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jsf-comp(sfnet) JSF components Free JSF-components to complement the existing ... Télécharger
magickeypad(sfnet) MagicKeypad MagicKeypad is a Windows device driver that tur... Télécharger
gprolog(sfnet) GNU Prolog GNU Prolog is a free implementation (under GPL)... Télécharger
crowbar(sfnet) Crowbar The Crowbar Project is an effort to build a com... Télécharger
openadr2bven-pull(sfnet) EPRI OpenADR 2.0b Virtual End Node This application is an implementation of a virt... Télécharger
i4l(sfnet) i4l i4l is a project that aims to create a way to b... Télécharger
emx(sfnet) emx Development environment for OS/2 and DOS Télécharger
mapifier(sfnet) Mapifier Exposing java beans as a java.util.Map may be q... Télécharger
faxviewerpython(sfnet) Fax Viewer in Python Application in Python for simple, paperless use... Télécharger
uniconvertor(sfnet) UniConvertor UniConvertor is a universal vector graphics tra... Télécharger
curvecaptor(sfnet) Curve Captor Curve Captor is a free (distributed under GPL) ... Télécharger
automathase(sfnet) AutoIT-AutoMathASE This is a Draft project for implementation of A... Télécharger
winpython(sfnet) WinPython WinPython is a free open-source portable distri... Télécharger
libcsdbg(sfnet) libcsdbg Libcsdbg is a C++ exception stack tracer. When ... Télécharger
mediainfofetcher(freshmeat) Media Manager MediaManager is an application and API that can... Télécharger
customia(sfnet) Customia [OTghghfgh Server] A Open Tibia server which aims at eliminating a... Télécharger
thewowsignalproject(sfnet) theWoWsignal! music project The Wow! signal was a strong narrowband radio s... Télécharger
vdxlib(sfnet) The VDX Game Library This project is for the development of an easy ... Télécharger
winmtr(sfnet) winmtr WinMTR is a free MS Windows visual application ... Télécharger
nobleape(freshmeat) Noble Ape Simulation The Noble Ape Simulation is a collection of a n... Télécharger
anonproxyserver(sfnet) Anon Proxy Server Anonymous proxy server. Supports http, https, s... Télécharger
zeiberbude(sfnet) Zeiberbude a P.O.S. program for internet cafes Télécharger
mrtparse(freshmeat) mrtparse mrtparse is a module to read and analyze the MR... Télécharger
easyh10(sfnet) EasyH10 EasyH10 is an open source project to develop a ... Télécharger
celltracker(sfnet) CellTracker (via CellTrack) Uses the CellTrack Engine and MapQuest to displ... Télécharger
vxes(sfnet) Voice XML Enabling Software Voice XML Enabling Software (VXES) is an applic... Télécharger
g7ctrl(freshmeat) g7ctrl g7ctrl is a daemon and a command shell that are... Télécharger
simple-notepad(sfnet) Simple Notepad Simple Notepad is the official Windows Notepad ... Télécharger
atm88lib(sfnet) PWM C library for ATMega88 family AVR C funtions for using PWM mode in ATMega 48/... Télécharger
jcamcalib(sfnet) JCamCalib: A Camera Calibration Utility JCamCalib is a Java front-end for Intel's OCV l... Télécharger
limechat(sfnet) LimeChat LimeChat is an IRC client written on RubyCocoa. Télécharger
embedthis-pak(freshmeat) Embedthis Pak Embedthis Pak is a simple package manager for e... Télécharger
bulkmailer-2(freshmeat) BulkMailer BulkMailer is a program for sending e-mail news... Télécharger
warlock(freshmeat) Warlock Front End The Warlock Front End is written to allow Simut... Télécharger
vole(sfnet) VOLE - A Neat C++ COM/Automation Driver VOLE provides facades for driving COM/OLE autom... Télécharger
convolver(sfnet) WMP/DirectShow/VST convolution plug-in A convolution plug-in for Windows Media Player,... Télécharger
wgms3d(freshmeat) wgms3d wgms3d is a full-vectorial electromagnetic wave... Télécharger
kml-editor(sfnet) KML-Editor The KML-Editor is an application for the genera... Télécharger
bcusdk(sfnet) BCU SDK with eibd BCU SDK is a C based, high level development sy... Télécharger
sdsre(sfnet) Simple Rule Engine SRE (Simple Rule Engine) is a lightweight forwa... Télécharger
kangas-sound-editor(freshmeat) Kangas Sound Editor Kangas Sound Editor lets you synthesize sound e... Télécharger
mavscript(freshmeat) Mavscript Mavscript allows the user to do calculations in... Télécharger
geomss(sfnet) GeomSS GeomSS is a geometry modeling and scripting sys... Télécharger
magmi(sfnet) Magmi This project is an attempt to provide a product... Télécharger
aicwl(sfnet) Ada industrial control widget library A library that is intended for designing high-q... Télécharger
restore(sfnet) Restore, backup and recovery RESTORE is a complete enterprise network backup... Télécharger
mrilab(sfnet) MRiLab The MRiLab is a numerical MRI simulation packag... Télécharger
exetoc(sfnet) ExeToC Decompiler Decompile win32 program and DLL to C++ step by ... Télécharger
libestr(sfnet) libestr This is the initial public release of libestr, ... Télécharger
coolromeasydownloader(sfnet) Cool Rom Easy Downloader is a just a downloader without virus and no use... Télécharger
