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docmenta(sfnet) Docmenta Docmenta is a Java web-application for single s... Télécharger
gnuitar(sfnet) GNUitar GNUitar is guitar effects software that allows ... Télécharger
extremecomp(sfnet) eXtremeComponents The eXtremeComponents are a series of open sour... Télécharger
wavsplit(sfnet) WavSplit WavSplit splits large WAV files at given time p... Télécharger
burn-osx(sfnet) Burn Create data discs with advanced data settings. ... Télécharger
nutricode(sfnet) nutricode Software desenvolvido por alunos da Universidad... Télécharger
yabbse(sfnet) YaBB SE YaBB SE is a PHP/MySQL port of the popular foru... Télécharger
gedcomfilter(sfnet) GEDCOM Import/Export-Filter Target is develop import and export filter for ... Télécharger
blackrain-sc3(sfnet) SuperCollider 3 snapshot binaries RealizedSound SuperCollider 3 snapshot binaries. Télécharger
distcache(sfnet) distcache, Distributed session caching Distributed session caching tools and APIs, pri... Télécharger
sc2(sfnet) The Ur-Quan Masters A port of The Ur-Quan Masters, using SDL, targe... Télécharger
lammps(sfnet) LAMMPS LAMMPS is a classical molecular dynamics simula... Télécharger
poliqarp(sfnet) Poliqarp A universal suite of utilities for large corpor... Télécharger
cassandra(sfnet) Cassandra Application Framework for the development of la... Télécharger
java-ui-sph-cmp(sfnet) Java Speech User Interface Library Speech based User Interface Components Library ... Télécharger
hw2bsg(sfnet) HW2 Battlestar Galactica Mod Battlestar Galactica: Fleet Commander a Mod for... Télécharger
atol(sfnet) Atol Atol is a classical dual panel file manager aim... Télécharger
jalingo(sfnet) JaLingo JaLingo is a free cross-platform dictionary app... Télécharger
asp-ent-man(sfnet) ASP.NET Enterprise Manager ASP.NET Enterprise Manager is a web based versi... Télécharger
fugussh(sfnet) Fugu SSH Mac OS X frontend for OpenSSH's sftp/scp tools Télécharger
web-portal(sfnet) Web Portal for B2B E-Commerce Web Portal for B2B E-Commerce in Electronics Ma... Télécharger
x-clip(sfnet) Clip is xBase/Clipper compiler for Linux Clip is CA-Clipper 5.3 compatible compiler for ... Télécharger
sqldeveloper(sfnet) SQL Developer Database explorer for acquiring high-detailed d... Télécharger
rssh(sfnet) rssh rssh is a restricted shell for use with OpenSSH... Télécharger
bsnoop(sfnet) Berkley snoop protocol module for linux Berkley Snoop protocol module for Linux. Purpos... Télécharger
pudge(sfnet) Pudge's Projects Various open source projects of pudge's that do... Télécharger
pocketwarrior(sfnet) PocketWarrior PocketPC WiFi Survey tool PocketPC WiFi 802.11b Prism wardriving tool Télécharger
zzoss(sfnet) ZZ/OSS All ZZ/OSS packages, used by <a href="h... Télécharger
pcsxosx(sfnet) PCSX - Playstation Emulator for OS X Mac OS X port of popular PSX emulator PCSX Télécharger
urgnetwork(sfnet) URG Network This project introduces sample programs of the ... Télécharger
openbravo(sfnet) openbravo Openbravo 3, the agile ERP, is a modular, ready... Télécharger
szte-wsn(sfnet) szte-wsn This is the public repository of open source co... Télécharger
glipssvgeditor(sfnet) GLIPS Graffiti editor SVG Graphics Editor written in Java Télécharger
dacx760sw(sfnet) DACx760EVM Easy-to-use evaluation software for the DAC8760... Télécharger
samba4ubuntu(sfnet) Samba4 Ubuntu Build Samba4 build for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64Bit Current... Télécharger
pencil-planner(sfnet) Pencil Pencil is a cross-platform open-source 2D anima... Télécharger
pel(sfnet) PEL: PHP Exif Library Project has moved to: https://github.com/lsoles... Télécharger
metrics(sfnet) Eclipse Metrics plugin Provide metrics calculation and dependency anal... Télécharger
tponguard(sfnet) TurboPower OnGuard OnGuard is a library to create demo versions of... Télécharger
dumpster(sfnet) Dumpster - a file dumper/decoder Dumpster is a file dumper/decoder written in C... Télécharger
osqlp(sfnet) Open SQL Parser Open SQL Parser is a database independant SQL p... Télécharger
rmcombat(sfnet) RMCombat This a php program that will allow you to resol... Télécharger
mozillakr(sfnet) Mozilla Korean Project Mozilla Korean(Hanguel) is a project that makes... Télécharger
howl(sfnet) howl Cross platform implementation of Zeroconf/Rende... Télécharger
eplug(sfnet) E-Plug: Eclipse Plugin Repository This project packages several third party open ... Télécharger
integria(sfnet) Integria IMS Integria IMS is a new way of understanding and ... Télécharger
vimat(sfnet) vimat vimat is (or rather will be) an integrated prod... Télécharger
timesysgpl(sfnet) TimeSys Linux GPL TimeSys Linux GPL is a set of Linux enhancement... Télécharger
dspack(sfnet) DSPack DSPack is a set of Components and class to writ... Télécharger
lucane(sfnet) Lucane Groupware Lucane is a free groupware platform written in ... Télécharger
