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iaxmodem(sfnet) IAXmodem IAXmodem is a software modem written in C that ... Télécharger
rupi(sfnet) PSFGeneric: Solución CRM PSFGeneric nace con el objetivo de unificar tod... Télécharger
viproxy(sfnet) VIP VIP is a very simple framework for accessing pr... Télécharger
q3cellshading(sfnet) Quake III Arena Cell Shading Quake III Arena modification that implements Ce... Télécharger
cmsfaethon(sfnet) CMS Faethon CMS Faethon is content management system for di... Télécharger
typespeed(sfnet) typespeed Typespeed is a tool and game for testing your t... Télécharger
garmin-gps(sfnet) Linux Kernel Driver for Garmin GPS/USB A linux (2.6-) kernel driver to connect garmin ... Télécharger
xvibs(sfnet) xvibs A utility for animating molecular vibrations. N... Télécharger
idilis(sfnet) iSCSI Diskless Linux Servers iSCSI Diskless Linux Server (idilis) is a colle... Télécharger
d2gs(sfnet) Diablo II Game Server D2GS is a Diablo II Game Server, to play diablo... Télécharger
osyf(sfnet) Open Source Yahoo Fetch Open source Yahoo Group photo fetcher / archive... Télécharger
openbluelab(sfnet) OpenBlueLab.org Open Blue Lab is a rapid application developmen... Télécharger
visit(sfnet) The VisIt Visualization System VisIt is an interactive parallel visualization ... Télécharger
cflow(sfnet) C-Flow C-Flow is a development environment aimed at cr... Télécharger
babinocombobox(sfnet) ComboBox This ComboBox is an ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Server Con... Télécharger
bamcompile(sfnet) Bambalam PHP EXE Compiler/Embedder Bambalam PHP EXE Compiler/Embedder is a free co... Télécharger
mark(sfnet) Mark C# Library for MonoDevelop Intermediate-level C# class library for MonoDev... Télécharger
xajax(sfnet) xajax PHP and Javascript library xajax is an open source PHP and Javascript libr... Télécharger
cncsimulator(sfnet) CNC Simulator Online Version: An online version of this simul... Télécharger
easybmptoavi(sfnet) Easy BMP to AVI Movie Creator EasyBMPtoAVI is a cross-platform (Linux, Window... Télécharger
techne3dcam(sfnet) Techne (R) 3D CAM A 3D only CAD/CAM program for generating CNC co... Télécharger
mpo2jpg(sfnet) mpo2jpg A command-line utility to convert MPO stereo fi... Télécharger
opencrx-cndoc(sfnet) openMDX/openCRX document translation Prj To translate openMDX/openCRX documents into Chi... Télécharger
remnux(sfnet) REMnux REMnux is a lightweight Linux distribution for ... Télécharger
chdh-egregore(sfnet) chdh - egregore source This is an adaptation of the software used by c... Télécharger
filezillapv(sfnet) FileZillaPV This project based on FileZilla, include patche... Télécharger
twain-dsm(sfnet) TWAIN Data Source Manager The home of the TWAIN Data Source Manager (DSM)... Télécharger
kvm(sfnet) kernel virtual machine kvm, or kernel-based virtual machine, is a devi... Télécharger
sigar(sfnet) Hyperic SIGAR SIGAR (System Information Gatherer and Reporter... Télécharger
stskernelmako(sfnet) STS-kernel-mako This is the kernel that is also found in the Sa... Télécharger
suiviconsoelec(sfnet) Suivi Conso Elec This project aims at recording and analysing ho... Télécharger
j2ee4all(sfnet) J2EE For All j2ee4all is a height level J2EE framework. Base... Télécharger
jbrofuzz(sfnet) JBroFuzz The OWASP JBroFuzz Project is a web application... Télécharger
jmnews(sfnet) jmnews JMNews is a small program that reads .nzb files... Télécharger
goaccess(sfnet) GoAccess - Apache Log Analyzer GoAccess is a real-time Apache web log analyzer... Télécharger
evette(sfnet) Evette Animal Clinic or Veterinary practice management... Télécharger
pyke(sfnet) Python Knowledge Engine (PyKE) Both forward-chaining and backward-chaining rul... Télécharger
vbrewing(sfnet) Vodyanoy Brewing Application Brewing application for creating and calculatin... Télécharger
tivo-mplayer(sfnet) tivo-mplayer This project is for supporting the addition of ... Télécharger
projecthelena(sfnet) Project Helena Project Helena is a turn-based strategy/RPG gam... Télécharger
dblatexreport(sfnet) Database LaTeX Report This tool enables you to produce a LaTeX (stand... Télécharger
magicseteditor(sfnet) Magic Set Editor A program for designing cards for Magic the Gat... Télécharger
webdemos(sfnet) Web Demos A collection of demos, with source code, demons... Télécharger
seek-h262(sfnet) seek-h262 MPEG decoder seek-h262 is a free and portable MPEG decoder. Télécharger
socksipy(sfnet) SocksiPy - A Python SOCKS module SocksiPy - A Python SOCKS client module. It pro... Télécharger
gnome-xp-sky(sfnet) GnomeXP Sky A Windows XP -like theme for GNOME (light blue) Télécharger
jsf-jaas(sfnet) Secure Your JSF Application with JAAS A short web application which shows how to inte... Télécharger
phd(sfnet) PHD Help Desk PHD Help Desk is a PHP+Javascript+MySQL open so... Télécharger
extplorer(freshmeat) eXtplorer eXtplorer is a Web-based file manager. It allow... Télécharger
