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squidconf(sfnet) SquidNT Configurator SquidNTConf is a GUI based squid configuration ... Télécharger
pisilinux(sfnet) Pisi Linux Our work is still continuing on http://github.c... Télécharger
quickui(sfnet) QuickUI QuickUI is a library for creating simple user i... Télécharger
phpmychat(sfnet) phpMyChat phpMyChat is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use mu... Télécharger
ushare(sfnet) uShare GeeXboX uShare is a UPnP (TM) A/V Media Server.... Télécharger
geexbox(sfnet) GeeXboX GeeXboX is a standalone media player Linux dist... Télécharger
monami(sfnet) MonAMI - your friendly monitoring daemon MonAMI: your friendly monitoring daemon. The Mo... Télécharger
linuxrpms(sfnet) Packaging Packaging for various a/v projects. Currently h... Télécharger
busybox(sfnet) BusyBoxDotNet BusyBoxDotNet is an ASP.NET library targeting U... Télécharger
platinum(sfnet) Platinum UPnP A cross-platform C++ library for discovering, c... Télécharger
dwr(sfnet) DWR: Direct Web Remoting DWR is a Java open source library which helps d... Télécharger
jxcontroller(sfnet) jxController Este projeto implementa lógicas de Controle ent... Télécharger
peidextsigedit(sfnet) PEID external signature file editor Win32 Delphi applciation allows convienent edit... Télécharger
smbc(sfnet) Samba Commander Samba Commander is a text mode SMB network comm... Télécharger
memcacheddotnet(sfnet) .NET memcached client library C#/.NET memcached client library. This library ... Télécharger
tikiwiki(sfnet) Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware "Software made the wiki way" A full-... Télécharger
calc2latex(sfnet) Calc2LaTeX Calc2LaTeX is an OpenOffice.org Calc (Spreadshe... Télécharger
powersave(sfnet) Powersave Provides battery,temperature,ac,cpufreq (SpeedS... Télécharger
jarsearch(sfnet) jarsearch JarSearch is an Eclipse plugin that integrates ... Télécharger
opencaesar3(sfnet) CaesarIA (openCaesar3) openCaesar3 is a remake of the classic Caesar3 ... Télécharger
pspradio(sfnet) PSPRadio Online Streaming Music Client for the Sony PSP ... Télécharger
dws(sfnet) DelphiWebScript DelphiWebScript is a scripting language for use... Télécharger
laofoss(sfnet) Lao Open Source Localization project Lao Open Source Localization project Télécharger
ganim8(sfnet) gAnim8 - Animation and Video Suite gAnim8 is a full suite of tools for building an... Télécharger
glare(sfnet) glare GLARE is a library and a software for product b... Télécharger
browser(freshmeat) DeforaOS Browser DeforaOS Browser is a file browser for the Defo... Télécharger
jmbox(sfnet) jmbox The jmbox project (read jambox) is a Local Stor... Télécharger
ast-cppsock(sfnet) C++ framework for Asterisk Sockets Asterisk Manage API and FAGI C++ Framework. Imp... Télécharger
amestarpdfs(sfnet) AmestarPDFs Un programa pa amestar, separtar, rotar, firmar... Télécharger
ds-scheduler(freshmeat) DS Scheduler DS Scheduler is a centralized 'cron' type sched... Télécharger
ipoddisk(sfnet) iPod Disk iPodDisk is a tool designed to make it easy and... Télécharger
blender-mathutils(freshmeat) Blender-Mathutils The Blender-Mathutils module originated from Bl... Télécharger
vbexifreader(sfnet) Visual Basic JPEG EXIF Reader A Visual Basic project to read and display EXIF... Télécharger
wavemesh(sfnet) WaveMesh Physical simulation of an elastic mesh that tra... Télécharger
minebot(sfnet) Minebot A client bot written in Visual Basic.NET for Mi... Télécharger
rdkit(sfnet) RDKit A collection of cheminformatics and machine-lea... Télécharger
mtosi-ri(sfnet) MTOSI Reference Implementation Reference implementation for the MTOSI interfac... Télécharger
cfkp(sfnet) Custom Fedora Kernel project This project consists of the availability of so... Télécharger
jfftpack(sfnet) Java FFTPack jfftpack is a Java version of fftpack. fftpack ... Télécharger
wizd(sfnet) wizd media server An open-source media server for Syabas-based me... Télécharger
saikuchartplus(sfnet) SaikuChartPlus What is Saiku Chart Plus? It is an open sourc... Télécharger
tftp(sfnet) TFTP Server and Client This is a simple TFTP Server and Client written... Télécharger
greenopenerp(sfnet) GreenOdoo Portable Odoo (formerly OpenERP) Portabl... Télécharger
rcoemmtechcse201314(sfnet) RCOEM-M.Tech (CSE) Projects An Initiative to help the Engineering & Res... Télécharger
makelogictail(sfnet) MakeLogic Tail - Tail for windows MakeLogic Tail is an advanced "tail -f&quo... Télécharger
trapgatemailer(sfnet) TrapGate FTN Fidonet Mailer Trapgate, Fidonet FTN Mailer with a lot of futu... Télécharger
jbmsrclib(sfnet) JBM Source Library This is my sourcecode library developed during ... Télécharger
epiware(sfnet) Epiware Document Management Epiware is an open source document management s... Télécharger
taskswitchxp(sfnet) TaskSwitchXP TaskSwitchXP provides the same functionality as... Télécharger
moipro(sfnet) MOIPro MOI Pro is a Linux based IP streamer with quad ... Télécharger