saxy-xmlparser(sfnet) SAXY - A SAX XML parser for PHP SAXY is a Simple API for XML (SAX) parser for P... Télécharger
larytet(sfnet) emLib If you reach this page most likely you are look... Télécharger
juno6(sfnet) Juno 6 Juno 6 is an VST based virtual Analogue Synthes... Télécharger
jmobilecore(sfnet) jMobileCore toolkit jMobileCore library is powerful tool for creati... Télécharger
redlightscanner(sfnet) RedLight IP Scanner RedLight is an Ip scanning utility made to scan... Télécharger
android4maven(sfnet) Android for Maven Google has decided to prohibit the Android SDK ... Télécharger
delphivnc(sfnet) Delphi VNC Delphi components to support VNC application de... Télécharger
freedos-edlin(sfnet) FreeDOS Edlin The FreeDOS Edlin project is the standard line ... Télécharger
awdbedit(sfnet) Award BIOS Editor Awdbedit is a BIOS editor for Award BIOSes. It... Télécharger
unvclx(sfnet) Unofficial VisualCLX patches Unofficial VisualCLX patches for Delphi and Kylix. Télécharger
lolcode-1337(freshmeat) LoLCode 1337 LoLCode 1337 is an implementation of the esoter... Télécharger
pgmarket(sfnet) PgMarket PgMarket is an e-commerce package based on PHP ... Télécharger
ntclt(sfnet) New Testement Command Line Tools. Collection of command line tools for the New Te... Télécharger
ftrack-as(sfnet) ftrack-as RNtrack (aka FTrack-AS) is a mail tracker/route... Télécharger
ivatamasks(sfnet) ivata Masks Automatically creates lists and input/display s... Télécharger
orfeo-toolbox(sfnet) OTB The Orfeo Toolbox is a C++ library for high res... Télécharger
bplusdotnet(sfnet) B plus tree in C#, java and Python Cross platform indexed file btree implementatio... Télécharger
dockpanelsuite(sfnet) DockPanel Suite The docking library for .Net Windows Forms deve... Télécharger
cherrypy(sfnet) CherryPy CherryPy is a Pythonic HTTP toolkit. All releas... Télécharger
bibus-biblio(sfnet) Bibus Bibliographic software Bibus is a bibliographic database. It uses a My... Télécharger
ccl(sfnet) CCL - Cafe Con Leche Cafe Con Leche (CCL) are a crossplataform libra... Télécharger
crc32dotnet(sfnet) Crc32.NET Crc32.NET is a command line tool written in C# ... Télécharger
povcolor(sfnet) POVColor POVColor is a visual color and gradient picker ... Télécharger
tunnelblick(sfnet) Tunnelblick Tunnelblick is a free, open source graphic user... Télécharger
eiskaltdcpp(sfnet) EiskaltDC++ EiskaltDC++ is a cross-platform program that us... Télécharger
galicia(sfnet) Galicia Galicia is intended as a multi-tool open source... Télécharger
icd10(sfnet) ICD 10 Search ICD 10: International Classification of Desease... Télécharger
ext-dns(freshmeat) ext-Dns ext-Dns is a core library, an extensible forwar... Télécharger
isafer(sfnet) iSafer Firewall iSafer firewall is used to protected your PC ag... Télécharger
winbinder(sfnet) WinBinder - A native PHP Windows binding WinBinder is a new PHP extension that allows PH... Télécharger
frosty(sfnet) Frosty -- Smarter Smarty Templates Frosty is a framework for PHP and Smarty that a... Télécharger
xsocket(sfnet) xsocket xSocket is an easy to use NIO-based network lib... Télécharger
mewig(sfnet) MeWiG - MEncoder GUI for Windows MeWiG is a Windows Frontend to the MEncoder (pa... Télécharger
neurospaces(sfnet) Neurospaces Neurospaces is a development center for tools i... Télécharger
moncgi(sfnet) Mon.cgi A web interface for the mon monitoring system. Télécharger
mfd-pack(sfnet) Manifold Power Pack Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps and Microsoft Virtual ... Télécharger
sv1(sfnet) Sonic Visualiser Sonic Visualiser is an application for inspecti... Télécharger
quickrex(sfnet) QuickREx Regular Expressions QuickREx is a regular-expression plugin for Ecl... Télécharger
avrdude-gui(sfnet) avrdude-gui avrdude-gui is a simple GUI for avrdude (http:/... Télécharger
opendmxusb(sfnet) Open DMX USB Open DMX USB interface: this project created by... Télécharger
jamendo(sfnet) Jamendo Tools Jamendo Tools is a set of tools to publish, lis... Télécharger
pac(freshmeat) PAC PAC provides a GUI to configure SSH and Telnet ... Télécharger
fileseeker(sfnet) The File Seeker "The File Seeker" is an application f... Télécharger
mxt(sfnet) Memory Expansion Technology Memory eXpansion Technology (MXT) is a hardware... Télécharger
openglean(sfnet) OpenGLEAN OpenGLEAN: A GLUT family member gone lean. Télécharger
openobd(sfnet) openOBD: OBD-II Scan Tool A cross platform GUI for OBD-II interface devic... Télécharger
autoaclblock(sfnet) Automatic ACL Blocking List A simple repository for moust needed acl block ... Télécharger
tinar(sfnet) This Is Not A Radio Bored of all those same old songs, get TINAR, l... Télécharger
zenoss(sfnet) Zenoss Core - Enterprise IT Monitoring Zenoss Core is today's premier, open-source IT ... Télécharger
jdee(sfnet) JDEE The JDEE is an add-on software package that tur... Télécharger

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