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povcolor(sfnet) POVColor POVColor is a visual color and gradient picker ... Télécharger
tunnelblick(sfnet) Tunnelblick Tunnelblick is a free, open source graphic user... Télécharger
eiskaltdcpp(sfnet) EiskaltDC++ EiskaltDC++ is a cross-platform program that us... Télécharger
galicia(sfnet) Galicia Galicia is intended as a multi-tool open source... Télécharger
icd10(sfnet) ICD 10 Search ICD 10: International Classification of Desease... Télécharger
ext-dns(freshmeat) ext-Dns ext-Dns is a core library, an extensible forwar... Télécharger
isafer(sfnet) iSafer Firewall iSafer firewall is used to protected your PC ag... Télécharger
winbinder(sfnet) WinBinder - A native PHP Windows binding WinBinder is a new PHP extension that allows PH... Télécharger
frosty(sfnet) Frosty -- Smarter Smarty Templates Frosty is a framework for PHP and Smarty that a... Télécharger
xsocket(sfnet) xsocket xSocket is an easy to use NIO-based network lib... Télécharger
mewig(sfnet) MeWiG - MEncoder GUI for Windows MeWiG is a Windows Frontend to the MEncoder (pa... Télécharger
neurospaces(sfnet) Neurospaces Neurospaces is a development center for tools i... Télécharger
moncgi(sfnet) Mon.cgi A web interface for the mon monitoring system. Télécharger
mfd-pack(sfnet) Manifold Power Pack Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps and Microsoft Virtual ... Télécharger
sv1(sfnet) Sonic Visualiser Sonic Visualiser is an application for inspecti... Télécharger
quickrex(sfnet) QuickREx Regular Expressions QuickREx is a regular-expression plugin for Ecl... Télécharger
avrdude-gui(sfnet) avrdude-gui avrdude-gui is a simple GUI for avrdude (http:/... Télécharger
opendmxusb(sfnet) Open DMX USB Open DMX USB interface: this project created by... Télécharger
jamendo(sfnet) Jamendo Tools Jamendo Tools is a set of tools to publish, lis... Télécharger
pac(freshmeat) PAC PAC provides a GUI to configure SSH and Telnet ... Télécharger
fileseeker(sfnet) The File Seeker "The File Seeker" is an application f... Télécharger
mxt(sfnet) Memory Expansion Technology Memory eXpansion Technology (MXT) is a hardware... Télécharger
openglean(sfnet) OpenGLEAN OpenGLEAN: A GLUT family member gone lean. Télécharger
openobd(sfnet) openOBD: OBD-II Scan Tool A cross platform GUI for OBD-II interface devic... Télécharger
autoaclblock(sfnet) Automatic ACL Blocking List A simple repository for moust needed acl block ... Télécharger
tinar(sfnet) This Is Not A Radio Bored of all those same old songs, get TINAR, l... Télécharger
zenoss(sfnet) Zenoss Core - Enterprise IT Monitoring Zenoss Core is today's premier, open-source IT ... Télécharger
jdee(sfnet) JDEE The JDEE is an add-on software package that tur... Télécharger
corebkp(sfnet) CoreBKP A lightweight backup tool for windows. It creat... Télécharger
linux-conioh(sfnet) Linux c++ implementation of conio.h Simple Linux implementation of Borland's conio ... Télécharger
tiny3d(sfnet) T3D (the Teacher or Tiny 3d engine) T3D (Tiny3D) is a framework to quickly build in... Télécharger
tinyftp(sfnet) Tiny Ftp Server Tiny ftp server is a small ftp server, which is... Télécharger
xorg-edit(sfnet) xorg-edit xorg-edit is a graphical interface for editing ... Télécharger
copyq(sfnet) CopyQ CopyQ is advanced clipboard manager with search... Télécharger
webpostman(sfnet) webpostman System responsible for managment imap/POSTFIX S... Télécharger
utaga-hajimaru(sfnet) UtagaHajimaru 1. Choral vocal scores by Japanese lyrics and r... Télécharger
smi(sfnet) SHOUTcast Management Interface SHOUTcast Management Interface (BETA) - Create ... Télécharger
amarok(sfnet) Amarok Amarok - advanced audio player for KDE. Télécharger
cs-sdl(sfnet) C# SDL SDL.NET is a set of object-oriented .NET bindin... Télécharger
splashdesk(sfnet) Splash Desk Get remote control access to your Windows PC an... Télécharger
ietest(sfnet) IETest IETest is a testing framework for testing web a... Télécharger
qgit(sfnet) QGit viewer A graphical interface to git repositories Télécharger
freemarker-ide(sfnet) FreeMarker IDE A FreeMarker IDE for Eclipse Télécharger
trace-analyzer(sfnet) Ns-2 Trace Analyzer The project aims at creating a highly efficient... Télécharger
almalert(sfnet) almalert advanced alarm for n-gage game desk. Télécharger
wbfsgui(sfnet) wbfsGUI wbfsGUI is a small GUI I made to make it easier... Télécharger
pfn(sfnet) PHPfileNavigator PHPfileNavigator is a PHP Open Source Web File ... Télécharger
excelutils(sfnet) ExcelUtils ExcelUtils, easy export report in excel by exce... Télécharger
bdsm(sfnet) Bowling Database/Statistics Management A tenpin bowling database which is able to trac... Télécharger
qutemol(sfnet) QuteMol QuteMol is a real time, high quality molecular ... Télécharger
tyc-help-script(sfnet) TYC Helper Script (with TYC) .TY to .MPG Conversion Front End Script for a U... Télécharger
