharger
potamus(freshmeat) Potamus Potamus is a lightweight GTK+-based audio playe... Télécharger
gespeaker(freshmeat) Gespeaker Gespeaker is a GTK+ frontend for espeak. It al... Télécharger
symbiandump(sfnet) symbiandump This project contains a full dump of all the pu... Télécharger
turnkey-symfony-appliance(freshmeat) TurnKey Symfony Appliance TurnKey Symfony Appliance is a server appliance... Télécharger
gextractwinicons(freshmeat) gExtractWinIcons gExtractWinIcons extracts cursors, icons, and P... Télécharger
wiki2html(sfnet) Wiki2HTML Windows Scripting Component (WSC) to convert Wi... Télécharger
xnee(sfnet) Xnee's not an event emulator Xnee can record, distribute and replay X (X11) ... Télécharger
cmusphinx(freshmeat) CMU Sphinx CMU Sphinx, a Speech Recognition System, is tra... Télécharger
bluewho(freshmeat) BlueWho BlueWho provides information about and notifica... Télécharger
turnkey-moinmoin-appliance(freshmeat) TurnKey MoinMoin Appliance TurnKey MoinMoin Appliance is a server applianc... Télécharger
turnkey-roundup-appliance(freshmeat) TurnKey Roundup Appliance TurnKey Roundup Appliance is a server appliance... Télécharger
turnkey-bugzilla-appliance(freshmeat) TurnKey BugZilla Appliance TurnKey BugZilla Appliance is a server applianc... Télécharger
hessiancpp(sfnet) hessiancpp Client C++ library for the Hessian web services... Télécharger
turnkey-mantis-appliance(freshmeat) TurnKey Mantis Appliance TurnKey Mantis Appliance is a server appliance ... Télécharger
genext2fs(sfnet) genext2fs genext2fs is a mean to generate an ext2 filesys... Télécharger
dumpper(sfnet) Dumpper v.60.3 Dumpper es un software portable y gratuito enfo... Télécharger
jinsect(sfnet) JInsect The JINSECT toolkit is a Java-based toolkit and... Télécharger
turnkey-app-engine-appliance(freshmeat) TurnKey App Engine Appliance TurnKey App Engine Appliance is a server applia... Télécharger
ibrowse(sfnet) ImageBrowser Image Browswer lets you browse through the dire... Télécharger

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