ubuntuaiodvd(sfnet) Linux AIO Ubuntu From 2014-07-16 Ubuntu AIO is part of the Linux... Télécharger
metis-rs(sfnet) Metis - The Open Source Runescape Client Metis is the first Open Source Runescape client... Télécharger
promimport(sfnet) ProM Import Framework The ProM Import Framework allows to extract pro... Télécharger
greed(freshmeat) greed greed is a strategy game. When you move in a di... Télécharger
hatire(sfnet) hatire Use Arduino IMU to track head movements. Inter... Télécharger
lunar-cms(freshmeat) Lunar CMS Lunar CMS is a content management system design... Télécharger
apachetop(freshmeat) ApacheTop ApacheTop is a curses-based top-like display fo... Télécharger
sitracker(sfnet) Support Incident Tracker Support Incident Tracker (or SiT!) is a web bas... Télécharger
ooopy(freshmeat) OOoPy OOoPy is a Python library for modifying OpenOff... Télécharger
docx2txt(freshmeat) Docx to Text Converter (docx2txt) docx2txt is a tool that attempts to generate eq... Télécharger
epoch-init-system(freshmeat) Epoch Init System The Epoch Init System is an init system for Lin... Télécharger
diskscan(freshmeat) DiskScan DiskScan scans the entire surface of a disk, al... Télécharger
jyaml(sfnet) JYaml JYaml is a Java library for Java object seriali... Télécharger
nvmevmklinuxdriver(sfnet) nvme vmklinux driver this project contains the source code for for t... Télécharger
violetumlplugin(sfnet) Violet UML Editor Plugin for Eclipse Violet UML Editor is a powerfull modeling softw... Télécharger
srt-translator(sfnet) The SRT Translator Make a subtitle srt file in an other language u... Télécharger
grepo-tool(sfnet) Grepo-Tool Map viewer and planning utility for Grepolis. T... Télécharger
afk(freshmeat) AFK AFK is a utility to defeat idled and remain log... Télécharger
prun(freshmeat) PRUN PRUN is a high-throughput computing software fr... Télécharger
libdwarf-dwarfdump(freshmeat) libdwarf-dwarfdump libdwarf reads and/or writes DWARF debugging in... Télécharger
horia(sfnet) Master Site for remarkable FreeBSD Ports Hosting sources for remarkable FreeBSD Ports Télécharger
xos-shop-ecommerce-shop-system(freshmeat) XOS-Shop eCommerce Shop-System XOS-Shop is powerful e-commerce shopping cart a... Télécharger
oaql-server(freshmeat) OAQL Server OAQL Server allows you to connect, on all your ... Télécharger
bluemoon-game(freshmeat) Blue Moon Blue Moon is a Unix port of Tim Lister's Blue M... Télécharger
privacyidea(freshmeat) privacyIDEA privacyIDEA is a multi-factor authentication so... Télécharger
jclasslib(freshmeat) jclasslib bytecode viewer jclasslib bytecode viewer is a tool that visual... Télécharger
shipper(freshmeat) shipper shipper is a power distribution tool for develo... Télécharger
ski(freshmeat) ski ski is a game in which you ski down an infinite... Télécharger
suricata(freshmeat) Suricata Suricata is an Intrusion Detection and Preventi... Télécharger
horde(freshmeat) Horde Application Framework The Horde Application Framework is a modular, g... Télécharger
rdesktop(freshmeat) rdesktop rdesktop is an open source client for the Remot... Télécharger
wind(freshmeat) Wind Wind is a window manager for X. It supports vir... Télécharger
cancan(freshmeat) cancan Cancan is a text-based, interactive utility sim... Télécharger
bvi(sfnet) bvi editor for binary files (hex editor) The bvi is a display-oriented editor for binary... Télécharger
cdrecwebmin(sfnet) Webmin modules A collection of Webmin Modules written by Dr. A... Télécharger
cfmesh(sfnet) cfMesh cfMesh is a library for volume mesh generation ... Télécharger
bugzillachanges(sfnet) Bugzilla Maven Changes With Changes Maven plugin you can't generate th... Télécharger
dvd2avi(sfnet) dvd2avi ...makes conversion of DVDs to AVIs under Linux... Télécharger
openproj(sfnet) OpenProj - Project Management OpenProj is an open-source desktop project mana... Télécharger
xboot(sfnet) XBOOT-Multi Boot Manager for Boot Master Multi Boot Manager allow chang the boot, this v... Télécharger
calizo(sfnet) Calizo Calizo is a calendar with a zoomable timeline. ... Télécharger
forest-project(sfnet) The Forest Project The Forest Project aims at building a repositor... Télécharger
sao(sfnet) SAO An enhancement to the OpenOffice.org Java API, ... Télécharger
clamwin(sfnet) ClamWin Free Antivirus Looking for free Open Source Antivirus for Wind... Télécharger
stunt(freshmeat) STuNT STuNT is a Web-based ticketing system that was ... Télécharger
prometerp(sfnet) Promet-ERP Promet ERP is an ERP system in addition to the ... Télécharger
mobbo(sfnet) mobbo mobbo its a Habbo Gaming Repository in this Pla... Télécharger
versatileengine(sfnet) versatileengine Javascript game engine which uses Jquery and Pr... Télécharger
tbgengine-suite(sfnet) TBG Engine Suite The TBG Engine Suite is a Text Based Game desig... Télécharger
rastop(sfnet) RasTop RasTop is a molecular graphics program intended... Télécharger

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