genmapp(sfnet) GenMAPP GenMAPP is an application designed to visualize... Télécharger
lom-j(sfnet) Learning Object Metadata (LOM) Java API This is a Java API binding of the IEEE LTSC LOM... Télécharger
srtool(sfnet) Status Report Tool The status report tool makes it easy to input a... Télécharger
csvfile(sfnet) CSVFile handles CSV files in Java A simple set of Java classes used to handle CSV... Télécharger
fastica(sfnet) FastICA for JAVA This project provides a JAVA library and a grap... Télécharger
eas(sfnet) Enterprise Application Solution An application which can help developer to conc... Télécharger
dead-souls(sfnet) Dead Souls The Dead Souls MUD Library is a multi-user text... Télécharger
statspacknet(sfnet) StatsPack.NET An Oracle StatsPack analysis tool that will dis... Télécharger
getgnuwin32(sfnet) Automated gnuwin32 download tool Maintaining a gnuwin32.sourceforge.net package ... Télécharger
splayer(sfnet) Simply Player (SPlayer) SPlayer (from Simply Player) is an Eclipse 3.x ... Télécharger
bookr(sfnet) Bookr A document reader for the Sony PSP with native ... Télécharger
xournal(sfnet) xournal Xournal is a GTK+/Gnome application for notetak... Télécharger
sudokuki(sfnet) Sudokuki - essential sudoku game Sudokuki is a free graphical SUDOKU game: Sudok... Télécharger
tarifa(sfnet) Tarifa The WRT54GL Tarifa enhanced firmware. Linksys W... Télécharger
printablechess(sfnet) printablechess This is a chess set that can be printed out on ... Télécharger
s2ar(sfnet) Saver2 AutoRestart This program automatically closes the Saver2 ap... Télécharger
i2c-z8-drv(sfnet) simple i2c driver software This project is meant to introduce free-source ... Télécharger
bripper(sfnet) MediaEncodingCluster MediaEncodingCluster is an Enterprise Class, Vi... Télécharger
xmlphp(sfnet) PHP-XML PHP-XML is a class written in php to create, ed... Télécharger
quban(sfnet) quban News January 17th 2014 Quban version no... Télécharger
rtftemplate(sfnet) RTFTemplate RTFTemplate is RTF engine (RTF to RTF) which ge... Télécharger
pascalchess(sfnet) Pascal Chess The purpose of this project was to test my prog... Télécharger
mtpsharp(sfnet) MtpSharp mtpsharp is an api to handle the microsoft medi... Télécharger
tftputil(sfnet) Windows TFTP Utility A Windows TFTP server and client written in the... Télécharger
sweetdev-ria(sfnet) Ajax tags : SweetDEV RIA SweetDEV RIA is a complete set of Java/J2EE wor... Télécharger
iaxmodem(sfnet) IAXmodem IAXmodem is a software modem written in C that ... Télécharger
rupi(sfnet) PSFGeneric: Solución CRM PSFGeneric nace con el objetivo de unificar tod... Télécharger
viproxy(sfnet) VIP VIP is a very simple framework for accessing pr... Télécharger
q3cellshading(sfnet) Quake III Arena Cell Shading Quake III Arena modification that implements Ce... Télécharger
cmsfaethon(sfnet) CMS Faethon CMS Faethon is content management system for di... Télécharger
typespeed(sfnet) typespeed Typespeed is a tool and game for testing your t... Télécharger
garmin-gps(sfnet) Linux Kernel Driver for Garmin GPS/USB A linux (2.6-) kernel driver to connect garmin ... Télécharger
xvibs(sfnet) xvibs A utility for animating molecular vibrations. N... Télécharger
idilis(sfnet) iSCSI Diskless Linux Servers iSCSI Diskless Linux Server (idilis) is a colle... Télécharger
d2gs(sfnet) Diablo II Game Server D2GS is a Diablo II Game Server, to play diablo... Télécharger
osyf(sfnet) Open Source Yahoo Fetch Open source Yahoo Group photo fetcher / archive... Télécharger
openbluelab(sfnet) OpenBlueLab.org Open Blue Lab is a rapid application developmen... Télécharger
visit(sfnet) The VisIt Visualization System VisIt is an interactive parallel visualization ... Télécharger
cflow(sfnet) C-Flow C-Flow is a development environment aimed at cr... Télécharger
babinocombobox(sfnet) ComboBox This ComboBox is an ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Server Con... Télécharger
bamcompile(sfnet) Bambalam PHP EXE Compiler/Embedder Bambalam PHP EXE Compiler/Embedder is a free co... Télécharger
mark(sfnet) Mark C# Library for MonoDevelop Intermediate-level C# class library for MonoDev... Télécharger
xajax(sfnet) xajax PHP and Javascript library xajax is an open source PHP and Javascript libr... Télécharger
cncsimulator(sfnet) CNC Simulator Online Version: An online version of this simul... Télécharger
easybmptoavi(sfnet) Easy BMP to AVI Movie Creator EasyBMPtoAVI is a cross-platform (Linux, Window... Télécharger
techne3dcam(sfnet) Techne (R) 3D CAM A 3D only CAD/CAM program for generating CNC co... Télécharger
mpo2jpg(sfnet) mpo2jpg A command-line utility to convert MPO stereo fi... Télécharger
opencrx-cndoc(sfnet) openMDX/openCRX document translation Prj To translate openMDX/openCRX documents into Chi... Télécharger
remnux(sfnet) REMnux REMnux is a lightweight Linux distribution for ... Télécharger

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