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cx3djava(sfnet) CyberX3D for Java CyberX3D for Java is a development package for ... Télécharger
planet-earth(sfnet) The Planet Earth Project Free web3D interactive, extensible, full-scale ... Télécharger
oscpm(sfnet) osCommerce Product Manager for Windows Multilanguage Windows application to manage the... Télécharger
nunitaddin(sfnet) TestDriven.NET (AKA NUnitAddIn) TestDriven.NET is a zero friction unit testing ... Télécharger
panlab(sfnet) panlab test panlab sourceforge testtest Télécharger
subtitling(sfnet) subtitling Subtitle/caption authoring for pre-recorded and... Télécharger
typefaster(sfnet) TypeFaster Typing Tutor A typing tutor that teaches you to touch type. ... Télécharger
vobmergenet(sfnet) VobMerge.NET Vobmerge.NET is a project for joining vob. It m... Télécharger
google-ngram(sfnet) google-ngram Our project is to build and use a co-occurence ... Télécharger
moneymanagerex(sfnet) Money Manager Ex Money Manager Ex is an easy to use, money manag... Télécharger
tsunami-udp(sfnet) Tsunami UDP Protocol A high speed file transfer protocol using UDP a... Télécharger
jlink(sfnet) JLink - Flow Charts With Java JLink lets users author flow charts based on IS... Télécharger
youcam(sfnet) YouCam Cyberlink YouCam preinstalled on Lenovo full ve... Télécharger
astlinux(sfnet) AstLinux AstLinux is a custom Linux distro centered arou... Télécharger
mstreeview(sfnet) .NET Multi-Select TreeView The Multi-Select TreeView control is a regular ... Télécharger
doctotext(freshmeat) SILVERCODERS DocToText SILVERCODERS DocToText is a powerful utility wh... Télécharger
jsplit(sfnet) JSplit JSplit split large files into smaller files. Sp... Télécharger
nunitforms(sfnet) NUnitForms NUnitForms is a tool for automated unit testing... Télécharger
wlassistant(sfnet) Wireless Assistant A user friendly KDE frontend allowing you to sc... Télécharger
gopenserver(sfnet) GoPenServer The GoPenServer (Go-Open-Server) is an HTTP/FTP... Télécharger
schoolsplay(sfnet) schoolsplay If you are looking for the childsplay applicati... Télécharger
scard4wine(sfnet) SCard4Wine A complete Implementation of Winscard dll for W... Télécharger
roguescanner(sfnet) RogueScanner RogueScanner is a network security tool for aut... Télécharger
codecoast-vcwe(sfnet) Team Builder-Java Simple virtual collaborative environment. 5 pac... Télécharger
owlvision(sfnet) OwlVision GDSII Viewer The aim of this project is to develop a GDSII v... Télécharger
pngwriter(sfnet) PNGwriter Frustrated because you want to output a high-qu... Télécharger
nukedgallery(sfnet) NukedGallery This project is dedicated to integration suppor... Télécharger
mlipod(sfnet) iPod Winamp support plugin ml_ipod is a Winamp Media Library plugin that a... Télécharger
linuxbbq(sfnet) LinuxBBQ Roast your own distro with LinuxBBQ! From minim... Télécharger
guliverkli(sfnet) guliverkli Home of VobSub, Media Player Classic (MPC) and ... Télécharger
flatpack(sfnet) FlatPack Java API For Flat Files Simple Java delimited and fixed width file pars... Télécharger
wintcltk(sfnet) WinTclTk Tcl/Tk package distribution for 32-bit Microsof... Télécharger
tcpmpflvplugin(sfnet) TCPMP Plugin for Flash Video on PPC It is designed for Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobi... Télécharger
diogenes(sfnet) Diogenes Diogenes is a tool for searching and browsing t... Télécharger
cppnmeaparser(sfnet) C++ NMEA Sentence Parser C++ parser for most important NMEA sentences, i... Télécharger
mwavexl(sfnet) CTRLR panel for Waldorf Microwave XT monstrumWaveXL or (mwaveXL) is a Lua based cros... Télécharger
pkgtxt2db(freshmeat) pkgtxt2db Pkgtxt2db is a utility for Slackware and Slackw... Télécharger
webcapture(sfnet) WebCapture WebCapture allows you to upload WebCam-pictures... Télécharger
statfink(sfnet) Statfink A Fantasy (American) Football stat tracker and ... Télécharger
vaspgui(sfnet) vaspGUI The aim of this project is to be a GUI front-en... Télécharger
phpproxy(sfnet) phpproxy PhpProxy-->access to any site from your comp... Télécharger
espcon(sfnet) Esperanta Vortaro This is a Esperanto dictionary. Simple and port... Télécharger
openwfe(sfnet) OpenWFE OpenWFE is not actively developed anymore ! It ... Télécharger
erdcreator(sfnet) Erd Creator Erd Creator is a portable software that permit ... Télécharger
cast-control(sfnet) Cast Control Cast Control is a fully featured shoutcast crea... Télécharger
gwt(sfnet) GWT - Google Maps API Extension to Google's Web Toolkit (GWT) framewo... Télécharger
ac3encode(sfnet) Direct Show AC3 Encoder Direct Show Realtime AC3 Encoder using ffmpeg Télécharger
mapreduce-bitdew(freshmeat) MapReduce-BitDew MapReduce-BitDew is an implementation of the Ma... Télécharger
muclipse(sfnet) MuClipse A wrapper for the JMutation System (MuJava), wh... Télécharger