wowbench(sfnet) WoWBench World of Warcraft API Emulator A World of Warcraft API emulator, including WoW... Télécharger
glosung(sfnet) GLosung GLosung is a program that displays the Watchwor... Télécharger
xgap(sfnet) XGAP - XML Generator of APplications XGAP stands for "Xml - Generador de APlica... Télécharger
gemini-board(sfnet) gemini-board Software for Storm Semiconductor Gemini Devices... Télécharger
led(sfnet) led (LDAP Editor) Led is a general purpose LDAP editor which allo... Télécharger
thmanager(sfnet) ThManager ThManager is a tool for creating and visualizin... Télécharger
zint(sfnet) Zint Barcode Generator A barcode encoding library supporting over 50 s... Télécharger
picopos(sfnet) picoPOS picoPOS is an open source, extremely lightweigh... Télécharger
piax(sfnet) PIAX PIAX is a framework to develop P2P based applic... Télécharger
elixir-fm(sfnet) ElixirFM ElixirFM is a high-level implementation of Func... Télécharger
i2ctools(sfnet) I2C read/write tools in OLD MS-DOS i2ctools is a linux-lm_sensors-like utilities c... Télécharger
tghautodesk(sfnet) TechyGeeksHome.co.uk Providing open source, publicly available files... Télécharger
barucms(sfnet) BaruCMS BaruCMS is a small PHP-based content management... Télécharger
json-taglib(sfnet) JSON Tag Library for JSP JSON-taglib is a JSP tag library used to render... Télécharger
naken430asm(freshmeat) naken430asm naken430asm provides a development kit for the ... Télécharger
javageek(sfnet) Java Geek We are obliged to provide the SourceForge with ... Télécharger
astres(sfnet) ASTRES ASTRES is used in a helpdesk of the french civi... Télécharger
narduinoplugin(sfnet) N++ Arduino Plugin This is a User Defined Language for N++ which p... Télécharger
spfilter(sfnet) spfilter merge access-lists and dnsbl-zones from multipl... Télécharger
xoopscube(sfnet) Xoops Cube Project Now we moved to https://github.com/xoopscube XO... Télécharger
bukkitpluginkit(sfnet) Bukkit Plugin Kit Bukkit Plugin Kit is basic code generator which... Télécharger
opensourceerp(sfnet) Open Source ERP The Open Source ERP is a web based ERP. The ER... Télécharger
pidgin-encrypt(sfnet) Pidgin-Encryption Encryption plugin for Pidgin, providing up to 4... Télécharger
microlua(sfnet) MicroLua DS MicroLua brings the programming language Lua on... Télécharger
optionzero(sfnet) Option ZERO Option ZERO offers simple solutions. 1. OzStrut... Télécharger
javacommerce(sfnet) Java Commerce Modular eCommerce engine written in Java. We cu... Télécharger
tcpeval(sfnet) An NS2 TCP Evaluation Tool A TCP performance evaluation tool for the NS2 i... Télécharger
virtual3101(sfnet) VirtuAL3101 VirtuAL3101 provides a series of tools to devel... Télécharger
hylapex(sfnet) hylaPEx hylaPEx is a client for hylafax totally written... Télécharger
sageplugins(sfnet) SageTV Plugins Various plug-ins and extensions to the SageTV, ... Télécharger
schemeway(sfnet) SchemeWay - Scheme Plugins for Eclipse A set of Eclipse plugins for the Scheme program... Télécharger
openit(sfnet) OpenIT PHP driven Inventory, HelpDesk, Support, Issue ... Télécharger
taof(sfnet) Taof - The art of fuzzing Taof is a GUI cross-platform Python generic net... Télécharger
tcltkaqua(sfnet) Tcl/Tk Aqua Batteries-Included Tcl/Tk Aqua Batteries-Included is a binary dist... Télécharger
directnet(sfnet) DirectNet DirectNet is a serverless instant messaging sys... Télécharger
tradeanalyzer(sfnet) Trade Analyzer TradeAnalyzer is a tool for EVE-online (www.eve... Télécharger
divagis(sfnet) DIVA-GIS DIVA-GIS is a geographical information system t... Télécharger
edusec(sfnet) EduSec College Management System EduSec has a suite of selective modules exclusi... Télécharger
chiselgroup(sfnet) Shrimp suite The Shrimp suite provides interactive visualiza... Télécharger
avrdmx(sfnet) AVR DMX The DMX-protocol is a product based on RS485 co... Télécharger
dbi-interbase(sfnet) DBD::InterBase DBD::InterBase is a Perl DBI driver for Firebir... Télécharger
ansi2unicode(sfnet) Convert ANSI files to UNICODE files Console program to convert ANSI files to UNICOD... Télécharger
xvidcap(sfnet) xvidcap xvidcap is a screen capture enabling you to cap... Télécharger
dbcoat(sfnet) dbcoat dbcoat is another database persistence solution... Télécharger
joseplayer(sfnet) joseplayer It is a litle windows multimedia player that pl... Télécharger
fgflightplanner(sfnet) Kelpie Flight Planner for Flightgear The Kelpie Flight Planner for Flightgear. This ... Télécharger
tht(sfnet) Trader's Home Task Trader's Home Task (THT) helps you to do your h... Télécharger
cx3djava(sfnet) CyberX3D for Java CyberX3D for Java is a development package for ... Télécharger
planet-earth(sfnet) The Planet Earth Project Free web3D interactive, extensible, full-scale ... Télécharger
oscpm(sfnet) osCommerce Product Manager for Windows Multilanguage Windows application to manage the... Télécharger
nunitaddin(sfnet) TestDriven.NET (AKA NUnitAddIn) TestDriven.NET is a zero friction unit testing ... Télécharger

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