fuzzysetsforada(sfnet) Fuzzy sets for Ada Fuzzy sets for Ada is a library providing imple... Télécharger
drgarbagetools(sfnet) drgarbagetools Dr. Garbage Tools Project is a set of open sour... Télécharger
mex-svm(sfnet) MATLAB interface for SVM-Light mex-svm is a set of patches against SVM-Light t... Télécharger
kstore(sfnet) KStore KStore is a stock management system for KDE. It... Télécharger
xmoto(sfnet) X-Moto X-Moto is a 2D motocross platform game where th... Télécharger
theme-pl(sfnet) Theme Programming Language Theme extends Scheme with static typing. Proper... Télécharger
mimeo(sfnet) Mime-O MIMEO- biggest improvement to copy and paste si... Télécharger
odikadhcpd(sfnet) odikadhcpd The odikadhcpd server is a dhcp server that wor... Télécharger
hippy(sfnet) Hippy - M6800 Studio An extendible Motorola 6800 emulator and IDE. Y... Télécharger
javalayer(sfnet) JavaLayer JLayer is a JAVA library that decodes, converts... Télécharger
tclerswikidata(sfnet) Tcler's wiki data This projects makes the data used to drive http... Télécharger
saga-gis(sfnet) SAGA GIS SAGA - System for Automated Geoscientific Analy... Télécharger
phpmediagallery(sfnet) phpmediagallery An intuitive MediaGallery for PHPNuke based Web... Télécharger
arp2(sfnet) arp2 ARP2 is currently just a collection of open sou... Télécharger
ggplus(sfnet) GGplus GG+ is an object-oriented extension to Open Sce... Télécharger
frb(sfnet) FreeReportBuilder FreeReportBuilder is a free java report tool, i... Télécharger
s-make(sfnet) smake smake - maintain, update, and regenerate programs Télécharger
freeship(sfnet) FREE!ship FREE!ship is a surface modeling program for des... Télécharger
linset(sfnet) Linset Linset is a social engineering tool based on MI... Télécharger
accteditor(sfnet) Adempiere Chart of Accounts Editor Small application to manage Compiere/Adempiere ... Télécharger
vwx-cdev(sfnet) visual wx-c developer a visual wx-c developer tool written in freeBas... Télécharger
metfsng(sfnet) MetFS MetFS is a filesystem software in userspace tha... Télécharger
gusi(sfnet) GUSI GUSI (Grand Unified Socket Interface) is a POSI... Télécharger
frodope(sfnet) frodo_pe Automated scripts for creation of plugins for u... Télécharger
mxedeps(sfnet) mxe-deps This project contains dependencies used for mxe... Télécharger
open-clinic(sfnet) OpenClinic GA OpenClinic GA is an open source integrated hosp... Télécharger
qalab(sfnet) QALab QALab collects and consolidates data from sever... Télécharger
gnome-yum(sfnet) GNOME interface for YUM. GNOME interface program for easier use and setu... Télécharger
theyoshiislandp(sfnet) The Yoshi Island Project This is the download for The Yoshi's Island Pro... Télécharger
prodatum(freshmeat) prodatum prodatum is a patch editor for the E-MU Proteus... Télécharger
glpidashboard(sfnet) GLPI Dashboard Statistics dashboard for GLPI. Télécharger
fxopt(freshmeat) fxopt fxopt is a plugin for GCC that converts floatin... Télécharger
hiawatha(freshmeat) Hiawatha Hiawatha is a secure and advanced Web server fo... Télécharger
geo-bookmark(freshmeat) Geo Bookmark Geo Bookmark is a simple widget that adds a boo... Télécharger
mouse-emulator(sfnet) CSharp Mouse Emulator A quick and simple segment of C# code which wil... Télécharger
libnetfilter_conntrack(freshmeat) libnetfilter_conntrack libnetfilter_conntrack is a library that allows... Télécharger
frosted(freshmeat) Frosted Frosted is a passive Python syntax checker. It... Télécharger
xhtml2man(freshmeat) xhtml2man xhtml2man is an XSLT script that converts prope... Télécharger
asomshkpk(sfnet) ASOMS HakPak Ancient Secrets of The Moonsea Shores (ASOMS) ... Télécharger
tar-win(sfnet) tar for windows 1.15.1 gnu tar port in windows visual studio project ... Télécharger
gpsticker2(sfnet) GpsTicker2 The lightweight and compact App GpsTicker2 comb... Télécharger
z88dk(sfnet) z88 Development Kit Generic z80 Cross compiler with generic librari... Télécharger
mssql2pgsql(sfnet) SQL Server to PostgreSQL Migration Structure and data migration from MS SQL Server... Télécharger
nettelnetcisco(sfnet) Net::Telnet::Cisco Automate Cisco router/switch telnet sessions Télécharger
wordnetport(sfnet) WordNetPort WordNetPort provides distribution copies of Wor... Télécharger
ff6edit(sfnet) Final Fantasy VI Save State Editor ff6edit is a program that can be used to edit t... Télécharger
lagniappe(sfnet) Lagniappe Programming Environment The Lagniappe programming environment aims to g... Télécharger
ebnfvisualizer(sfnet) EBNF Visualizer ... visualizes EBNF (Extended Backus Naur Form)... Télécharger
kingdomheartstextedit(sfnet) Kingdom Hearts Text Edit Kingdom Hearts Text Edit is exactly what the ti... Télécharger
xcsoar(sfnet) XCSoar PocketPC Gliding/Soaring computer. Airspace War... Télécharger

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