openmosix(sfnet) openMosix openMosix is a Linux kernel extension for singl... Télécharger
avis(sfnet) Avis event router Avis is a multicast event bus. It provides a fa... Télécharger
emexis-webmail(sfnet) Emexis-webmail emexis-webmail is a skin for the well-known Squ... Télécharger
tsapi(sfnet) TSAPI# This project provides a C# wrapper for the AT&a... Télécharger
mailman(sfnet) Mailman Mailman is the GNU mailing list manager. It pro... Télécharger
javaqemu(sfnet) JavaQemu JavaQemu is a Graphical User Interface Front En... Télécharger
checkpw(sfnet) checkpw Simple and flexible checkpassword interface pac... Télécharger
pywbem(sfnet) PyWBEM A pure-Python library for performing client ope... Télécharger
tifammy(sfnet) TifaMMy TifaMMy isn't the fastest Matrix Multiplication... Télécharger
etester(sfnet) E-Tester A testing framework, like JUnit - but better, f... Télécharger
blueerp(sfnet) BlueERP BlueERP is a web based ERP for small and medium... Télécharger
swrcfit(sfnet) SWRC Fit SWRC Fit is a scientific tool for hydrologist. ... Télécharger
prometheusproj(sfnet) The Prometheus Project Prometheus is a Ragnarok Online server emulator... Télécharger
parrotsecurity(sfnet) Parrot Security OS Parrot Security OS is a cloud friendly operatin... Télécharger
niftilib(sfnet) niftilib niftilib is a collection of i/o routines for th... Télécharger
albumlist(sfnet) Album List for Winamp Album List is a WinAMP general plugin that take... Télécharger
imskpe(sfnet) ims klatt parameter editor formant synthesis GUI in GTK2 Télécharger
opendcl(sfnet) OpenDCL OpenDCL is for AutoLISP programmers who want to... Télécharger
pscs(sfnet) Clustered Remoting for Spring framework Alternative implementation of Spring framework ... Télécharger
horstbox(sfnet) horstbox Development of software and alternative firmwar... Télécharger
calemeam(sfnet) CalemEAM - Open Source EAM/CMMS CalemEAM is an open source enterprise asset man... Télécharger
elecans(sfnet) ELECANS A computational model development and simulatio... Télécharger
rssmerge(sfnet) Really Simple RSS merge RSS merge is a simple tool to merge several RSS... Télécharger
log4cplus(sfnet) Logging Framework for C++ log4cplus is a simple to use C++ logging API pr... Télécharger
blackowl(sfnet) BlackOwl MIB Browser Visual MIB Browser that supports getting the MI... Télécharger
struts-wml(sfnet) struts-wml WML taglib for WAP enabled devices. Based on st... Télécharger
petousb(sfnet) PeToUSB PeToUSB is a Win32 GUI application for formatti... Télécharger
desmond(sfnet) desmond core a new runtime core platform Télécharger
zombieapoc(sfnet) Zombie Apocalypse Avoid the zombies! Live as long as you can! Télécharger
novius-os(freshmeat) Novius OS Novius OS is a CMS that takes up the challenge ... Télécharger
umabson(freshmeat) uma::bson uma::bson is a DOM-style C++ API for reading/w... Télécharger
txr(freshmeat) TXR TXR is a new data munging language. TXR's speci... Télécharger
nagios-snmp(sfnet) Nagios snmp plugins A set of Nagios plugins using snmp to monitor h... Télécharger
cookxml(sfnet) CookXml CookXml is a powerful dynamic XML data binding ... Télécharger
mbuni(sfnet) Mbuni: Open Source MMS Gateway Mbuni is a fully-fledged Open Source MMS gatewa... Télécharger
mtr(freshmeat) mtr mtr combines the functionality of the 'tracerou... Télécharger
pidgin-hotkeys(sfnet) Pidgin-Hotkeys A pidgin plugin that allows user to assign glob... Télécharger
wepattack(sfnet) WepAttack Active dictionary attack on WEP keys in WLAN ne... Télécharger
ffgenie(sfnet) FFGenie Assists users to analyse and select players in ... Télécharger
firewall-jay(sfnet) Jay's Iptables Firewall [not maintained anymore] Jay's Iptables Firewal... Télécharger
mpip(sfnet) mpiP mpiP is a lightweight profiling library for MPI... Télécharger
openmandriva(sfnet) OpenMandriva Lx OpenMandriva Lx is an exciting free Desktop Ope... Télécharger
openqrm(freshmeat) openQRM openQRM is a data-center management and cloud c... Télécharger
python-mingw(sfnet) python-mingw This project provides a patched Python distribu... Télécharger
verish(freshmeat) Verish Verish is a language for reasoning that resembl... Télécharger
flatphpbook(sfnet) flatPHPbook A PHP guestbook script that does not require a ... Télécharger
asunder(freshmeat) Asunder Asunder is a graphical audio CD ripper and enco... Télécharger
techlings(sfnet) Tech-Lemmings "techlings" is a lemmings clone writt... Télécharger
gvr(sfnet) Guido van Robot Guido van Robot Educational Programming Language Télécharger
pywebsvcs(sfnet) Web Services for Python Web services for Python programmers, both clien... Télécharger
covtool(sfnet) COVTOOL -- A C++ test coverage analyzer A free test coverage analysis tool for C++. An... Télécharger

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